Part Time Business in Mumbai: Start and Do Small Business in Mumbai

May 15, 2010 30 Comments

Question: I am working in Insurance Company as a MIS Executive in Goregaon. I want to start a small part time business in Mumbai with a minimum investment in my house. I have two ideas i.e.

  1. One is fish aquarium
  2. Another is bring wet cashew nut from Kokan district and sell into local market in Goregaon, Mumbai.

It will be great if you can guide me. My email id is Kindly reply ASAP.

Starting and Doing Part-Time Business in Mumbai

Answer: Both the ideas you have selected are called in house trading. It is the trade done inside the boundaries of the country. It is very easy and feasible as well. If you take the first idea in to consideration, it will require more capital than the other one. Because fish which you buy from one state should be kept in cool place and it will require a big warehouse with cooling facility.

While in cashew nuts, you can go alone and can get some kgs of cashew nuts and sell it in your place.

It will fetch you more earnings than the first plan in the initial stage. Later on once you are well equipped with the capital, contacts, warehousing capacity etc., you can start the fish aquarium as well. So every thing will start with small and later on the picture becomes larger.

It may be a Ltd. Company after some years down the line.
So think rationally and take wise decision.
Thank you.


  • Scott Wilson (author) said:

    Ms. Anita,
    There are lots many catagries of manufactured items. So choise depends upon your interest and experience.
    If you tell me the details about your interest and other concerned things, I will be in better position to guide you.
    Thank you.

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