How to Start a Business without Money

The very title of this topic may startle you! You must be thinking whether it makes sense at all. The answer is an emphatic yes. You can well start a business without any money? In fact this is the best way to so, given that you wouldn’t have creditors running after you or mounting interest to deal with.

Two Important Ways to Start a New Business without Incurring Expenditure

  • Have a Home Based Business: A home based business can help you with your ideas of starting business without investing.  This will reduce or even eliminate all overhead costs. The savings which you can make include no lease payments towards office rent and complete elimination of costs for commuting to work.
  • Involve your Family in your Business: Try to give joint ownership to your family members. This will save you expenses by way of paying monthly salary. In them you can find partners who can be entrusted with anything.

Find Business Ideas Which Require Little or No Money to Start
This can be the most challenging aspect of the job.

Coming out with the right ideas are where the key to your success lies. For this you need to consider skills which can be properly canalized to start a business without any expenditure.  Some business ideas are listed below:

  • Home Based Tuition: This is a very good business which can be started without any investment at all. All you need to have is good teaching skills. If you specialize in teaching a particular subject you can become a teacher specializing in a particular subject. Once you make a name for yourself you can get your business going strong.
  • Start Money Lending Business: This again is a business which you can start if you have money in hand. All you have to do is lend money to those who need it and charge interest from them. You lend your money against a security. In the true sense this is a business with very good returns but no investment.
  • Start Money Exchange Business: This is a secure business with zero investment. You just exchange the currency of foreign countries and get a cut for it.  For this you need to be in a place frequented by foreigners.
  • Start Money Broker Business: This again is a very good no investment business. You just have to play the role of a middle man and earn commission for what you do. It can be anything- from helping one find a home to helping one sell a car.

How to go About with Your No Investment Business?

  • Give importance to your creativity. Implement creative concept and ideas. Do not run after money. Increase sales activity aggressively
  • Build your ability to convince. When nothing works, negotiate. It is here that the difference between a full time employee of a Company and an entrepreneur lie.
  • Offer better value for money than competitors
  • Substitute the absence of money with hard work
  • Always have a balanced approach. Live life within balance especially, when you are starting a business without a cent in the bank.
  • Avoid long term contracts, like fixed employment, leases, contracts for employees etc.
  • Always have unflinching determination

If you wish to turn your dreams of starting a no investment business a reality, you can achieve it with quite ease

Business Ideas

Business ideas in India can be found in plenty. The kind of business you would like to do depends entirely upon your choice and the capital you are capable of investing. If one is desirous of starting business in India one must consider both his inclination and his ability to sustain in a highly competitive market.

Small Business Ideas You can explore
There are several small business ideas which you can start with. Those who love selling products can open shops or take dealerships of products. They need to do all the ground work before they set up their own business. Those who are interested in manufacturing can set up small units and start production. And to help them financial institutions in the country is there to provide them with loans. Likewise people who would wish to own a hotel, an eating outlet, garage, chemists shop, art schools and endless other business has equally endless number of opportunities and facilities.

Home Business Ideas
Nowadays business ideas from home are turning out to be quite lucrative. This is because one is assured great returns for little or absolutely no investment. The whole idea of running a home based business should be to generate a steady and sizable income from the comfort of your home. Nowadays the most popular home business ideas are online business. As it does not involve manufacture, storage and delivery, it is arguably the most hassle free businesses one can think of. Online businesses include data entry jobs, content, web designing, programming, web creation, technical writing etc.

Some Lucrative Business Ideas from Me 🙂
Keeping in touch with the latest opportunities there are plenty of lucrative business opportunities in India. The most valued among them are outsourcing technology, internet ventures, software development opportunities, e-commerce opportunities, and other business ideas. Some prominent business ideas include:

  • E-Commerce Export Opportunities in India
  • Online Customer Support from India
  • Export Data Services
  • Export Animations, multimedia, Graphics or Other Content Products
  • Setting up a Software Company
  • E-Commerce Business Opportunities within India

Today’s business ideas in India have made earning easy both for men and women. All one requires to make the most out of an opportunity is hard work and tenacity.

Be Self Employed

Be self employed is a concept which is quickly catching up with the young minds of the country. With a pool of talent available companies both in India and abroad look forward to have self employed professionals in their payrolls. As companies are concerned with quality work at less overhead expenses hiring self employed professionals help them gain both ways.

Self Employment in IT

With the advent of IT self employment has come to the fore. With opportunities available galore on the internet more and more skilled professionals prefer giving up their jobs for self employed work. There is constant increase in the flow of jobs from developed countries to third world countries like India. This has prompted people to take up jobs independently. Some IT based self employment jobs are data entry, medical transcription, content writing, technical writing, web designing, affiliate marketing, programming, legal transcription, online form filling and lots more.

With such enormous work pressure from overseas companies many firms and BPOs are looking out for freelancers to carry out their various assignments and meet the deadline. The good quality of work, accomplished from home arrangements and the cost effective nature of such jobs have lead to generation of more jobs.

Self Employment in Small Business

You can be self employed with your own business set up. It can be anything from a small grocery shop to a small manufacturing unit. You can also put your skills to use to become self employed. If you are a good photographer, you can independently offer services to all events and occasions. Likewise if you are a good teacher you can set up your coaching centre and become self employed. The avenues of getting self employed in India are fantastic.

What are the Benefits of Becoming Self Employed?

The benefits of self employment are:

  • You get to work from the comforts of your home
  • You get to save a lot on taxes
  • No fixed work hours
  • You can schedule your own working hours

Things you need to Take Care if you want to be Self Employed

Here is a list of mistakes which you shouldn’t do if you plan to become self employed:

  • Do not sell to the wrong people. Be careful about your clients.
  • Do not spend too much in the beginning
  • Neither do spend too little
  • Avoid putting up a fake front
  • Always trust your intuition
  • Do not fail to create value

    Taking up lucrative self employed careers in India, are a fantastic alternative to earning money in quick, effortless and flexible way.

    Online Business

    Internet has brought the entire world to our door steps. Online internet business prospects have increased with the popularity of the internet. You can easily choose from many business opportunities that the internet offers and become a successful businessman in no time.

    Internet has enabled to start and run many online internet businesses successfully. With the advent of internet many kind of job opportunities have opened up.

    You can get in touch with your clients sitting at home, procure work sitting at home and get the work done and submitted sitting at home. And after a few successful projects, you can undertake work in bulk and get them done by employing a few more computers and able workers at home. Slowly you can even dream of setting up your own company.

    The scope of online internet business is immense. All you need to have is good English written or communication skills along with knowledge of the computers. Once you are familiar with the way the internet functions, you can choose from the multitude of internet business which has flooded the market today.

    If you are an expert Search Engine Optimizer you can venture into this field easily. In fact this aspect of internet technology is very rewarding as well as bright and promising. With a few dedicated link builders you can build links and help sites gain rank. Once they top the rankings their business sales multiply manifold. As all companies vie for the top slot your company, if successful, will have no dearth of clients.

    If you are good web designer you can send sample of your work and bag a few projects. Once you have a few projects in hand you need to put in a lot of hard work and build a reputation for yourself. Having done this, you can expect a huge inflow of work. This also stands true for jobs like content writing, proof reading, copy editing, telemarketing, online teaching, story writing, accounting, counseling etc.

    The opportunities are endless. In fact online internet business is throwing up new and diverse jobs every day. So you can always look forward to make the most of the springing opportunities.

    Small Business

    To promote Small Businesses in India, the government has come up with a wide variety of schemes and incentives. Youths can now look forward to make the most of these initiatives and become self employed.

    Small Businesses in India aim to make youths self employed. Small businesses in India have contributed a lot to the growth of India. It has helped bring about the transition from agriculture based occupation to industrialization.

    Because of its self employing and self supporting ability small business in India is becoming popular among rural, semi rural masses and with unemployed urban youths. More and more youths are choosing to venture into small business.

    The government of India has taken many a steps to help people start small businesses. Some such steps taken are:

    • Industrial extension services
    • Providing credit facilities
    • Promoting sites for construction of sheds
    • Providing extensive training facilities
    • Supply of machinery on hire-purchase terms
    • Adequate help for domestic marketing as well as exports
    • Special incentives for setting up enterprises in backward areas
    • Technical consultancy
    • Financial assistance for up-gradation

    Small businesses in rural sectors also aim at making woman self sustaining. With the help of government loans woman can start businesses of their liking. Some important businesses which one can start in the rural market is grocery shops, chemists store, food outlet, textile shops, fodder shops, cycle repairing shops and lots more.

    Small businesses in India can help youth dream big. With little efforts they can turn their dreams into reality.

    If you have any queries, questions and doubts in regards to how to start a small business in India, or which small business to start in India, please ask us.