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Small Business

To promote Small Businesses in India, the government has come up with a wide variety of schemes and incentives. Youths can now look forward to make the most of these initiatives and become self employed.

Small Businesses in India aim to make youths self employed. Small businesses in India have contributed a lot to the growth of India. It has helped bring about the transition from agriculture based occupation to industrialization.

Because of its self employing and self supporting ability small business in India is becoming popular among rural, semi rural masses and with unemployed urban youths. More and more youths are choosing to venture into small business.

The government of India has taken many a steps to help people start small businesses. Some such steps taken are:

  • Industrial extension services
  • Providing credit facilities
  • Promoting sites for construction of sheds
  • Providing extensive training facilities
  • Supply of machinery on hire-purchase terms
  • Adequate help for domestic marketing as well as exports
  • Special incentives for setting up enterprises in backward areas
  • Technical consultancy
  • Financial assistance for up-gradation

Small businesses in rural sectors also aim at making woman self sustaining.

With the help of government loans woman can start businesses of their liking. Some important businesses which one can start in the rural market is grocery shops, chemists store, food outlet, textile shops, fodder shops, cycle repairing shops and lots more.

Small businesses in India can help youth dream big. With little efforts they can turn their dreams into reality.

If you have any queries, questions and doubts in regards to how to start a small business in India, or which small business to start in India, please ask us.