Garment Business from Home: Procedure to Start, Risks and Opportunity

Question: Can you suggest me the procedure, risk, cost and other factors in the business of ready made garments. I want to start ready made garment business in Mumbai, I have 15 lacs to devote this business, please suggest and give me some basic idea about the kind of business.

Answer: You want to start the ready made garment business.

The capital you have is enough to start the business. Dear brother first of all you can start the business with rented premises as you have not given any information whether you have any shop of your ownership so presuming you don’t have you first find the area which is high density area crowded by people, you may select malls or can open individual shop.

Then select the type of garments you want to business in. You can deal in ladies garments or kids’ wear or gents’ garments or ceremonial garments etc. It may also possible you can deal in more than one category of garment. Find trusted suppliers who are well known to the market and provides uninterruptedly and who are cost effective.

Start giving advertises in public news papers, brochures, pamphlets etc. so that people come to know new shop is being started.

Aware customers about type of and variety of garments available in your shop so that they will spread the same information in an informal ways to those whom they know this way indirect advertisement will be done. You have 15 lacs you can very well utilize this amount.

First of all you require shop deposit around Rs. 2-2.5 lacs then good furniture to attract consumers then keep stock around Rs. 12-15 lacs. Half the amount you will have to pay and for the balance you will get credit from supplier so that much amount you can utilize elsewhere. This way plan your business and most importantly get it registered with local authority with the name you prefer.

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  1. KG Reply

    Hi, I am planning to start my own clothing business from home? I have capital of nearly 1000000 INR, my question is that if person is starting business from home does he requires government license and other formality?

  2. Pradip Reply

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I have 3 years of working experience in production of ladies out fit, Gents formal shirts etc. Now I am working as a fabric coordinator.

    I want to start my own production house in Mumbai. I don’t know how much capital I need to start this. How can I get business loan? What are the documents required to get a loan? I can get the man power & machines. I don’t know how to get business license, How to register name? Please help me to make my business plan.

    I am waiting for your reply.
    Thank you,

  3. Nikhil Reply

    My name is Nikhil. I am an mechanical engineer and also holding a degree in fashion technology. I am presently working in an MNC company . I want to start an automotive spare parts manufacturing company or an garment industry at a capital of 30 to 35 lakhs in chennai. can u suggest which is most suitable for me ,or is it possible to start this firms with this capital ,and i also want to know what are further requirements to start this kind of firm .i expect u will guide me . my mail id is “”.

    • R L Reply

      Hello, my wife doing home based garment selling business. To increase sales she wants to put posters and board in front of my house. Is it essential to have any license. If yes where I need to approach?
      Thank you..

  4. purnendu Reply

    hello! i am purnendu here(fresher
    ).i want to start wholesale garments business with less invest (initial amount 3 to 4 lacs) only jeans wear of male (age abetween 15 to 32 years). whatever step i have to follow, what r the procedure i have to maintain for the above said business. pl guide me

    • P S Reply

      I am working in Raymond. I also start garment business. So if u r interested in partnership then we can do it more easily. If you are very serious then you can contact me. Cause I am searching for partner. You can contact me on replying here

      • P S Reply

        Hello, I am also working with Raymond for past 3 years. After reading this I am also interested for starting garment business. I have seen that get into clothing business is very profitable. I want to know how I can start this business with small investment?

        Thank you..

        • AL Reply

          I am working as a software engineer for last 10 years in US and planning to return to India to start a ready made garment manufacturing production house. But I dont have any idea on how to start where to start. I want to get basic knoweldge on this. Could you please help me with this?
          Thank you.

        • PD Reply

          I was also worked for raymond and I am also interested for starting garment business. Right now I have the retail showroom. So now wanting to started garment business. so if you are very serious then you can contact me.
          Thank you.

  5. SNJ Reply

    I want start garment shop from my home, I am looking for some wholesale dealers who can supply me on regular basis and I want to know what are the documents and formalities needed to setup a garments business from home? What kind of investment would be required?

    • MAC Reply


      I’m from Mumbai & also planning to start with Ladies Western wear business here. I already have a plan in place just looking for partners. If any one interested please email me on

    • Raj Reply

      Hello, We are located in the textile hub of India,(SURAT). We deal in Kurtis,Dress materials & Sarees.We provide Printed Sarees,Fancy Sarees,Designer Sarees,Dress materials,Kurtis,Leggings at wholesale price..
      Now I want to make it a retail business and export this stuffs to other cities…

  6. Y G Reply

    Hello, I want to start women garments business from home. I want to know which type of business license is required for it and where do I get it. I also want to know how I register it as sole proprietorship business.

  7. D N Reply

    I am planning to take a garment manufacturing unit on lease. For this purpose I too would need the bank loan. In the wake of the same I seek your guidance to prepare the project report. Kindly advice.

    Shall look forward for a positive and prompt response from you.


  8. P S Reply

    Hello, I am working in Raymond as a manager. Now I want to start my own production unit of garment. For that I need some capital.
    So how can I get the loan from government. I don’t know about the procedure..So please suggest me..what process need for this?
    Thank you.

  9. S B Reply

    Hello Guys, I want to do wholesale garment business in U.S. I have already imported some woman’s apparels from Asia, now I don’t understand where to start how to start. Can you suggest me from where can I start selling these women garments.

  10. M N Reply

    Hello, I am planning to open a small garment showroom.. I am having a fair knowledge of fashion and new trends and material too. I am having a investment of 30k………..Do you think that this is a fair amount to start a small business… Do suggest a striking name of my own brand and the ways of promoting my business with low cost…….

    thank you..

  11. M T Reply

    Hello, I am planning to start garment stitching business, I m having one hall for starting the business.We are from small town and want to start business.
    I am having some questions before starting business:

    – how to setup a stitching business?
    – how much capital is required?
    – Is there any company that can provide the raw material?
    – what kind of machines are required?
    – How many employees are required?
    Appreciate your response on this.

    Thank you.

  12. T N Reply

    Hello, I am planning to open a shop for imported garments in DL. I want complete details me about this business. Do I have to directly import from other countries or can I take fashion clothes from dealers? How can I found suppliers here in DL? Also let me know what is the minimum investment required on this ? Thanks

  13. DV Reply

    Dear Sir/Mam,
    I am working in Agriculture inputs sales and marketing since last 10 years. I want to start my own business from my home regarding the biological garden care kits. Please let me know the pros and cons in this business.
    Thank you.

    • Scott Wilson Post authorReply

      The business idea is amazing. It is a modern business that will take time to lift up. But this business has a strong opportunity in near future. You can get fundings also for this business. The only thing you need to take care the most is the marketing. Your PR and marketing efforts should be very strong ion this business.
      Thank you.

      • BN Reply

        I read articles its useful for me thank you. Sir I would like to start garment business only ladies ware A-Z, Because I am going to start near to ladies college.

        1. I want to know where I have to get licence to start business?
        2. Before when I start business whom i have to contact to get materials?
        Please help me.
        Thank you.

        • Scott Wilson Post authorReply

          To start at a basic level, you don’t need any license. You can just register your office and kick start your business easily. And to get the materials, you need to visit the wholesale market and get the idea of dealers and their policies.
          Thank you.

  14. SS Reply

    I and my mother wants to start garments business. She can invest up to $10,000. She also has an experience of past 5 years on business of loading and unloading heavy equipments. Now she wants to start her own business of garments, so if you kindly help in how to start a profitable garments business.
    Thank you.

    • Scott Wilson Post authorReply

      Search for the lucrative market and then start up your outlet there. The investment that you can make is perfectly enough for this business. And take care that you always provide garments parallel to the trend. Be different and be innovative in marketing. I hope that answers your questions.
      Thank you.

  15. VKS Reply

    Dear Sir,

    I am having more than 8 year experience in insurance sales. As you know today insurance sector jobs are not much secure thats why I want to start my own business. Please suggest what kind of business is suitable for me. I have plan to invest around 3-4 Lac rupees. Please I need your kind suggestion.


    • Scott Wilson Post authorReply

      What are the interest areas for you? Which business attracts you the most? And about which business you have some knowledge or experience?
      Just answer these question and I’ll be able to guide properly.
      Thank you.

  16. KR Reply

    Hello Sir,
    I don’t have any experience in ready made but I want to open ready made business with partnership in Mumbai I can invest 15 lacs for partnership for opening business how can I start and were can I get good partners who can guide me along.

  17. MAC Reply


    I’m planning to start Ladies western wear business. Initially I plan to work from home & later open a store. I’m looking for partners especially females who can be a partner in this venture.
    Thank you.

  18. RJ Reply

    I am working in a call center but now I am interested to upon my own business in field of garment export please explain me how to start this business. And tell me risk also because I am new in this field.
    Thanking you

  19. JSK Reply

    Respected sir,
    I have started a small ready made garment manufacturing industry, but I am looking for Job-work, from different industries, Can you suggest me for getting job work like respectable industries name, address, or mobile no. of any industries for my business. I hope you will give me better response.

  20. Mansi Patke Reply

    I have started a home based saree business….wanted to know how can i promote my business so as to get more customers. Right now i hve started as a wholesaler as well as retailer and have sarees ranging from Rs.500-10000.

  21. Julie Sebastian Reply

    Hello, I wish to keep an exhibition of dress materials and sarees (optional) in a small hall which I have identified. Kindly provide some details to my following queries:
    – If keeping an exhibition is profitable
    – From where can I procure good quality cotton dress materials (all over India)
    – What is the profit margin in garment business, specially for dress materials.
    – What all cost should I consider
    – Is there any book which I can read to get more theoretical knowledge of exhibitions.
    – After this exhibition I am planning to keep material for selling from my residence, as I feel that this exhibition will give me exposure to more customers, what do you advice.
    Appreciate your assistance, looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you.

  22. Paul Reply

    Dear Sir,

    I am currently working in a BPO at Chennai. I don’t have money to start a business.and I don’t know what business will be suitable for me and where I can get finance. Please tell me the profitable business which I can do it on my own. Eagerly waiting for your reply..

  23. AD Reply

    I got an Idea to promote and open the Garment business,we are group of friends from different field viz..sales, travel and cosmetics and tailoring.

    We just have $10,000 in hand contributed and now we have to start the garment business, we have a common friend who is a tailor, we will purchase the clothing goods from the market and customized the shirts, torusers, salwar kamiz and kids wear using our unique brand. Initially we all will wear the chlothing and this was we will promote, and later we will rent a place and will put a stock.

    Our sales friend will visit the wholesale market and distribute our stuff, we will do a local registration and will take help of printing media.

    Is there anything we lack or you can suggest to us.


  24. Ms. Joby Reply

    Hi there,
    I am running an e-boutique right now, I purchase in wholesale quantity and resell them. Now would like to expand and go for my own clothing-line. Does anyone have info about the fabric production unit/factory that can be availed on contract basis?

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