Jobs For 60 Year Olds: Best Jobs for 60+ Year Olds Men and Women

So you are turning 60 OR you already completed your 60 years, and now seeking to productively utilize your time and Seeking for some jobs for 60+.

Best Jobs 60+ Year Olds Men And Women Can Do

  • When you are above 60 years of age you run out of steam to continue with any kind of work. However there are many jobs which do not require you to devote long hours.
    It is less exhaustive and can you mentally agile. Though these are not high paying jobs they can help you while away your time in a constructive way.
  • A good job for active people above 60 years of age is to do writing services. This job is high in demand in postal departments. As sending letters, money orders and parcel to most people is a impossible task for the illiterate population of the country, you can step in to offer your help at a bare minimal cost. All you have to so is write postal addresses, fill up forms, and deposit slips for those who cannot read and write.
    You do this in lieu of some money. To go about you just have to camp in front of postal departments.
  • You can offer your services as a teacher to NGO’s. In the process you keep yourself occupied teaching young minds. You can also get other jobs in NGO’s. This includes secretarial and administrative jobs. NGO’s seek senior workers because they help them save on money and also offer valuable services.
  • Many people how are above 60 years, are doing jobs in museums or at tourist places as guides, presenters and greeters, etc. This helps them have lots of public relations. With the help of such interactions they can keep themselves busy in activities and also make their time’s productive use.
  • Skilled women above 60 years of age are recruited by NGO’s to teach rural women on how to become self employed. They can also find employment as assistants in nursing homes. Under the mid day meal scheme launched by the government, women above 60 years of age can find jobs as cooks.

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