Part Time Business in Mumbai: Start and Do Small Business in Mumbai

Question: I am working in Insurance Company as a MIS Executive in Goregaon. I want to start a small part time business in Mumbai with a minimum investment in my house. I have two ideas i.e.

  1. One is fish aquarium
  2. Another is bring wet cashew nut from Kokan district and sell into local market in Goregaon, Mumbai.

It will be great if you can guide me. My email id is Kindly reply ASAP.

Starting and Doing Part-Time Business in Mumbai

Answer: Both the ideas you have selected are called in house trading.

It is the trade done inside the boundaries of the country. It is very easy and feasible as well. If you take the first idea in to consideration, it will require more capital than the other one. Because fish which you buy from one state should be kept in cool place and it will require a big warehouse with cooling facility.

While in cashew nuts, you can go alone and can get some kgs of cashew nuts and sell it in your place. It will fetch you more earnings than the first plan in the initial stage. Later on once you are well equipped with the capital, contacts, warehousing capacity etc., you can start the fish aquarium as well. So every thing will start with small and later on the picture becomes larger.

It may be a Ltd. Company after some years down the line.
So think rationally and take wise decision.
Thank you.

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  1. samir Reply


    i am working in an IT company in back office operations. i want to start any business which will require minimum capital,say Rs. 5000 to 10000 and i can do it along with my current full time job. i have the foll. ideas :
    1) DTP/logo maker for companies
    2) a small hotel along a highway side
    3) or a stationery shop or
    4) any similar type of business

    i am also thinking of tutoring kids/young people/professionals on computers (Ms Office and basic training).

    Can you suggest anything better.


  2. Scott Wilson Post authorReply

    Mr. Samir,
    To start with teh mentioned capital, I would sugest you to go with the first option. If you are a good writer then you can be a freelancer writer.
    The hotel thin is not feasible in this much capital. So it would be better to go with something which you can do with your job.
    If you need any further assistance, you can surely ask questions here. We are always here to guyide you. This website is to guide people to their destiny.
    Thank you.

  3. rashmi Reply

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I live in Mumbai and i always want to do somthing samll business from home I am well educated Recruiter -freelancer still I am interested in business in paintings decorative itmes,but I dont no how and what exactly i have to do. pls guide me

  4. T P Reply

    Hi, I am fashion designer want to start business in my field eg.designer bags, dresses, curtains etc. with innovative ideas. I have business plan but I am little bit new in my city. Previously I have done small scale businesses (boutique)in my home town and it was successful. Suggest me any business consultancy who help me to how to make my business project report and project cost…Please help me…

  5. Ashish Reply

    Hi Sam, It seems like you are very interested in your own business, but don’t have much money to invest.

    Considering the scenario, I have a very good opportunity for you, where you don’t have to put much money, and also complete guidance will be provided to you.

    If you are interested, you can contact by replying this comment

    Best regards,

  6. M B Reply

    Presently I am working with Office Furniture Company in Dubai as Designer. I have great experience in office furniture. As we all know that India getting stronger in the market so I am planning to start my own Business in India especially in Mumbai or Delhi.

    I am looking for one sponsor or financer who can help me financially I have very good project report to start a healthy business. Please advise me how I can Find a sponsor or Financer.

  7. R K Reply


    I would like to know about:
    Work from home options which can include either a business started from home OR it can be something related to online business

    I currently have 15 yrs work experience but would like to opt for working from home



  8. S L Reply

    Hello, I have a 3 yr exp as an Asst. Manager with a bank. I have handled home,personal and vehicle loans. After a 4 yr break I want to start working again but this time I want to start a business either from home or part time. I have done my MBA(FIN). I am currently not working.

  9. A T Reply

    Dear, I am working in private company, I want to start a small manufacturing business. Can you suggest some ideas? I am ready to invest up to $10000. I am interested in plastic and metal manufacturing business. Can you tell me how to start plastic and metal production business?

  10. BS Reply

    Hi Dear, I live in Mumbai and now i am working in media professional as a video editor, I always want to do something small business from home, I can spend for business 50,000 to 100000. I have won computer. Please suggest me some ideas as part time job or small business in home.

  11. S U Reply

    Hi, I have travelled the world thru internet looking for something like this. Please provide me detailed information of home online and offline data entry jobs with free registration.
    Your assistance highly appreciated!
    Thank you..

  12. S T Reply

    Hello, I want to start a business of sale of computers(Assembled)from home. I have job and I do not want to sell more than 8 computers per month.Is it necessary to register or how to register my business and when or how I can sell computers right now?

  13. K J Reply

    Hello, I want to do a home business of telemarketing and Data entry,by which I can earn good profit,Currently I am working as a teamleader in international call center. Suggest me Genuine companies for both(foriegn companies as well)/ Send me entire details. I want to start a business with maximum investment of 10000 USD.

  14. Mr. SM Reply

    Hello sir/madam,
    I am interested in starting of fashion jewelery business.
    Can anyone suggest best wholesale dealer or Market for the purchase of jewelery? What can be the expected capital investment to start small showroom?

  15. SN Reply

    Respected Sir,
    I am a male presently working since last 10 years, and in my mid 30s , I really want to come back home and settle down, since last few months I have been planning to stat my own small business either alone or in partnership. I wanted to start a small shave ice (Gola)business which will also sell ice cream and smoothie
    I want to know whether there will be any success in this business, initial monthly goal is just 80 thousand to one lakh rupees profit, I can invest 5 lakhs of my own savings. so please guide me as what steps to take or any other business ideas that I can do get the said amount of profit, anybody interested to join me in partnership can reply.
    Thank you.

  16. AS Reply

    Hello sir,
    I am working with a hotel in Sales and marketing dept. I want to start something of my own along with a friend. I am thinking of starting something in hospitality industry.Can u guide me with this?
    Thank you.

  17. NS Reply

    I am a working woman. I work in Pvt. Ltd. Co. I have free time on Saturday half day and Sunday full day & after 6.00 p.m office hours. I want to start small business or work so that I can earn at least some money monthly extra. Could you
    suggest any small work / business?

    Thank you.

  18. AB Reply

    I am working currently in Dubai, but I want to come back home to Mumbai & start a business. I can invest upto 10L-25L. Can you recommend some business options that I can start or take over, that can deliver an ROI of 20% with a break-even period of less than a year ?
    Thank you.

  19. KS Reply

    Dear sir,
    I want to start some part time business from home without investing. More than Rs.30,000/- my qualification is only 9th pass, recently I am working in a textile company as purchase assistant, I have very good man power back up kindly suggest what kind of business will suite me.
    Please reply as soon as possible.

  20. RM Reply

    Dear all,

    i have shop 225 sq ft, now I want to start my own business there what are the best options, right now I work at duabi but now I want to settle. I have good knowledge of gold, diamond, jeweler business and working with very good salary but yet since 10 years I m in dubai so pld advice me.
    small scale business with minimum investment I am ready for that.

    Thank you.

  21. MC Reply

    Hi, scott,

    Its good to see ur advice here, I am also very much interested in starting a kind of business which I can grow, the problem with me is I can not devote my full time with the business unless it is successful, I can invest around 50 to 70 lacks of rupees, there are lot of ideas which come in the mind but never really dared to invest, if you can get some suggestion or if you have any business plans ready I will appreciate it
    Thank you.

  22. GN Reply

    Hi Scott,

    I am an engg.student but not interested in studying I feel like doing some small Business now nd den make it a bigger one can you suggest me I have one of my friend as a partner too so help me out with one of good business I can do.
    Thank you.

  23. VJ Reply

    Hi Scott Sir,

    I am working with MNC as a senior professional. I am not satisfied with my salary hence want to do some small business. I have upto 3 Lakh’s capital. I have some ideas for business. But the problem is I don’t have knowledge in any of these businesses and secondly, I dont have full time to dedicate for these business except Saturday & Sunday. Please help me with your advice and how should I go about it and all.
    Thanks in advance

  24. SS Reply

    Hi Scott,

    I am IT professional and doing job for more than 8 years in this field. Now I want to start my own business (part time initially), but not clear about ideas. I stay in Mumbai and would like to invest around 50,000 to 1 lac. Could you please suggest some business idea, which I can do along with my current job.

    Thanks and Regards,

  25. NS Reply

    Hello scott,
    I am MBA HR student looking for a job right now, I want to start a part time business which should not effect my would be current job, with not more than a capital of 30,000 to 50,000. I am interested in Data entry job(agency), or any manufacturing business, or any kind of paper work type of business. Please could you give me the idea regarding how and from where to grab an orders for data entry works and any manufacturing business idea or envelops making business idea.
    Thank you.

  26. MD Reply

    I am working in an art gallery where my income is not satisfactory. I would like to do something else in this field only. Selling painting is very difficult as recession is going in and I am not good at writing so I cant become an art critic also. Can you suggest me something regarding art.
    Thank you.

  27. Alaap Anlesaria Reply

    Mr Scott,
    I am currently studying, and looking out for starting a small business with a couple of friends, hopefully import and export, but can you elaborate a bit on freelance writing, i have written a few articles here and there, but never considered writing as an option.

  28. Scott Wilson Post authorReply

    Ms. Rashmi,
    The field which you are talking about is under tremendous demand. You just need to learn fine arts or you can get the paintings done from others. Then you frame it properly. Then you have to conduct an auction kind of exibhition. You need to distribute the proposals to the concerned people with bird-eye information of your paintings.
    Or you can sell your paintings to your personal contacts as well.
    Thank you.

  29. Scott Wilson Post authorReply

    Mr. Alaap,
    Freelance writing is as same as other writing jobs. The only differance is that here you are not bounded by any company’s name or company’s profile.
    You just write articles for some websites and you get paid for that. Normally people who do jobs and have extra free time then they spend their time in some productive activity which can fetch them some money.
    If you need any further guidance, you can surely ask your questions. Every question will be answered.
    Thank you

  30. Scott Wilson Post authorReply

    Ms. Anita,
    There are lots many catagries of manufactured items. So choise depends upon your interest and experience.
    If you tell me the details about your interest and other concerned things, I will be in better position to guide you.
    Thank you.

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