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Business from home in India is slowly catching up with the Indian mindset. In the recent years many options to work at home have cropped up. In fact there is something for everyone. A person can easily get a work of his liking from home. Some such jobs are:

Online Business from Home
A computer literate person in India can find many jobs sitting at home.

They can work at flexible hours and regulate their income as they desire. Some such jobs are

  • Online Sales Jobs: This is one of the biggest works at home option. Cosmetic sales are a good example of this type of job. It is part of affiliate program. There are also opportunities to sell through online auctions.
  • Writing Jobs: Writing has become a good business from home in India. As the need for website content is booming many people are finding this type of work very much to their taste and learning. Other types of online writing include resume writings and advertising writing. As writing cover a large range of industries, it has opened up many possibilities.
  • Data Entry Jobs: This is a field where one must only fill data.
  • Medical and Legal Transcription Jobs: These jobs involve transcribing recorded versions into document form.

Other such legitimate home business include copy writing, proof reading, web designing, programming, web hosting, web creating, affiliate marketing etc.

Other Home Business Opportunities:

Phone Sale and Service Jobs
Selling can also be done from home over the phone. This typical telemarketing job is becoming a popular work at home. In customer service jobs you have to answer incoming calls from customers who want to order from catalogs or a television ad. This kind of service includes niche jobs as psychic counselors or adult phone line work.

You can also have small businesses like your own Xerox centre or STD booth in your home. Likewise you can operate a boutique, gift centre, home catering business etc from your home.

Home Based Manufacturing Business
You can start your own manufacturing business from home. It can be any small items from garments to machinery parts and handicraft items to confectioneries. For this you need space in your house.

Things you need to take Care before you Start your Home Business
You need to be very careful before you begin your home based business. The following ways will help you have complete control over your business:

  • Be careful with your expenditure. Do not throw away your investment. Even if your means permit more you should start on a shoe string budget.
  • Have a strategy before you venture into your business. Do proper research, before you start your business.
  • Don’t become too satisfied at any stage. It takes no time too loose your way.

Home business in India also provides you with the chance to grow into an entrepreneur.

25 thoughts on “Business from Home

  1. pradhuman Reply

    Can you please help to to start my own business from home? I have been working as operation manager in TOP BPO firm of India, now I want to start my own BPO and Call center business from home, please help me and gives me business ideas to get this started.

    I also have good contacts with employees in my company, who are ready to help me and join my company if I start.

    -Mr. Pradhuman Jain

  2. Shilpa Reply

    I’m a 25 yrs housewife.i have own computer and internet connection.i’ld like to work with you.could you please send me the details od work.I’m looking for part time typing jobs without there any jobs like that.if yes please send me the details.

    • Scott Wilson Reply

      Mrs. Shilpa,
      For on line jobs, I would suggest you to search job from the sources near by you. Because we give only information and guidance and rightnow, we don’t have any vacancy. If I have some work which suits you, I will definitely let you know. If you want online data entry and forms job, you should visit the article in this website only named “online data job”. So read it and also read the comments and posts so you will get better idea about that. If you have any further query you can definately ask questions.
      Thank you.

    • Scott Wilson Reply

      Mrs. Shilpa,
      This is the most asked question by housewives. I would suggest you to find such jobs from the known sources. You can find such jobs from news paper classifieds as well. There are many websites providing such jobs. But at that point of time trustworthiness of that website matters a lot. You should select such website where office no. is given. And you should call and verify that is it proper or not.
      Thank you.

      • RAVINDAR KUMAR Reply

        I am a working man and looking for a part time work from home. Can you please suggest what kind of work I can do from home without investment. I have my own Laptop but without internet. Kindly reply soon.

        Ravindar kumar

  3. Mrs Sam Reply

    Dear, looking for a cheapest room in Bangalore to start a small canteen business. Its for cooking food take away to supply office or university. Mauritian food,Briyani, and Indian food Veg-Non veg.Can anybody help please guide me how to have order from office.Need a cook too.I want someone to drive me to needy people i like to help ,give them small jobs. May i know if i need a incense to do this job.

    Please contact me on E-Mail:

    with thanks

    Mrs Sam

    • Scott Wilson Reply

      Mrs. Sam,
      The idea is very good. The information you need are available from some special sources only. For the room, you have to go to a estate agent and they can help you to strike a good deal.
      As far as the customers are concerned, you need to go to these people or to their offices with a proposal describing your offer and specialty.
      And as far as cooks and employees are concerned, it is dam easy to get once you spread the word.
      So all the best. If you need any more guidance, please ask questions. We would love to guide you.
      Thank you.

  4. Scott Wilson Reply

    Mr. MOhan,
    What guidance do you exactly want from us. Can you be a bit more descriptive in your question? Because I will be in better position to answer your question if I understand it well.
    Thank you.

  5. Kamaljeet Kaur Reply


    I am a working women and looking for a part time work from home. Can your please suggest what kind of work I can do from home without investment. I have my own PC but without internet. Kindly reply soon….

    • Scott Wilson Reply

      Mrs. Kaur,
      You can visit the page on the same website named “business for women”. You just search for this page on the same website and you will get the ideas. If you don’t get the ideas you can ask the questions.

  6. A N Reply

    Sir, I’m a 25 yrs, I have own computer and internet connection. I would like to work with you. Could you please send me the details of work? I am looking for part time typing jobs without investment. Is there any jobs like that? if yes please send me the details.

  7. C A Reply

    Hello, I am a govt. servant. I am expert in editing works which I have acquired as a skill over the years during my services to the nation. I am a postgraduate in electronics and communication engineering. I am looking for a editing/proofreading kind of job to be done from home as my eyes are trained and my language skills are proficient enough for this kind of job.
    Thank you..

  8. S J Reply

    Now I am running my own computer class and also I am doing other works like School/College projects, thesis, assignment, data entry work and etc. My work experience is 6yrs. And 2 months. Need more online projects/assignments. I assure you of my best work. Kindly reply at the earliest possible.

  9. K R Reply

    Hello, I am retired Mechanical Engineer.I want to start my own business. I need some ideas to start home based business or open a shop. I am ready to take any existing or a new one.
    If u have any sureshot profitable business You can contact me by email. Need some relevent details, whatever business you have in mind.

    Preference will be given for the following business:
    Take over of existing Agency
    Small scale Plastic Industry,
    C&F or Distributorship Licensing.

  10. S N Reply

    Hello, I am an Accountant. I have a work experience of 4 years in Accounting taxation,MIS reporting ,reconciliation etc.I am in practice. I want to start some work from home business.Please suggest any work in DL which could be performed from home… Thank you.

  11. Mr. GK Reply

    I am a working man and looking for a part time work from home. Can you please suggest what kind of work I can do from home without investment. I have my own Laptop but without internet. Kindly reply soon.


  12. SS Reply

    Hi ,
    I Hope this site will me help .let me introduce my self.
    I am SS working with stock broking company as a team leader, I completed my MBA last year now i wanted to start own business without investment. I am ready to work 24 hours please help me out in this case.
    Thank you

  13. NKV Reply

    Dear Sir,

    I am Project Engineer. in Electrical and Automation area, I have 1 lakh for investing in small business,
    Than please suggest me which type of the business available for small investment.
    I am doing any business, like online, 2 hours in day, weekend, festival, occasionally etc..
    I am doing Job ( 9:00AM to 6:00PM), So I have small time for that, after I picking growth in any business than I will left job and concentrate only in business.

    Pl. suggest any idea ??,

    Any Opportunity if you know / have ??

    Pl. help.


  14. SA Reply

    I am employed at IBM, as well as I do have my own company called as innovative solutions just registered but not yet started any business. Please can you suggest me some good busniess with minimum investment as im also getting ISO regestration done for my company already spent 50,000 now I am not in status to invest more than 10k but want some good business. Also if you can help me good online jobs so that I can at least start making some money like some form filling or data entry please guide me I need some help please.
    Thank you.

    • Scott Wilson Reply

      First of all decide that in what field you want to start a business? What service you are going to provide actually? Think on that and come up with 3-4 alternatives and then I can suggest you some better ideas and improvement.
      Thank you.

  15. SG Reply

    I’m a 27 yrs housewife. I have own computer and internet connection. I’ld like to work with you. Could you please send me the details of work. I’m looking for part time typing jobs without investment. Is there any jobs like that. If yes please send me the details.

    Thank you.

  16. VY Reply

    Hello sir,
    I am a housewife and I want some suggestion from you and I want to start a small business at my home only. Please suggest me some ideas which I can start easily. I do not want to do any data entry type work or online work. Please give response as soon as possible.
    Thank you.

  17. Burhan Reply


    I am a Graphic Designer, i am doing work the Catalog Design, Advertisement Paplets, Business Card, Conpaney’s logo Desgin & All the Graphic Disigning work.Please suggest for online graphic works.

    Thank you.

    • Scott Wilson Reply

      Hello Burhan,
      You can search for graphic designing work from and other working professionals ‘ communities.

      You can also approach local companies for graphic designing work. Graphic designing is something needed in every business, there must be thousands of placements available. You just need to explore.

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