Summer Jobs in India

The boom in the Indian economy, the rapid spread of western culture and the coming up of numerous mall and multiplex all across the country, has led to the creation of seasonal jobs like summer jobs in India.   Such jobs are very good part time jobs. As summer is a long drawn affair in the country, you can do this job for a protracted job.

Taking up a summer job is the best way to spend your leisure times or vacation during summer.

Summer Jobs for Engineering and College Students in India

Summer jobs are best suited for students, who can always enjoy a long summer holiday every year. With plenty of available time, they can shuffle their studies and job in a manner which would not in any way affect either of them.  As a college student, if you are looking for work in the hot months, you can rest assured of finding plenty of them in Indian cities. Some such jobs are listed below:

  • Part Time Job in Retail Shops: During summer all types of retail shop seek help of more workers to cope with the unending rush. This comes as a huge advantage to part time job seekers. You can pick up a job at your sweet timings and work in a cool and comfortable environment for not so stretching hours.
  • Entertainment Kiosks: Summer is the best time for entertainment kiosks. People visit these places to beat the heat as well as have some great time. To manage the rush, workers are sought in different capacities. You can easily choose from an opening.
  • Food Spots: Dining is very common during summer nights. So, important food outlets take candidates for various positions. During the day you get good jobs in ice cream parlors as an ice cream tender.
  • Garment Shops: Garment shops see a huge rush during summer. People are busy at this time of the year to buy light cotton clothes. You can find jobs of a garment sales man in garment stores very easily.

Firms, establishments and companies hire workers in large numbers during summer. They mostly advertise in newspapers.  If not you can also look around for job boards in supermarket. Such boards are posted regularly during summer. Stores or outlets which need special worker just near the supermarket. Most of these places need help with stock, customer service, and more. Grab the first chance you come across.

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