How to Start a Casting Agency Easily – 5 Easy Steps to Start

A casting agency can help get people into all types of movie mediums, from films to commercials.  If you want to start a casting agency, you first need to be savvy about the entertainment field.  Filmmakers are always scouting for talent for their advertisements, television shows and even films.  Here are some tips to get you get a foothold in this line:

Garner As Much Knowledge as Possible About the Industry

  • Learn as much as you can about the industry so that you can be an expert in a field.  People will be more willing to trust you if you display knowledge about the industry.
  • Join industry groups to network with those who may end up being in a decision making process later in your career.
  • Read industry publications and trade magazines to gain further knowledge of the industry.  Remember, you can never know too many people when you are in this type of business.

Establish Contacts in the Industry

  • Consider interning to get some contacts in the advertising, film or television business.  Casting companies have to provide talent to these groups.  Getting the talent is easy but establishing contacts can be key to your long term success.
  • Join groups of those in the same industry – if you are in the film industry and want to cast, be sure to join networking groups for others in film.  This gives you more contacts who can help.
  • Get your name out there.  Establish your business and get the name of the business out there in the industry in which it is in.
  • Use repetitive marketing tactics.  Be sure to get business cards, stationary as well as decals so that people become accustomed to seeing the name of your business – this establishes trust.

Set up Office

  • Develop an impressive office and set up shop.
  • Use credit card borrowing or get a personal loan to establish the business office and negotiate the price of a lease – you can have storefront property or you can have an office in a business park as well.  Regardless of where you set up shop, let others know where you are.
  • Invest in signage – this puts your name out there.  Having a recognizable name is crucial in the casting industry.
  • Attend expos and other functions. As said earlier, you should promote your business whenever possible.
  • Have an open house where others in the area can tour your business – you never know who knows who so you want to get to know as many people as possible, all the while establishing yourself as a casting agent.

Get good talent 

  • Put ads in local papers seeking talent.
  • Scout out contests that have to do with your industry to look for local talent.
  • Consider finding talent at the community level, including those who may be participating in community theater as well as school plays.
  • Develop contracts so that you can not only get good talent that you can cast but also keep the talent.

Being a casting agent and having your own agency is not difficult as long as you break the process down into steps.  The trick, in this type of business, is to know as many people in the industry as possible, develop contacts and then use those contracts to get your foot in the door, as well as find the right talent that will be cast for the job.

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