Water Purification Business | Plan to Start Water Filtration Business

Question: Dear Sir, I have more than 25 years experience in the Water & Waste Water treatment business. Out of the above experience, I have 18 years experience in the Middle East (Dubai) region.

Before retiring, I intend to start a small scale business such as taking up dealer ship of the water treatment equipment and chemicals in India.

I am from Bangalore and hence want to set up my business in Bangalore.

My question to you is:

  • How to approach the manufacturer who wants to give me the dealer ship for their products (Water related)?
  • What would be the initial budget to start such business?

Appreciate your reply as soon as possible.

Best regards

Answer:  As you are very well experienced person, you may know that big companies have their direct contracts for such products with the manufacturers. If you want to start dealership you can start with the consumer durables products. Like Pure it, Aqua guard etc.

Big companies like coca-cola, PepsiCo etc. have their direct contracts with the water equipments manufacturer so it is difficult to get in to that channel. But the second option is for sure possible and for that, you have to register yourself with company by the way of website or personally.

They will collect some deposit from you and give you the franchisee for their products.

If anyone wants any further guidence, you can ask questions.

Thank you.