Business Ideas

Business ideas in India can be found in plenty. The kind of business you would like to do depends entirely upon your choice and the capital you are capable of investing. If one is desirous of starting business in India one must consider both his inclination and his ability to sustain in a highly competitive market.

Small Business Ideas You can explore
There are several small business ideas which you can start with. Those who love selling products can open shops or take dealerships of products. They need to do all the ground work before they set up their own business. Those who are interested in manufacturing can set up small units and start production. And to help them financial institutions in the country is there to provide them with loans. Likewise people who would wish to own a hotel, an eating outlet, garage, chemists shop, art schools and endless other business has equally endless number of opportunities and facilities.

Home Business Ideas
Nowadays business ideas from home are turning out to be quite lucrative.

This is because one is assured great returns for little or absolutely no investment. The whole idea of running a home based business should be to generate a steady and sizable income from the comfort of your home. Nowadays the most popular home business ideas are online business. As it does not involve manufacture, storage and delivery, it is arguably the most hassle free businesses one can think of. Online businesses include data entry jobs, content, web designing, programming, web creation, technical writing etc.

Some Lucrative Business Ideas from Me 🙂
Keeping in touch with the latest opportunities there are plenty of lucrative business opportunities in India. The most valued among them are outsourcing technology, internet ventures, software development opportunities, e-commerce opportunities, and other business ideas. Some prominent business ideas include:

  • E-Commerce Export Opportunities in India
  • Online Customer Support from India
  • Export Data Services
  • Export Animations, multimedia, Graphics or Other Content Products
  • Setting up a Software Company
  • E-Commerce Business Opportunities within India

Today’s business ideas in India have made earning easy both for men and women. All one requires to make the most out of an opportunity is hard work and tenacity.

34 thoughts on “Business Ideas

  1. sanjeevi Reply

    Respected Sir, I am planning to start my own business. I think starting exclusive mushroom shop in Coimbatore city is having excellent scope. Please give me some ideas about how do I execute my plan. Is it possible to open a shop with less investment in my area. Kindly Reply

    • Scott Wilson Reply

      Very innovative and modern idea man. I appreciate this one.
      This is very much possible to start mushroom shop. But for that you need to do opportunity analysis.
      Instead of blindly going in that business, first do some proper research and then start.

      • KS Reply

        Dear sir,

        I want to start a new business with the investment of around $6,000 please suggest me better one. I have an idea of putting food & fun together. I am planning to start a cyber cafe & bilyards & snacks & drinks at one place, Can u suggest me a better way.
        Thank you.

  2. sachin kumar Reply

    Dear All

    I have started on bpo which is based on demat account opening
    But i am unable to get the i am ready for the investment
    but i am not getting the proper client to give a flow to my business.
    So please do help me.

    • Scott Wilson Reply

      Mr. Sachin,
      You should advertise your company. As you have started such a business line, you need to advertise for getting valuable clients. On line advertisement is the best option for this.
      Thank you.

  3. A K Reply

    I want to start up with an import export business from the root, I can invest up to 100 thousand and do want to start it up just for experience for the future and not just for profit, can you you suggest me what kind of product or business opportunity I can go for?

  4. R F Reply

    Dear Sir,
    I am very happy to see your site.

    Now I am running DTP cum Xerox center. Now I wish to start a small manufacturing unit to earn more. please gives me useful ideas, if you give me an agro based ideas under the control of any governments or semi government depts. I shall be very thankful

  5. S D Reply

    How to start a small scale industry, I am looking for good investment in small industries, and need some steps and procedure to start a small scale industry.

    Can you share some good business ideas that can be started on small level and can be expended to large scale a business?

  6. V D Reply

    Hello, I am working with Genpact from last one year and I am about to complete my graduation. and I want to get start my small business as KPO. so please do provide me the further suggestion or concern on my this query.

  7. R N Reply

    Hello sir, I have an idea to start my own garments manufacturing industry in TX. Presently I am working with one MNC company. I have too many contacts so I can easily take plenty of orders but I want to start this industry with less investment. How is it possible? Please guide me.

  8. F N Reply


    I have just completed my masters in food management from UK. I have a great passion to start food industry in India but it is very difficult to stick on single idea. I need your guidance regarding, how to start any business with no confusion.

    Thanks you

  9. J N Reply

    Dear All,

    I am interested to provide Online Computer Technical support from US to Customers all over globe.

    I would like to start a business so that I can provide support to them at very reasonable cost and serve them better to be FREE from Computer related issues.

    Any suggestion are most welcomes…

  10. S J Reply

    Cool… I am from MI. I am doing a job in a Cement plant. Now I want to start business in my city. I have can invest capital in any small scale industry. Please suggest me what type of industry I can start with good margin and good demand in the market.

  11. P N Reply

    Hello. I have resigned my employment to take care of my little daughter. I have 14.5 years of experience in BPO industry. I have done Diploma in Plan and Project Management (PGDPM). I can do the preparation of documentation and presentations and do a quality check for the same projects. I am interested to start my own business. Can you suggest any business for me?

  12. M K Reply


    We are planning to set up a Wheel Alignment & balancing shop (2/3 shutters together) in LA along with other automobile accessories. Do let us know some ideas about the initial expenditures involved and the formalities.
    Thank you.

  13. S N Reply

    Hi Sir,

    I’m in china and planning to offer online store for Chinese items to Indians and the globe. Only thing i wanted to know is, do i need to setup a company to do this? or can i do it simply by making a website and getting orders?

  14. Mr.SK Reply

    Dear Scott,

    Greetings for the Day:-)

    I have been trying to find a good website to help me understand my business idea, and here i find one.

    I am intersted to start an Automobile Spare parts business, along with Wheel Alignment in Hyderabad, and i found no such business in the area that i reside.

    Request you to kindly let me know the Cost/Investment that I would need to setup this businesses. Also request you to suggest some business on similar lines.

    Have a Good Day, Cheers 🙂


  15. PR Reply

    Hello Mr. Scott.

    Myself Paresh residing in Goa. I am graduate in Mechanical Engineering and in service for last 7 years.I am very much intrested in working for myself instead for others. As a start; I along with my friend took a Ice-cream franchisee while we both were into our jobs and its running for last one year ( although we are not getting much from that but we started).

    Now i want to do something of my own. I have pen downed some options which i feel i can do better and want your help and advice.
    1) Manufacturing of small items on small scale:
    2) Something related to tourism or minnig as both this sectors are backbone of Goa’s economy
    3) Events / Advertising. I have some prior exposure to this and also and active interest.

    Can you please help me in suggesting some innovative ideas in these fields which i can opt for on small scale basis. If i do some manufacturing then i will do it keeping in view rural areas of Goa.
    please help me and mail me your suggestions if possible.

  16. PJ Reply

    I am software engineer with 6 months experience.
    But i am girl with lots of creativity and to do more different things.
    I am not finding my job interesting.
    I am planning to start a small job. I am married and i have few good number of friends and my family to support me.
    So please suggest me, how shall i start and which business will be suitable for me.
    Please reply ASAP


  17. PR Reply

    Hello sir,
    I would like to start an online dry goods business, which is really directed to the exportation of food to third world countries. I want to have the website in which persons can order directly from the site and have their goods shipped to them. I am looking for a reputable drop shipping company, which I can do this through. Please tell me how do I go about doing this. Basically what I am saying is, the costume sees an item on my website, they buy the item and the item is shipped directly to them. I want to do this where I will not be responsible for shipping the items. Eager to start this business. It’s my passion.
    Thank you.

  18. JH Reply

    We are one of the reputed education Consultants, recruiting students internationally since 3 yrs. We are looking for business partners in Northern and Central part of India. If anyone is planning to start a small business with an investment of approx 2-3 lakh, you are always welcome. We would be able to provide you complete back-up and training. For further queries kindly write to us.

  19. SRI Reply

    I had an idea to start a infant food business. I am not having experience. And don’t know how much capital required nor what is the procedure for starting it. And where will I get the machinery. Can you please help me regarding this idea.
    Thank you.

    • Scott Wilson Reply

      To start any business, you need to know something about that business or have some experience in the same field. It is very difficult to just start a business of our choice without any information and experience. So better do a job for a short period of time in some such company of infant food. Or you can think of some other ideas that you are familiar with.
      Thank you.

  20. ML Reply

    Hello sir,
    I am a school student and I am having entrepreneurship as one of my subjects I have to make a project report of a business plan, so for the report we are asked to have some really innovative and new sustaining business idea. Our teacher has asked to not to exceed the investment. So I am planing to have business idea which can be established.

    Please can you suggest me some different new and unique idea which can be sustainable and through which I can help my surrounding poor jobless people.

    I have one idea: few days back I read in newspaper that local handicraft market people are ridiculously fooling the foreign tourists by selling products at very high cost. So I was thinking that I can have my own handicraft manufacturing and selling unit employing the villagers who know this work and sell the products to the tourists and can try to export at lower rates.
    Thanking you in anticipation.

  21. KM Reply

    I want to start a food supply business (making rotis/chapatis with roti making machine). I have place & little finance. Tell me the govt formalities of starting this food business. How and where to get register?

  22. MN Reply

    Hi Scott,

    I am basically from rural part and working as project engineer (i have completed my diploma in CS) and too its my dream from my childhood to establish a biggest business empire, but as am not much sound financially planning to start any business which gives more profit and then entering into a large business.

    At this point of my situation I can invest 50k only, I came across your site searching for some business ideas with low investments and there are many sites with fakes regarding this nut i found this site as a oasis, its very usefull and too you are responsibly answering all the questions of many and many future entrepreneurs like me.

    So to the best of my knowledge you will be having a great things and plans in your mind regarding this scenario, so please help me out by your suggestions, ill be waiting for your mails.

    Thank you.

  23. saravanavel Reply

    Dear sir…

    I am Saravanavel from Coimbatore city TN state, I want to start a food business(production line) in my own city,so please tell me what kind of food business shall I start in my home town and how can I market my product. Tell me the investment,profit and future of the business…

  24. prasenjit chaliha Reply


    I am planning to start up a new business in my state of Assam. So kindly guide me in this regards.
    I have a plan to start up a Scrap metal business , but i dont have any knowledge in this regards. If u can help plz help.


  25. Shankar Patil Reply

    Dear All,
    As I am mechanical Engineer around 6 yrs exp in field of pumps and ancillary parts of it, I want to start a business in the form of dealership ,in mechanical or any other like electrical or mechantronics field, can you help me regarding some ideas of business?

    Shankar Patil

    • Scott Wilson Reply

      Hello Shankar,
      Ideas you already have, you need to identify your strength and market demand. Whichever business you want to start, make sure that you have enough opportunities and market is open for you.

      If a business idea fits into your budget, interest and experience and there is a good opportunity in the market, go for it.

  26. Mayank Reply

    Mr. scott
    I Don’t have anything to invest and still want to start retail business like restaurant or food chain.What all things i need to start.I am 12th pass with computer knowledge,I am 30yrs male sitting at home.Please guide me.

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