IT (Information Technology) Job Market in Next 3 Years 2011, 2012, 2013

IT is an abbreviation for Information Technology. Information technology is the procedure of using software and computers to manage and organize information.  Some companies refer to this procedure as Information Services (IS). The IT department of an organization or business is in charge of protecting information, storing information, sending information, handling information, and recovering information.

 IT professionals can work as the following:

  • IT Consultants
  • Network Administrators
  • Database Specialists
  • Software Engineer
  • Hardware Engineer
  • Telecom
  • Sales and Marketing

The IT job market used to have many job opportunities; however, the job opportunities are starting to decrease but are steadily making a comeback.

IT Job Market

The IT job market use to be one of the major career fields; however, 2010-2011 has not been a good year for IT professionals. Many private companies, such as Lockheed Martin, Cisco Systems, and Merck have done major job cuts. The IT job demand is declining and has declined by nearly 50,000 jobs.  However, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for IT professionals will rise 32% by 2018. However, some of the companies, such as Microsoft, and IBM, are still hiring IT professionals, but they are looking for IT professionals that have the skills and resources to fit their company.

Furthermore, these companies are looking to hire more people in IT job market in 2011 in the USA.

IT Job Market for 2011, 2012 and 2013 in US

Even though the job market looks grim right now for the IT market and professionals, the IT job market in the USA is hiring for 2011. Hiring for IT professionals should be up 20 percent in next 3 years, because 24 percent of employers that hire IT professionals are looking to hire in 2011.

  • Microsoft has more than 700 IT jobs in the USA listed on its career website, and Microsoft is hiring for both administrative and technical positions.
  • IBM has a large amount of IT positions open for the IT job market in 2011 also, and most of these positions are in the USA.  IBM has approximately 3,200 jobs listed, and 550 of them are in the USA.
  • PalmSource, Inc., which is the developer of Garnet OS, is hiring in the IT job market in 2011 in the USA.PalmSource Inc. will have about 12 positions available.
  • HCL America,Inc, is building a new service delivery center in North Carolina and is expecting to hire 100 IT professionals and increase that number to 500 within five years, so HCL America, Inc will be adding jobs to the job market in 2011 in the USA.

Just like any other career field, the IT job market is going through some changes.  The new trend in the IT job market is for hiring management and technical consulting and computer system design, whereas the areas of telecommunication and data processing in the IT job market has seen a large decline. Companies have to move forward with technology and keep their companies in the forefront of IT and get the best use out of their information.

Sociology Job Market (Rumor Mill) in Coming Years 2011, 2012 and 2013

Sociology is a social science that studies the changes in society. Sociology studies social structures such as societies, groups, social class and how these things affect human behavior. There are many different types of jobs within the sociology job market, such as human services, youth services, mental health, public relations, corrections officers, social workers, banking, and many more. Some of these jobs require a college degree and some do not.

Sociology Job Market 2011 to 2013

The sociology job market in next 3 years i.e. 2011, 2012 and 2013 is starting to improve. According to the American Sociological Association (ASA), in 2010, jobs were up by 32 percent in the sociology job market. The most high demand jobs on the sociology job market 2011 are in education, the sociological practice, and in research, and these jobs require a college education, generally a bachelor’s degree to a doctoral degree. The sociological practice jobs are in counseling, mental health, or social work, which is dealing with people and society.

  • The most high demand job on the sociology job market in 2011 is as an Instructor. The next most high demand jobs are assistant and associate professors.
  • The next highest demand jobs in sociology is counseling, psychology, and social work. According to the ASA, jobs in these fields of $25, 580, and mental health counselors made a median of $34, 380. There are many different counseling fields, such as educational counselors, behavioral disorder counselors, substance abuse counselors, and many other specialty fields in counseling.
  • Research is the backbone of sociology. Research in sociology supplies the data for sociologists to study, which the sociologists then put the research into practice and test it even further. Without research, sociology would not be able to see how society changes and how those changes affect people. A sociologist makes an estimated $68,570 and a market research analyst makes an estimated $58,820.

Sociology Rumor Mill

The sociology rumor mill is job information that is passed around via the internet or other sources of supposed job openings in the sociology field; however, most information is reliable. People who are in the sociological field can use the sociology rumor mill to find work or to network.

  • Sociology rumor mills can be on job forums, blogs, or any other source found on the internet.
  • One such website is a job forum called Sociology Rumor Mill 2011, which lists different positions that are open in the field of sociology.
  • The sociology rumor mill is a good networking system for people who are looking to hire in the sociological field, people looking for a job, or even people looking to do an internship

The field of sociology had gone down in percentage, like most careers; however, it was up 32 percent in 2010. Additionally, the sociology job market of 2011 is supposed to even increase more. There are many different fields that a person can specialize in the field of sociology, such as teaching, counseling, or social work. Furthermore, sociologists even have their own networking system to help them find jobs, which is known as the sociology rumor mill.

Latest Business Trends of Year 2011 – 2012: What’s New Happening?

Businesses take their historical data and compile it to do a statistical analysis of a certain time frame to see how the business has progressed. If the analysis shows a constant growth, decline, or stability, this is considered a trend. Businesses use this information to help make decisions about making changes to the company, hiring practices, or statistical data. However, businesses also try to meet the demand that is needed to increase their business, which also affects the business trends.

What Are Latest Business Trends of 2011 and 2012

For 2011, there are some popular business trends because of a need that has to be met. People will always have needs and wants, and it is up to people and businesses to provide those to the public.

  • Baby boomers are a major business trend for 2011. The baby boomers are a 76-million demographic and provide many opportunities for businesses. The average age of a baby boomer in 2011 will be 65-years-olds or older; therefore, the market for senior-friendly items will be booming.
  • Travel and tourism is making a major comeback and becoming a business trend of 2011. By the end of 2011, tourism is supposed to reach revenue of $1.4 trillion, which includes hotels, flights, RV parks, travel agencies, and every other aspect of travel.
  • Online shopping and social networking is another business trend of 2011. People who use social networks, such as Facebook, generally shop while they are online also. More people shop online now than ever before, and e-commerce is going social with websites, such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Home repair will always be a business trend because people will always have homes; however, some people are just now being able to afford to repair their homes because of the recession, so this makes home repair a business trend of 2011.

However, different countries and different areas have different needs, which make the business trends for certain countries or areas different. For example, the business trends in Europe would be different than the business trends in the USA.

Business Trends in USA

  • A business trend that is popular in the USA is the youth population.  Teenagers in America now influence so much of the market because they now own cars, carry iPhones, and are a large part of the consumer market.
  • Green living and green power is another business trend for the USA. Many Americans are starting to do the environmental-friendly living by buying green cleaners to buying electric cars. Additionally, businesses and residential owners are starting to use green power, such as solar power to help the environment. Furthermore, many people are starting to recycle and use recycling bins.
  • Physical fitness and health is also becoming a big business trend for the USA. Many Americans are now starting to see how important exercise and proper nutrition is; therefore, gyms, organic food, vitamins, and iPhone fitness applications are becoming big business trends in the USA.

If a business follows the business trends, that company has the capability of becoming a successful company by meeting a business trend.

US Economy 2011 – 2012 Predictions, Outlook and Facts of Crisis

What is The Status of U.S.A Economy? Really Crisis or Crisis of Confidence?

It is always a game of irony when an economy seems feeble for a while. Confidence plays a big game when there are talks going on about economic downturn. That is why it is a state of irony and a crisis of confidence takes place. People understand this crisis of confidence as an economic downturn which disappears in a very short span of time.

Well, it is quite difficult to understand the paragraph that is written above. And the same is the situation of USA economy. It is difficult for one to judge this state of economy. It is really a crisis of confidence. When people start losing confidence on an economy because of some rumors, it is called a crisis of confidence. Since election is coming near, government can not do away with this crisis of confidence.

On one hand we are getting news about the debt crisis in USA and on the other hand we get new about huge business takeovers and mergers happening in business world. One day we see Wall Street upset and on the other day, it looks fresh and enthusiastic. Then what exactly the thing is? Is it the government getting weak financially or  just normal fluctuations in economy?

As per my personal opinion, this is the stage where we should have optimistic view about the USA economy. All the news that we get about debt crisis are actually the steps Whitehouse have to take to improvise the situation. To circulate money in the market, government has to spend on economic development. That spending comes from debt as well.

Debt increase was an option to circulate money in the market and refresh it. There is always trade off between growth and inflation. Government chose growth and growth demands circulation, circulation demands spending, spending demands debt. So to take the lead towards growth, government had to take this option.

Unauthorized sources took this matter as a crisis and promoted this around the nation. That’s where the confidence started falling down. Confidence fall affects entire economic cycle. That affects on savings, that affects on spending, that affects on investments and that affects on economy. Corporate houses in USA were strong enough to stay firm in this crisis of confidence.

Again we started hearing news of big corporate deals and acquisitions. We started getting news of stock market getting bullish. In this entire sequence of happenings, confidence was playing the major role and it still plays. So it is better to have a optimistic view about the economy. More circulation of money is going to happen, more jobs are going to be created and more ventures are going to be started. The result is growth


Skype Buys GroupMe: Innovation That Gained $85 Million in a Year

Skype-GroupMe Acquisition $85 Million: A Story of Innovation and Growth

To create a history, you got to be crazy. Small thoughts of innovation can create huge ventures. These innovative venture create history by changing the world. Innovation is all abut solving a problem in most efficient way.  Innovation is the phenomenon which enables the world to to make a move. Here is the story of an innovation which gained $80 Million in a year. GroupMe is the word which is one of the most discussed in B-World and also in Techno-world. The extraordinary growth of this cell phone application has created a buzz.

GroupMe is a messenger allowing users to send messages in a group. GroupMe is one of the most advanced and popular messenger that keeps you in touch with regular communication with buddies. GroupMe a free application and can be downloaded on Nokia, Android, BlackBerry, iPhone etc. GroupMe was founded by Jared Hecht and Steve Martocci in 2010. They got capital from angel investors and started this venture.

Smartphone users are crazy for this application. In very short period of time, GroupMe has got extraordinary response. The key behind such tremendous success is amazing user friendliness and user interface. GroupMe is very advanced and intelligent as far as marketing and promotion are concerned.

GroupMe allows you to create groups, group chat, share images, share files and also conference call. This small team of 20 genius people makes GroupMe a genius organization. Soon after beginning it won ‘Breakout Award’.

This venture is recently acquired by Skype for $80 Million. The chief reason of this acquisition is Skype’s goal to have 1 billion users. GroupMe’s user interface is similar to that of Skype. GroupMe is gaining popularity day by day. GroupMe was one of the best options that can fulfill Skype’s goal.

It is hard to believe that one step of innovation can gain so much in just a year. Entrepreneurship is explained perfectly by this example of GroupMe. It is always great to create jobs rather than searching for jobs. These young entrepreneurs proved that. This innovation by Jared Hecht and Steve Martocci created a history.

Share your views and predictions about this business story. We will keep you updated with all business happenings that are different and motivating. Business is not about money, it is about passion. It is about loving what you are doing. It is about putting your 100% efforts with threshold dedication. It is about you, your dreams and dreams coming true.