Nursing Jobs in Bangalore

Nursing is a growing profession in Bangalore. This profession has never been in as much in demand as it is now in Bangalore. With the boom in Bangaloren economy more and more people are investing heavily in the health care industry. Every large and small city is being chosen for the opening of hospitals or nursing homes.

And with the opening of such large number of health care centers there is a growing demand for nursing jobs in Bangalore.

Scope of Nursing Jobs in Bangalore

Nursing duties in Bangalore are manifold. They include different kind of responsibilities. When you take up a nursing job at the initial level, you have to take care of the bedside patients. Once you grow up the hierarchy level and become a senior nurse you may be needed to manage special group of people like pediatric, psychiatric, intensive care patients etc. All this needs specialized skills. They are also involved in providing medication, keeping patient records, monitoring progress, looking after the administration, setting up and operating medical equipment, and several other small chores.

Certified nurses are highly in demand in Bangalore. Several colleges provide certified nursing courses. With a certificate you can easily climb the hierarchy level. Nurses in Bangalore can find jobs in nursing homes, clinics and health departments, orphanages and old age homes, military, schools, industrial houses and factories, railways and public sector medical departments, and training institutes as educators.

Types of Nursing Jobs Available in Bengaluru

  • Hospital Nursing: Hospital nurses offer huge openings. They usually work in specialized areas like maternity, surgery, pediatrics, intensive care, obstetric, rehabilitative etc.
  • Health Nursing: These nurses work in private clinics or small health centers in urban and rural area. They provide basic medical services. They even instruct others on intensive care, health education, disease prevention, nutrition and child care. Other duties that they attend to, include blood pressure testing, immunizations, and other health screening.
  • Military Nursing: The armed forces recruit nurses to provide services to the armed forces.
  • Educators: Ones you gain experience you can get into teaching nursing.
  • Industrial Nursing/ Occupational Health Nursing Jobs: As an industrial nurse you will have to work under the direction of the industrial physicians. Your work will be primarily related to preventive safety measures. Needless to say such jobs are usually available in industrial sectors of the country.
  • Psychiatric Nursing Jobs: In this capacity you have to work with patients suffering from emotional and psychological disorder.
  • Pediatric Nursing Jobs: It requires you to take care of sick babies and children.
  • Travel Nursing Jobs: In this nurses have to travel from one place to another to work on temporary basis because of nursing shortage.

10 thoughts on “Nursing Jobs in Bangalore

  1. shaheen mohammed Reply

    pected Sir,

    Most respectfully with humble submission,Iwould like to
    inform you that ihave completed my GNM course including Midwifery
    during the year 2003-2006 from SLV School of Nursing Chitradurga,
    Now iam working in RTTICS hospital,Kolkatta.(3year)
    i wish to work Industrial nursing/hospitality in Banglore or chennai.
    can u help me mob:09744187863 (URGENT)

    • Scott Wilson Reply

      Mr. Saheen,
      What help do you want exactly? And I think you have great potential to work in industrial nursing and hospitality sector. Your profile seems so strong, so i think you can do very well. Try to find jobs from the career columns of the companies’ websites which you are interested in.

  2. suresh. T Reply

    hi my self suresh a male i have 2 years 9months experiance.i would like to inform u that i completed my GNM presentim working in mallige medical centre in bangalore.i want a job in industry/company in india.
    can you help me please…mob no 9964422293

    • Scott Wilson Reply

      Mr. Suresh,
      This page gives you entire information about these jobs and it gives you detailed description of the job.
      As far as your individual case is concerned, you can get job easily in industry for that you have to move around and find the job. Better consult a job agency, it will surely work in your case, their fees are also very reasonable.
      Thank you.

  3. Haniyur V S Moorthy Reply

    Hello, I am a male nurse with B.Sc.N.,MA.,DPN., RMN(UK)and also 33 yrs of overseas experience in psychiatric nursing, teaching, ward management, administrative functions. I am looking for a senior post in Nursing to share my knowledge and skills. Interested hospitals or health care industries can contact me on my email. Thanks

  4. A C Reply

    I am nurse with 2 year experience in accident and trauma care. Have BLS, ACLS, ITLS, fire fighting and personal survival courses certificates, I am seeking jobs in industrial nursing in India or abroad.

  5. B J Reply

    Hello, I have recently graduated from nursing school. I passed my exams and now I am a registered nurse. I have applied for nursing positions everywhere but everyone wants an experienced nurse. What does this mean? Can anyone help me find nursing jobs where freshers can apply?
    Thank you.

  6. M S Reply

    Hi ! I am Misael, a staff nurse with 13yrs experience-casualty, nephro uro and cardiac ward. I am 35. I have worked in a well known hospital for 8yrs, in malaysia-2yrs and Columbia Asia-14 months. Currently I am working for medical coding team. I would request to find a suitable job in MNC company.
    Thank you.

  7. Mr. KS Reply

    I am a registered male nurse,with 40 yrs experience, in all most all specialists. Particularly vast experience in operation theater, petroleum industry, teaching for gnm, anm, o.t nursing, nclex examination, psychiatric nursing & BSC nursing. I am registered. Fluent in English and I am looking for only teaching job.
    Thank you.

  8. JAS Reply

    I need a help from you. Me doing my 4th year nursing student. I should finish my course in this year 2011. But since I didn’t get subjects in first year i am one year back. I am mentally depressed what am i going to do once my course finishes. I don’t want to waste my year. I want to work as a staff nurse in that one year gap. Is there any job. Please help me.
    Thank you.

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