How to Start Gardening Business: Tips, Ideas & Plan to Run a Business

Gardening is a hobby of many people. Nowadays it doesn’t get time to turn your hobby into a business. In this era, every household have dual working couples and they are not ready to work on their gardens after doing their office work. This business has got a very bright future.

This industry is in growth stage and can be a big business. Now you may have question that hoe do we turn our hobby in to a business? This article throws some light on how you can start a gardening business.

How to Start and Run a Gardening Business?

  • You don’t need an office for this business so chill for that. First of all you need a license since you are going to work for commercial purpose.
  • You need to get an occupational license which you can get from your local respective authority office. You need the TAX ID no. also. For that, you have to apply to your IT department. And for more details on what you need for the legal affiliation, you can visit your governmental authority’s website.
  • As far as finance is concerned, don’t worry. You don’t need big fund to start this business. You just need some equipment to start with and then you can invest the money that you have earned rendering your service.
  • If you cannot do this work yourself, you can have workers hired. You can expand your business later on. Big industrial houses need such garden developers.
  • You can work for industries on contract basis. You can charge for your service according to the service. For a land garden, you can charge $10,000 for a project and for a terrace garden, you can charge $15,000.

Gardening Business Tips and Ideas

  • These figures may seem too large but they can be bigger than these. If you render your service to big corporations, you can earn a big money. If you want to start on a big level, you should choose some industrial area for that. Mostly IT companies will be your clients as they need these facilities in their business houses.
  • To get general idea about this business on a big scale, you can visit to those business houses. You can also meet those garden developers as a client and get the idea.
  • You can also offer annual maintenance contracts to those who already have gardens. You can charge $4,000 for each annual contract. This is very lucrative business if you can grab the opportunity.
  • You need to promote your business very critically. Here, you can create buzz in the market. You have to develop marketing strategies especially for residential clients and business clients as well. You can promote your business in a smart way if you don’t have too much money to spend on advertising. If you have the funds, then you can rock also.
  • You can start your website and showcase sample gardens pictures and details about those samples. You can provide basic information about your products and prices. You can get some orders also. You can provide customized gardening service where you make gardens as your clients wish.

This is a great business and really having a bright future. This is a go green business; you can get governmental help for this as well. At this stage, there is no competition. Better to start now because once competition starts, it would be difficult to get an excellent start-up in a small period of time.

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