Be Self Employed

Be self employed is a concept which is quickly catching up with the young minds of the country. With a pool of talent available companies both in India and abroad look forward to have self employed professionals in their payrolls. As companies are concerned with quality work at less overhead expenses hiring self employed professionals help them gain both ways.

Self Employment in IT

With the advent of IT self employment has come to the fore. With opportunities available galore on the internet more and more skilled professionals prefer giving up their jobs for self employed work. There is constant increase in the flow of jobs from developed countries to third world countries like India. This has prompted people to take up jobs independently. Some IT based self employment jobs are data entry, medical transcription, content writing, technical writing, web designing, affiliate marketing, programming, legal transcription, online form filling and lots more.

With such enormous work pressure from overseas companies many firms and BPOs are looking out for freelancers to carry out their various assignments and meet the deadline.

The good quality of work, accomplished from home arrangements and the cost effective nature of such jobs have lead to generation of more jobs.

Self Employment in Small Business

You can be self employed with your own business set up. It can be anything from a small grocery shop to a small manufacturing unit. You can also put your skills to use to become self employed. If you are a good photographer, you can independently offer services to all events and occasions. Likewise if you are a good teacher you can set up your coaching centre and become self employed. The avenues of getting self employed in India are fantastic.

What are the Benefits of Becoming Self Employed?

The benefits of self employment are:

  • You get to work from the comforts of your home
  • You get to save a lot on taxes
  • No fixed work hours
  • You can schedule your own working hours

Things you need to Take Care if you want to be Self Employed

Here is a list of mistakes which you shouldn’t do if you plan to become self employed:

  • Do not sell to the wrong people. Be careful about your clients.
  • Do not spend too much in the beginning
  • Neither do spend too little
  • Avoid putting up a fake front
  • Always trust your intuition
  • Do not fail to create value

    Taking up lucrative self employed careers in India, are a fantastic alternative to earning money in quick, effortless and flexible way.

    50 thoughts on “Be Self Employed

    1. Prashant Reply


      Dear Sir/Madam

      can you please tell me how can i setup my own Internet cafe
      also guide me on registration process and everything about it
      Please do mail me.
      waiting for your response

      Your Sincerly

      • Scott Wilson Reply

        Mr. prashant, starting internet cafe is very good idea for people who want to start with small capital.
        My guidence for you in this context is
        – your set up should be perfect.
        – Furniture and every thing are the most important things.
        – As a customer, i will prefer cyber cafe which has maximum facility.
        – Be very care full in selecting are, where do you ant to start?
        – Minimum investment is around 75000 rs. to start with these facilities, if place is on rent.
        – Along with the cyber cafe, you should start game zone and hard ware also.
        – This addition in the cafe will boost your cafe in computer sales and services.

    2. Ilyas Reply


      Dear Sir/Madam
      We r in Internet /DTP/scanning/online application etc bussiness in the heart of city Hyd.from the last 3 years ..Pls give me few more ideas how to upgrade this bussiness to get more income or to add some more services..this bussiness becoame a hand to mouth in now a days with no substantial income..we r qualified brothers (PG)we want to fully involve in bussiness to make a regular source of income..rather than to be employed somewhere iam also in aposition to invest around 3 to 5 lakhs to upgrade it..but iam not getting any idea…iam regularly in contact with experienced bussinessmen but my efforts r going invain.

      Please give me few ideas

      Waiting for your response through mail

    3. Scott Wilson Reply

      Mr. Ilyas,
      You are on the right way. So first of all, you tell me your interest area, your experience is specifically in which business. IT sector is too vast and you have some experience also. And the amount which you have to invest is enough to start something which make you self employed. So please tell me whatever questions you have about the same. Please provide your personal information of your interest and every thing.

    4. Praseetha Reply

      Hi Scott,

      You have been doing a wonderful job helping out young people to become entrepreneurs. Well, about me, I am currently working for an IT company. To add to the income, I have decided to start with a maid service agency. Is it really possible for me to start this business without any investment or minimal investment. I know it would be nice to open up a place where customers can contact and request for maid services. However, to minimize the initial investment amount, can i just do with getting some flyers printed and advertise in local newspapers. How many cleaners should I hire initially and what would be the initial and running costs. Please let me know the steps to start my maid service business in bangalore without any investment (except printing flyers, placing ads, hiring cleaners). I also understand that clients do pay a registeration fee to such agencies. I would like to provide very compettitve price to my clients. Is it wise to keep the registeration fee just 1500 Rs., since I have seen that most of them are charging Rs 3000. Also, what are the kind of verifications that I should do on the cleaners I hire to bring a trust in my clients. Any advise on this business is welcome. Thanks Scott. Good day!

      • Scott Wilson Reply

        Ms. Praseetha,
        If you don’t want to invest more in initial period of the business start up, you can advertise in newspapers or leaflets with your phone no.
        Initialy you can hire employees as per your needs and your capacity.
        To start with, 3 workers are enough. Then you can go ahead if you get orders.
        Thank you.

    5. Bhagya Reply

      Hi Scott,

      I’m Ms. Bhagya from Bangalore, India. I was just going through this portal and found it very interesting and the way you reply is really right to the point. I’m fed up of working under someone and interested in starting some small business in Bangalore. I have around 4+ years exp in Customer Service/ Sales and Email Support. I’m actually looking for starting up some small scale business and I’m too much into social service and would like to help the poor ladies here by employing them and growing along with them. Can you please let me know with a mini investment of Rs 50K what small business can I start and progress. I have good leadership, managerial and communication skills which can act as a plus point.

      Awaiting your reply.
      Thanks and Warm Regards,

    6. Y H Reply

      Hello sir,
      I am civil engineer with 5 yrs of exp in my field, now I am working as lecturer in one college and the salary offered is very less and I wanted to earn more to clear my debts. Can you suggest me any self employment jobs to take up. But in my civil engineering field I finding very hard to thrive, hence in some other field I wanted to take jobs.

      Can you suggest how to go about and whom to contact? I am scared of fraud/cheating cases. I stay in Bangalore. I am good at computers.

    7. shivrat yadav Reply


      THANKS & regards,

    8. R K Reply

      I want to get an idea on best self employed jobs available in USA, I am working full time in software firm in CA, now I am thinking to become a self employed and seeking some of the best jobs. can you help me with this?

    9. R B Reply

      I am an employee in a private company and want to start some small business in my home town, my town population is around 500000 to 700000 only. I can invest up to $20000, please suggest me for some small scale business to start?

    10. P S Reply

      Dear, I am a Computer Operator last since five yrs experience. Now I want to start my own business, because I do not want to do jobs everywhere being my harassment by mentally and physically. Could you please guide me as to in which field can I start my own business?

    11. A C Reply

      SIR I want starts a small business from home, can you advise me what would be suitable for me. I am not a high qualified person, have knowledge of Computer hardware. And presently I am a Govt Job holder but I wish to take voluntarily retirement. Please suggest me.

    12. Y G Reply

      Hello Mr. Scott Wilson,
      I would like to start home based women of lingerie my town. I have contacted international wholesalers. Major players need my business license and import id for the same. Could you help me getting these? Which type and from where do I get business license for lingerie business in Mumbai. Any site ref. will also help.

    13. A N Reply

      Sir I want starts a small business from home, can you advise me what would be suitable for me. I am a high qualified person, have knowledge of computer. And presently I am govt job holder. Can you suggest how to go about and whom to contact?

    14. R V Reply

      Hi, I have completed Computer science Degree, right now working in an IT company. Since I am getting married I can’t continue my job. I want to do some home based business to become self employed. Please suggest me some ideas. I have tried many online businesses, but none of them are working really. Please help me out

    15. Noe Reply


      This is Noe, I would like to start a small scale industries like assembling unit like electronic unit. How about this idea…. I am coming from electronic background and have experience in hardware and networking, Software development, and teaching experience also..I am thinking to start my own business. Can you guide me to something?.

    16. N B Reply

      Hi, I’m computer expert having 14+ years of experience in teaching Computer Application & Languages like C,C++, Java, Visual Basic. Also experienced in Computer Hardware Troubleshooting & Repair. Please suggest a good part time job in the evening hours.

    17. U S Reply

      Hello, I completed btech mechanical engineering in 2009,so I want to do self job in stream of mechanical design, So give a guidance to me. Any support from the government is possible.?I am waiting for your reply.

    18. S V Reply

      Hello, I have just completed my high school. I need a part time or full time job so that I can be self employed. It will be more helpful if I get a job in MI. It may be a govt job or even private. I am a girl of age 16 so it will be helpful for my life if I get a good job. Thank you.

    19. SH Reply

      Hello sir,
      I am living in town I need to start internet cafe in my town . I have little knowledge in computer operating but I need to invest $5,000 can you guide me about this matter because I am an unemployed please send me the details that I need.
      Thank you.

    20. RV Reply


      Past 10 years I was working with diff. Companies doing the commercial kitchen equipments in Gulf region. I worked from designing, project coordinating, site handling, purchase, estimation/ tender, sales and at last I resigned (wished to work in India) as Sales Manager. Now working in Bangalore in the same field. As I’ve gone through the all sectors of this field, I would like to start up own business. Due to the lakh of capital amount I’d like to add a partner. Please advise how much initial investment required and please guide in detail what are the taxes and other paper works involved.


    21. AK Reply

      Dear Scott,
      Can u please advice on I would like to start a mobile shop,What will be the minimum investment required apart from the space and what are the necessary licenses do I have to get for running the store.


    22. AH Reply

      Hello Sir,
      I want starts a small group business for village level group in low cost , can you advise me what would be suitable for me. I am post graduate in Agriculture and working a NGO sector Please suggest me.
      Thank you.

    23. KM Reply

      Hello sir,
      I have heard you are giving good ides for people ho wanted to start business I am almost 27 years from past 3yrs, I have not been working because I am fed up of working in private and all my sisters are well settled in good job only I am like this I am very depressed and I want to start some self employment work please could you tel me what type of a job I can do with an investment up to $3,000 and I am also a graduate suggest some good idea sir, waiting for your reply.
      Thank you.

    24. SS Reply

      Dear Scott,

      The site very helpful and thank you for your time. Well, about me, I am working as IT engineer. However, I would like to be self employed and my interest lies in starting a boutique. But I have no idea how the profits really are in this and how much should be initial investment. Please advice me.


      • Scott Wilson Reply

        As far as returns are concerned, this business has an immense potential to give you the returns. About capital required, it all depend on what scale you want to start and where do you want to start? But profit is there without a doubt.
        Thank you.

    25. VS Reply

      Dear sir/madam,

      I am engineer but failed to find job & gave up trying. Was doing Ph.D. in solar energy but had to leave after 2 years due to lack of lab/facilities & work and absolute boredom. Also, I am unmarried so felt I could risk starting my own venture in low cost educational kits for young kids, college youth that help them verify & learn the laws of mechanics, electricity & magnetism & gain practical skills and give them enjoyment & happiness as well.
      Thanking you,

    26. RS Reply

      I am about to join a software company. As a part time I want to teach online to students in US,UK etc. I love teaching maths,physics,english,soft skills etc. I need your guidance.Please help me know
      a. how much can I expect per hour.
      b. how will I get a job.
      -I can teach on weekends (preferably) else in the evening.
      -I can give 5 hrs/week.
      Thank you.

      • Scott Wilson Reply

        There are many websites especially for online teaching. You can open your account there and upload some videos as the samples with your qualification details and subjects you are interested in.
        All the details you will get there only.
        Thank you.

    27. MS Reply

      Hi Scott

      I am a self employed event manager now I want to employ a clay artiste for a clay modeling classes in my area so how good or bad the idea of clay modeling studio is. and also want to know what other business can I do


      • Scott Wilson Reply

        Before starting the business, check the market availability. Are there enough clients available in clay modeling arts? If yes, then only invest in that. And other business ideas I can suggest you only after knowing your interest, experience and capacity to invest.
        Thank you.

    28. KJ Reply

      I am running a successful business of supplying housemaids I need to know how to expand my business. Presently sole Proprietorship. Do I need to Register? Do I need a shop? Do I need a License? Any other legal requirements? I am willing to pay for advice facilitation.

    29. VK Reply

      Dear Sir,
      I am working for an IT company outside of India and due to some family issues I need to go back but company wants me to continue working with them from India. How can I do that since they don’t any branch in India? I guess I need to register a company, what if I don’t want to register a company and just want to work from home with them? Really I am not sure how to go about it. Kindly suggest what is to be done to work for them from India without being their employee!!
      Thank you.

    30. VK Reply

      so what i understood from our conversion is that….i don’t need to register anything anywhere….just go back home, start working from home and for monthly salary (although not salary exactly) ask them to do e-transfer or via western union…that’s really great!!!! and at the time of filling the tax this income can be shown and dealt accordingly…but in this case what to do with the company’s request to send some kind of bills monthly (to show the work done by home) so that they can make me payment as a company paying to another company. can it be done as free lancer…can i have my own billing pad as free lancer?

    31. ST Reply

      Hi sir,
      Its really appreciable for your encouragement. About me, I am married and presently I am housewife but I am very much intrested in doing work. Please advice me anything so that I can do work from home. Hope you will reply.

    32. vandana gupta Reply

      Dear sir,
      I am a Chemical Engineer.I want to set up my own business or you can say small scale industry.I don’t understand what to set up,which is related to my please give some suggestion.

    33. sunitha Reply

      Hello, I am civil engineer and would like start a business in Bangalore. Please suggset the way forward which are the best ways of starting small scale business in construction field..

    34. diipesh Reply

      Can Forex trading be a self employed activity. What are other self employed activities than data entry, please suggest.

    35. SRINIVAS Reply

      How prosperous will be paper plate Manufacturing. What could be the cost of manufacturing machine in India?

      • JC White Reply

        Well according to me, this business is a business that runs without any seasons, paper plate is required by throughout the year for all occasions like Birth days, Anniversary Parties, social get-to-gether etc.

        Cost of machines should any where between Rs.80,000 – to Rs.150,000

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