Business Opportunities for Women: Business for Women Entrepreneurs

Question:  Nice to see a lot of response on this. Do you have specific business ideas for young women?

  • I belong to rural area and interested in setting up business, which will benefit women and also bring up their economy as well.
  • Could you help in identifying the source of making fibers from banana which is used for textile and other purposes? Also I got to know more on the sanitary napkins made using small machinery and also supplied to govt.
    Schools using dispensers where the girl child could take. This was promoted by the govt. But I don’t know whom to contact for the information and trainings they are providing.


Small Business Ideas for Young Women

  • You are thinking about so many things at the same time. You are not specific or may be you are confused. So think with peaceful mind and then select field with rationality. Because this is not something, where you can take it lightly. So think on this then take rational decision.
  • There are so many plans which can be successfully implemented  for women empowerment and economy as well. You can take some specific divided work from big industries which can be done with the help of women. There are many plans working on it and they have created history as well.
  • So you should approach some big firms which implements the work division theory. Right now you can search on this and you can expand in the same field as well.
    You can take example of  LIJJAT PAPAD, it was started as self help and mutual help organization. And it is now at a huge level with employment to more than 500000 women.

Thank you.

8 thoughts on “Business Opportunities for Women: Business for Women Entrepreneurs

  1. neha Reply

    I have 17 years exp in cosmeic and hair colour industries now I want o start my own business i am looking for partner or fo internation comapny who want to promote their brand in India I have strong distributor and retail network from where can I find giid products or partner

    • Scott Wilson Post authorReply

      Ms. Neha,
      It is great that you have a huge network. You can use this opportunity for your own business. Because the garments business is something like where you can maximize the profits if you have a strong net work.
      You can produce or purchase products directly and then you can start your retail outlet.
      If you want to work with big companies, then you have to show them a proposal and you have to convenes them about the same. You can create your profile on some business social networking websites.
      If you need any further guidance, you can surely ask your questions here.
      Thank you.

  2. N Y Reply

    My name is Dr.NY (BAMS). My husband has done his hotel management and presently working in USA but I feel he is frustrated with his job coz after working hard whole day he is not being able to do any savings.

    The cost of life is too high in USA. So he is thinking of starting a business in India with the help of his friend but he is confused regarding which business. Their budget is 50k USD. He wants to be a successful man and he has got potentials but no proper guidance. It is very difficult for me to see him sad and not being able to help him. So I kindly request u to guide him with your experience so that it can be profitable.plz do mail me.

  3. K T Reply


    I’m MSc graduate in Microbiology and had 3 years experience in teaching microbiology and would like live by my own. I’m very much interested to start Diagnostics center.. But I don’t have any experience in that. so would like to have some guidance, where to find all the information and process related.

    Could you please guide me or redirect me, where I can find information? Start to endpoint. like licensing information and how much need to invest, to cover all diagnostics to cover.

    or would it be better to start to in small scale and then growing.

    but not finding the start point.

  4. JG Reply

    I am 20yrs old girl stay in rural area. I want to start an home based business of sanitary napkins or papad. Can u please help me out or guide me? I am having some queries.
    1.what are legal documents,licenses & permits required for starting both business?
    2.what is minimum investment can be made in both the business? please if u can help please do it so.
    Thank you.

  5. FC Reply

    Hello Sir,
    I want sant a sanitary napkins business I want to know from whom to buy the same, pricelist sample (good quality), conditions, starting budget, is it worth buying from (india) or importing from foreign countries etc

    and others details if any please give the same as soon as possible.
    Thank you.

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