5 Must Read Tips If you Want to Be Successful Entrepreneur

Many people have the dream of starting and running a business of their own. However, some people hesitate to fulfill their dreams as they do not have the confidence of taking the risk of starting a new business venture. If you are among those people, who want to be a successful business entrepreneur, you need to follow some simple tips to pursue your dreams.

Time Management– This is one of the most important factors to be noted when you want to get yourself established as a business entrepreneur. When you are starting a business of your own, you need to know how to make the best use of your time for increasing productivity.

Use Your Resources Properly– When you are into a business, you should also give due importance to the resources that you are using. Select your resources depending on the type of your business and monitor for the best utilization of the smallest resources that you have accepted. Make sure your staffs are making the best use of their time and the resources provided to them.

Manage Your Human Resource– It is always advisable to appoint an experienced HR head for your company.

Managing Human Resources of your business venture properly means not only getting the best services from the manpower but it also ensures that you provide them the best work environment to work in. Salary, incentives and other benefits that are required for managing the employees should be given due importance. It is only possible when you have an experienced person to frame the HR policies. You can also outsource the Human Resource works if you do not want to make investment for this.

Public Relation– When you are interested in running a business successfully, it is quite obvious that you will have to maintain proper public relations. If you have the skills, you can get the job done on your own or you can also appoint experienced professionals for maintaining the public relation desk of your office.

Social Media Relation– The importance of social media has increased significantly in the recent days. Your business should have a successful online presence and for that social media marketing is extremely important. Appoint a professional, who knows how to make your business stand in this competitive online market so that you can grow the venture easily.

When you are interested in establishing yourself as a successful business entrepreneur, you should have complete understanding of what you are doing. You should also know how to make your decisions correct.

How To Talk To A CEO? 6 Things To Keep In Mind To Impress Your CEO

How to talk to a CEO?

This one question arises in a person’s mind when he is assigned to meet a CEO of any company. A CEO of a company is a personality who is highly regarded. It is no joke if you have been asked to meet one CEO. If you do not want the outcome of the meeting to be a disastrous one, you must follow certain tips to handle yourself properly in front of him.

  • Do Your Homework: A CEO is a highly visible person. Hence, you would not find it difficult to track down professional and personal information of the concerned person. Collect all the necessary information before meeting him. Prepare yourself for the conversation with natural flow keeping in mind the information in the researched materials.
  • Be Specific: The most important thing for a CEO is his time. Hence, you should in no way knowingly or unknowingly waste it. When you are given a time for meeting a CEO, ensure that you keep your purpose and plan absolutely ready. Be prepared to answer certain questions that the CEO may ask to test your credentials or get answers to his queries. Try to be to the point so that you take his bare minimum time.
  • Ask Questions: Since you would be the one who is going to do all the talking, more specifically, questioning, hence it is important that you come prepared with the important questions to be asked. If you cannot find questions to be asked at a particular time, it is a wise decision to let the CEO speak. You can then frame questions based on the answers. Sometimes, it is important to take the benefit of the guidance, wisdom and experience of this kind of known personality. For getting that, you need to let them speak too about their personal and professional life.
  • Feed their Ego: A CEO is a very important of a person. Since he has achieved so much height, he thinks a bit high about himself, which is right too. If you want your meeting to be successful, you must boost his ego. However, you must not sound like a sycophant. Moreover, he would immediately understand your intention. You must appreciate him subtly so that his ego is boosted and he does not doubt your intension as well.
  • Plan for Redirection: Before your session ends, you must talk to the CEO and ask for the person with whom you can follow up later. He would surely like the idea since on one hand you would not be taking any more of his time while on the other, you are responsible enough to take on something constructive with his subordinates after the meeting.
  • Say Thanks: Saying thanks to the CEO for his time is of extreme importance. You can send him a mail by post or email him a “Thank You” note as well. However, thanking him immediately would look better. You must also remember to thank his assistants, as they are the source through whom you got access to meet the CEO and the same people need to be contacted in future also if you have anything to say to the CEO.

These are the basic tips that would help you to talk to a CEO of a company successfully. To add to the tips, it is important to stay cool and be in good humor if the situation demands.


Power And Importance Of Storytelling To Grow Your Business

Nowadays, a large number of entrepreneurs are coming to the market for starting a venture of their own. If you also do not have the desire of serving someone else’s company and want to be your own boss, you can also join the queue. However, starting up a venture of your own is not all. To make your idea of business successful, you also need to know how to grow your business in this extremely competitive market. There are several ways of growing your business and becoming the market leader. One of the best ways is to use the storytelling idea.

When you are using storytelling for expansion of your business, you need to throw your words in such a way that there are lots of lots in your sentences. Share whatever you smell, feel, hear, taste and see in such a way that it makes a great impression on the mind of the listener. Use language in such a way that the listeners are completely involved in your story and is ready to buy your story.

To use great storytelling for the growth of your business, you need to give a proper structure to the story. Your story should have a proper context, some believable complications and some questions along with some answers. If a story does not follow a proper structure, it will never be possible for you to make the listeners believe to what you are saying. They will also not be interested in listening to your story.

Before trying out the idea of using story telling for the growth of your business, you can try out for some experience of listening to experts when they tell a story for the growth of your business. This will help you understand, how you can involve your listeners in the story telling and you would be able to implement the process in a much successful way.

When you are using storytelling for the growth of your business, you should ensure that the tale you are telling is revolving around your business. Not only that but also you need to ensure that the story you are telling has some personal touch and something that makes sense. When you are using storytelling for the growth of your business, you should do sufficient research for the work. Without doing proper research of the work, your idea of using storytelling for your business will be a complete wastage of time and effort.

How to Get a Pay Raise If You Are a CEO: Rules for Success

The position of the Chief Executive Officer or the CEO is one of the most important and the most respectable positions in any company. The CEO is responsible for executing a multiple jobs related to the operation and the development of a company. In many small firms, it has been found that the owner or the co-owner of the venture enjoys the position of the Chief Executive Officer as he has the complete idea related to the business proceedings and knows how to make the business a success. However, in the larger corporations, the condition is not the same. A responsible person is appointed as the CEO of the company for a specific period of time. He works in exchange for a salary. His term is extended depending on his performance.

As the job and position of a CEO is quite important for any firm, it often becomes difficult for the owners or the board of directors to fix appropriate salary for the CEO. It is generally done based on the average salaries received by the senior executive officers of different companies in the country. Though this is a good way of initially deciding the salary of CEO by the company but getting a pay raise for the CEO might be a bit tricky task.

If you are the CEO of a company or if you have the eligibility to become the CEO of any company, you should know the ways of getting pay hike. The most common rule in this case is observing the market and find what the other companies are offering to their CEOs. When you find your salary is lower than that of the people holding the same position with other companies, you should make a request for salary revision. Yet, one thing that is to be noted in this context is the comparison of salary should be made among the people working in the same industry and not with others.

The pay raise should be requested only after working in a company for a certain period of time. You should also check out whether the company is making profit or not. If the company is running in loss, it might not be interested in raising your pay and it might also look out for someone to replace you. Therefore, before seeking a pay raise, you should make all your groundwork for the act carefully.

Complete Story of Legend Steve Jobs: Early days, Entrepreneurship and Death

5th October, 2011 was the darkest night ever for the Silicon Vally, Palo Alto, California. In fact that night was the darkest ever for technology world. World has lost a splendid genius and the best entrepreneur. Steve Jobs’ life is full of ups and downs. He has done ample things in life which can inspire millions of young hearts. He has taught a lot to the world. He came up with things that world would hesitate to even Imagine.

The legend was born in San Francisco, California. As a baby boy, he was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs . He was renamed as Steve Paul Jobs. He attended Cupertino Junior High School in California. After high school, he used to visit HP at Palo Alto in California. At the age of 12, once Steve called up the Founder of HP and said ” Hello sir, I am Steve Jobs a 12 year boy studying in High School. I want to make a Frequency Counter but I don’t have Spare Parts for that. Would you help me with this? Then after he was hired by HP and started working with Steve Wozniak. He was a part time summer employee there. He has completed his graduation from high school in 1972 and got admission in Reed College at Portland in Oregon.

Steve himself was not a financially sound person. His financial condition was not too good. During college period, he used to stay in his friend’s room. To get money for his day to day expenses, he used to return coke bottles. His Success Story proves that a person can do anything if he is firm on his goals and dedicated from heart. “Talent alone can not lead you to success, Commitment is the factor that leads you to success, Steve Jobs proves that.”

In 1974, California called him on the field. He started attending meetings of the Homebrew Computer Club with Steve Wozniak. Initially he worked as Atari playing a role of video game developer. His primary motive behind working under Atari was to save money for spiritual retreat in India. He was very impressed with Indian spiritual treasure. He used to have Hare Krishna Temple food during college period and he once said that he loved it.

He founded Apple in 1976 with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. Passion, hard work and dedication of these geeks make Apple grew immensely. Apple started hiring many experienced executives to boost the performance of Apple. Apple’s annual shareholders’ meeting of 1984, he introduced the Macintosh publicly. It was the first ever Graphical User Interface enabled computer. While Apple was showing amazing results but there were some internal conflicts and difference of opinions inside the company which resulted resignation of Steve Jobs from Apple.

Now, again Steve had to start from a small company. He was sacked from Apple but his confidence was more than anyone in the Apple. He proved that Apple belongs to Steve Jobs, not Steve Jobs to Apple. Apple was Steve’s brain child and Steve had seen it growing great. Now, there was time for another start-up.

Steve Jobs started a computer company called Next Computer. This company and its products were so advanced technologically that few companies could afford it. Steve Jobs founded the seeds of Personal Computing. He also started NeXTmail which was first GUI enabled and click operated e-mailing system. In 1986, he acquired an animation company called The Graphics Group. He renamed it as Pixar Image Computers. He produced many Hollywood animation movies under the name of Pixar. Jobs was one of the highest and biggest share holders of Disney at a time. Next Computer was acquired by Apple and Steve Jobs again joined the Apple Inc. He joined Apple as CEO. Then he was one of the greatest CEOs of the world. During his time in Apple as a CEO, Steve Jobs had changed the world with more than awesome products like iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV, Mac Book Pro, Mac Book Air and many more.

The BURNING DESIRE to change the world made him the “The Steve Jobs”. He has left a company which only he could Build up. He literally created what a normal person hesitate to even Imagine. —- That made him “The Steve Jobs”

I don’t have any personal relation with Steve but that Genius has a relation with all of us. He has left Motivation for us, Enthusiasm for us, Burning Desire for us, “The Steve Jobs” for us. It would be not enough to do even a Doctorate on Steve’s Thoughts. He was not Just a Person, He was an Era, He was a Concept, He was a Vision, He was a Leader, He was a LION, He was “The Steve Jobs”.

Today, world is talking Steve Jobs – Every second 10000 tweets and more than Million FB updates per Minute speak abt Steve Jobs. His words make my blood vibrant, his quotes make my desire a Burning Desire. 5th October, 2011 was the Darkest Night for Silicon Vally. The Geek said Good Bye to the world. RIP

“There is no reason for not following your heart”

RIP Steve Jobs, We, Professionz.com team will always miss you and remember you. You were the motivator for us and you still are. May my almighty lord give Steve’s soul rest in peace.

Google Success Story: History of Google’s Growth and Success






“Google” is the only word that comes first when search engines are discussed. Google is world’s biggest and most used search engine. Google has become a synonym of internet. All the websites try hard to come on the top of the list of Google Search results. Why is Google so big and what is so special in it? Google is the brain child of Larry Page and Sergey Brin which transformed the world of web. Google is also accepted as a dictionary word. Google is also the most visited and number 1 website as per the Alexa ratings. From beginning to now, Google has acquires around 100 business ventures and has become a huge business empire. Here is the entire story of Google’s success.

The idea of Google took place in March 1996 at Stanford University. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, were the Stanford PhD Students who founded Google. They were doing their project research on Stanford Digital Library Project. Initial funding was given by NSF. Larry Page had a dream of transforming the mathematical surface of WWW. Larry Page is a genius computer scientist. In college, Larry’s supervisor Terry Winograd encouraged Larry to go ahead with his idea. Larry Page often says, “It was the best advice that I have ever got”. Page focused on link structure, link graphs and connection of back links. His research was first named as “BackRub”. Sergey had joined him after the project was started. Both were very close friends and started working together. Larry Page’s web crawler explored the net from March 1996. Right from Larry Page’s own Stanford home page, its starting point was to convert all backlink data which were collected to give to various web pages. Page Rank Algorithm was created by this process. “BackRub” used to analyze the web page and find back links according to relevance and assign page ranks. These features made converted BackRub in to a search engine.

This search engine from Google integrated the Stanford website name with its domain “google.stanford.edu”. The domain “Google.com” was registered on 15th September, 1997. They established a company called Googlr Inc. and gave it professional touch. Google Inc. name was given on 4th September, 1998 in Menlo Park, California.

Both the founders were not happy with pop-ups and heavy graphical advertisements on their website. They were against such stuffed advertisements. The word Google actually came from the original word “Googol” means a number with 1 followed by 100 zeros. Today, in Oxford dictionary and Webster dictionary, Google word is defined as “A search engine that helps obtaining information on internet”.

Google was growing with accelerated speed. By 2008, Google was having an index of around 60 million webpage. In 1999, Google moved to office in Palo Alto, California. Google’s basic code of conduct is “Don’t be evil”. In 2004, they took a leap towards an IPO. Initially, Google had a fund of $100,000 USD. This fund was invested by Andy Bechtolshem, an angel investor. Larry and Brin both were not completely convinced with the IPO idea but Google needed more money. To grow further, the needed to invest more and to invest more, they had to come up with an IPO.

January 2004, Google announced that they hired Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanly to take care of the IPO process. They decided to raise a total fund of $4 Billion. After that, Google got listed in Ameracan stock market NASDAQ. The acronym they used for Google was GOOG. Google’s main revenue source is Google AdWords. Here advertisers publish their text links on page of searched result. Google always shows some “Sponsored Links” on Google search page. These are advertisements by Adwords. Google is also a source of income for professional bloggers. AdSense service helps bloggers and webmasters to show some advertisements on their websites on revenue share base. Many bloggers earn handsome amount of income with Adsense. Advertisements showing “AdChoice” as heading on many blogs and websites are adsense advertisements placed by Google.

“YouTube”, the biggest video sharing website is a part of Google. Google acquired Youtube and made it the second largest search engine website for videos. Google launched Bloggers.com, Google analytics, webmasters and many interesting stuff which changed the face of web. Google launched Android operating system for mobile phones. Today, Android holds 40% of the smartphone market in USA. Google recently acquired Motorola Mobility to produce handsets and hardware. Google+, a social networking platform is gaining ground on web day by day. Thus, Google is everywhere on the web. That makes Google a historic website and the biggest search engine.

Who Is Grantland Bill Simmons: Know About His Salary and Other Facts

Who is Bill Simmons?

Bill Simmons – more popularly known as The Sports Guy or formerly The Boston Sports Guy is an author, podcaster and a sports columnist and is currently working with ESPN. Below points answers the question “Who is Bill Simmons” in a more detailed manner.

  • Born on September 25, 1969 Simmons earned a job with ESPN in the year 2001. He gained ESPN’s attention by his website BostonSportsGuy.com.
  • Simmons has been writing for ESPN since 2001. He has hosted his podcast for the website of the company – espn.com.
  • For ESPN’s documentary project – 30 for 30, he has served as the executive producer.
  • He has also written for Jimmy Kimmel and has two bestselling books to his credit.
  • He is the editor in chief for an online magazine known as Grantland which he launched in the year 2011.
  • A number of Internet memes like Ewing Theory and The Manning Face are also a creation of Simmons.
  • He is famous for his writing style which has certain unique characteristics like pop culture reference, his life not at all related to sports and everything written from the view point of a passionate sports fan.

Other Facts About Him

  • When Simmons joined ESPN in 2001, he was given the job of writing three guest columns. His first column – ‘Is Clemens the Antichrist?’ went on to become one of the most emailed article in that year. After seeing his huge popularity as columnist, he was awarded his own section on page two of the website. Viewership of page two doubled within 16 months.
  • In the year 2005, about 500,000 persons visited Simmons column every month. The average visitor count from June to November 2009 was 460,000 per month.
  • Simmons started podcast for ESPN in the year 2007. It was called ‘Eye of the Sports guy’. Within a month it was changed to B.S Report. He used to produce hourly podcast three to four times in a week. It soon becomes the most downloaded podcast with average download of around two million per month. It was downloaded over 25.4 million times in the year 2009.
  • Simmons launched his first book – ‘Now I Can Die in Peace’ in the year 2005 and it went on to become New York Times bestselling book. It is basically a collection of his columns. His second book – ‘The Book of Basketball: The NBA According to the Sports Guy’ was released on Oct 27, 2009. It went on to become the New York Times best seller for Non Fiction books.

Bill Simmons Salary

  • Speculations have always been around about the money Bill Simmons is making through his job at ESPN. There is no doubt that he is earning big, but there was never a confirmation on the exact amount he is taking home.
  • According to the data available, his earnings are believed to be around $3 million per year.

Salary between 2005 till 2011

  • The deal between Simmons and ESPN was finalized in the year 2005 and was estimated to be worth $17 million for a five year contract.
  • It is also believed that he has signed a new contract with ESPN in the year 2011.

Journey and History of Facebook Evolution: How was Facebook Started

Facebbok Evolution Story: How was Facebook Started, a Story of a Genius Geek Turning in to a Billionaire – The True Entrepreneurship

Only word that comes to your mind when you think of Social Networking is “Facebook”. Today, facebook has more than 750 million active users and millions of pages and groups created with it. The growth that facebook has achieved is unbelievable. In such a short period of time, facebook has grown tremendously.

Facebook was official launched in February 2004. It was owned and operated by Facebook, Inc. and many investors. Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO and chief founder. He founded Facebook with his college mates. Eduardo Saverin is the Co-founder of facebook and Mark’s close friend of college days. There were two more buddies of Mark Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes who were with facebook since the initiation. Initially Facebook was for Harvard Students only and user registration was restricted only with Harvard Students.

The story actually starts with Facemash. Facemash was the website which Mark wrote in 2003. This website was a networking and fun portal where people can cast their vote on different people on the bases of various parameters. To complete this website and data, Mark hacked Harvard’s Computer Network. He copied some privet dormitory IDs. Facemash was an unbelievable success. It was shocking success that created a buzz in Harvard Campus. Facemash achieved 22,000 hits in just 4 hours. University didn’t accept this and charged Mark Zuckerberg with breach of security and violation of individual privacy.

Then Mark started creating a new website. This new venture was called “thefacebook”. “Thefacebook” was started in 2004. Winklevoss Twin brothers and their business partner named Divya Narendra, the seniors of Mark alleged him that it was a stolen idea. Their claim was that Thefacebook was originally their idea. Their idea was to build up a social networking website especially for Harvard students. The name was harvardcommection.com. According to them Mark illegally used their intellectual idea and started Thefacebook.

They filed a complaint to Harvard Crimson. Then they also filed a lawsuit againns Zuckerberg. In the initially days, Facebook management team had specific defined roles assigned. Eduardo was the in charge of business development and financial matters.  Dustin was a programmer. Andrew McCollum was in charge of graphics designs. Mark and Chris Hughes were the promotion team. They expanded the website to many other universities. Facebook was gaining ground on web and becoming a famous hangout portal.

Sean Parker came in to contact of Facebook team during this time. Sean Parker was a famous entrepreneur and programmer. Gradually he became a crutial part of facebook team and a close friend of Mark. Later on, the company moved to Palo Alto, California.  They started an office and Mark left his college studies to capitalize his focus and efforts on Facebook. In July, 2004, Peter Thiel (Co-Founder of PayPal) invested in Facebook. It was the first investment received by Facebook. Company dropped “The” and changed the name to “Facebook”. “Facebook” domain was purchased for an amount of $200,000 in 2005.

All the lawsuits were settled gradually one by one. On June 25, 2008, the lawsuit with Winklevoss brothers was settled. Facebook agreed to pay $20 million cash and transfer over 1.2 million common shares. Mark’s close friend Eduardo Saverin was also a suitor. His lawsuit was cleared personally. The norms and condition of settlement are undisclosed. Eduardo’s name is still there on Facebook Masthead as the Co-Founder. He also holds around 5% share in Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg has 24% share of facebook. There are many employees, angel investors, corporate investors and venture capitalists as partners. Winklevoss brothers and Divya Narendra also hold some part of facebook shares in decimals.

So this was the story of the rise of a billionaire with a small idea and huge execution. Professionz.com will come up with more such start-up and success stories to motivate you. Stay updated with us. If you have any specific request, please let us know. We will provide content on that.