How to Write a Mission or Vision Statement for Non Profit Effectively

The mission statement is key to defining your business and it’s ‘mission’ or purpose for existence.  Writing a mission statement is not as easy as it may seem.  Many people who try to write a statement end up making it too lengthy or are not able to adequately capture the purpose of the business.  Follow some basic tips and guidelines to help you write a well-thought out and meaningful statement that will define the nonprofit organization to its audience.

Understanding the Meaning of a Mission Statement

  • Before writing a mission statement it is necessary to understand exactly what they are and how they affect the nonprofit business.
  • A mission statement reflects the business.  It explains the main goals and objections of the business so that other people and organizations, including employees and investors, understand what the organization’s goals are for society.
  • The mission statement defines the organization.  Anyone should be able to read the mission statement of any organization and know exactly what they are about, even if they’ve never even heard of the business beforehand.
  • Another important aspect of the mission statement is its ability to help the nonprofit organization to achieve tax exempt status through the I.R.S.  The I.
    R.S. will read the mission statement to determine if the organization’s goals meet the guidelines for that specific area of business, and will then offer them tax exempt status if they qualify.

Tips for Writing Mission Statement for Non Profit

  • Conduct a research on the Internet and in libraries on mission statements.  There are literally thousands of materials available to learn about mission statements, how to write them and how they should reflect the business they are representing.
  • Research other organization’s mission statements and compare them to what you learn about their company.  Look specifically at the mission statement for particular companies and see how they are worded.  This will give you an idea of how different organizations tailor their statements to their own needs and ideas.
  • Speak with the heads of the departments for the company that you will be writing the mission statement for to get their opinions on the most important aspects they are trying to portray in their statement.
  • If this is a mission statement for your own company, take some time to seriously consider what exactly defines your company.  What is your ‘mission’?  What is the goal of your organization and how to you plan to implement your goals?  How do you want others to view your statement?  What, in particular, do you wish to convey the most about your organization’s goal and the ways you plan to achieve your goals?
  • Research other similar nonprofit companies to review their mission statements.  Similar organizations may have similar goals and commitment ideas that can help you fine tune your own statement.
  • Write precise and concise material.  Mission statements that are too long are not effective.  Avoid over usage of words and/or phrases.  Make the statement speak to your targeted audience in a clear and strong voice.  The statement will tell them why you are a business in this field and how you plan to meet the needs of the organization in a way that will endear them to your nonprofit cause.

How to Start Earthworm Farming Business for Profit: How to Do Farming

An earthworm farm can actually be a very profitable business. Depending upon where you are located and what the needs are in that area, earthworms can be an excellent enterprise to embark upon without too much work involved. Starting an earthworm farming business does require some work however; so it is best to know what to do and the best ways to market the business to make it a success.

The Earthworm Market

  • Your geographical location plays an important role in whether or not an earthworm farm will succeed.
  • Most earthworms are used for bait so if you are in an area that has a lot of fishermen and a lot of fishing holes, the farm has a good chance at success.
  • Study the other bait shops and any farms around you to compare your competition. Check for their prices, sizes of worms and their availability. This will give you an idea of what to do or not do for your own business.

Starting the Earthworm Farm Business for Profit

  • Starting small is the key so that you can get the hang of the business while building clientele.
  • Construct a box with several air holes in it that the worms will not be able to escape through.
  • Fill the box with shredded paper and potting soil. Sprinkle a generous amount of water into the mixture to keep it moist and habitable for the earthworms.
  • Let the box and mixture set for at least twenty-four hours before putting the worms into their new home.
  • Choose the earthworms you wish to farm. It’s a good idea to visit local bait shops and purchase some baby worms that you can use to build your inventory. While there, speak with the shop owners about a possible contract between the two of you where you can provide them with bait at a cheaper price for their store.

Farming the Earthworms (How to)

  • After putting the worms into their new home, give them some time to adjust and to burrow into the mixture.
  • At least once a week you should bury and hide some kitchen scraps in the mixture so that the earthworms will be able to eat in a natural habitat.
  • Remember to keep the soil mixture moist so that the earthworms will remain healthy. Be careful not to put in too much water as you do not want a saturated environment for them.
  • About every two months sift through the earthworms and choose the biggest and healthiest worms to sell. Leave the smaller ones in the box so that they can continue to grow. This is also a good time to clean the box and refresh it with new paper scraps, potting soil and water. Be sure to remove any old food particles as well.
  • Once you have ‘harvested’ the best of your earthworm crop it is time to sell them to the local bait and pet shops. Since you have been developing a business relationship with them while working on building your business, you should already have contacts who are interested in purchasing your crop.

How To Start Poultry Farming Business: Chicken Farming Business Plan

Starting a chicken farming business is not as easy as simply getting a few chickens and putting them into a coop.  As with any other business, chicken farming requires research, marketing and a business plan for its success to become viable.

Chicken Farming Business Plan

  • Before even starting the business plan it’s important to contact your local city hall to make sure there are not any special rules or ordinances that may prevent you from having a chicken farm on your property.  They will also be able to tell you if there is a limit to the number of chickens you may have, or if there are any restrictions on different breeds of chickens.
  • Write a summary of your business and how you envision it to work and prosper.  This information will help you collect ideas and put the plan into perspective.
  • Collect and list all of your financial information such as financial records, bank statements, tax records and other asset information.  Include names and contact information for the different financial institutions that hold your financial accounts.
  • Develop a marketing plan.  Marketing is very important in the success of your business.  Decide how and where you plan to market your business and allocate a budget dedicated specifically to marketing.
  • Develop a five, ten and fifteen year plan that depicts your projected earnings and costs.  This is especially important if you are planning on seeking financial support from banks or investors.  This will also give you an idea of the feasibility of starting the business as well as goals to work towards to help you stay on track.

How To Start Poultry Farming

  • Research as much as possible the different types of chickens.  Not all chickens are alike and knowing which ones produce the most eggs, are best suited for your particular climate and environment, and the temperaments of the chickens will help you to build a more successful farm.
  • Different types and breeds of chickens will need different types of feeds as well.  Visit feed shops and veterinarians to discover which types of chicken feed will be the best and healthiest for the chickens you plan to raise.
  • Once you have decided on the breed of chickens you’d like to raise you will need to construct a chicken coop.  The coop needs to be large enough to house all of the chickens comfortably while providing them with the protection they need from predators and the elements.
  • Roosters are another important factor in the success of a chicken farm.  Roosters help to protect the chickens from predators; however they are also aggressive and very territorial.  Do a research to see how many roosters are advised for the number of chickens you will have in a coop.  Too many roosters will cause fights and disruptions within the chicken coop.
  • Visit different veterinarians in your area until you find one that you are comfortable with and that you think is knowledgeable about chickens and chicken farming.  It is important to have regular checkups from the veterinarian to be sure that the chickens are healthy and free from disease.

How to Start a Billboard Business: Plan and Advertising Your Business

The billboard business is a reliable industry that has seen good returns on profits over the last few decades. These profits are from the simple but effective technology behind the industry, the humble billboard. The billboards range from diode lights to illuminated drawing made on Photoshop. Here is how to go about establishing a billboard business.

Plan To Start Your Own Billboard Business

Know the rules and regulation on billboards

  • Every locality has it’s own policies on billboards, and this needs to be known and taken into consideration.
  • The rules may target the locations at which billboards are allowed and locations at which billboards are not allowed, the safety requirements that must be satisfied and such.
  • One more thing while in this step is to obtain a permit for the structure if it is required by local regulations.

Get property rights

  • One should obtain land by some means on which the billboards will stand, this may be done through renting or if appropriate a purchase.
  • Renting is the most efficient and cost effective means for most business models. One should be aware that some land owners will require that additional parcels of land be leased when leasing only small pieces means lost revenue for them.
  • Negotiation for acreage should therefore be done cautiously and sensibly to avoid getting ensnared in expensive contractual obligations.

Billboard art

  • The next thing to consider is the art that will be placed on the billboard. Regulators mandate that the art be original and not in violation of any previous copyrighted material.
  • The art can be handmade, though this is old fashioned, or it is printed in large format.
  • The printed art is usually made in Photoshop by artists or in other sophisticated art software and then printed by large format printers.


  • A construction company needs to be approached to do the actual billboard construction, depending on the type of board, the specification and type will determine the cost.
  • The sizes of billboards differ, and sometimes the size is determined by local regulation, by economic considerations or more importantly buy the size of the property being used. The types of boards include vinyl billboards and LED billboards. The vinyl type are cheaper and easier to work with, but give a low amount of revenue. The LED billboards are slightly more expensive to build and maintain, but do give a considerably higher amount of revenue as more than one company can be advertised at the same time.


  • Once the costs of operating the business profitably are known, a price list of the products the business offers can be drawn up and marketed to potential clients.
  • For economic considerations, the offers may have to stipulate a minimum rental period as well as incentives like discounts for a longer rental period, with due consideration to the competitors rates so as not to get under-cut.
  • It is also critical to get insurance for the billboards, as they are assets critical to the enterprise, and are exposed to elements as well as being susceptible to vandalism.

Tips and Plan for Starting Home Based Pet Food Business

Most pet owners spend a lot of money on their pets, lavishing them with gifts and treating them almost like human beings. The consequence is an opportunity that any sharp individual can exploit to their advantage.

Plan and Steps to Start a Pet food Business


  • The range of foods and pets out there is large, and the requirement and expectations of different pet owners varies.
  • Know whether stock food for all types of pets (from dogs to hamsters) is profitable for the business and choose one niche if its not possible to make good margins with all types of pet foods.
  • There are two options on the kind of operation to have, one is no premises with an online presence, and products are shipped to the customer, and the other is to have a premises and have customers get their supplies from the shop.


  • Find out the variety and estimate the number of pets and pet owners in the general reach of the potential premises.
  • Veterinary hospitals can be visited to help in establishing the number of pets. Find out the local authorities rules and regulations governing pets, and any regulations governing their treatment.
  • Find out if there is a pet owner’s association in the locality, or any institution that may cater to pets and their owners, to find out what presently the pets get and what they miss in the market.


  • The location of the store should be chosen with caution as it will affect the customer numbers greatly.
  • The location should be in a high visibility area, to increase the number of impulse shoppers and maximize advertisement through the store front.
  • The competitions’ location should be considered, and one should ensure the store is at least 5 miles from the nearest competitor, in populated areas and more in sparsely populated areas.


  • The products that go on sale have to be obtained from suppliers. One can make good relationships with these suppliers in the local area.
  • The suppliers chosen should have all the different types of products one’s business needs to stock, this will make it easy to order all the goods from one supplier, and enjoy the saving from consolidated deliveries and discounts.
  • One can opt to have the manufacturer deliver directly to the shop especially for the fastest moving brand or the most expensive items.


  • The store will need some workers to look after it and run it.
  • The staff hired should have some basic knowledge in pet nutrition, polite and courteous, to ensure repeat sales.


  • The business will need to have a license from the local authorities to run the store, the options include registering it as a sole proprietorship, or a limited liability company.
  • The business will also need a tax identification number for the purposes of payment of taxes, assigned by the relevant revenue collection agency.


  • The business can reach the potential clients by advertising in the classifieds of a local paper, or in posters.
  • The business can also invest in a website, to increase exposure in todays tech-savvy environment.

Thinking Of Starting a Business for Tax Deductions? Here Is How to Start

Starting a business for tax deductions is usually a home based business because this is the best way someone might maximise the possible deductions that are usually meant for phone bills, internet bills and a percentage on the utilities and in case you pay credit for your flat, you can even get some money for that through taxes.

Here, we enlist some of the most important steps you may need to take in order to establish your company at home:

Steps For Starting A Business For Tax Deductions Legally

  1. Research: You need to think out what type of business you would like to do at home.
  2. Decide what type of company you want to operate. It can be one of these forms: sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, limited reliability.  Every form works with different terms and conditions and with different costs, so you have to check which one is the best for you. Choose a name for your business. You may need to get an accountant as well.
  3. Register:  As soon as you have decided which form of business to operate and got the necessary documentation and finance for it, then you may need to register your company at a local Registry Office with the naming of the activities you want to do.
  4. Tax number: You will need to get a tax number too. You will need to get a tax number. This is obligatory and you have to obtain it at your local Tax Registry office. In some countries, you can even get one online. You can get more information from your state’s tax office.
  5. Register with your state revenue agency: In some countries like in the US, there are agencies checking the overall revenue of the state’s total business income. You have to resister here a state-tax identification number. These are additional taxes one must pay according to their state or country laws.
  6. Obtain other licences or permits, if needed: Tobacco, alcoholic drinks, foods and many more type of goods need different permits or licences to be obtained. These have different terms and conditions so you may check with your local offices in order to know more about them, but might have that you get appropriate information by the time of registering.

As you do all the above mentioned, you can start your way of operation, your business at home.

However, of course this goes not as easy as you may think. As soon as it has turned out that this is a good business in itself, the Tax Office (IRS in the States) is now making several checks on home based companies, to see if they really operate a business or they have done this only for paying a lower tax and sparing on bills. Those who do not do anything as it comes out will be severely fined and have to repay everything which they wanted to spare even. However, if you really are serious and you can prove this, then you will have no problems at all. Starting a business is not a hard task but definitely needs the time and the effort for doing so.

What Are the Benefits and Importance of Business Intelligence Services?

Expecting a high income returns is probably your primary goal in putting up a business. To be able to juggle your earnings, expenses and your winnings is what we call business intelligence. To be successful in this area, business intelligence applications are necessary.

Business intelligence is often defined by the technologies that enable it, such as data analytics, business performance management, data storage, and dashboards and key performance indicators (KPI’s).

If you want to make the best out of your business and find acquiring a software is the solution to it, be sure to hire also some specialist to run things and to make things right for you or if you do can handle it, then it is up to you. As for some cases, sometimes those who are not Business intelligence software literate are not giving accurate reports and outcomes, which will later on be your problem. Therefore, it is best to have someone who is capable of handling the software perfectly.

Here Are Some Stated Importance Of Having Business Intelligence Services

  • Good business intelligence service will help you determine how much have you spent and how much have you earned. It will keep you in track on a road to success in business.
  • Business intelligence Services will help your business or company in saving time, money and energy by coming up with the very accurate solutions of the problems being faced.
  • Business Intelligence Service provides the tools your company needs to put in your data in action.
  • Business Intelligence Services monitors, manages and analyzes your data in your business.
  • Business intelligence Services also is capable of making vital decisions in events and opportunities offered for the business.
  • Having good services also is subject to predicting, palliating risks to all baneful results.
  • Business intelligence services also deals with prospects and customer relationships providing that it will give quality information.
  • Business Intelligence Services also measure and monitor utilization and effectiveness to ensure productivity.
  • Business Intelligence Services offers advantages to clients in delivering business intelligence solutions.
  • Business intelligence Services will also lessen the work of those managers and executives who do reports and data analysis manually ensuring that the right information will be at the right hand and the best solutions will later on be implemented.

Companies should always have the right vision and goal in running up a business or company. They should have a layout of ideas and commotion lists to ensure good profit and quality operations. Unfortunately, almost 90% of businesses today fail to do their strategies, for so many reasons. One of them not having a good and quality-business intelligence service leads them to late analysis of data, wrong income reports, and improper executions.

Business intelligence Service now has become crucial because many now are engaging themselves in business that wishes to run a business perfectly, scared to mixed themselves up with internal and external business problems. It is an undeniable fact that without knowing this importance and without having this kind of services; it is never a guarantee that goals and visions will be implemented properly. So why take the risk when solutions can already be in front of you?

Affiliate Marketing Business: Start Online Home Based Affiliate Business

It may sound harder than it seems but it is easier than some articles describe it. In real, if you want to know more about how to start an online affiliate business, you only need to read a useful article that does not lament too much about research, so just follow the steps in this article and make it.

Therefore, here are the steps on how to make your home business happen:

Steps To Start a Home Based Affiliate Business

1. Find an affiliate program: Find a legitimate affiliate program and sign up for getting a free account. The most popular affiliate programs are clickBank, linkshare, and the pepperjam networks. All of them are frequently used programs by the affiliate e- marketing community all over the world.

2. Sign up: You can check all the three sites: ClickBank, linkshare, and the pepperjam networks. Do not sign up with all three of them at once, otherwise the too wide palette of possibilities would only make you overly exhausted and would initially drive you away. Choose only the one you like the best, then sign-up to get a free account. The whole process will not take you more than ten minutes.

3. Start promoting: On each one of the sites where you have signed up to, you will then be given the chance to choose a given number of products to promote. You need to write ads and classifieds on those products you choose to promote. The biggest classified ad networks today are: USfreeads, Kijiji, and Craigslist are a few of the major classified ad networks out there.

4. Selling: Are you ready for the profit? Your next step in your home based affiliate business is to write articles. Here we enlist some of the most popular online article networks: ezinearticles, hubpages, ehow, and article dashboard. Articles directories are famous for making your profile, write your article and start earning money with all the pay per view ads on your profile. It is important to gain some name for yourself so that people can start visiting your site and click on your ads.

5. Post on forums: Post on online forums, no matter what their topic is. Warriorforum for instance is great for traffic developing this way.

6. Website: No matter how hard you try, eventually the time arrives for you to have your own website. Unfortunately, it costs money, but according to everyone paying an USD 10 monthly is not at all bad for webhosting and domain in one. Only start and pay for your website if you have already earned through the others and if you really know what to do.

7. Learn marketing: There are more and more books and published materials concerning E-marketing, in connection with internet affiliate business. You will for sure find many articles on E-Marketing sites and topics discussing all the methods of E-Marketing. Remember learning is always important to do and can mean so much for you while doing your home based affiliate business.

After going through these steps and reading some concerning data, you will see, that doing such sort of business form home is not hard at all. However, you may need to get some special glasses for the screen as you will spend some more time by the computer, but if you are smart and learn well, you will soon realise profit.


How to Start an Auto Repair Business: Steps and Where to Find Supplies

Auto repair businesses usually have a bad reputation for ripping you off or putting lemony parts in your vehicle. Certainly this is contributed by the many mechanics out there so we can’t all be extraordinary. But here’s how you can being to plan, advertise, and operate your repair shop to a thriving efficient machine. You first must consider what service you wish to provide and to whom. This will allow you to focus on service and not scrounging to find customers.

Important Steps to Take

  1. Try to make sure you know how you want your auto repair business to be. What is your vision? Sticking to domestic cars may be simpler than repairing foreign vehicles that require more certification or licensing.
  2. Basics are always money-makers because our cars need to be serviced often for routine checkups, oil changes, or tune ups. You will at least have neighborhood customers if your prices and service are reasonable and legitimate.
  3. Research fields or areas that can widen your knowledge, in the event you may need additional licensing to operate, you won’t be at the starting point.
  4. Location is the key to a thriving auto repair business, not a surviving one. Be sure you can readily start your shop in your zone. Consider if your budget and decide early if you decide to rent or purchase property.
  5. Practicing on your skills doesn’t hurt while you are waiting for everything else to come together. Find a friend who needs a quick fix on their vehicle so you can test out your instincts and learned knowledge.
  6. Find a possible agent or firm to map out your business plan and also get a second opinion about your possible decisions, with professionals. They may also assist with thinking of a name and possible logo for your business.
  7. Consider the community that you will be serving and inform them of your new business and when they can expect to use your services. If this consumes too much time, consider finding someone to spread the word for you.
  8. Post flyers or print brochures and have friends pass them out to others. This can be simple on a computer but remember that it will represent you and your company.

What Supplies Are Necessary to Run your Auto Repair Business

  • Basic communication equipment such as telephones, faxes, printers and office supplies
  • Business cards with your address and contact number clear and conspicuous
  • Average investment of about $15,000 if no property is purchased
  • Tools of the trade required to provide repairs, services, etc.
  • Compile a list of your regular customers to remind them of scheduled services
  • Keep in touch with other businesses to bridge more contacts for potential opportunities

Do Your Homework

Be sure to comply with all guidelines required by law in your area. Do research before taking action because it can cost you the money necessary to start your repair shop successfully. You want to have a reputation for providing quality services so that your business will be around for the long run.

How to Make and Maximize a Profit in Business: Why it is Important?

Every business out there exists to make a profit, not a loss, and all business owners have to contend against all odds just to break even. Here is how you can not only break even, but make a killing in whatever venture you undertake.

How to Make More Profit in Your Business

Good Planning

  • Failing to plan is as a matter of fact planning to fail, a bus leaving the station headed for nowhere will always get there, unfortunately nowhere is not where you want to get.
  • The business plan will enable you to keep yourself accountable and act as a benchmark against which to measure the performance of the business and asses whether the business is headed in the intended direction or something need to be changed.
  • The plan need to have some sort of break-even analysis, this forecasts the costs and revenue and predicts when the business is expected to make a profit, as well as a cash flow analysis to make sure the business has enough float to keep up with demand and meet its short term obligations.
  • The business plan will also force you to identify the most cost effective way of doing the business ahead of time and consequently make good money in the long run.

Understanding Your Niche

  • The market that you target must be understood well for it to be effectively reached. The methods used on low income customers can not work for affluent folk with the same results.
  • Different customers need tailor made approaches that make them feel valued individually, something that will get you return sales. These return sales are critical for any business that intends on remaining afloat for more than a season, since they will become a steady and reliable income stream, something every business could use.
  • Market research is important in understanding your market, and it should be done meticulously, and any relevant research previously conducted on your target niche should be taken seriously, as these could make the difference between making a great impact on the market and creating a big bubble that’s ready to bust.

Be Good At What You Do

  • A customer will always recognize a shoddy job, make sure you retain and attract more customers by knowing what you do and be confident.
  • Understanding what you do will also ensure you know when you’re being taken advantage of, when something is against regulations and when you are in the clear, something that will keep the business from attracting heavy fines for violations, and these eat away at your profits.
  • The competition will always try to pull a fast one on you, so you need to be knowledgeable enough to respond quickly and decisively, in time, before all the customers are lost to the competition and revenue streams dry up.
  • Innovation is critical for any business to make good sales and stay relevant to the consumer. To be able to innovate you need to have a good understanding of the present needs and to predict accurately how those needs will change over time.

Keep Costs As Low As Possible

  • Minimize any costs that do not generate revenue directly, this includes office supplies, office space and the like.
  • These items can severely erode any profits made as this simple equation would demonstrate: Profit = Total Income – Expenses. The office supplies and space are included in the expenses on the right and only serve to reduce the amount on the left of the equal sign, which is something we do not want.
  • The labor costs, though ideally should also be minimized, needs to be handled with sensitivity, since the amount workers receive directly affects their productivity and motivation, so a fine balance needs to be found, where the employees get fair pay for acceptable work that’s profitable to you.