Google Success Story: History of Google’s Growth and Success






“Google” is the only word that comes first when search engines are discussed. Google is world’s biggest and most used search engine. Google has become a synonym of internet.

All the websites try hard to come on the top of the list of Google Search results. Why is Google so big and what is so special in it? Google is the brain child of Larry Page and Sergey Brin which transformed the world of web. Google is also accepted as a dictionary word. Google is also the most visited and number 1 website as per the Alexa ratings. From beginning to now, Google has acquires around 100 business ventures and has become a huge business empire. Here is the entire story of Google’s success.

The idea of Google took place in March 1996 at Stanford University.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin, were the Stanford PhD Students who founded Google. They were doing their project research on Stanford Digital Library Project. Initial funding was given by NSF. Larry Page had a dream of transforming the mathematical surface of WWW. Larry Page is a genius computer scientist. In college, Larry’s supervisor Terry Winograd encouraged Larry to go ahead with his idea. Larry Page often says, “It was the best advice that I have ever got”. Page focused on link structure, link graphs and connection of back links. His research was first named as “BackRub”. Sergey had joined him after the project was started. Both were very close friends and started working together. Larry Page’s web crawler explored the net from March 1996. Right from Larry Page’s own Stanford home page, its starting point was to convert all backlink data which were collected to give to various web pages. Page Rank Algorithm was created by this process. “BackRub” used to analyze the web page and find back links according to relevance and assign page ranks. These features made converted BackRub in to a search engine.

This search engine from Google integrated the Stanford website name with its domain “”. The domain “” was registered on 15th September, 1997. They established a company called Googlr Inc. and gave it professional touch. Google Inc. name was given on 4th September, 1998 in Menlo Park, California.

Both the founders were not happy with pop-ups and heavy graphical advertisements on their website. They were against such stuffed advertisements. The word Google actually came from the original word “Googol” means a number with 1 followed by 100 zeros. Today, in Oxford dictionary and Webster dictionary, Google word is defined as “A search engine that helps obtaining information on internet”.

Google was growing with accelerated speed. By 2008, Google was having an index of around 60 million webpage. In 1999, Google moved to office in Palo Alto, California. Google’s basic code of conduct is “Don’t be evil”. In 2004, they took a leap towards an IPO. Initially, Google had a fund of $100,000 USD. This fund was invested by Andy Bechtolshem, an angel investor. Larry and Brin both were not completely convinced with the IPO idea but Google needed more money. To grow further, the needed to invest more and to invest more, they had to come up with an IPO.

January 2004, Google announced that they hired Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanly to take care of the IPO process. They decided to raise a total fund of $4 Billion. After that, Google got listed in Ameracan stock market NASDAQ. The acronym they used for Google was GOOG. Google’s main revenue source is Google AdWords. Here advertisers publish their text links on page of searched result. Google always shows some “Sponsored Links” on Google search page. These are advertisements by Adwords. Google is also a source of income for professional bloggers. AdSense service helps bloggers and webmasters to show some advertisements on their websites on revenue share base. Many bloggers earn handsome amount of income with Adsense. Advertisements showing “AdChoice” as heading on many blogs and websites are adsense advertisements placed by Google.

“YouTube”, the biggest video sharing website is a part of Google. Google acquired Youtube and made it the second largest search engine website for videos. Google launched, Google analytics, webmasters and many interesting stuff which changed the face of web. Google launched Android operating system for mobile phones. Today, Android holds 40% of the smartphone market in USA. Google recently acquired Motorola Mobility to produce handsets and hardware. Google+, a social networking platform is gaining ground on web day by day. Thus, Google is everywhere on the web. That makes Google a historic website and the biggest search engine.

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