How To Talk To A CEO? 6 Things To Keep In Mind To Impress Your CEO

How to talk to a CEO?

This one question arises in a person’s mind when he is assigned to meet a CEO of any company. A CEO of a company is a personality who is highly regarded. It is no joke if you have been asked to meet one CEO. If you do not want the outcome of the meeting to be a disastrous one, you must follow certain tips to handle yourself properly in front of him.

  • Do Your Homework: A CEO is a highly visible person. Hence, you would not find it difficult to track down professional and personal information of the concerned person. Collect all the necessary information before meeting him. Prepare yourself for the conversation with natural flow keeping in mind the information in the researched materials.
  • Be Specific: The most important thing for a CEO is his time. Hence, you should in no way knowingly or unknowingly waste it. When you are given a time for meeting a CEO, ensure that you keep your purpose and plan absolutely ready. Be prepared to answer certain questions that the CEO may ask to test your credentials or get answers to his queries.
    Try to be to the point so that you take his bare minimum time.
  • Ask Questions: Since you would be the one who is going to do all the talking, more specifically, questioning, hence it is important that you come prepared with the important questions to be asked. If you cannot find questions to be asked at a particular time, it is a wise decision to let the CEO speak. You can then frame questions based on the answers. Sometimes, it is important to take the benefit of the guidance, wisdom and experience of this kind of known personality. For getting that, you need to let them speak too about their personal and professional life.
  • Feed their Ego: A CEO is a very important of a person. Since he has achieved so much height, he thinks a bit high about himself, which is right too. If you want your meeting to be successful, you must boost his ego. However, you must not sound like a sycophant. Moreover, he would immediately understand your intention. You must appreciate him subtly so that his ego is boosted and he does not doubt your intension as well.
  • Plan for Redirection: Before your session ends, you must talk to the CEO and ask for the person with whom you can follow up later. He would surely like the idea since on one hand you would not be taking any more of his time while on the other, you are responsible enough to take on something constructive with his subordinates after the meeting.
  • Say Thanks: Saying thanks to the CEO for his time is of extreme importance. You can send him a mail by post or email him a “Thank You” note as well. However, thanking him immediately would look better. You must also remember to thank his assistants, as they are the source through whom you got access to meet the CEO and the same people need to be contacted in future also if you have anything to say to the CEO.

These are the basic tips that would help you to talk to a CEO of a company successfully. To add to the tips, it is important to stay cool and be in good humor if the situation demands.


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