How To Tell Your Clients About Increased Rates Without Losing Him?

Telling your clients about a price hike is never music to their ears. An announcement to this effect is always met with resentment. After all shelling out more pinches everyone. In today’s world of cut throat competition, conveying a price rise can upset a client to the extent of severing ties.

After all there are many who are willing to offer the same services at a lesser price. Does this mean you shouldn’t increase your rates? The answer is an emphatic no. Increasing rates, in today’s world, calls for a lot of tact. It should not look or sound highhanded and one-sided. It should take into account other extraneous factors. And most importantly, a price hike should be conveyed in a way that would not jolt customers out of their senses.

A price hike should not come out of the blue. If so, a customer will react sharply to the news and begin to entertain thoughts of discontinuing.

There can be no substitute to preparing a client for the impending rise. Do so while signing the contract, or if the rise is necessitated by a sudden development, present the bigger picture before the client. Make sure the client can relate to what you have to say. When a client isn’t blind sided by the information, he is more empathetic towards a sudden price hike. It is also important to make sure that the increase doesn’t take costs beyond your clients reach.

Increase in fees must take into account extraneous factors like the clients economic condition. Business is all about building relationship and rapport. Having a good understanding and sustaining it is far more important than earning a few extra bucks. Taking a clients sensitivity into account can benefit you in more ways than one.

If a hike is on the cards, make sure you put the client on prior notice. Giving your client adequate time to adjust with the rise, helps him tailor his accounts accordingly and also provides him some breathing space. He gets to understand that you are not insensitive to his plight and thereby end up sending your right intent across. In the process you also provide your client with the option to seek alternatives and thereby part on a good note. This in turn leaves the door ajar for a future comeback. On the contrary if the price hike leads to a bitter parting, you won’t get a chance ever again to work with your client.

Increasing business price calls for a lot of tact. Your approach needs to be well calculated and properly measured.

How To Find A Company’s Address From a Phone Number? 3 Easy Ways

You don’t have the company’s address but only the phone number? Are keen to find their address without ringing them up?

Don’t worry, it’s possible. In today’s world of internet communications, it takes nothing to find more about something or someone. A phone number is enough to track down a company and learn a lot more about it.

What Other Info Do you Get with Just Phone Number?

  • You can learn about the company’s history
  • Its past and present CEO
  • Areas in which it specializes, related questions and even white paper and case studies on the company’s field of activity.
  • Other peripheral information which you can ferret out from the net includes directions to the place, means that can take you there, nearest landmark, nearby stores as well as its competitors.

3 Ways To Find Address of a Company With Phone Number

  1. Start your Google search with This site is designed to provide you the required information. Once you land in the home page of this site, select the “Reverse Lookup” tab. Type in the company’s phone number into the blank field of the Reverse Lookup textbox. Click the “Find” button and the search results for the particular company will flash before your eyes. One good thing about this search is that it doesn’t depend on the phone number format.
  2. The yellow pages is another good site to carry out your search in. Visit In the navigation you will find the tab “Find a Business”. Select it and then click on the “Phone Number” link. Type the phone number of the company you are looking for and click on “Find’. The name and address of the company will be displayed. Make sure you type the area code of the place. If not, it may fail to locate the company. This site also provides you with the option to click to find a direction map to the company.
  3. Another good place to look for the company address is in Better Business Bureau’s website. A good company will have its name enlisted with the bureau. Go to Click on the tab named “Check out a Business or Charity” button. Next select the “Phone, URL, Email” tab and type the organizations phone number in the field box. Click on the “Search” button to initiate the search. The address will be displayed if it’s in the database. If not, it will throw up the info “No results found”.

Finding out addresses with phone number has never been as easy as it is now. Only that, you have to have the number correct.

Why Do Companies Expand Internationally? 4 Main Reasons for Expansion

All developing countries have opened up their economy to the world. This is like extending an invite to foreign companies to set up base in the country. While on the one hand this helps countries tap their resources in the best possible way, on the other, it enables companies diversify their operations and multiply profit. Growth within confined territories is always restricted. It limits the capabilities of companies with high potential. But when carried across the border it can prove mutually beneficial in more ways than one.

Organizations that have their presence in multiple countries are termed as Multinational Companies (MNC). These organizations are incorporated in one country but carry out their production and sales operations in various countries. In today’s climate of global economy, foreign sales surpass domestic sales and have helped countries rake in profits many times over. In a level playing field, the scope for companies is limitless. Likewise, consumers can look forward to buy world class products or avail services that otherwise would not have been available to them. Thus by expanding companies help to fill in the product gap in other countries. Let’s take the example of brands like Mcdonalds and KFC. Both these brands are trusted for their exotic food products.

Today, while these brands have expanded themselves around the world, people identify their names with quality chicken fries and sandwiches. Expansion has helped them become household names and rake in huge profits. What if these companies were restricted to their countries? People around the world would have been deprived of good food and the growth of these companies would have been stunted.

4 Main Reasons…

Expanding business across borders help companies in more ways than one. Some other ways include:

  • Procure Raw Materials: Pushing business frontiers to countries producing the necessary raw materials can make it easy for companies to sustain their business in the long run. For instance retail giant Wal-Mart can gain immensely if it gets easy access to buy products directly from local markets in agricultural countries.
  • Save Costs: Developing countries are essentially low cost countries. Shifting to these countries can help companies save on money without compromising on production efficiency. Moreover, hugely populated countries like China and India offer skilled and cost effective human resources.
  • Cash In On Technologies: – When a company sets up base in a developed country, it has easy access to scientific and design ideas. This helps to accelerate research to improve on the quality of existing products as well as design and develop technologically advanced products.
  • Escape Regulations: Every country has its own set of rules and regulations which often prove to be big hurdles. Having base in another country can help companies escape measures that are regressive to growth.

Given the advantages of business expansion companies big and small are raring to reach out far and wide. In the coming years business expansion will grow by leaps and bounds.


How to Apologize to a Client? Learn These 4 Important Things

To err is human- mistakes are bound to happen, more so at workplace. No matter, how ably you plan and how capable your employees are, some mistake would surely happen, which is going to make your client unhappy. The reason for the problem or fault can be anything. However, at the end of the day, it is you who have to say sorry to solve the problem. Thus, you must know when it is better to say sorry to avoid any problem in future.

Keep these Points in Mind When Apologizing

  • Fast, not Furious: Whether you are new entrant in the business area or have been working here for more than 50 years, if there has been a problem from your end, you must apologize instantly. If you feel that there ought to be a problem in the future than you should apologize in advance as some people always do. If is better to come face-to-face and say sorry when there is still time. You would only help yourself if you say sorry to the client, even if somebody else under you has done the mistake.
  • Finessing the Client: If anything goes wrong that you have discovered but the client is still to find out, you can apologize in a different way. Try saying you could have done the work in a better way and that you are not completely satisfied with your work, etc. Ask your client to suggest ideas to solve the problem. In this way, try different ideas to apologize when you know you have done a mistake and the client would sniff it out anytime. The client would never get furious on you because you have already broken the ice with your gestures. You always have to maintain a understanding, caring, professional and emphatic attitude towards your client to expect back the same.
  • Avoid Bribing the Client: No amount of bribery would save you from the wrath of a client if you have made a mistake after spending the client’s money. It is better to apologize as soon as the mistake happens and fix it sooner than possible. It is only by fixing the stuff properly that you can keep the faith in the client. Otherwise, one client is enough to earn you a bad name.
  • Legal Ease: Always keep in mind the difference between admitting fault and apologizing. You cannot do either without accepting the other. However, it is more important to apologize. There is no need to point out the exact fault and apologize for the same. It is better to apologize for the situation and find out ways to solve the problem as early as possible.

The main fact remains that one must take the client in his confidence and make him comfortable at all time. A client would like it when you would show that you acknowledge his feelings and comprehend his frustration. However, you must never commit something that you can never accomplish just to make the client happy for the second time as this can work as boomerang

MBA Oil and Gas Management: Outlook and Future of This Career

Nowadays, a large number of candidates are seeking education in the management sector. If you are interested in earning a management degree, it is important for you to decide the field that you want to pursue. For instance, someone who is interested in the human resource section should go for that discipline only and not for the other ones. Yet, before pursuing MBA, it is also important for you to comprehend the market for each field and select something in which you will be able to get recruitment without much hassle.

These days, MBA holders in the energy sector are in demand and if you are someone, who has any sort of interest in this sector, you can try it out. Depending on your choice, you can surely go for the MBA degree in oil and gas management. Students who are interested in the energy sector are now pursuing this MBA course as the demand of the graduates with MBA degree in oil and gas management has increased globally. Fuel crisis has become a serious problem across the globe and someone who will pursue this course with great effort can surely expect a successful career in this field.

As per the report of the market surveys, degree of MBA in oil and gas management is best for those students, who have some kind of familiarity with the energy sector. Fresh graduates can pursue this course if they have the eligibility. However, it is better suited for people who work in this sector or who are somehow associated with this sector. People who are associated with this sector has a better understanding of the intricacies of this sector and so it will never be difficult for them to flourish in this field after completing the degree.

MBA degree in oil and gas management is a good choice, provided you do it from a reputed college or university. They can impart you the appropriate knowledge or skills that are required for undertaking a job in this sector. The oil and gas sector is one of the fastest growing sectors across the globe. Therefore, if you have the zeal to work hard for one year and complete the course, you can surely expect to enjoy a bright future in this field. There are several colleges and universities teaching this course. Enroll in the one, which is best suited for you and get the degree of success.

5 Good (Unusual) Places To Leave Business Cards To Grow Your Business

Business cards can be one of the best tools for marketing. If used in the right way, these small cards can help you draw the attention of several customers at ease and make your business successful.

However, many business owners do not know the importance of business cards and hesitate to use it. While there are others, who even do not have a business card. If you want to grow your business successfully, it is important for you to print business cards and use them in the right place.

After much observation, experts have suggested some great places for leaving business cards.

  1. In the Cabs: One of the time tested and obviously one of the most effective way of attracting the attention of people is to drop a business card in a cab. It will easily attract the attention of the passengers traveling after you and many of them might be interested in ringing you up to order for the product you sale.
  2. On the Train: Leaving a business card on the train table or in any of the pouches of the seats is considered to be a good practice. It easily attracts the attention of people and they can get back to you if they are interested in the products or services offered by you.
  3. Don’t Forget About Bus: You can try out leaving a business card in the bus. Yet, it might not always be effective for all types of businesses. If you are targeting the local people and offer products or services, which can be of their use, you can surely consider about buses.
  4. Bank Counters: This is one of the best ways of dropping your cards and attracting the attention of people. Leave your card on the bank counters or bank tables. Make the cards attractive and precisely mention about the products or services that you offer. This will help you attract the attention of the prospective clients or customers.
  5. Local Restaurants: This is also a great way of attracting the attention of prospective clients or customers. If you can make an attractive business card and leave it out on the restaurant table, it will help you in attracting the attention of the next people who come to the table. If they are interested they may call you up or can also refer other people who are looking for the services or products offered by you.

So, Setting Up New Small Office? List of Equipment You Will Require

Even though the economic condition is not completely favorable for starting up a new organization, many entrepreneurs are interested in starting up a business of their own. If you are among one of them, who are interested to start a small business, you need to organize everything in the right way. Things like making a decent business plan and appointing a few staff-members for the execution of your plan are not enough if to want to grow your business. To make your business successful, you should have the right equipments for the work.

Some of the most important equipments needed to set up a business have been listed below:

  • Computers and peripherals- A computer is one of the most important equipment required for running a business organization in the present days. It is especially required when you are running a small office. Depending on your requirement, you can get a laptop for your own use and desktop for your staffs. Indulge yourself in shopping for computers that meet the latest standards. You can also go for the ones that will require upgrading after several years. You should always shop for the right peripherals for all the computers. Make sure that the peripherals that you purchase are up to the mark and reasonably priced.
  • Furniture- Always ensure that your office bears the look of modern office. To maintain the appropriate workplace culture, you need to have the right furniture at your workplace. Select the required number of furniture carefully. Whether it is for yourself or for your staffs, it is always advisable to go for ergonomic chairs and tables.
    Proper Networking Equipments- Irrespective of the size of your office, you should go for the right networking equipments. Each and every computer should be connected through networking for making the work process much smoother.
  • Electrification- This is one of the most important factors to be noted when you are looking for settling a small business of your own. You should ensure that there is proper electrical wiring for running the computers. If you have separate server, you should also ensure right wiring for that. Apart from that, check proper electrification of the office for fans, lights, coolers and every other thing that is required.

When you are looking for equipments required for small offices, it is always advisable to take care of your budget. Always try to maintain the expenses in your budget so that you may avoid crunch for fund.

How to Write an Attractive Slogan for Your Small Business

Launching a business venture has become top preference for many. Nowadays, a large number of people are interested in starting their own small businesses for earning their bread and butter. If you are among them, you can surely pursue your interest but you will also have to take note of certain factors for ensuring success. As a large number of entrepreneurs are starting up their own venture, you should always be prepared to face a tough competition once you embark on the venture. Apart from that, you should also be prepared to compete with the other existing companies in this field. In order to stand firm in this field, it is important for you to have the right publicity skills with you.

When it comes to the publicity of your small business, you need to know that slogan writing plays an important role. If you can write an effective slogan for advertising your business, you will surely be able to attract more clients and customers. To write an effective slogan, you need to follow some simple rules. The first and foremost thing in this case is the idea that is working behind the slogan. Know the purpose of writing the slogan. If it is meant for advertising the launching of your company, it should have that greeting note. However, if you are planning a slogan for announcing a special discount or deal offered by the company, you should focus more on the offer.

Whatever be the purpose of writing the slogan, you should keep in your mind the theme of your business and ensure that it perfectly matches with that theme. If the slogan does not match with the idea of your business, you might not be able to get the desired results from it. While writing a slogan, make sure that you pick smart words that have the potential of attracting the attention of the audiences. Also ensure that the slogan that you write is grammatically correct. A little mistake in the sentence will cast a bad impression on your company.

When you are writing a slogan for a small business, you can surely take up the task on your own if you have expertise in such jobs. However, if you are not confident enough about writing the slogan, you can surely take the assistance of the professional slogan writers or the copywriters, who are ready to take up the job in exchange of some money for the work.

Few Necessary Steps to Start Pool Cleaning Service in Your Area

For  setting up a swimming pool cleaning business, you may like to hear a couple of advices on how to run a successful pool cleaning business and indeed accordingly a pool cleaning business equipment required. Pool cleaning nowadays is not done manually anymore, but with the help of a rather small device, weighing not more than 5 kilograms. Therefore, here are some advices for you on how to start:

Nowadays pool cleaning is operated with special equipment, which goes up and down on the bottom of the pool in order to clean it properly. Of course, the cleaning is not only about this device. You will need to have a solid chemical knowledge on how to maintain the best chemical balance in the pool water and know exactly what the biology of a swimming pool is. This knowledge is mainly earned during a special course, but expertise and a good teacher is the biggest help.

What are the Essential Steps?

  • Research: Do your research, as setting up a pool cleaning business is only good if you are living in an area, where there are pools to clean. These pools should mostly be individual pools. It is fine if they are not but you must aim to do chain work going on from street to street after a while.
  • You will need the device as well. There are two pool types, one built inside of the ground like most swimming pools and the other lifted, just like the rooftop pools. Both devices are different and need expertise. Starters usually rent or lease themselves.
  • You will need to get the expertise because without it, you will not be lucky. You can go to work for a pool cleaner for a while as summer job to see how to do so and become familiar with the built of the pools. As said before, expertise and studies have the same importance over here. Besides the pool-cleaning device, you will need all sorts of cleaning webs for a pool. You must also know to swim properly.
  • Get all the papers that you need to establish your business in your state or country. You can start alone with a small van, and then later on you can get one more man, as the business grows. Of course, there is no stop for growing. You will need an accountant too for counting your taxes.
  • Stay up to date. There is always something new on the block, so keep yourself up to date and open to the new cleaning trends. You can win with it. If there are any pool cleaner’s associations in your country or area, then become a member as you can profit a lot and make lots of networking.

Therefore, in all, these are the requirements concisely stated for starting up a pool cleaning business. A pool cleaner does not really need an office, but do think about the advertising on the side of your van mostly as the biggest and cheapest solution for you.

High Demand Jobs in Coming Next 2 Years i.e. 2012 and 2013

High demand jobs are the occupations in which there is a projected growth rate of at least 25 percent in between 2006-2016, and occupations that should at least have 1,000 net job openings. What makes demand of job is the outlook of the occupation or the field and the demand for the service at the present and in the future. For example, technology, such as computers, is always growing and people are always in need of computers; therefore, computers and technology connected with computers is considered to be highly demanded.

Which Job Opportunities Will Be In There In Next 2 Years?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, some fields will be show major job opportunities in coming 5-6 years  (numbers are in the thousands):

  • Biomedical engineers were at 16.0 in 2008 and are projected to be at 27.6 by 2018, which is a growth of 11.6.
  • Network systems and data communication analysts were at 292.0 in 2008 and are projected to be at 447.8 by 2018, which is a growth of 155.8.
  • Home health aides were at 921.7 in 2008 and are projected to be at 1382.6 by 2018, which is a projected growth of 50.01.

Even though these dates are projected for 2018, they will begin to grow in the years before 2018. Computers, biomedical, and medical/home health are careers that are going to see major growth in the upcoming years.

There are some occupations that will be in high demand by the year 2012 because of the items and technology that will be in high demand for that year, and they are as follows:

  • The organic food industry is becoming popular because people are becoming more health conscious. This type of food industry is expected to take up about 10 percent of the food industry, so the industry will soon need more retailers, scientists, organic farmers, and certification experts.
  • In 2012, data technology, such as video cameras, computers, and sensors will produce much of our information; therefore, more data technologists will be needed to deal with this information.
  • In 2012, many of the baby boomers will be needing care giving, which means a high demand on the home health industry and the medical field. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the home health field will be the fastest-growing occupation, with 56 percent growth by 2014.
  • The fields of computers, biology, and math are being combined to form the field of computational biology. This field will allow doctors to test for a patient’s distinctive genetic markers and formulate the best treatment plan for that patient.
  • Another major growing field is simulation engineering.  Businesses are beginning to test products and calculate markets through simulations. Additionally, engineers are also using simulation to test their designs before building.

There are many new fields that are becoming high demand jobs for 2012 because of growing technology; however, such fields and medical and law enforcement will always be high demand fields. There are many high demand careers available to choose from.