Fast Food Business Plan and Opportunity in USA: How to Start Guide

Question: Hello sir your advice was really good to my previous questions, which lead me to ask few more advises regarding my aim to start cafe and fast food business. Can you give your brief advice and suggest me the way I Should start it.

Fast Food Business Plan

Answer: I would really feel good that my advice is really helping people.

Nice you are thinking for new kind of business of cafe and fast food. You will first have to decide the location where you would find your business will more profitable.

Then think about how much money you have, your capital commitment capacity will decide the size of the business you want to start. Then analyze and identify the demand, whether the location you selected provides enough opportunities to you to gain.

Basically lodging system provides food during lunch and dinner time, so the area you have selected will determine which particular food you can serve in lodging system i.e. Indian food, Mexican food, Chinese food, Italian Indian food etc.

You can at the same time provide counters for fast food items. Fast food items if possible should cover almost all the items i.e. Sandwich, Hot Dogs, Burgers, Popcorn etc. so that customer can find a choice an prove to be barrier to your competitor within your location.

Determine the price having regard to the various aspects like competitors price, type of people living in the locality, cost elements. Etc. It would be advisable to use penetrating pricing policy means initially keep price of each product lower than the competitor’s, It would really works when same thing available at lower price with same quality would definitely attract customers.

You can also add to your shop a small counter for Soda pub because customer wants some cold drinks after fast food, so it really increases your profit. The above business you can start with your own shop or you can take shop on rent provided rent cost is economic to your pocket. In brief you can go as per following order:

  • Select your location
  • Find the capital constraint
  • Analyze market demand, customer expectation
  • Determination of price considering the locality at large.
  • Initial small advertise within your locality
  • Employ good cooks for particular food

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