Jobs for Teenagers in NYC: Online Part Time Teenage Jobs in NYC

Teens and College kids need hob to meet their expenses. Expenses come two folds. This includes the cost of continuing their studies and the other is their personal expense. With the advent of the computers and the growth of US’s economy plenty of hobs are available for the teenager.

Jobs for Teenagers and College Students in NYC

Call center Jobs: This job would require one to take or make calls.

With BPO industry in USA, growing by leaps and bounds this is a good hob to do to earn handsome money. Works are done in shifts. So a student can opt for his shift and strike a balance between earning money and pursuing studies.

Medical Transcription Jobs: For this job you need to be good at English, typing and comprehending foreign accents. The job helps you earn money by the hour. Such jobs are shift based and can help you work at your hour of choice.

Content Writing Jobs: To do this hob you need to have good command over English. You have to do research and write content for the web. You will be paid per page and the rates offered are decent.

You can take up assignments and do them from home.

Waiter Jobs: If you are of the fun loving kind and would love to work in a party like environment, you can become a waiter. It is a good paying part time job. Apart from a salary you can earn great tips. It depends on the hotel or restaurant you work for.  Being a waitress or waiter is also a good idea. Such jobs are also part time and have a flexible schedule. With opening of several malls, restaurants and hotels you can look forward to many opportunities.

Private Tuitions: This is one of the best part time jobs you can do without losing your independence whatsoever. There is a dearth of good teachers in New York City. So if you can teach a particular subject well, you can pick much tuition and earn good money effortlessly. If your subject is in high demand, start a coaching of sorts. Online private tuitions are other alternatives available to make good money from home.

If, you are business minded you can develop a small business plan or service package and advertise it with posters and leaflets. This can be anything from house/pet sitting service to house cleaning, gardening or computer repair.

Envelope Stuffing Jobs From Home: Legitimate Mail Stuffing Job at Home

Mail stuffing job is relatively easy to do. It involves no hard work and is absolutely stress free. Moreover doing these jobs requires no prior experience or training. What makes this job all the more desirable, is the chance to do it from the comforts of your home. It saves travel time and many other miscellaneous costs involved.

Part Time and Full Time Jobs for Mail and Envelop Stuffer

Do you know what mail stuffing job is all about? It is a job where you have to put important forms or contents into a mail, seal it, affix a stamp, write the address and post it on behalf of companies and organizations. These jobs are provided by companies and organizations which wish to promote their products aggressively or remain in touch with clients on some issue or the other. The companies are provided a lead generation list by certain agencies based on which they go about sending mails. However, they do not undertake the jobs themselves. This is because it is exhaustive and non productive in the real sense. The real advantage of doing this is creating a good will and sustaining the interest of the people.

Mail Stuffing Jobs from Home

Companies which require mail stuffing job to be done in bulk, usually delegate the job to home based workers. Home based workers help to save resources for the companies. They are also very efficient and can meet targets with a great degree of precision. Since these jobs have also become machine based companies prefer giving the job to workers who have machines at home. So if you wish to go about doing mail stuffing from home you need to buy a machine. However charity and fund raising organizations do still prefer manual work. So if you do not want to invest on machines you can get in touch with these organizations.

How to Find Legitimate Companies For Mail And Envelope Stuffing Jobs

With the advent of the internet, offers for mail stuffing jobs are flooding the web. You can get hundreds and thousands of companies offering the best. But there is a catch. Don’t go by what they have to say. It, in most of the cases, is highly misleading. How to know them? Any company which wants you to invest at the onset is without doubt a fly by night operator. To get in touch with the real companies and organizations it is advisable to meet them personally.

How to Start A Boutique Business: How much Money: How to Start Online Boutique

Step 1

First thing you have to decide what type of boutique you want to open. You have a variety of choices like specializing in clothing accessories, cruise or vacation wear, sportswear, second hand clothing, wedding and formal garb, or something completely different. That is advisable to start a different one which is not in your area.

Step 2 (How Much Money To Start A Boutique and How to Get)

Then make an arrangement for your investment. As you know capital is the most important thing you will need to start any business. Consult your area bank manager, and make arrangements for loan. Submits necessary documents, and make sure you will get it approved, you are starting business on loan. Depends on the area you are looking to start your boutique, usually this needs an initial investment of $50k to $70k.

Step 3 (How to Find Suppliers)

Find manufacturers and suppliers for your boutique. Look on the internet for more information and contacts. Local trade organizations, events like trade shows may help you to trace out the lists of suppliers for the products you want to carry. Talk to them about the products they carry and the cost of the items.

Step 4 (How to Get License from Govt)

You will need to get a business license. Ask your local government official about how you should go about obtaining all your legal documents and licenses for your new venture. Meet legal advisor if you need more information.

Step 5

Design a portion of your home where you want to run your business. Make it attractive, and eye-catching. Put special items in showcase to attract customers.

Step 6 (Start A Boutique Online, Use Internet for Marketing)

Foremost thing is publicity for your business. An effective marketing campaign is the key factor to get success in any business. Advertise your products at public places in your surroundings. Use online, mobile service for the purpose. Conducting community events like fashion shows, gatherings are an added advantage. Put some capital for the purpose. Use some business techniques like offering discounts, special schemes at least in the beginning.

Step 7

Sell quality products at competitive rates; so the customer feels that the products you sell are worth their price. Accept comments and suggestions from customers. Offer excellent customer service. Respond positively for customers’ needs. Be preparing, and stock your boutique for seasons like festival seasons to meet an extra demand. Last one but not least one is, be alert to the latest fashion trends.

Small Business Ideas for Teens: Business Ideas for Teenagers, Students

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Business Ideas for Teens

Please share your thoughts and ideas regarding small businesses teenagers, students and other people can start. You can also ask whatever queries you have to start a business.

How to Start a Wholesale Clothing Business: Plan for Online Business

Every business needs some planning and information, and the clothing industry is no different. Due diligence should be followed in evaluating one’s preparedness for this kind of venture, and all the necessary resources should be used to ensure that the future business is in good shape. Here is part of what it takes to build a successful wholesale clothing business.

Steps to Start a Wholesale Clothing Business


  • Wholesale clothing means massive quantities of goods being sold and bought, and this, is not a light operation.
  • The business will normally require some considerable amount of capital for start up. The capital should be able to cater for premises, goods, transport, employees and the operating expenses fro at least the first three to six months.
  • The premises chosen should reflect the scale of the operation expected to be reached, within the limits of the capital available. The large the size of the operation will mean larger discounts from manufactures, as a result of the economies of scale.
  • Capital can be raised from financial institution, which would require some form of guarantee and a workable business plan. In some cases savings (really large one) may be able to launch a wholesale operation, though not on a large scale.


  • Check out other wholesalers in the general vicinity.
  • Find out what products they stock the manufacturers that they obtain merchandise from, the prices thy pay for their merchandise and the prices they offload at to retailers.
  • Find out the quality of goods they stock, and find out if one can match or exceed the competition.
  • See whether there are any incentives that the competition offers to retailers to entice them into buying their goods if any, and try to come up with a system of rewards, discounts and loss leaders to attract more customers.


  • The competition in the wholesale sector led to the phenomena of consolidation, and this is to be expected, so one should plan in advance how to deal with this.
  • A solution to this is choosing a particular niche that fits the model of the business well.
  • The niche of clothes chosen will also impact the location and infrastructure (like storage space) that the business acquires. Specializing in niches that large wholesalers find hard to cost effectively service.

Economic considerations

  • The wholesale business can start small, to save on costs, having only a small volume of merchandise concentrated along a narrow fast moving stream.
  • The business can then grow with time in a sustainable fashion, and in a way that is easy for a new entrant to manage with ease.

Legal considerations

  • The business will need to be registered with the local authority’s commerce office to get a trading license, and a license fro every other jurisdiction that it aims to operate in.
  • The options include a sole proprietorship, a limited liability company or even a partnership. The sole proprietorship is the easiest to form and is least regulated, and the limited liability company require more effort to form and are heavily regulated.

We get too many comments on our garments business page, thus I have decided to start a new page where you can continue your discussion, and it becomes practically difficult to read 100+ comments on any page.

This page will discuss and share, ideas and opportunities regarding how to start clothing business. How to plan it and much more.

Travel Business Opportunities: Internet and Home Based Travel Biz Ideas

This is continued discussion from travel business page, you can share new ideas opportunities about travel and tourism business here.

According to surveys and research global online travel business spends is going to reach nearly 150bn in year 2011, you can imagine opportunities it generates globally.

So share your ideas, thoughts and QUERIES on this here.

Question: Hi, I am based in NYC, USA.

I am very much passionate in starting my own tourism venture. Initially, I would like to start up an inbound tourism venture, and later venture towards the outbound tourism sector. I may not start up an air ticketing agency, but later when I initiate my outbound tour business, I know, I will also have to incorporate the air ticketing agency.

How to Start Home Based Travel and Tourism Business?

I request you to provide me the details of starting up an Inbound tourism venture, and also the following:

  • The contact details of the Regional Tourism office/officer.
  • The requirements of starting up this tourism venture.
  • The minimum requirement of staff.
  • The required qualification of the staff.
  • Any other infrastructure requirements (eg. minimum office space, types of vehicles, etc. ) to start up, say,  Inbound tourism venture.
  • The applicable government fees.
  • Any organization that assists with the government departments, in providing the license for setting up the tourism venture.

I look forward to your positive response.

Small Business Call Center Plans | Call Center Business Outsourcing Model

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This page will have every discussion about plan, modle and  tips for those whoa re really interested in starting their own call center.

BPO or call center business is really growing these days.

Cleaning Jobs in NYC: House, Office and Hotel Cleaning Jobs in NYC

In today’s hectic world people in large cities like NYC are finding it increasingly difficult to do the cleaning work. Be it their rooms, kitchen, garage, vehicle or gardens finding time to get the job done has become hard. Thanks to the presence of large number of cleaning companies that these people can keep their backyard tidy and clean. The cleaning companies in NYC have huge openings for those who are good at clean up jobs.

Part Time Jobs Cleaner in New York City

You can find plenty of secure cleaning jobs in NYC. This is because this business is based on model of repeat customers. Come what may, houses do not remain clean forever. Once customers are satisfied with your service they will get back to you may be every fortnight or on a monthly basis to do the clean up job again. In fact the demand for workers is so great that part time jobs can also be found in plenty.

House Keeping and Office Cleaning Jobs in NYC

House keeping jobs require you to maintain all aspects of the house. You need to clean everything from the kitchen to the bathroom to bedrooms and even drawing rooms. The term also extends to cleaning and tidying up offices and other such set-ups. When you take up such a job you are trained on how to go about professionally. Good agencies provide you with best cleaning tools, in order to get the job with minimum efforts and at the same time maintain high quality.

Most cleaning companies take great care of their cleaners. Apart from a good pay structure, they provide them with free insurance and other health care perks. It is always good to join on a part time basis and chip in with your best efforts. Once you prove yourself you are open to full time contact at a much higher price.

Other Types of Cleaning Jobs

  • General Domestic Cleaning
  • Regular Domestic Cleaning
  • Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
  • After Builders Cleaning
  • Team Cleaning
  • Tenancy Cleaning
  • Post Tenancy Cleaning
  • Office Cleaning
  • Hotel Cleaning Jobs
  • Garden Cleaning

Jobs For 60 Year Olds: Best Jobs for 60+ Year Olds Men and Women

So you are turning 60 OR you already completed your 60 years, and now seeking to productively utilize your time and Seeking for some jobs for 60+.

Best Jobs 60+ Year Olds Men And Women Can Do

  • When you are above 60 years of age you run out of steam to continue with any kind of work. However there are many jobs which do not require you to devote long hours. It is less exhaustive and can you mentally agile. Though these are not high paying jobs they can help you while away your time in a constructive way.
  • A good job for active people above 60 years of age is to do writing services. This job is high in demand in postal departments. As sending letters, money orders and parcel to most people is a impossible task for the illiterate population of the country, you can step in to offer your help at a bare minimal cost. All you have to so is write postal addresses, fill up forms, and deposit slips for those who cannot read and write. You do this in lieu of some money. To go about you just have to camp in front of postal departments.
  • You can offer your services as a teacher to NGO’s. In the process you keep yourself occupied teaching young minds. You can also get other jobs in NGO’s. This includes secretarial and administrative jobs. NGO’s seek senior workers because they help them save on money and also offer valuable services.
  • Many people how are above 60 years, are doing jobs in museums or at tourist places as guides, presenters and greeters, etc. This helps them have lots of public relations. With the help of such interactions they can keep themselves busy in activities and also make their time’s productive use.
  • Skilled women above 60 years of age are recruited by NGO’s to teach rural women on how to become self employed. They can also find employment as assistants in nursing homes. Under the mid day meal scheme launched by the government, women above 60 years of age can find jobs as cooks.

3D Rendering Jobs: Part Time, Full Time and Freelance 3D Rendering Job

3D rendering jobs are the jobs where you need to animate characters or objects. In other words you need to transform them into moving images. The images created look as if they are able to move around characters just like real life. If this process is done by hand it would take inordinate time to finish just one short section of a moving film. But now with the help of computers and software the 3D animation process has got simplified. So there is a huge demand for professionals who are good 3D animators.

Part Time (Freelance) 3D Animation and Rendering Jobs

Once you get skilled as a 3D animator you can work with producers of computer games, as well as film and video studios. As a 3D animator you can get good opportunities in sectors like entertainment, media, commercial production, and even education. As an expert you can also find careers in military.

The military need the latest technology to plan moves. Such plans are best understood and can be explained clearly with the help of 3D animation and 3d rendering. Some common military tools that you have to work with include flight simulators or simulated combat training. The considerable advancement of computer technology and subsequent decrease in cost has made it possible and essential for all industry sectors to avail the advantage offered by this technology. 3D animation and rendering services are also used in architecture designing, interior design, medical training etc. Every day a new avenue is opening up for 3D animation. So many more opportunities are on the anvil.

The various designations you can work as after getting into animation industry are as a painter, modeler, technical director, animator, and lot more.  All these designations are offered in fields like game design, cd-rom design, simulations, web design, television effects, characters & props, film effects, characters & props etc.

3D Architectural Rendering Jobs

3D architectural rendering is a service put to use in architectural world. It involves creating 3D demonstrations of completed projects. This not only serves as an excellent guide to architectures but also helps to get building permits and promote projects. With the boom in Construction and infrastructure business, 3D animators for architectural renderings are much sought after by construction companies. They are paid well.