Plan and Opportunity for Starting Your Own Home Inspection Business

Home inspection business in itself is relatively a new type of work but it serves the real-estate industry very well on both sides. A home inspector’s job is to see a flat or a house and determine its actual state and this way its actual value as well. The inspection is full, with the checking of physical structure, plumbing, ductwork, electrical wiring, furnaces, appliances and every aspect therefore it is not a cheap thing to order.

However, if you buy a house or flat without knowing about a big failure somewhere, then you can lose much more on the repairing later on. Today, in the United States almost 80% of real-estate buyers use home inspectors.

As you see, for being a home inspector, you need a little bit more than knowing how a house looks like. Usually, it is a fine job for those who have worked at many constructions before or who have studied architecture in depth. If you feel you would be suitable to do such job, then it is time for you to start your own business.

Starting a Home Inspection Business

  • If you feel you would like to make this job but you do not have the knowledge, you can still get a professional as your partner or right hand.
    You can also learn from him.
  • You must decide how to do this business. You need to make a home-inspection business plan enlisting the forecasts and your estimated revenues in years.
  • You need to examine the local home-inspection business opportunities.

Instructions to Be Followed

  1. After your research and hopefully positive results, you must decide what type of company you will make or if you will start as a freelancer.
  2. You need the system and the knowledge. If you have these, you will need customers.
  3. If you have the necessary system, then you need to choose the right inspection-reporting period, as it is the largest expense of yours. There are several computerised methods as well, in order to determine a house’s actual state.
  4. It is always positive if you join some groups or associations regarding real estates, constructions and home inspection.
  5. Insurance is essential when making such checks on a house or a flat. If there will be a mistake caused by you or your men, you may need to pay a lot in order to corrugate the error.
  6. Marketing: It is always great to market your business of course, it is also essential.

You will need to have the appropriate knowledge and licence in order to be trustworthy for others. Without that, your business will not be successful. You will need to hire professionals for checks who do clean and punctual work and you will need to check through everything in a house or a flat to be sure of the actual property’s current state.

If you live in an area full of flat or houses and you have a nice circle of friends and acquaintances, you will be successful in your business. You can also make agreement with some real estate agencies, which can also use you or offer you in return for a commission for example. Home inspection is a great and well running business. Therefore, you can be sure, if you start it and do a good job, you will be easily successful.

Low Risk Business Ideas 2011 – 2012 | Risk Free Businesses You Can Do

Low risk business means such an activity that pays but does not need much investment or any at all. Low risk business is generally made by nearly everyone who works as freelancers, by students who need some money and by jobless. If it is made well and you can get many partners by efficient work, you can earn good money with doing low risk business.

Low risk or risk free business ideas in 2011 are good. With the internet slowly evolving into being the priority source, finding and doing low risk business these times are great for doing such business.

Of course, you can get ideas everywhere, but it is only you who can find the most efficient business suited for you to do.

Here are some undoubtedly useful ideas for those who are eager to earn extra with low risk business:

Also, please note that the gap between low risk business and freelancing is very thin indeed.

Low Risk Businesses You Can Do In 2011 And 2012

If you feel you have the vein to write, or you have a good knowledge of your mother tongue and other languages, you can look for these possibilities on the internet.

  1. Writing blogs: Blogs are nowadays so popular. Through blogs, you can also advertise, and you can put pay per view ads on your site by many resources. Check it out.
  2. Writing reviews or articles: Reviews and articles can pay well and bring you attention as well.
  3. Editing and translating: If you know more than one language, you can try any of these.
  4. E-bay: You can put any of your stuff on E-bay and other sites. If you are lucky and get successful, after a while you can even make an E-shop over there.

Low Risk Business Ideas from Home

  1. Online Garage Sale: This is a smart idea that you can make a flee market out of the stuff you do not find useful for yourself at all. Many do so, and although not a type of business you can do well, yet it is fun and can earn a few bucks with it.
  2. Baby sitting and/or cleaning: This is a good job, although it can be tiring but it pays well.
  3. Pet sitting: Walk dogs is quite a nice job, you can try it of course.

There are so many more ideas, such as bakery and photography, making paintings or graphics and all these can work for you well, only you must see which one you prefer the best.

Thus, these are some of the best low risk business ideas for 2011 and 2012. You can select a suitable low risk business opportunities and move ahead toward your goal. If you have any doubt or queries, you can comment here anytime.

Franchise vs Own (Independent) Business (Company) | What Is Better?

Businesses are often categorized by this two either a franchise or an independent business. Franchising simply means entering into continuing contractual relationship with other businesses carrying the franchisor’s trade name while independent means privately owning a business.

For a buyer, you have the options of choosing what kind of business you are going to involve yourself into. It is either Independent or Franchising Businesses. They both have their own strengths and weakness, their advantage and disadvantages the only thing is, you need also to evaluate as to what kind of risks are you willing to take.

If you are still confused of the two, then here are the differences that will enable you choosing the right business for you.

Taking Franchise vs. Doing your Own / Independent Business

  • Franchising means letting yourself be covered with rules while independent business means you control the rules.   If you have already purchased a franchise, it means you have to use the franchisor’s name, their products, follow rules and procedures and adopt the appearance of the store that has been provided by the franchisor. While having an independent business means making all necessary decisions by you.
  •  Franchising allows you to pay a monthly royalty and advertising fee. The franchisor will collect all advertising fees from the franchisees and produces larger and expensive advertising campaigns than of those from single locations. While independent business stores are able to advertise their products and service in their own way and with their own resources.
  • In franchising, all business transfers and transactions with other investors should be approved first by the franchisor. Usually, franchisees grow their businesses in multiple locations. While Independent businesses do not have to report or pay any franchisor a transfer fee because the owner has the full control over it.
  • Independent stores have the freedom to choose and have a mix of the products they want and will not be restricted of what they carry on their own store while franchise business market the same goods with the same price. Independent stores can freely choose products that are market demand while franchise owners still needs to head to the main office for approval.
  • Franchise business limit their businesses on some areas in certain locations while independent business can put up any business they want with or without competing competitors. It is an advantage for a franchise owner because it gives him the opportunity to be the exclusive seller of goods you offer within the area while Independent businesses puts the owner on the edge of either winning or losing the business.

Maybe you have already made up your mind of what kind of business fits you. Franchising are costly but it gives the huge benefit to business beginners who entered already this industry for the first time. Independent businesses are less restrictive to operate, they are costless in terms of purchasing but it does not guarantee a fast success for those people who are new and are not a business-managing specialist.

Thoughts may keep on rumbling on your mind. Confusions might start to fill you up. However, always remember that possessing excellent skills and professional traits are the keys to success no matter what of business they are.

How to Save Money in Business: Ideas and Tips for Saving Expenses

Today, more than ever, you need to know how to save money when you own a business.  The reason that so many businesses end up failing in the first two years is because they underestimate their current and their future expenses.  This can potentially mean the end for a business. Learning how to save on your business expenses will help you buck the tide and end up with a profitable venture.

How to Save Business Money?

Some of the expenses that you will incur and that you need to cut will include:

  • Costs for Products: Make sure that you find the best vendor that will sell you the products that you need for your business at the lowest price.  Often, if you buy in more quantity, you can save money for your business.  One option is to share the expense with another company that also purchases the same goods. You can save quite a bit if you buy in quantity.
  • Rental Costs: When it comes to overhead, you may not think that you can do a thing about the rent that you pay.  This is wrong. In fact, you can negotiate the rent in ways that will help you cut on costs.  Be sure to negotiate the price of the rental establishment with the owner so that you get a better rate. One way that you can do this is to pay in advance for the rent.  You can get a better rate from the landlord in this way and also establish yourself as a good tenant.
  • Building Maintenance: By doing as much of the work to maintain the building yourself, you can cut costs.  Instead of hiring others to just do cleaning and maintenance, you can do this yourself and save a substantial amount of money.
  • Energy Costs:  Be mindful of the energy that you are using.  Computers, air conditioners, heaters – they all take energy and that takes money.  Use power saving devices and be mindful of energy wastes.  Simply turning the thermostat up in hot weather by a few degrees and turning it down in cold weather can save you hundreds of dollars on energy costs.
  • Banking Fees: Banking fees can eat away at your business income. Do yourself a favor and shop around for the lowest fees from local, business friendly banks in the area.  You can also take a look at online banking for business to see if this will save you money.  All of the fees that a bank charges your business do add up, so be sure to do your best to reduce them so that you can save your business money.  In most cases, this can occur simply by shopping around for a good bank.
  • Solid Business Plan: If you want to save money for your business, be sure to have a solid business plan that includes an in-depth marketing plan.  You should do a marketing study on your target market to insure that you have a product or service that is needed and will sell.  Those who go into a business without a marketing study may be doomed for failure.  You need to test the waters before you venture into any business and make sure that there is a demand for what you intend to supply.

How to Develop a Winning Aviation Business Plan: Ideas and Tips

If you love airplanes, you may be interested in starting a company that relates to the aviation industry. There are many different businesses ideas that can be extremely lucrative and can earn you a lot of money. If you are thinking about starting a company that is related to the aviation industry, a solid, well-researched aviation business plan is vital to ensure your chances of success.

How to Develop a Winning Aviation Business Plan?

Do Your Research

It is crucial for you to do your research before beginning your aviation business plan. Here is how you can do the background and due diligence needed to develop a winning business plan for your new aviation company.

Your first step should be to do some research into the aviation industry where you live. You should find out:

  • Which aviation business opportunities already exist in your area
  • Which aviation companies have been the most successful in your area
  • What these businesses needed in terms of start-up funding and financing
  • What competition you would be facing if you started an aviation company in your area

Aviation businesses that you may want to consider include:

  • Uniform provider
  • Aeronautical engineering
  • Aviation clubs
  • Flying field provider
  • Charter flights
  • Provider of aeronautic fuel
  • Blade and propeller repair
  • Pilot-related services

Once you know what your competition is going to be like it can be easier to identify which aviation business ideas are likely to be the most profitable.

Find a Template or a Guide

A good business plan is made up of a number of different documents. Finding a good business plan template can be the key to ensuring that you have covered all of your bases and that the proper information is included in your plan. You should look in the following places:

  • Online. There are many websites that have business plan templates that are specific to the aviation industry
  • Local initiatives that help companies get off the ground. They may be able to help you refine your business plan and steer you in the right direction so that your company has the best chance of success if you move ahead with your plan

Your aviation business plan needs the following components to make sure that you are successful and have covered all of the bases:

  • A word document that includes the basic information about the company you want to start. It should include information about the staffing you will need, how you will promote it in your area, the precise description of the business you intend to start and the facilities that you will need
  • Excel templates that will contain the financial information relating to your aviation business. You can either put these together yourself or have an accountant or advisor work on the financial information. It should include any influx of cash that you can put into the business as well as cost projections for facilities or staffing

Your completed aviation business plan will be the key to helping you get financing and will provide a guide that you will use as you guide your company through its beginning stages.

Plan and Ideas for Starting Your Own Floral Business from Home

Steps to Start a Floral Business Home

Step 1 is to Choose “Location”

  • Choose the right location for your business.
  • The options include store fronts, wheeled carts, or your house.
  • The capital available for your business will dictate the kind of location you can have.
  • But should you decide to operate your shop from your home, make a point of checking with your local council about possible land use restrictions in your community.
  • Remember that location influences the accessibility of your premises to customers, so ensure that it is close to the targeted demographic.

Step 2 is to “Get Registered”

  • Think of a business name and register it with the County business registrar, and fill all the paperwork needed to operate the premises.
  • After this you can also open a bank account in the name of the small floral business, as it is important to keep your business and personal finances distinct, and often your banker can help with financing.

3rd Step is “Advertising the Business”

  • Get signs to advertise your business on, and if funds are low at the beginning, consider using your circle of friends to spread the word for you.
  • Make business cards and give them out to any prospective client, or potential customer.
  • Flyers can also be made and spread around the community or town to get exposure.
  • It would also be prudent to get a website up and running as the customers will almost always check online for the location of almost all the services that they will need.

4th Step is To “Choose A Specialty”

  • Decide on a niche and understand it well.
  • Having a broad appeal will accommodate a broader market, but due to the lack of a special focus, many will not take you seriously, since you would seem to be trying your luck at the job.
  • Specialties to choose from include weddings, funerals, official occasions, holiday displays, even organically grown flowers only, the choice is up to your understanding and taste.

5th Step is “How to Identify Suppliers”

  • Find all the local floral wholesalers and evaluate their prices, range of products and supply contracts.
  • If there are local growers consider bypassing them altogether if possible, since the more middlemen you get rid of, the better the prices you will get.

Step 6th is to “Check Out Your Competition”

  • Look at the shops that sell the same product range your considering and see if there is anything you can improve on.
  • Decide your prices and see if you can give better prices than your local competition without incurring losses.
  • Depending on your operating costs you may have a great price advantage over your competition, especially if you operate a flower cart.

And Finally 7th Step

  • Find good storage equipment for your fresh flowers, this involves some sort of refrigeration system to keep flowers cool, even for a cart, unless you plan to sell only artificial flowers to your market.
  • Do consider getting some form of hired labor, to help you with the work, as it can easily become too much for one person.
  • The revenue for the first year can reach as high as $75,000 though overhead costs will need to be subtracted from that. But do not expect to break even and make a huge profit the first year, concentrate on establishing it and securing return sales, and your revenue will increase almost two fold the second year.

Ideas and Tips for Starting Your Own Button Making Business from Home

Button making business ideas can range from making and selling creatively designed buttons to those that have catchy sayings and the good news starting a button making business from home is not very expensive at all. This is a business that requires very little start up costs with regards to materials and supplies and can end up making you very successful with your own small home business.

How to Start a Button Making Business from Home?

If you are creative and can follow these simple rules or even if you are not creative and still follow these rules, chances are that you can button down your button business and make some serious cash.

Figure Out Your Market 

  • Who is going to buy your buttons?  You will of course want to have as large a market as possible and not discount anyone; however, you should have some sort of target market in mind.  Figure out who is the most likely to buy the buttons as this will influence your marketing strategy.
  • Check out supplies and materials costs.  One way to get the best price on materials and supplies for this type of business is to go online where you can purchase in bulk.  Buying craft items in bulk, you will get better prices, thus boosting your profits.
  • Come up with a few design ideas.  Start off with a few design ideas for your buttons and then build from there.  Keep your target market in mind when you are designing the buttons.
  • Create a website for your button making business.  You should always have a website when it comes to any business as this can add to your revenue and does not cost you much money to maintain.  This is where you can direct interested parties to your buttons.

Figure Out Costs and Expenses

  • Before you can price your buttons, figure out how much it will cost you to make the product, including your time that is invested as well in the project.
  • Add 20 percent onto the total cost of the buttons, including any type of shipping that may be involved in sending them to customers as well as going to the post office to mail them.  This is your estimated profit for each button sold.
  • Set aside a certain amount of capital for starting up the business that will include getting business cards as well as the initial materials and the website.

Start Your Business

  • Have a place in your home designed for the button making as well as the marketing.  Be sure to spend at least 8 hours a day either making the products or marketing them.  If you do not have any orders, be sure to spend some time with internet marketing so that you can promote your website, as well as visiting consignment shops so that you can sell the items.
  • Network with other small business owners.  Join a chamber of commerce or small business association so that you can network with others.  This can not only give your business exposure, but will also give you some marketing ideas for your button making business.
  • Visit consignment shops and other local businesses with samples.  You want to sell your buttons in any way that you can.  One of the best ways is to use consignment shops where they sell jewelry and other trinkets.
  • Remember your target market and be sure that you sell in those that will most likely be welcoming those into their store who are most likely to buy your buttons.

Start a Modeling Agency: Tips and Plan to Setup Modeling Agency Business

Being a model is many youngsters’ dream and many live upon it. Modeling agency helps those dreamers converting their passion in to their profession. Modeling agency makes them model by giving them training and assignments. Modeling agencies are the model factories.  They are the real coordinator between the models and the modeling work providers. They fulfill the modeling requirements.

  • Modeling agencies have their special training departments. They train the models about various technicalities that a model needs to be aware of. There are many sectors that provide work to the models. Requirements for every sector are different. Modeling agencies give this knowledge of different requirements of different sectors to the models and make them perfect.
  • Modeling agencies need to have contacts with the fashion designers and the advertising agencies. They provide models to these agencies and designers.

How to Start a Modeling Agency Plans and Ideas

  • To start a modeling agency the first thing you need is the knowledge about this industry. If you have some experience in this field, you can go for it. Otherwise you should spend some time in taking experience in this industry. Knowledge is the first and foremost important thing here.
  • Second thing you need is the finance. There are many financial institutions available to provide you finance. You need to have the margin capital of 25-30 % of the entire business cost. The rest you can get as a loan. For the loan you need to present a business plan to them with a loan application.
  • The most important thing to run the modeling industry you need is the contacts with industry people. You need to develop a strong network in modeling industry to get more clients and assignments.
  • There are many fashion designers who launch their designs through a fashion show. They need models for their fashion shows. There are many fashion apparel companies which launch their new designs all over the world through fashion weeks. Models are needed in such fashion events to promote the costumes of such fashion companies. You can provide those models and get the pre decided commission.
  • There are many advertising agencies who want models for their advertisements. You have the contacts of models. You can send your models for the auditions and if any of them are selected, you get the commission on that.
  • You need to develop your contacts with all these people. Your PR (Public relation department) should be very strong. If your relation with the industry people is good enough, you can get more assignments. The more assignments will ultimately result in more commission.
  • You can also have your website where models can upload their portfolios and register them selves. Then you can directly allocate audition details to the models on that website. Models are needed for promotion and promotion is a never ending thing. So there are many opportunities in this business, you can have tie-up with many companies for modeling contracts also.
  • This is how this business works.

How to Start a Kiosk Business: Ideas, Plan and Opportunities

Kiosks are common sights in the US. A kiosk is, in fact, a booth-like space that generally remains open at one side or more sides. They can be spotted at busy malls and shopping complexes anywhere in the country. Nowadays, kiosks have also popped up at various transportation facilities like airports, bus stands and cab stands. Kiosks sell a wide range of products that range from cheap gift items to desserts and coffee. The concept of starting a kiosk business sounds insignificant but it may involve high entrepreneurial potential.

This booth-like area serves various purposes for business owners. Popular merchandises that sell at kiosks include food, gift and novelties, jewelries, health products, screen printing and various other products.

Kiosk Business Ideas and Opportunities

Some of the popular kiosk business ideas are mentioned below.

  • Food Kiosk Business: Food kiosk business tops among all the kiosk business ideas. So, starting a food kiosk can be a wonderful entrepreneurial venture. This business mainly appeals those who are food lovers themselves or who are professionally trained food experts with sound cooking knowledge. Food items sold at kiosks mainly attract people who have tooth for non-traditional platters. Therefore, this business gives its owners wide scope of experiment.
    If you want to install a food kiosk, you might think to sell combo meals which may also include a drink. It would add extra appeal to your business. But before you settle for the food items to be offered at your kiosk, make sure that you secure the space for your business at a mall, a county or state fair or a farmer’s market. You should also collect information regarding required license and apply for it at the concerned department. You would also require to obtain food selling permit from Department of Health.
  • Electronic Kiosk Vending Machines: Vending machines have great business significance. They can sell a wide range of products. Therefore, they are accessed by countless consumers throughout the year. Popular products that are sold by vending machines include ticketing, photo kiosk, gaming, retail, check-in, healthcare and government solutions. Vending machines require customers to pay through credit or debit card or through cash. Installing electronic kiosks can optimize your business prospects as these vending machines wear modern looks and designs. These features improve their feasibility.
  • Consumer Information Kiosk: Installing an information desk is one of the most sought-after kiosk business opportunities. The information desk is meant for providing various types of information to consumers who seek information regarding any products, reliability of any stores and lots of other services. Information kiosk booths are generally installed at medical fairs, health fairs, supermarkets and malls. Services that are provided at information kiosks are mostly enabled by computers or laptops with interactive touch screen.

How to Start a Bookkeeping Business from Home: Plan and Opportunities

Bookkeeping Business Opportunities

If you possess ample experience of working as a bookkeeper or an accountant for any private company, it means you have the basic requirement for initiating a bookkeeping business of your own. Job experience and resources combine to be the prime prerequisites for starting bookkeeping business that is coveted by many. If you are seriously thinking over venturing into a bookkeeping business of your own, follow these tips for best result.

Plan to Start a Bookkeeping Business from Home

  • Possessing bookkeeping job expertise yourself would help you much on your way to start a bookkeeping business from home. In case you do not have professional training or practical job experience, it is recommended that you should join a short-term bookkeeping course. The best way to get trained and obtain a certificate is to opt for an online training institute.
  • Create a P.O. Box number at the post office. Generally, bookkeeping business owners meet with their clients at their home office. But, it is not ideally preferable to publish addresses of business for anyone. P.O. Box number would ensure that you do not reveal your privacy when you advertise your services.
  • Get your business registered with concerned government department. Registration and licensing requirements may vary from one state to another state. Therefore, it is recommended that you get in touch with the Department of Licensing and Department of Commerce located in your area.
  • You would require to obtain related forms and then, you would require to submit them after getting these forms filled up. You are also required to apply for an EIN (Employer Identification Number). Make sure that you have named your business and filed a DBA (Doing Business As) notice before you apply for registration and license.
  • Get a cutting-edge business plan. It should ideally be written by an expert. The business plan should include topics such as your business aim, business description, competitive analysis, operational plans, financial factors and market analysis.
  • Get a separate space at your home for starting your home-based bookkeeping business. You should keep it in your mind that you would require to meet your clients in your office. So, provide the space with all the furnishings that an office requires. It would make a good impression on your visiting clients.
  • Develop topnotch marketing and advertising strategies. Your marketing and advertising tools may include a business card with your contact number and email id printed on it, flyers and simple pamphlets which should mention your bookkeeping services like tax preparation, payroll services and record keeping. If your budget allows, create a website of your business and get it highly optimized. It would ensure instant growth of your business.

These things combine to give a wonderful start to a home-based bookkeeping business.