Starting an Avon Business: How to Promote And How Much Does It Cost

How to Make an Avon Business Plan

Failing to plan is just as good as planning to fail, or so were told. This little nugget of truth though cliché is very true when it comes to business matters.

  • The Avon business world is very competitive and needs sharp, focused and competent individuals, who can anticipate and plan for any eventuality in the business.
  • The avon business world has close to 6 million representatives worldwide, and a good understanding of how all these work together is critical for the development of a workable business plan.
  • The plan should also include the capital layout, as the business will need an initial purchase of stock as well as some marketing strategy.

How to Start an Avon Business

Get information

  • Find out how the avon direct sales and marketing works, this is critical, since one cannot plan without knowing what they are getting into.
  • Some of the critical matter that should be known is, things such as the company policy regarding sales, new recruits, profit sharing, legal liabilities and of course the most important of all, if the business does not perform as expected, how to bail out of the ecosystem.
  • Some direct marketing outfits have a poor reputation when it come to receiving returns, billing, and support for their sales representatives, so it is wise to be careful.


  • The best thing to do before committing you is to check out the competition.
  • The target area you intend to server should be big enough to serve both the newcomer and the seasoned representative, if the area is not big enough for both, it would be best to consider not doing it or relocating to a better less competitive area.
  • While along these lines one should also check out the techniques the competition uses and identify a flaw in their method, or a need they have neglected as this could be the opportunity you need to explore.


  • One should find out how much is needed to get an avon business started.
  • The amount is heavily dependent on the volume of product that is purchased from avon.
  • Capital is always minimal, and the amount available should be used wisely, only products that are in demand should be obtained fro resale in the beginning of the business.
  • Some of the capital will be used for obtaining some storage space for the products in case one will not use their own home.

Advertising, Marketing and Sales for Avon Business

  • A marketing strategy should be created to maximize the exposure of the enterprise.
  • The basic place to start would be to look at the sales information from a mentor (every avon member is recruited by or affiliated with a mentor), find out the potential sales as well as the sources of those sales and the marketing techniques used.
  • Consider hosting parties to out to more potential customers and find new and creative ways to meet sales targets.
  • With the Internet it is now possible to reach out to a large audience at a very small cost. After this one can order the products and build the business from the ground up with honest sweat and sacrifice.

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