Business with Low Start Up Cost, Investment and High Profit Margins

Question: Hi there, I am looking for some good Business to start which require minimum capital, I would like to know things I can do to get maximum return with minimum investment?

Answer: What business you want to start depends upon so many elements. Your question tells you have capital constraints other side you want to have the kind of field where tax benefits are provided by the government. I advise you the following kind of field where you can find the best match of your requirement:

  • Cooling facility for agriculture produce, marine products, meats and milk produces.
  • Warehousing facility for agriculture produce.

The above fields are more economic to the pocket of the new ventures as well they offer good tax benefits. As far as capital is concerned you need around 20,000 USD (10 laks INR) depends upon the locality you select.

Above warehouses are located generally out of town where price of real estate is too low.

You may follow the given steps to start your new business:

  • First of all analyze the market, what is the demand for warehousing and cold storage facilities by Big corporate.
  • Select the location where you can get the land where you can construct the warehouse.
  • Find contractors whom you find most economic.
  • Start all the above activity at lower level (within small area because of capital constraint)
  • Develop proper facilities that best suits your requirement i.e. Good preservance.

Businesses with Low Start Up Cost and High Profit Margins

Cooling system, required machinery, proper quality test, disaster recovery plan etc.

  • Contact FMCGS and other companies which require the above facility in your location.
  • Initially the demand will be poor but as and when your contact increases you will find your business most profitable.