How To Start A Green Business: Start-up Guide for Business Green

Everyone is looking to go green and do what they can for the environment, especially commercial businesses that are under pressure to do so.  If you want to start a green business, there are many ways to do so.  Here are some pointers that can get you started in the right direction when it comes to going green:

Determine a Local Need

  • Take a look at local area businesses and see what sort of supplies and products they use.  It is easier to start any business at the local level so these are likely to be your first customers.
  • Do a market study regarding which businesses want to go green.  For example, a school district that is looking for paper would probably want to use recycled paper as long as they can get it for a good price.
  • Attend meetings as well as civic functions. This not only gets you out and about meeting people, but also helps you discover where the green needs are and what you can do about them.
  • Volunteer for committees that are focused on going green.  This can help not only the community for which you are volunteering, but also get your name out there as someone who cares about the environment.

Find Green Products Suppliers

  • Take a look at green product suppliers that will be able to get you the products that you need for your business wholesale.
  • Consider local suppliers and even entering into a partnership agreement with them to save money and take advantage of a bigger piece of the market.
  • Go global and also look for suppliers all over the globe.

Procure Business

  • Start with local businesses where you can present a business plan that will enable them to go green.  Remember that you are most successful when you help others get what they want.
  • Become active in your local chamber of commerce.  It is not just good enough to join and be a member. you want to be active so that people associate you with your business.
  • Use direct marketing to contact your target market regarding your business and how you can help them go greener.  It is advisable to give some sort of discount for new clients.
  • Make sure you use repetitive marketing as well.  Put your business name on cars, vehicles and anything else so that people become familiar with your name and establish a sense of trust, even before they use your business.
  • Have brochures as well as other information on hand to give to people who ask just what you can do for them or their business. The more knowledgeable you are regarding your business; the more likely you are to get clients.

Establish Yourself as an Eco-Expert 

  • Give free presentations about how to go green to establish yourself as an expert in this field.  Those who are considered experts in a particular business are more likely to get business than others who do not market themselves.
  • Write articles and e-books about your business and the benefits of going green.  This not only establishes you as even more of an expert and markets yourself, but also is a tool used in repetitive marketing.
  • Submit press releases to the local paper and consider writing a free column for them to promote your business.  Most local papers are looking for those who will submit free content and this can help you establish as well as grow your green business.

How to Start a Child Care Business At Home: Ideas and Steps to Follow

If you have your own siblings, you might be more open to start a childcare business because you know how to deal with children, how they normally behave and how you must accept them or the ways you can persuade them to chance and make friends with the others. Besides childcare business needs lots of time, lots of effort, this will not pay off for you in money.

Steps for Starting Childcare Business At Home

Here are a few steps shared with you for how to make a childcare business at your home:

  • It is far better to open a childcare business at home if you have had your own maternal experiences and/or a proper Nanny training.
  • You must really like to be with children and eager to teach them if only a bit.
  • You must have a calm nature and must have gotten used to children’s ways.
  • You must have a nice place to keep them, which must be clean. You must have many toys, mini tables, mini stools, and overall lots of little toys, games.
  • You must take care of the children, not only to let them play alone.
  • You must set an age limit or divide the children into groups according to age category. You will need a professional helper, a woman who is a nanny most likely and who the children like, and who can take care of children very well.
  • You must have a talk with parents about their children, their likes, dislikes and their behaviour and causes as well. There will be differences in raising up, which you will need to balance in between the children.
  • You will need to suit lots of law requirements on hygiene and childcare reasons. You will need to obtain official papers that allow you to have your own childcare business at home.
  • You must decide whether you will serve special children’s meals or not. The easier is not to serve them meals and to have them inside the childcare for a time range between 1-3 hours for example. Over than this period, a child will need meal. You will need to have drink supplies, water most likely.
  • You will need to have the proper furniture, a lavatory downstairs with all the facilities, which make them suitable to be used by children, of course with the fullest hygiene everywhere. If you grow bigger, then you must have separate children’s lavatory as the best hygienic solution.
  • You will need to set your rates per hour. As said before, when you advance, you can get special services too, as daily childcare with proper meals too, but let your childcare business grow naturally.
  • You will need clear administration and the contact number of each parent. You will need to have a good paediatric doctor nearby, just in case.

These are the basic steps though. You will need to clear with the official regulations and obtain your licence first. Almost every parent needs childcare sometimes as all of you who are parents clearly know that. For this reason, setting up a childcare business is a brilliant idea, but consider all written above then, if you still would like it, go for it.

Thinking Of Starting Turnkey Business? Some Ideas for Women and Men

A turnkey business is a business that your purchase that provides everything you need to get started the minute you buy it. A common type of turnkey business is a franchise. Your purchase includes everything from inventory and uniforms to equipment, and sometimes even comes with the building to house your business. Most turnkey businesses will also provide you with the training necessary to run your business and make it a success.

Ideas to Jump Start Turnkey Business

If you decide to start a turnkey business you will have a lot to choose from. Be sure to research any business opportunity you are considering. Many of the turnkey businesses available are legitimate, but some are not. The cost of getting started in these turnkey businesses can range from a few hundred dollars to the hundreds of thousands. Be sure to have a budget in mind before deciding what kind of turnkey business you would like to own. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • You could purchase a ready built online store.
  • You could purchase a franchise in the fast food industry. There are countless varieties to choose from and they often provide you with everything, including a building and territory.
  • You could purchase a sit down restaurant franchise. As with fast food, these businesses generally provide you with everything necessary all the way up to a location.
  • You could purchase a chain store franchise
  • You could purchase a pet care franchise
  • You could purchase a salon or health and lifestyle franchise.
  • You can sell products for a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company.
  • You can purchase a website that makes profit off of people clicking on ads. This could be anything from a blog site to an informational website.

These are just a few of the many options available for a turnkey business.

Turnkey Businesses Women Can Start

Just about any turnkey business can be managed and run by a woman. Some may be more suited to the tastes of women than others. Here are some types of turnkey businesses you may want to consider.

  • Many women choose to purchase a sit down restaurant, or fast food franchise.
  • There are many different clothing companies that offer franchises.
  • You could sell products for an MLM such as cosmetics, toys, books, candles, cleaning supplies, kitchen tools, and jewelry.
  • You could open a hair salon franchise or a tanning salon franchise.
  • You could purchase an embroidery franchise.
  • You could invest in a franchise that offers pet care such as grooming.
  • You could purchase and maintain a blog with clickable ads and write about anything that interests you. The more popular the topic the more money you will make.
  • You could purchase a franchise for a children’s gym or recreational play area.
  • You could look into companies that offer franchises in products for infants and children.

There are so many turnkey opportunities available that you should have no problem finding the one that is right for you.  Find one that piques your interest, and fits your budget, and you can be a business owner in no time!

Tire Recycling Business: Plan and Cost to Start Waste Tire Recycling

In today’s green environment, recycling is very popular, and even necessary.  One of the most difficult things to recycle is tires.  Every year tons of hazardous tires end up in landfills and other areas that endanger the environment.

The beginning entrepreneur a lot of times is not familiar with the laws and everything that goes into properly recycling tires and other hazardous materials.  Starting a tire recycling business involves knowing how to handle hazardous materials, where to recycle the used tires and how to incorporate the materials into other useful products.

How to Start Waste Tire Recycling Business

The Business Plan

  • Before embarking completely into the tire recycling business, be sure to put together a comprehensive business plan.  Include your financial records for at least the last five years such as bank statements and tax records.  This will be very beneficial if you are planning on obtaining a loan or other financial backing to finance your business startup expenses.
  • A business plan will also need to show your projected profits and costs for five, ten and even fifteen years down the road so that investors can make an educated decision before investing in your company.
  • A sound marketing strategy that details how you plan to advertise your business and gain customers is important not only for potential investors, but also for you as a guideline that you can follow and improve upon as times go by and things change.

Do Your Research

  • Recycling tires is not exactly like recycling anything else.  The materials that make up tires are toxic and harmful to the environment, people and animals if not disposed of properly.
  • Contact your local city, state and federal agencies to find out what kind of permits and licensing you will need to operate your business.  Different states and even counties have different guidelines.  Some states are much more environmentally strict and you will need to be sure that you are staying within their guidelines.
  • Conduct a thorough research on other tire recycling companies so that you can become familiar with their practices as well as knowing who will be your biggest competitors.
  • Recycling, disposing of and reusing tires require different types of equipment.  Research the type of equipment you may need for the type of recycling you are planning on doing.  For instance, you may need a tool that separates the belt from the tire.  Knowing what type of recycling you will be doing first will help you decide what type of equipment you may need.
  • Study the market.  There are a lot of ways of reusing tires safely and turning them into products that other people may want to purchase.  Some used tires can be used for a variety of things including playground equipment, furniture and other household and business items.  However, some items may require specific tools and machineries to produce, so be aware of this as you make your choices.


  • Contact business that have a lot of tires they need to get rid of.  Consider auto body repair shops, truck repair shops, mechanic shops, and city and state companies whom you may be able to provide a better rate for removing their unwanted tires than their current provider can.
  • Develop a website to advertise your business.  Post flyers and posters around your area.  Post notices in the newspaper and write press releases for the Internet.

How to Start a PR Firm: Steps to Start Your Public Relations Company

Public Relations, or PR, are people who help others get noticed in the media.  PR employees search out and work with newspapers, radio, television and a host of other media outlets.  Their goal is to get their client the most valuable and beneficial exposure as possible.  PR work is also one of the most cut-throat and highly competitive businesses to get into.

Before starting your own PR business you should be fully prepared with the knowledge of how PR works, how and where to get your clients, how to form a good relationship with the media and have the financial backing and education to succeed.

How to Start a Public Relations Company

Do Your Research

  • It is imperative to understand how PR works, the types of media that your clients will want for exposure, and how to ‘control’ the media so that you can get your information published.
  • Research the different media companies in and around your area, as well as nationally.  Learn the types of stories they like to promote and the type of angles they seek out.  Different media resources will have unique requirements dependent upon how their business works, so it is important to know which company will want the information you have for your clients.
  • Study persons of interest to develop a client list.  You may choose to only conduct PR work for bands or entertainment personnel, or you may wish to help struggling authors or businesses.  You may even decide not to be too choosy who you represent.  However, it is just as important to decide who you take on as clients as it is the way you represent them.  Certain clients may be frowned upon and therefore give your company a less than respected reputation.

Prepare a Business Plan

  • If you are planning on getting a loan or other financial backing to startup your business it is extremely important to put together a detailed business plan to show potential investors.
  • Include your financial statements for at least the last five years such as bank statements, tax records and any documentation on assets and liabilities.
  • Provide a five, ten and even fifteen year projection of profits and costs you expect.  Also include a marketing strategy that details how you will obtain new clients.

The Essentials

  • If you haven’t done so already, it would behoove you to take several writing classes.  PR is expressed a lot by the written word, therefore your writing needs to be polished, creative and exciting.  Take journalism classes to learn to write short, accurate and to the point articles.  Take creative writing classes to learn how to write creative, flamboyant and interesting tales.
  • There are several college courses you can take to get credits, or even a degree, in marketing and public relations.  It would be best if you had an M.B.A., but it is important to at least take several related classes to prepare you for the PR world and what your clients will expect from you.

Coin Laundry Business Plan & Startup Guide to Run Profitable Business

Types of Different Coin Laundry Businesses

  • Before doing anything else, it is best to decide what type of coin laundry business you would like and that will fit into your budget and financial abilities.
  • Sole Ownership:  This is perhaps the hardest way to start out in the business.  As a sole owner you will need to find a building to lease, rent or even purchase which can become very expensive.  You will also need to purchase all of the equipment (washers, dryers and so forth) to fill your building.
  • Take Over Ownership:  If you cannot afford to purchase or lease your own business and start from scratch, you can look for other coin laundry businesses that are selling.  This way you will already have the equipment and an established business.  It is important to make sure that the business (es) you are looking at purchasing are in an area that is convenient for customers.  You will also want to make sure that the equipment and building are in good repair so that you will not be spending a lot of money on fixing existing problems.
  • Franchise:  Many beginning entrepreneurs look into franchising to help them get started.  By joining a franchise you will already have a customer base to help get your business going.  The franchise will also help to market and promote your business to help gain new customers.  Be sure that the franchise you pick has a solid reputation that will enhance your business.

Plan to Start and Run Coin Laundry Business

  • Develop a business plan that details your financial credibility as well as your long term goals.  This information is very important if you will be seeking financial backing from investors.
  • Provide financial statements for at least the last five years.  Include tax return records, bank statements, previous and past loans (paid off and existing) and any other assets and liabilities you may have or had during that time period.  Provide current contact information for all of the financial institutions that have held or currently hold any of your accounts mentioned in the business plan.
  • Investors will want to see a projected profits and costs for your business before they agree to help finance it.  Put together a detailed estimation for at least the first five years of business.  It would be wise to prolong the time frame for ten or even fifteen years.  This shows the investors your commitment and stability for the business.
  • Develop a detailed marketing strategy.  List and explain the different ways you intend to advertise your business to draw in more customers to keep your business going.

How to Start a Yoga Studio Business: Plan and How to Get Loans

Yoga is taken very seriously by many of its practitioners, and it can be a very profitable venture. But this requires professionalism and dedication on the part of the entrepreneur for it to succeed. Here is how to start and succeed in a Yoga business.

Plan and Steps to How to open a Yoga studio


  • Starting a yoga studio will need a considerable amount of planning, this business has a low entry barrier, and the risk of being overrun by the competition is high.
  • On needs to be as informed as possible and ready for any challenges that will crop up during the initial stages. Some of these challenges include capital, location of the studio, adherence to local regulations governing recreational areas and so on.
  • Creating a business plan at this stage would help the entrepreneur shield himself from unforeseeable contingencies, as well as cushion against issues such as unexpected costs and delays.
  • These can be factored in to a business plan and enable the business stay afloat during the critical start-up phase.

Get registered

  • The yoga business needs to be legally recognized by the authorities.
  • This process of getting recognized involves choosing a name for the business, this name must not conflict with any other name that is already registered.
  • The legal structure of the business can be any one of the following: a sole proprietorship or a limited liability company or even a partnership.
  • These options differ in th amount of paper work it takes to create them, as well as the liability that the owner faces should the business default on its debts.

Obtaining Loan (startup capital) for Your Yoga Studio

  • To be able to secure external funding for the enterprise, it is mandatory that the business’s structure is well defined and documented, to aid in showing the decision makers in financial institutions how the business will work, and how viable it is, the expected returns, the marketing techniques, the expected returns and the mode of repayment for any obligation that may be entered into.
  • If one does not intend to source funding from financial institutions, then the pressure of creating a concise financial breakdown may reduce, but will still be required for the sake of having a benchmark to compare actual performance to.


  • A yoga studio will need to attract a healthy customer base to turn a profit.
  • The techniques that may be employed to achieve this include, street signage, distribution of flyers, advertisements in the classified of the local paper or in this digital age, online advertisements using advertisement providers like Google ads, and services like Craig list.
  • It would also be beneficial to the studio to have a web presence, this will make it easier for potential clients to find the studio.


  • Every business is required to get registered with the government’s commerce department at the local level.
  • The registered business will be given a license to operate, and normally the next thing would be to get a tax identification number for the business for facilitating tax collection by the relevant revenue collection agency.

8 Seasonal Business Ideas, Opportunities: Types of Seasonal Businesses

In the summer, more and more of us come up with different seasonal business ideas. Depending on where you live, what area and in which country, there are so many seasonal business opportunities that you might as well make a reality. So, do not hesitate to do so. Seasonal business is great for students for example, who do not have studies in the summer, therefore they can dedicate more of their time for working. In addition, many people do seasonal jobs, because there are some sorts of jobs that you can only do in the summer or winter season, depending on your living place.

Of course, seasonal business ideas also depend on your actual budget and your previous experience. It is not wise to start up a business alone about which you do not know much. Then, it is still better to go to learn somewhere, before you start it up alone.

Here, we come up with some seasonal business examples specifically for those who live in or close to a beach resort. Many of these ideas though can be realised in the cities as well:

 8 Seasonal Business Ideas

  1. Working at a buffet:  This is something you may as well try to set up alone someday, but actually, it is a nice work also if you start working for someone there, to learn about the job, then trying to make it alone too. There are some simple beach food, not hard to make or to get, so collect experience, might be that next year you can also set up your own business
  2. Swimming / diving instructor: That makes good money if you have some previous experience in teaching people or children how to swim.
  3. Beach lifeguard: It might be bringing you more than enough experience and you can spend all your time on the beach.
  4. Hotel jobs: Many hotel look for seasonal workforce, so why do not you give a try, might be that they are looking for you.
  5. Setting up a mini-mart: Having a mini mart with some food, fresh–drinks, newspapers and some beach toys is a huge business by the beach. This one need the finance, but beach season last long so if you choose a lucky place, you will earn a lot of money with this.
  6. Make a beach rental:  Sun umbrellas, water bicycles, boats, surfs or surfboards and scuba diving sets are often rent out not taken there, if you have some previous collection or resource you can make a small rental close to the beach, it’s a good business especially if you combine it with instruction as well.
  7. Car and motorbike rental: This is a huge business in the beach resorts. It needs some previous finance to get licences and an office, not talking about the cars, but they will make you a great income. Even if you start with a car and 2-3 motorbikes in the beginning, you can make it out a flourishing car rental by the beginning of next year.
  8. Home rental: Many people rent out their beachside houses or flat which are located in a good place. A great income can be generated by this.

There are many more ideas though which you can realise later on. If you live in the city, you can also try guiding which can bring you some good income and new friendships. Do not be shy to make your seasonal business ideas work out. You will see that you can make very nice money and then it is only up to you, if you wish to continue or to switch to something else in the next summer season.

10 High Profit Business Ideas: Low Cost and High Profits Businesses

There are many needs that need to be met on the market place, and for the right price consumers would be willing to pay a neat price for those products and services, so sit tight and see what you can offer them.

1. EBay

  • EBay is an online auction site that has millions of visitors each day, all waiting to find a product that interests them.
  • You need to open a free account with eBay, and understand their terms of service.
  • Next, scour your attic for stuff you no longer use or need, research their price on EBay, and offer them for sale, albeit at a different price from other sellers, so you can out do them, but ensuring you do not make a loss.

2. Become a Tutor

  • Schools have an endless supply of students, from kindergarten to tertiary level.
  • You can offer per hour services for one on one help with the subjects you tutor.
  • There is a lot of money involved, the rates per hour start from $20 to $75, all for simple tutoring.

3. Yoga Instructor

  • You can learn yoga or if you already know the art, you can offer classes to serious practitioners, or even those who take it as a form of exercise.
  • This has some startup costs associated with it, things like a yoga studio, marketing yourself and so on.
  • But with some creativity and ingenuity, you can pull it off with on a shoestring budget.

4. Network Marketing

  • Network marketing is all about one on one sales and recruiting, a business that requires great passion for the products involved.
  • You will get some profit from the sales of your products directly to consumers as well as some cut from the sales of people you recruited.

5. Do Web Design

  • The world-wide web has a lot of new entrants every single day, and it has become almost mandatory for any business that wants to succeed to get a website.
  • So roll up your sleeves and create great looking websites for clients, or redesign them for a small fee.
  • Most jobs will take only a small period provided you are good at what you do.

6. Sell Information Products

  • With about 2 billion google searches every day, it is pretty clear there are a lot of people looking for information in the net.
  • All you need to do is find this information, put it together, and create a great product that people are willing to buy.
  • The biggest criteria here is that the information you provide helps someone to solve a problem.
  • You can create a line up of expert interviews, web articles, e-books and the like, on various products and services.

7. Freelance Photography

  • Today’s advanced and cost-effective cameras, couple with great personal computer software, have made it easy to become a great photographer.
  • The beauty of this business is that you can do it part-time without quitting your job or full-time, depending on your circumstances.
  • You can offer your services at weddings, parties an even to family and friends, and make a nice easy living from it.

8. Interior Design

  • If you have an eye for style, then you can put this to good use as an interior designer.
  • Most jurisdictions would require you to pass an exam before you can use the title interior designer, so instead use the title decorator instead if you do not want to go to the trouble of getting yourself accredited.
  • There are various areas you can specialize these are, residential and commercial markets.
  • The two kinds of markets offer different rates and different expectations are placed on you in each, so choose what fits you best.

9. Affiliate Marketing

  • Many companies and web-masters boost their online presence and product sales via affiliate marketing.
  • Usually the programs are free to join, an all you have to do is place a hyper-link to the affiliate you work with, after getting a unique affiliate identification, on your site.
  • You will the earn some commission on every purchased product from a customer who used your link to get to the product page.

10. Chef

  • There are basically to types of chefs, a catering chefs and a personal chefs.
  • A catering chef prepares a lot of foot for different occasions, like weddings, birthdays, graduations and the like.
  • Personal chefs on the other hand, are called by individuals or families to prepare their meals, usually it’s a premium service that pays very well.
  • So if you’re a professional cook consider one of these lucrative jobs.

How to Sell a Car in California Step by Step: What Preparations Needed?

Every state has different rules, laws and regulations when it comes to selling your used vehicle. Before you sell your car, be sure you know the laws of that particular state. Selling your used vehicle in California is any easy process, but there are some specifications you should be aware of first.

Preparations for Selling Car in CA, USA

  • Fix any minor problems such as an oil change, spark plugs or points, or broken door handles or other fixtures.
  • Clean your car thoroughly and be sure to take out any personal items before listing your vehicle for sale. A clean car will sell a lot easier as it will tell the potential buyers that you have taken good care of your vehicle while you owned it.
  • Research the value. There are different resources for figuring out the value of your car. You can use Kelly Blue Book for example, or find similar cars on Craigslist and see what they are selling for.
  • Set your asking price at a little more than you are willing to accept. Most car buyers will barter and offer a lesser amount in cash. If you set your price a little higher, then this bartering process will put you closer in your price comfort zone.
  • Be sure to get your vehicle smogged as that is a requirement in California. California requires the owner to be responsible for smogging their vehicles before selling.


  • Take pictures of your vehicle from all angles, as well as of the interior.
  • Advertising on Craigslist is one of the most popular ways of selling your used car. You can add pictures and advertise for free. It is always a good idea to meet any prospective buyers in a public place. Do not accept checks; accept only cash and be sure to have the proper paperwork with you at the time of the meeting.
  • Depending upon the year and value of your car, you can advertise in newspapers and on local television stations that offer this feature. If your car is older and you will not be selling it for a lot of money, this option probably isn’t for you as it is not free and may not be cost effective.

Bill of Sale

  • Before you sell your vehicle, you will want to make sure you have a bill of sale.
  • You can download a generic, but legal, bill of sale from the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) website.
  • You can write your own bill of sale to have it tailored to your needs and specifications. For example, even though California requires the seller to be responsible for passing smog, you can specify in the bill of sale that the buyer has agreed to be responsible. Be sure to put into the terms of the agreement that this is an “as is” sale, meaning the seller is not responsible for any repairs or warranties.
  • Be sure to date the bill of sale and both you and the buyer must sign it.

Release of Liability

  • Immediately after the sale of your vehicle, you will want to submit a Release of Liability.
  • A Release of Liability releases you from any legal actions from the buyer; such as if they get a parking ticket or in an accident before they have put the vehicle into their own name.
  • You can go to the local DMV office and get a Release of Liability form or you can actually file it online. If you file it online, be sure to print it for your records.