Warehouse Business Ideas: Start Mini, Utility and Distribution Warehouse

Question: Hey, I would like to know how to start a mini Distribution ware house in USA, and I have following queries…

  • I want to know about ware housing business.
  • What is the cost require to build one warehouse and what type of items we can store?
  • Which companies we can approach as a client I am from San Francisco, CA.
  • Is it better to start my own business or to take Franchisee of established company?
  • How can I know, who are my competitors?
  • How much space is usually required to start mini Distribution Warehouse for utility things.

I would appreciate your answer on above questions.

Ideas to Start Warehouse Business

Answer: To answer your questions in short and sweet sentences, I would directly go with questions.

  • Yes starting warehousing business in USA, specially starting mini warehouse is good because many small businesses can use them rather than using big warehouse to cut the cost.
  • Startup cost for distribution warehouse really depends on various things. But you can take ball park fig of $12,000 – $45,000
  • Best ideas to find clients is Business directories, you can contact small manufacturing companies, as they usually require warehouse to store their goods.
  • Taking franchise or not taking totally depends, both has its own advantages and disadvantages.
  • Don’t worry about competitors, you will not find any business without competitors, just give best service to your clients, and you can easily run the business.

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