Small Business Ideas for Teens: Business Ideas for Teenagers, Students

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Business Ideas for Teens

Please share your thoughts and ideas regarding small businesses teenagers, students and other people can start.

You can also ask whatever queries you have to start a business.

64 thoughts on “Small Business Ideas for Teens: Business Ideas for Teenagers, Students

  1. K S Reply

    Hello Sir,
    I need your help in starting an Export business on a small scale. Could you please help me out with the below questions –

    -How can I get an order from another country?
    -Which are the countries with whom doing business is safe and secure?
    -What are the types of items which are good moving (produced US) in foreign markets?
    -How would I do sourcing?
    -Can I get any help in finance from Government?

    Thank you

  2. TH Reply


    Basically I am from very reserved family even though none of them does not know about the business and business ideas. But I want to do any think, but I don’t know the starting point of the business, please give me any ideas or give me any website id to know about the small business.
    Thank you.

  3. NL Reply


    Basically I am from Bangalore. But from past 3 years I am staying in London. Now I want to start a new business in India. I have following business idea in my mind. “Garment business:” I have designed some dress models specially for kids and women. Unfortunately I have no clue how to bring my designs in to the market? Is it like ; hire toilers and manufacture my self ( which is again big question “how to hire best toilers?”)or / is it better to approach any dress maker? If so, please guide me where to approach and how to approach? Please guide me.
    Thank you.

    Thanks in advance,

  4. AS Reply

    hello sir
    I am in my final year of my I don’t want to work under someone so I decided to start on my own. I have chosen the retail sector business (supermarket) in semi urban areas. I have around $20,000 to spend on it.
    so will it be profiatable ??
    please suggest.
    Thank you.

  5. MH Reply

    I have completed M.Sc computer science degree in 2010. I have no industry experience but I want to start a small scale business now. Please suggest me which type of business will suits.
    Thanks and regards.

  6. SV Reply

    I have iron fabrication factory in chennai small scale but now job id very poor I want iron oriented job ideas then any small scale products. I have all machinery in my factory my experience is 25 years please tell me the any ideas.
    Thanking you.

  7. Mr. Sagar Reply

    hi sir
    this is praveen sagar from hyderabad am completed my MBA and i have a 4 years of marketing experience also there in hyderabad and sec’d areas. last 1 year am doing my personal business like civil constructions and finance business.

    i want to do my own business and give employment to some peple plz give me some idea to start small scale industrie. (15 to 20L )budget

  8. reema Reply

    Respected Sir, I hails from a town paonta sahib in himachal pradesh.I had completed my M.B.A in Finance and I want to start a business with a minimum investment as I don’t want to be a burden on my parents. Please suggest me the best possible project. Also let me know what type of business is profitable in a town paonta sahib in himachal pradesh. Kindly reply ASAP.

  9. K D Reply

    Hi, I want to start a small scale industry with minimum capital. Can you suggest me which product should I focus on which has a good prospect in domestic as well as in export market. From where can I get training on product and marketing skill in NY? I need complete guidance from initiating the business.

  10. A Z Reply

    I am an mech engineer having experience of Operation and Maintenance in Plastic and Steel industry for more than 10 years.
    Presently I am working in UK.
    I wanna come back to USA and start Business in NJ
    Can u help me out for ideas and useful hint like registering company or other related works?


  11. S S Reply

    I am interested to open my own small scale business, as I want to do some thing for awareness for our society, hence I want to open my business for public interest,
    Is there any option for to do some thing different for my society?
    Thank you.

  12. Mr. KA Reply

    Dear Sir,

    I am 45 Years old. I am planned to leave the present job which I am earning Rs. 2.6 lakhs p.a. I wish to start an Organic Food Products shop with alternative therapy books, organic farming books, Yoga Books etc. either in my nearabout small town or Palakkad City (Kerala).

    Kindly guide me how to do it. How can I arrange the finance. What are the sources of products. Please guide whether it will be a success or will it be a risky business. I have to feed my family. We don’t even have our own house.

    You kind valuable guidelines are requested.

  13. T G Reply

    Hello, I am about to complete my graduation. According to present scenario which is the best product to opt for exports?
    I would like to know more about solar power sector and approx how much finance would br required for its inception?
    Waiting for your response,
    Thank you..

  14. ravikiran Reply

    hi scott,
    im ravi and have competleted my B-tech in chemical engg . now presently pursuing my mba and want to start an industru related to my studies ie like a plastic industry can u give any suggestions on that

  15. S N Reply

    HI, Thank you so much for your valuable information, I am from NY. I am very much interested in this business as teenager.

    Can you please clarify below mentioned doubts?

    1. I plan to sell the products with my own brand

    2. How can I register my brand name and how much cost would be, and where I need to register?

    3 Is there any marketing agencies to promote my product and marketing?

    4. Can I have your contact details to call?

  16. R H Reply

    Hi, I am from Belgium, Could u guide me regarding same business. I want to be import mobiles from china or any other country, where it is cheaper. How can I import and how much % can I get as a profit on that?

  17. S P Reply

    If you really want to start a business in your teen age? Just do not worry and have guts, there is always something for somebody, so cheers up and start something your interesting work with confidence. Best of luck

  18. S P Reply

    Dear Mr. Scott, My name is S G. I am working as an Embedded software Engineer in Pvt Industry. I have 2+ years of experience in this Field. But I don’t want to live my whole life in doing service. So I am planning to start my own small scale business. Right now I want to start my business with job on temporarily basis. After few years I wish to do that business as permanent basis. So please suggest my some kind of business that I can start with job.

  19. D A Reply

    My brother is a farmer in county of San Diego, rural area. I want to help him to start a small and profitable project. At first I want to start with 50k. Please email be me the details. Your idea may change a life style of someone.

  20. S W Reply

    Hello, I did MBA in marketing and HR and my brother had completed mechanical engineering, we are looking for a business opportunities in Orange County, please suggest us some business ideas that we can start in our area.

  21. N G Reply

    Hey Guys, I am working with a courier company in NJ. I have total experience of 20years of this industry. However I want to start a small scale business in New Jersey or in its surrounding areas. Please provide me some details regarding different types of small businesses which can be start with less investment and capital. I would be very thankful to you if you give me an innovative and profitable idea to start my own business.

  22. A C Reply

    Hello, I have one land property and I would like to start my own business using that, I am planning to start some business to build a bright career, Right now I am student and just exploring various options.

  23. J S Reply

    Hi, I am attempting CPT of CA this December. I want to write useful software on accounting or related matters and sell. But I don’t know how to start. I have skills on Visual Basic 6. Can you help with some useful info?

  24. E D Reply

    Mr wilson,
    I am working for a corporate company for more than 14 years with sales background.
    My wife is house wife. We have recently identified one area which is developing and most of the people are migrating from main city and settling in city suburbs. Their husbands are working, but wives are staying at Home. I feel there is lot of opportunity of Lady Workers.

    Basing on this we would like to start any small scale company which can be operated and run by women. The budget would be less than 200000. We thought of paper plates/cups/Bags Industry. Other than this any other industry which you feel is good for investment?

  25. A B Reply

    Sir, I want to start my own data entry online or offline center. I want to set a group of 10 systems, please guide me the process of franchise, from whom I should consult and what is the amount needed for entire set up, and where I would be getting loan or not?

  26. M D Reply

    I am very much interested to start my own business with very small investment as i am very interested in jute products if possible please provide me details. Can you send me tips and ideas for starting small business for teenagers?

  27. S M Reply

    Hello Mr. Scott, Nice to hear that someone is actually replying to all the queries and guiding nowise. I am also one of them. I want to build a small scale solar panel manufacturing plant and want to develop business in it in Asia. It would be a great help if you provide me with the details, cost of setting up this business, also some ideas to expand it. My idea of for building this small scale solar panel plant is that using this I can help people make use this panel to make their homes less expensive. I would be highly obliged if I get some help.

    • SK Reply

      Hi Friends!
      I’m from a small city and I want to start a small scale business. I don’t have any expereince or Idea, but if someone Guide me what kind is better in small cities or rural area, I can achieve my ambitions.
      Please Someone help me.
      Thank you.

  28. A G Reply

    Dear, thank you so much for the useful guide lines. I seek your kind support to establish a business for the complete office school stationery / book stall – or a crockery shop. Could you please give some guide lines for the following?

    Shop decorations
    Bulk dealers / producers name etc., is there any business consultancy is working for that? Expecting your favorable replay.

    Have a nice day!
    Thanks and regards,

  29. D C Reply

    I am a BE mechatronics Engineer, we are a group of six engineer from Mechanical, ECE, IT, Aeronautics. We are in idea to run a business, what will be help (Loan / monetary allowance) from government side for this. Our business capital lies between 3 to 5 million. Our parents can provide, property based security for loan.

  30. VJ Reply

    Hi Scott,
    I am Post graduate in Applied Microbiology, but I started My career in BPO industry as Technical support engineer. I have around 4 yrs of experience in this field. my goal in life is to succeed as an entrepreneur. Initially i wanted to start business in small scale and make it to grow. I preliminarily interested in any manufacturing or in service industry. I have few plans in my mind to start Drug intermediates manufacturing, or any pharmacy manufacturing unit at small scale, but I am confused with how to start. I would like to have your expertise in finding the right business and even I am interested in any other manufacturing units in small scale. I could invest up to 100k.

    Thanks in advance .


  31. G M Reply

    Hello, I am from Hialeah, Florida. I am a medical representative in a private health center. now I want to start a small scale business in my native place..

    So can you advice me which business will be suitable in my district place. and also e-mail me a business list…

  32. S T Reply

    Hello, I read almost all the comments posted by you, so before asking questions let me tell you one thing. I am sending this mail with lots of expectations and I believe your advise can make me a good entrepreneur.
    I have completed my graduation and I have worked for few BPO companies. I won’t get much benefit if working like this and my great ambition is to be a good entrepreneur so now I have planned to start a small scale industry in my hometown, for that I have contacted some officials related to small scale industries department but I didn’t get any valuable information from them and I have disappointed, but now I am ready to do put all my efforts If anyone suggest me some good ideas for starting an industry. I have a small idea that Chinese products have much more demands in my state so if I get some Chinese products I am ready to market that. Kindly inform me how can I get the Chinese products and how can I start this business? I have not enough money to import those items directly from China. So if you can give me a proper guidelines regarding this or any other business ideas with low investment kindly inform me! I am very confident that I can achieve my goals if I get a well advise from an experienced person like you.

    Awaiting your valuable response for change my life,

  33. R V Reply


    I want to start a small scale Toy manufacturing company in US with the initial investment of 50000. Could anybody let me know the process and essential establishment required to start this?

    Thanks in Advance

  34. SR Reply

    Hi friend I am SR
    I want to start a small scale industry in steel recycling. to start?
    2.whom to do business? to collect material?
    4.where to sell?
    5.special suggestion?
    As you know more so please suggests your comments.

  35. M.A.N Reply


    Mr. Scott,

    Nice to read ur comments on different issues, I am a IT support Engineer with 5yrs exp, now I am planning for my own business and looking for some small business ideas to start either in Manufacturing or IT consulting or BPO. Could you please suggest some? Please send me on my email id.

  36. BK Reply

    I want to start copperwire manufacuring. I want to know about the machinary cost,space reqirement, require investment, and manufacturing process, and also want to know scope in indian market as well as abroad,. I am very passionate about this business. Can you tell sources for buy the machine.

    Thank you.

  37. NB Reply

    I completed my degree last year. I am doing my M.B.A and doing job as tech support English, but I studied that there will be no growth in job professional so I want 2 b my own boss. Just for clarification sake I am studying my M.B.A but I am interested in doing business in doing business because I don’t want yo work under any one. Can you please suggest me to what industry I should start now? May I get any finance from govt? I am having my own land and property. I want the total details please guide me and show a way to reach my goal and ambition.
    Thanking you.

  38. AS Reply

    I am from Mumbai India. I am starting a business in import export. We can export any things on a cheaper price. I like to say that if anybody interested to import cheaper goods from India then you can start your own import export merchant business. it’s very profitable. Also anybody want to start but new in this then we can guide you. Not required too much investment if u have good contacts. Im finding a partner from outside of india. so we can export our goods & import
    your goods. If u have any queries feel free to write on m my Email.
    Thank you.

  39. MS Reply

    Respected sir,
    I am facing a situation of a full fledged company failure,which I had been running in relation to the manufacturing of rubber processing machinery. I have an ample area of starting a new unit. Kindly specify the nature of a new business to me. I will be obliged if u bless your concern on the matter specified above.

    Thank you.

    • Scott Wilson Reply

      every business has tough times. So nothing to worry about it. We will find new ways to earn money. You have enough experience in manufacturing line. You have the knowledge of raw materials procurement, labor procurement, marketing etc.
      So you can start some other manufacturing business like Yarn, Fabrics, Paper Bags, Cotton etc.
      And you can continue the current business also. be more aggressive in marketing and strategies and again jump in to the market.
      Thank you.

  40. KC Reply

    I am married women and my husband is working as a manager in reputed Australian hotel, even I’ll be joining him in Australia and a couple of months. But before I leave we are planning to start a small scale business in India. We have zeroed in to start a travel agency along with preparatory classes for IELTS, GMAT etc. In future we plan to expand the same looking at the market scenario and profit flow. The question I have for you is that what would be the sufficient amount to start with such a business and the recurring costs which would come along with it. Is there any site where in we can find out if we can get a franchisee of a already branded travel agency. The location where we are planning to start the said business would Baroda, Gujarat. Kindly revert back with your suggestion to my email id. Moreover if you could suggest us some better business plan in this part of the world it’ll be a great help.

    Awaiting for your wisely suggestion,
    To be Entrepreneur – KC

    • Scott Wilson Reply

      If you have enough knowledge of education industry, then this business is suitable to you. And as far as the money is concerned, it depends on what scale you are going to start it? Initially you can start with INR 3,00,000 easily. You just need classrooms on rent and the marketing expense.
      Thank you.

  41. RJ Reply

    Dear Sir,

    I am looking for small business in rural area. It can be any manufacturing unit highly consumed good in our area with minimum capital. I go through comment and found that you have suggesting
    Milk Production
    Provision Goods
    Rural warehousing agency
    It is old but still it have potential.


  42. JM Reply

    Hello sir,
    I want to become an woman entrepreneur. Please help me by telling me which product can be manufactured with low investment. What about ladies sanitary napkins? How to manufacture that? Is it demand in market?
    Please advice me.
    Thank you.

  43. PG Reply

    Sir, currently I am handling audio equipment trading business in dubai. I want to start business in Delhi India. I am interested in opening factory for P.A. systems or audio equipment trading or opening a restaurant in. I am a graduate in BBA. Can you please guide me in which business to enter. I have no idea about how to do business there.
    Thank you.

  44. SH Reply

    I am currently working and want to start a Recycled factory. However I do not have the Business Plan and future road map for the same. Can you kindly help me in providing some artifacts and document for the above said purpose.
    Thank you

  45. NH Reply

    Hi Scott,

    I am 21 and living in a small town, now a days I am looking forward to start a good business in export . Can you please suggest what all demands are there in outside countries. And also what all countries are safe to deal with profit and loss. Currently I am in condition to spend 20-30 lakhs.
    Thank you.

  46. LK Reply

    I would like to know the process of starting a “local weekly magazine with ads and some interesting games and talent development articles” in small area. What are all the steps and policies to be followed. And also let me know what are the things that i must be aware of while starting it. Please let me know what would be the minimum and maximum budget.
    Please advice me regarding this.
    Thank you.

  47. GR Reply

    Hi Mr. Scott,

    I really thank you for your support to us on setting up a new bussiness. I am already in to a real estate business with me & my wife into it and we are doing good but now i have purchased an office and want to setup new staff and expand the bussiness pls can you help me with some plans as here in india, Mumbai we have to keep trustworthy staff.

    Pls guide where to hire staff from and what salary should i pay and commission ?
    And all the calls comes to us what should i do to make it less to me.
    I am planning to keep 8 staff.

    Thank you & Warm Regards,

  48. PS Reply

    Hello sir
    I’ve completed 2008. I also have a 2 yr. experience in telecom industry as a BSS Engineer. But now I want to start my small scale business with minimum investment. So please suggest me some idea for start business. Please send me the suggestion on my email id.
    Thank you.

  49. DR Reply

    I would like to do Import products from Different countries and like to sell. Can any onle help me what type of products I can do and what are the products that I can import from different countries (Government Approved).
    Thank you.

  50. RS Reply

    Hello sir,
    I have completed MBA & want to start a small scale industry. Please guide me profitable business ideas and i’m looking for some buy back projects so that I can carry only production part. Please send me suggestions on my mail id
    Thank you.

  51. KK Reply

    Dear sir,
    I have completed my diploma engineering in printing technology. As I want to start my own small scale printing house. Though I am not much interested in publishing newspapers but I am more interested in publishing book covers, invitation card, forms, bills and etc, in the mean time I have taken a course on DFB , the course duration is for three months so I just wanted to ask you will it help me in my future plans and can you flash out with some good ideas to how to start a business in this field. It would be great if you kindly send me your suggestion in my email id.
    Thank you.

  52. UC Reply

    Dear Scott,

    I always wanted to work for myself, but ended up working for different Co’s, I would want to start something with small in export import and gradually making it big (Although I do not have experience in it) but not sure where to start from, what product and also no self fund. All I have is the passion and the determination.

    Look forward

    Thanks & Regards

  53. Sathish Reply

    Hi Friends,
    I am sathish. I finish the B.E. I would like to start a small business like BPO Centers. please suggest me how to get the orders for do the business

  54. sahadev das Reply

    Hi, I want to start paper plate manufacturing unit in Bhayander, Thane, Mumbai. Please advise me if it’s a best idea. If yes then please provide me some tips on buying raw materials, selling final goods and buying machinery.

    • JC White Post authorReply

      Paper plate manufacturing is a good business and usually high in-demand in festivals and other occasions. to get raw material 1st you will need to set plan your budget. Usually you get better deal in raw material in Town side, then when you expand you business you can directly approach main dealer.

      Selling final goods depends how much you spend on marketing or sales. You will probably require someone who can do local sales and marketing for you.

  55. PP Reply

    Dear sir,
    My name is prashant and i have completed graduation in 2011. Sir i have a 128 sq.ft shop on the main road please provide me some tips about that.Sir I am requesting you to help us sir.


    • Scott Wilson Reply

      Hello There,
      Analyse competition in the area where you own a shop. What amount of fund that you have to start a business? Do a competitive and cost-benefit analysis and select a business plan which can be done in Available Funds, Available Place and Available Market.

      Thanks you.

  56. LM Reply

    Hi Sir,

    I have 7yrs exp in IT field and after delivery left the high tension job. Now I want to use my skill, time and money to start a business with low investment. Please share some of uncommon business ideas. Also manufacturing jute bags seems a good business prospect. Pls share details about the same to my mail id.

  57. Joseph Reply

    Hello Sir
    I have been working as a web designer for 3 years but I’d like to divert from web developing job and to start a small scale business that fits my interests. I like and have skills to draw pencil sketches, and various characters in cartoons and in animated movies. But I haven’t had any training in drawing. I want to know that If I have any scope of doing business with my interest. If there is no way then what should I do for improving my interest, so that I can start a business. And what are the possible areas I can use my skill.
    I’m looking forward to your reply.

  58. CD Reply

    Dear sir,

    I am CD from surendranagar, gujarat. I want to go in field of business. My main interested area is wooden gift articles which is being manufactured in my hometown. I am having budget of $ 1000 only. I want to go for export market. Till now this product was not marketed any where and was limited upto gujarat market only.

    I have done my MBA from Gujarat. Presently i am working for an MNC company but returns their are not very satisfied and also there are targets more than 8 times of your salary.
    Suggest me some needful things.

    • Scott Wilson Reply

      Hi CD,
      First of all, to start with, you have to start your own firm if you want to export with big scale. You need to take the export license and $1000 is not enough budget for that. There are loans available, so don’t worry about it.
      If you don’t want to start a firm, you can start a website where you can showcase pictures of your gift articles and take orders online and dispatch the gift article after receiving money online.
      You have to start a website for that and a paypal account. Website will cost you somewhere around $300 and do some advertising. You can also sell your articles on Ebay and other online buy-sell portals.
      Thank you.

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