How To Start a Tiffin Business In India And Ways You Can Expand It


Dear Sir!

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your expert guidance. I would like to take this opportunity to share one of my business ideas with you and elicit your views regarding it. I live in Visakhapatnam, the second largest city in the state of Andhra Pradesh. I own a bakery business and now plan to extend it to food. Visakhapatnam abounds in industries and few SEZs like autonagar, pharma city, Apparel Park etc.

As most of these companies depend heavily on local messes and parlors, I plan to cash in on the existing gap by supplying

  1. Lunch directly to their tables
  2. Sell lunch packs from a small kiosk either at the entrance of SEZ or at nearest area.
  3. Introduce special take away lunch packs like high fiber diet or healthy ayurvedic diet etc.

I solicit your expert opinion on:

  • How to start up?
  • How to approach companies and customers?
  • Where to get such type of packing material?
  • What are other things to consider?

Srikanth K – Proprietor

Bunny’s Pizza Cafe & Amp; Bakery

Opp. Vizag Steel Gate,




Since that you already own a bakery business, you are in a position of strength. Your knowledge of the the trade can help you immensely in extending your food business. However, what is important is to plan out your moves in a systematic manner. Here on, it’s a step by step effort and remember every step will count.

How To Get it Started?

First, decide upon what food items you would like to introduce.

Since that you are taking on existing competitors, you need to offer something new and innovative to lure away customers. Decide on what to offer: food at lesser price or more quantity at the same price. Next, think about what freebies you can offer. For instance, a free sweet item with every lunch packet! Hit upon new plans to spread information about your new food business. Take a call on whether it has to be posters or a campaign mounted on a vehicle.

How To Approach Companies And Customers?

In order to approach companies, you need to seek an appointment with the HR representatives. Sometimes, you may fail to get an appointment. In that case you need to send them emails drawing their attention to your business and soliciting an appointment for further discussions. If possible take the help of an insider to get an early appointment. Once the meeting is set, it’s all your game. You need to come out with a matchless presentation to showcase why your venture is the best and in what ways you guarantee top-class services.

Your credentials as a reputed bakery owner will stand you in good stead. When you approach companies on this basis, they will give you a patient hearing and will consider you seriously. Most companies attach importance to the following:

  • Hygiene
  • Presentation
  • Taste/quality
  • Customer service
  • Timely Delivery

So be prepared to counter questions related to these aspects of your business. Satisfactory answers can help you clinch the deal.

You can leverage your bakery business to spread awareness about your new venture amongst existing customers. And creating awareness amongst them can be pretty easy, as they would be more excited to learn about it than strangers. Print a leaflet or a brochure and distribute it to them. They would refer to it with great interest and come back with loads of suggestions.

Where To Get Packing Material?

Packing plays a crucial role in determining the prospects of your future business. Just as shoddy packaging can push your business into doldrums, the right kind of packing can do wonders to your business. And if you target the Autonagar, Pharma city, Apparel Park and IT park of Vishakapatnam, you cannot turn a blind eye to this aspect of your business.

To start with, go for packaging which is attractive but costs less. Seek an appointment with the packing material manufacturers of the city. Discuss with them the cost of the layout you have designed and bargain hard. Cross verify it with other manufacturers. This would give you a good idea of the prevailing market rates. Some well known packing agencies in Vishakapatnam are:

Avanti Business Machinees Ltd

  • Primula Flexo Pack Ltd
  • Sai Bhaskara Packaging
  • Sri Vinayaka Enterprises
  • Arunodaya Poly Films
  • Packings ‘N’ Packings
  • Paybin Packing
  • Pragati Print Pack Ltd.
  • Shree Paper Packing Products
  • Sri Shyamala Packings & Generals
  • New Fashions

 Other things to consider

Having a Website can do a world of good to your food business.  Organizations find it easy to liaison with such enterprises. Besides this, you need to catch on with the latest online marketing trends. It pays to have your own facebook and twitter community. Sending personalized messages to customers via emails can help you build personal rapport with customers.

Create a brand for your business. Branding plays a key role in entrenching your business. Go the whole hog to create branding awareness. This you can do by sponsoring social events like hosting a polio program etc.

Doling out gifts or gift offers on important occasions is a good marketing strategy. This may include anything, from small fancy gift items like lunch boxes, gift lunch coupons or even buy one get one offer.

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    Sir , I want to my own Tiffin business in Nagpur , my target customer is corporate people how should I proceed?

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