How to Start a Comic Book Business: Plan To Open a Comic Book Store

If you have interest in comic books and you want to make your career in it, there are many opportunities and ways that can help you. If you want to select a location where customers are able to enter browse, you have to search for suitable place in some mall or public place.

You need to select the place where you get eyes of maximum crowed. You can rent out a place or you can purchase a place if you have money to invest.

  • You can have a tie up with some publishers and be a retailer. You can also start a library where you can have books from multiple writers and publishers.
  • You can start an online comic outlet and sell comic books on order. You need small investment for this and you can start it with your convenience. You just need to buy a domain and prepare a wonderful website for your business.
  • You can showcase your books and brief about them, you can provide them relatively lower prices because you don’t have to pay rent over here.
    Here the working capital you need is also less because you don’t have to keep inventory of books.

Plan to Start a Comic Book Business

  • If you are very much interested, you can become a publisher as well. It would be great if you have some experience in this business. You can register your publication’s name and become a publisher.
  • A comic book publication house is the entity that produces prints and releases the book to public. Being a publisher, the responsibility increases because you have to launch the book. Before launching, you need to take enough care and proof reading etc. becomes a part of your business. You need to be updated with the technology and the quality that you provide should be perfect.
  • The printing quality is also one of the most important parts of your business. You have to provide the latest digital quality of printing and you should be aware about the technical advancement. If you don’t take enough care of your printing department, your image will not take place as a high profile publication.
  • You can also be a distributor of comic books. It is a difficult task but every publisher needs distributors. There are many opportunities in distribution as well. You need to develop your public relation and relation with different publishers. The better your network is the more you get.
  • You have to market your self. You need to create a position in your target audience. You can adopt extensive marketing strategy as well to create a craze in the market.

Working in the field which you like the most is like a dream and if you like this industry, there are a lot of opportunities. You just need a little experience in this industry and then you become a hit publisher, distributor or a retailer. So, you have interest, you have the information and you have that passion to be creative. If you feel need to ask questions, you are free to ask as many questions as you want. We are always here to guide you.

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The comic book business is a great way to earn a living while doing something you love; however, it is also a difficult and very competitive type of business.  To start your own business, there are quite a few decisions and plans to see to first to ensure that it is a feasible idea and that it will prosper.

Comic Book Store Startup Ideas

Different Comic Book Businesses

One of the first things you will need to decide if you are considering starting a comic book business is exactly what type of business you want to have.

  • Retail Stores:  This type of business involves operating out of a brick and mortar building and selling comic books from all types of genres.  Or, you may decide to sell only specialty books, appealing to a specific comic book customer.  There are a lot of overhead costs involved in renting or leasing a building for retail sales, so this is important to keep in mind when you are making out your financial budget.
  • Online Stores:  A lot of comic book companies work directly off of the Internet.  Without the need of a building, they can concentrate on setting up websites to sell the products and advertise the company.  They provide shipping and can take orders online for the convenience of their customers.
  • Comic Book Publishers:  Publishers purchase new comic books and sell them to main distributors.  A publisher may also hire cartoonist and other illustrators to develop comic books for them.

Comic Book Business Plan and Model

  • Once you have decided on the type of comic book business you want, it’s time to develop the business plan.  The business plan is an outline of how you see your business unfolding as well as the profits and margins and estimated growth.
  • Include your financial information such as bank statements and tax records for at least the last five years.  List any other assets you may have and names and contact information of the banks or other financial institutions that have your accounts.
  • Develop a marketing plan that explains in detail the different marketing strategies you are planning on employing to advertise your business.
  • Provide a detailed projection of estimated startup costs as well as estimated profits and costs for the next five, ten and even fifteen years.  This information is very important, especially if you will be seeking financial backing from a banker or other source.  It will also help to keep you on track to meet your goals.

Tips before Starting (Research the Business Niche)

  • Knowing who your competitors are is a must if you wish to succeed.  Visit other comic book stores or websites to see what they offer, their prices, whether or not they have special services or discounts and how well they are doing.  This will help you to come up with unique ideas to draw more customers to your business.
  • Attend comic book conventions whenever possible.  There are a lot of networking opportunities available at these conventions which can help you promote your business.  The conventions also introduce you to new ideas and trends as well as stimulating your own creative juices for your company.

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