Part Time Jobs from Home in NJ: Work from Home Jobs in New Jersey

With the increase in online users more and more online business opportunities are cropping up. With each passing day it is becoming easier to find online part time jobs. Some easy ways to do jobs in your spare time.

Part Time Online Blogging and Content Writing Jobs

  • Web and Ads publishing: This is the most popular and common way of monetizing your content rich website or blog.
  • Sponsorships: Companies have realized that blogs is an excellent way to advertise and sell products. They often sponsor blogs written by others.
  • Affiliate Programs: Tying up with various affiliate programs like,, etc.
  • Services: You can also start selling stuff on your blogs. You can provide services like eBooks or some courses or tele-seminars etc.
  • Writing Blogs: Many people need someone to write and post new material on their blogs regularly. If you take up this you can get decent job of content writing, this is generally called freelance content writing.

Other Work from Home Part Time Jobs in NJ you May Want to Consider

Google Adsense:

This is one of greatest working online on internet.

It requires a lot of hard work.. All you need to do is scoop the coding from AdSense and put it on your website. There are other options like the Clickbank.

Affiliate Programs:

Affiliate marketing involves selling products of other companies through your website.  It is a hassle free job because it involves no door to door activity and you don’t have to take care of the delivery and payment. You receive monthly commission form the sales you make. Also this requires no investment.

This apart there are innumerable ways of working in your spare time from home.

Be Aware of Scams:

To earn money online you will come across hundreds and thousands of companies. It is very important to find more about the companies before committing a great deal of time and effort to it. If you are misled by false promises then you may find yourself on the loser’s side.

How to find the right company?

The best way to find right companies is by doing hard online research. You can also get in touch with Better Business Bureau. Spend time checking out several of the forums to find out others opinions about the companies.

Food Processing Business


Hi sir, I had recently completed my Masters in Food Science and technology from Australia. I came back to India a month ago, to start a business in the area of food processing.

I have absolutely no idea of what to do and where to start. I was searching in the internet and i got to read your site. I am really impressed by the article and the answers you have given to other people’s questions.

I would be grateful to you if you could give me some business idea in this field. I have my own land and i am ready to invest 100,000 USD in my business. I am a resident of Hyderabad.


Start Food Processing Business in India

You have your own land and good amount for investing, that’s brilliant. You have done a course about the same as well. So I would suggest you to start your venture in your state first. You can carryout your business in various areas for ex.

  • Fruit juice,
  • Ready to cook packets,
  • Breads, cakes,
  • Spices,
  • Namkeen snacks, etc.

And you have a handsome amount to invest with your self. If you put this money 1,00,000 USD as margin, you can get another loan of 4,00,000 USD and with this much money, you can start your business with a blast. So the plan I have suggested is god enough for you. You can start from your state and later on you can go on with more than one state and the same way ahead. Your business may have national recognition after couple of years.

If you want to know more any thing or any queries, you can surely ask questions.

Thank you.

Franchise Jobs in India

The boom in the Indian economy has led to a rise in the number of franchises jobs in India. The market today offers different kinds of business opportunities to choose from. While some can be demanding as a brick and mortar store, many can also be operated from the precincts of your home.

The available possibilities are so wide, and it is better to look along what interests you the most. Your interests should lead you to your choice because you will have to succeed hard with your franchise job. A franchise job which suits your taste will only help you work for much more than the required 40-hour week.

Types of Franchise Jobs in India

  • Franchise Manager Jobs
  • Franchise Sales Jobs
  • Franchise Support Jobs
  • Franchise Tax Board Jobs
  • Franchise Consultant Jobs
  • Franchise Development Jobs
  • Franchise Executive Jobs

You can find above franchise job positions in the following different fields:

  • Beauty Franchises – This franchise is popular in cities. Popular branches include hair salons, weight loss clinics, cosmetics, etc.
  • Computer and Internet – This kind of franchise will mainly require you to provide technical services.
  • Food & Drink Franchises – If you get a space in a thriving corner of the city you can opt for this. You can go for franchises like pizza shops, coffee shops, restaurants, fast food, and more.
  • Health & Fitness – Franchise opportunities available in this field include diet centers, nutrition, senior fitness, fitness classes, tanning centers, drug testing, and more.
  • Retail Franchises – You can start franchises in this sector for apparel, party stores, electronics stores, convenience stores, hardware, telecommunications, pharmacies, eye care stores, sports stores, and lots more.
  • Home Related – This includes furniture repair, remodeling, security, insulation, roofing, lawn care, painting, pest control, etc.
  • Travel Franchises – By far, one of the most popular franchise, it includes hotel reservations, ticket booking, cruise planning, transportation, etc.
  • Automotive Franchises – This type of franchise includes tires, automotive parts, servicing, rentals, etc.

Most of the available franchise jobs are meant for major cities in the country. With the development of small towns into major business hubs, the opportunities for franchise jobs are even spreading further and faster. Large multinational companies find it easier to operate through franchises. Given the independence it offers along with rewarding financial prospects, having franchise jobs is by far the best option you can explore.

Architecture Jobs and Careers in Delhi (NCR) for Architects, Designers

India is witnessing a construction boom. High rises and apartments are coming up faster than a jungle fire throughout the length and breadth of the country. Added to this is the stupendous growth in infrastructure in the country. Every city like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore etc. is witnessing the construction of roads, flyovers, townships, mega malls, airports and ports. With construction taking place at such a frenetic pace, architecture jobs offer excellent job or career prospects.

Architectural Jobs and Career in Delhi (NCR)
Construction firms have come up in large numbers in Delhi (NCR). Budding architects can get into these firms and harness their skills. These firms have huge openings for architectural graduates, both degree and diploma holders. As these firms are involved in wide range of projects fresh pass outs can gather a lot of valuable experience.

  • Building Designer: Architects can get jobs as building designer. Their job is to layout an artistic rendering of a plan. Most architect jobs are design projects.
  • Project Manager: Architects can also get jobs as project manager on construction projects. Only those who have sufficient experience with both construction and architect design are given this responsibility. It is an important post and requires you to take several important decisions at crucial stages.
  • Consultants: Architects also have the option to become professional consultants. They get highly paid jobs in consulting firm and specialize in specific projects, like public works or building restorations. After sufficient exposure to the construction world you can start your own consulting firms. This helps them earn money at their leisure hours. As private consultants they mainly help to draw plans and layouts for the construction of buildings.
  • Government Architects: Architects get government jobs in public works department and even municipalities and corporations. Their job is to investigate whether construction of buildings comply with rules. They even draw plans. Government architects even have to oversee important government projects like road construction, dam and bridge construction etc.
  • Instructors: Architects can also take up the job of instructors. They can find good openings in colleges teaching architecture design concepts to architecture technician or drawing students. After good experience they can take up jobs as professors or lecturers at the university level. Many architects are even commissioned to write books on the subject.

Advertising Agency Business

There is a great scope of advertising business in India .This is because MNC companies which have recently been allowed to sell products in India depend heavily on the agencies to reach out to the common masses. Likewise small companies- coming up in large number -due to easy availability of business loans are looking for effective means to promote themselves in the market. With the help of these agencies small and big companies in India are trying hard to make their presence felt. Given the scenario, if you start your own advertising business you can make hay when the sun shines.

How to Start an Advertising Agency Business in India?
Before you start your own business, it is good if you acquire experience working at an advertising agency. Get your skills honed in copywriting and graphic art. If possible get an insight into how the accounting department works. This experience will stand you in good stead.

After learning the ropes you can venture out on your own. Choose an office in the right location. Pick a location that offers exposure to potential business customers. Obtain a business license.

Start Outdoor Advertising Business
Outdoor advertising is a very important aspect of advertisement agency. Get in touch with media houses and buy out spaces in important junctions. This is where your discretion would come into play. If the space you buy is in a busy location or in a location which would develop shortly it would turn out to be a sound investment.

Before you get customers it is important to devise a marketing plan. The plan must include an assessment wherein you try to find out what is going on in the market. Try to know the history and the current situation of the market. Analyze the major trends in the market. Have insight into the future. Your plan should also include what your client should do about the most important opportunities or problems presented by the situation. You need to know how to deal with the brand. Once you produce results for your customers, you can build a portfolio to net more of the.

Start Online and Internet Advertising Business
Advertising business opportunity on the Internet has endless possibilities. Once you know how it works it can become a very profitable. All you need for this is a little bit of experience in advertising and thorough knowledge of how the internet works.

Internet Advertising Consulting Services has become a specialized field. You can always help companies get their names and brands on the web. This will give you an edge over other advertising companies – most of which are still focusing on contemporary methods of advertising.

Open your own advertising consulting services business today and step into the future.

Fresher Jobs in Bangalore

Like any other place jobs for fresher in Bangalore are readily available in every sector of employment. However getting fresher jobs is not all that easy. If you have exceptional skills in a particular field, you may be absorbed quickly. If not, you may have to wait to get into the field of your choice. However it is always better to develop the skills. So you need to plan out your career choice. It is very important to plan well as it will have an impact on your professional life.

Scope of Fresher’s Jobs in Bangalore (India)
As a fresher you must carve out a career goal. It will streamline your efforts into what you want to do for a living. With its help, fresher can discover career opportunities that they thought were not there. Every chosen career comes up with several job opportunities. For example if you get into the line of medicine, you may become a pharmacist, nurse etc.

Every field in India requires fresher. Companies prefer to hire fresher because of multiple reasons. One foremost reason is to catch talent young. The young are hard working and out to prove themselves. Moreover they are amenable and can stretch themselves beyond working hours. All this suits company very well. But this doesn’t mean that companies recruit any tom, dick and harry. Every company wants to have the best candidate and so they look for skills and aptitude.

Skills Needed for Freshers Jobs
For fresher jobs, one has to appear for tests and interviews. The tests are conducted to understand the skills of the candidate. The test is tuned in requirement with the needs of the company. This is followed by an interview. The interview is conducted to assess the aptitude and temperament of the candidate. It gives an insight into the candidate’s mindset, seriousness and outlook. If you seek marketing jobs you will have to face questions regarding marketing in general. Questions related to some simulated situations are often asked to test a candidate’s outlook.

Types of Fresher Jobs in Bangalore
There are various kinds of jobs available for freshers in Bangalore. Such as

  • MBA Fresher Jobs
  • HR Fresher Jobs
  • SAP Fresher Jobs
  • IT Fresher Job
  • Engg Fresher Jobs
  • MBA Finance Fresher Jobs
  • Marketing Fresher Jobs
  • MCA Fresher Job
  • CCNA Fresher Jobs
  • BPO Fresher Jobs
  • Government Fresher Jobs

As a fresher it is easy to get sales and marketing jobs. These jobs are there in abundance. IT sector in Bangalore takes in fresher in large numbers.  For other IT fields there are vacancies but not in bulk. You need to compete with skilled candidates to get a footing. Government jobs also induct fresher but again you have to face stiff competitions.

Non Profit Jobs

Non Governmental Organizations or (NGO) s carry out different kind of constructive jobs for the progress of society and people at large. In India they can be found both at the local and national level. These organizations offer different kinds of non profit (NGO)  jobs. When you are employed with these organizations you have to either campaign for sensitive issues, take complete charge of capacity building programmes, focus on social research, or and work hard to help building networking opportunities. As these jobs involve bringing up issues and concerns of the people to the government and policy makers, you need to work very hard and be in touch with the ground realities. Bringing about a change in whatever small manner can be highly fulfilling.

Types of Non Profit (NGO) Jobs
Non profit (NGO) jobs can be obtained in different types of NGO’s performing a particular job or jobs. Most of the jobs will require you to work in the rural and far-off regions. The types of nonprofit NGO’s in India include

  • Civic Society
  • Volunteer Sector
  • Grassroots Organizations
  • Private Voluntary Organizations
  • Self-help groups
  • Consultancy Firm

Areas covered by non profit NGO’s include benefits of destitute, women and aged, those living in slums, youth, child workers, sex workers, and landless workers.

Education Needed for NGO Jobs
To get into a nonprofit organization you must have the zeal and fire to work for the betterment of the society. NGO’s look for candidates with graduate or post graduate degree in social sciences. An MSW degree will always find the most preference. However those having the aptitude for the job are also offered scope. If your plan is to take up NGO jobs in India you need to pursue programs to the related field. These programs are offered by various colleges and universities around the country,

Employment Opportunities in the Top Organizations in India
Some top organizations in India where you can find great employment opportunities are

  • CRY
  • HelpAge India
  • CINI
  • Department of Rural Development.

If you surf through the internet you can come across many similar organizations.

Scope of Non Profit Jobs in India
There are about 2 million NGO’s in India at present. More Nonprofit NGO’s are coming up across the country. So the scope of getting jobs in these places is very high.

International Business Loans

If you wish to start International business you can procure international business loan. It can provide you with stability and credibility in the international market. This loan can help you tide over crisis in a foreign land as well be in touch with authorities in that particular country to help you set up your business.

How to Get Secured/ Unsecured International Loans in India?
International business loans are tailored to help you set up, expand and flourish your business in the international market. Indian IT companies and educational institutions, for instance have a high demand in the international market. If they set up base outside they can tap resources from outside. Likewise you can set up your business outside the country to meet local needs.

There are a number of sources in India and the international forum which provide international business loans. For bagging this loan you need to get in touch with representative of foreign investors and banks in India. These people are conversant with international laws and foreign regulations. So, they can guide you step by step to get the loan. You can also get also several types of insurance programs to ensconce your ventures from any unforeseen happenings.

How to get Finance for International Business?
For getting finance for international business you need to have an impeccable credit history as well as good financial standing in your home country. You need to meet the vendors of various banks or go to their website to find out the criteria.

Requirement for International Business Loans
Apart from a good credit history you will need to prove that you can withstand the change to going global and have the potential to develop export markets. Small businesses that have suffered as a result of international trade are also eligible. This is provided if they can convince loan officials that they can retain their position and keep growing with the changing market.

Loan terms for international business keep varying from one institution to the other. You need to get all specifics and details of the loan. This must include repayment time, interest rates, and collateral linked to the loan. You need to know if there are restrictions on how the loan can be used. If this is not cleared you may have to face many impediments.

Banks Providing International Business Loans in India
International banks in India like, HDFC, Standard Chartered, Grindlays Bank, ICICI Bank, Deutsche Bank, provide international business loans. It is easier to get loans from the banks if you wish to start a business in a country where the bank has its operations. Procedures get simplified in that case.

Summer Jobs in India

The boom in the Indian economy, the rapid spread of western culture and the coming up of numerous mall and multiplex all across the country, has led to the creation of seasonal jobs like summer jobs in India.   Such jobs are very good part time jobs. As summer is a long drawn affair in the country, you can do this job for a protracted job. Taking up a summer job is the best way to spend your leisure times or vacation during summer.

Summer Jobs for Engineering and College Students in India

Summer jobs are best suited for students, who can always enjoy a long summer holiday every year. With plenty of available time, they can shuffle their studies and job in a manner which would not in any way affect either of them.  As a college student, if you are looking for work in the hot months, you can rest assured of finding plenty of them in Indian cities. Some such jobs are listed below:

  • Part Time Job in Retail Shops: During summer all types of retail shop seek help of more workers to cope with the unending rush. This comes as a huge advantage to part time job seekers. You can pick up a job at your sweet timings and work in a cool and comfortable environment for not so stretching hours.
  • Entertainment Kiosks: Summer is the best time for entertainment kiosks. People visit these places to beat the heat as well as have some great time. To manage the rush, workers are sought in different capacities. You can easily choose from an opening.
  • Food Spots: Dining is very common during summer nights. So, important food outlets take candidates for various positions. During the day you get good jobs in ice cream parlors as an ice cream tender.
  • Garment Shops: Garment shops see a huge rush during summer. People are busy at this time of the year to buy light cotton clothes. You can find jobs of a garment sales man in garment stores very easily.

Firms, establishments and companies hire workers in large numbers during summer. They mostly advertise in newspapers.  If not you can also look around for job boards in supermarket. Such boards are posted regularly during summer. Stores or outlets which need special worker just near the supermarket. Most of these places need help with stock, customer service, and more. Grab the first chance you come across.

How to Start NGO in India

A Non Governmental Organization (NGO) is an organization of certain individuals who have come together to work for a cause with a non-profit motive.  If you wish to start a NGO in India you need to get it registered either as a charitable trust or as a society registered under the societies registration act or as a company licensed under section 25 of the companies act. You can opt for any one of them by following the required procedures.

How to Start an NGO in India?

Procedure for Trust Formation
Trust is defined as an obligation annexed to the ownership of property. It comes from confidence reposed in and accepted by the owner. It requires a declaration by him to work with objectives for the benefit of another, or of another and the owner.

Creating a trust generally requires the following:

  • The name(s) of the author(s)/settler(s) of the trust
  • The name(s) of the trustee(s)
  • The name(s) if any, of the beneficiary/ies or whether it shall be the public at large
  • The name of the trust
  • The places where it’s main and other offices shall be situated
  • The property that shall devolve upon the trustee(s) under the trust for the benefit of the beneficiaries
  • An intention to divest the trust property upon the trustee(s)
  • The objects of the trust
  • The method of appointment, removal or replacement of a trustee, their rights, duties and powers etc.
  • The rights and duties of the beneficiaries
  • The method of determination of the trust

However if you wish to form a charitable trust, you are not required to obtain registration under the Indian Registration Act.

Procedure for Society Formation and Registration
A society comprises individuals who have come together by mutual consent to deliberate, plan and act together for a common objective. If you wish to form a society you need to have minimum seven persons. All of them must be eligible to enter into a contract to form a society. If you want to have a NGO as a society, it must be registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860.
Forming a society requires more procedural formalities than in the case of a trust. For its inception a society requires

  • Memorandum of Association
  • Rules and Regulations

While registering, the following documents are to be filed with the registrar of societies

  • You need to send a cover letter requesting for registration of the society. The letter needs to state the various documents annexed to it. All the subscribers to the memorandum need to sign the letter. A person duly authorized by all of them to sign on their behalf is also permissible.
  • Memorandum of Association, in duplicate neatly typed and pages serially numbered.
  • Rules and Regulations/Bye-Laws, in duplicate, certified by at least three members of the governing body
  • An affidavit of the president or secretary of the society on a non-judicial stamp paper has to be duly submitted. It needs to state the relationship between the subscribers. This has to be duly attested by an oath commissioner, notary public or 1st class magistrate.
  • Documentary proof like house tax receipt, rent receipt of premises shown as registered office of the society has to be submitted. A no objection certificate from the landlord of the premises is also needed.
  • An authority duly signed by all members of the managing committee.
  • A declaration by the members, that the funds of the society shall be used for furthering the aims and objects of the society only.

Procedure for Company Formation Under Section 25 of the Companies Act
Under Section 25 of the company’s act, an association can be formed:

  • For promoting art, commerce, science, religion, charity or any other useful purpose
  • If it plans to apply its profits or other income for promoting its objects
  • If it agrees not to pay any dividend to its members

If you fulfill all these formalities the registrar will issue a certificate of incorporation from which date the company comes into existence. Your company, in that case, need not incorporate the word “Limited” or “Private Limited”.