How to Start a Food Business

If you love making delicious dishes and enjoy serving others you can go for food business. This is one rare business which can never be out of demand. You must have visited malls and plazas in Indian cities. Have you noticed how brisk business these food outlets do, compared to other shops.

Likewise you must have seen how food stalls on the streets are busy throughout the day. Food business can provide you with excellent career prospects. However starting a food business is not that easy. It can be both stressful and exciting.

Don’t rear the mistaken impression that ability to make good food can guarantee you commercial success. Being a good cook and starting a business are two different ball games altogether. It takes a lot to master the art of starting and operating a business.

How to Start Food Business?
The following steps can help you start a proper food and fast food business in India

  • Identify Your Product
    First find out what food the consumer would purchase and continue to purchase.
    Think how well you can produce them. If you have confidence in your niche preparations, you can straight away start manufacturing it. Slowly people will catch onto it.
  • Developing Your Product
    Once you identify a product there must be an endeavor to improve on the quality of the product. Apart from taste, give due importance to texture and flavor of the product. To satisfy a consumer your product must be of high quality both in taste and hygiene. Once you fill a marketing niche you can look for huge profits.
  • Preparing Your Products
    You cannot compete to give the best unless you have production technology to develop the product? Apart from equipment this may include drainage, waste disposal, sanitation, storage area etc. All this will be taken into count not only by people who come to eat in your outlet but also by government.
  • Consistency
    Whatever you produce you need to be consistent with your products. Try to have processing controls to make sure that the quality remains the same. Control procedures will help you check standards during production. As chances of things going wrong are bright, you need to take corrective actions soon.
  • Packaging
    If your product is a hit, people will not only come to eat but also carry it home. Keep attractive and easy to use packaged forms ready. It should be economical, lightweight and resistant to tearing.

How to do Marketing of Food Business?
Your business will depend entirely on your marketing strategy. You must have a first hand idea about distribution system. The options available include retail food stores, roadside stands, mobile stores, flea markets, or the door steps of your plant. In some cases sales promotions and advertising can be of great help.

How to Register your Food Business?
If it isn’t a road side stall it is always important to register your food business. For this you need to know about the guidelines of the local administration.

You must have got an inkling of how to start a food business? Remember for all food business you need to have confidence in your ability to succeed. You must be willing to take risks. These apart you need to do a lot of hard work, have good management skills, flexibility, patience and commitment. Above all you need to love what you do.

18 thoughts on “How to Start a Food Business

  1. Ajit Reply

    Can you tell me that is food and fast-food business in India can be start with low investment? I am looking for some businesses where i can invest less and output should be good, after doing some research I found that food business is a business that can be started less capital cost, but let me know your thought. Also please suggest other businesses in low budget with high profit.

    • A J Reply

      Hello Mr.A, you can start a small parlor in which all types of fast-food, ice-cream, shakes, etc will be available. This is a good business in which output is good and investment is low, so if you can start a proper food-business then you may call me too for more information.

      • B L Reply

        Hello, I am a software consultant and interested in starting up a small scale Food manufacturing industry.
        Will appreciate you help in clarifying the doubts-
        1. Does Government gives loan for setting up Food Manufacturing Unit? (I have heard it does but not very sure)
        2. Which commodity or food item you think will be a suitable option?
        3. How much investment does it take To start with?


  2. nakhwa Reply

    i want to strat my own own food production business in mumbai….
    but i dont have my own place,i have a invesment of 10lac in my hand.
    my plan is to open potato chips producing unit or any juice or soda bottling plant…
    i have no idea about it,my dream was to open a water bottling plant …
    pls help me with machineries required for potato chips and soda botelling plant……..

    • Scott Wilson Reply

      Mr. Nakhwa,
      The business and the place you are talking about need more investment. The First plan is doable and it can happen in 10 laks.
      The other two plans which you have mentioned, require more money to invest. But there are many ways for getting this money financed. If you have perfect and trusworthy business plan and project report, banks and other financial institutes will provide you money. They will consider 10 laks as margin of 25% and you may get a loan up to 40 laks.
      So think on this and you may decide the best option for you.
      Thank you.

    • B L Reply

      I have plenty of experience in food line, specially potato chips and corn , cake , and chocolates. If u are investing 10,000 Dollars that is enough to start a mini potato plant. you can produce 250 kg ready chips , and you can make good profit. Need your suggestions to go ahead with this idea.
      Thank you…

      • John Reply

        I have US $ 10000 to 15000 for starting potato crisp business. Please let me know the machine from washing the potato to vacuum packing machine cost and also the require space for manufacturing potato crisps.

        Please kindly let me know.


  3. Jose Reply

    Hi, I want to start a mobile van restaurant. I like to sell momos, chowmein etc. Please suggest me the people I should contact for license if it in a market or street corner and the minimum money required to start the business.

  4. A J Reply

    Dear Mr.Scott, I want to start packaged snacks, business in Boston. I would like to know what would be the investment required. I would also like to know from where I can get detailed project report on machinery, packaging, etc

  5. sb Reply

    Dear Sir,

    I want to start a small fastfood place which will serve chinese fast food at lunch and dinner and also serve rolls and wraps and grill items like tikka, seekh kabab and baida rotis and also serve coffee like the one you get in ccd and barista. the place I looker at had 150 sq ft and 150 sqft mezzanine and it had an extra space outside that I can keep out table and chairs … the place I am renting has a restraunt license already…its in a place which is surrounded by good fast food joints and very popular place for people to hanf around

    Please let me know what capital is required I need to do full interior on the top and I also want to keep bakery products like cakes,sandwiches, etc

    awaiting your reply

  6. A P Reply

    I want to start a small business trading co. I would like to know what would be the investment required? I should contact for license if it in a market or street corner and the minimum investment required to start the business. I want to start rice purchase and selling work. Need your suggestions to go ahead with this idea.
    Awaiting for your reply

    Thank you.

  7. R J Reply

    I have planned to open business in food processing. I like to know what type of food products or business ideas is there that can be started in minimum budget of $7000. Costs involved including machinery for the purpose. What type of expenditures am I likely to face in total process?
    Kindly guide me in this matter.
    Thank you.

  8. AP Reply

    I am living in sangli, maharashtra. I want to start a mango pulp processing unit. But i m worrying about the period of running the processing unit,its basic cost and marketing.Actually my goal is earn min rs.2-5 lack per month.If possible then please suggest me alternative option for this according to my location.

    Thank You.

  9. YP Reply

    Dear sir,
    I want to start a food processing unit. my location is a rural area in Maharashtra. this is my ambition to start my own food processing unit. I did MBA from Pune university. i do know few govt. Schemes who assist me finance. kindly suggest me how can I get started.
    Thank you.

  10. S.S Reply

    Dear Sir,
    I want to start fast food restaurant. I have ten lacks in my hand, so can I start the fast food restaurant? I want information how should I start the business? And I need the quotation of raw material which is required in this business.
    Thank you.

  11. Vinod Gupta Reply

    I have my own food manufacturing business which are (sev, puri, farsan, peanuts, chana, etc.)
    What to know that if want to launch my product into market like it should be seen in malls like food bazar an all.
    So what is the procedure to launch a product into the market.
    How I should expand my business by its brand.
    Waiting for ur response.

  12. har Reply


    I am living in India. I want to start a small business of manufacturing of potato chips and I have already seen the machinery and cost of that in current position I am doing job and I don’t have sufficient money to start of this. My family member says to me first start a dealership of wafers then start business.
    Can you suggest me that what I do .

    Thank you.

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