How To Become Disability Advocate And Start Disability Advocacy Business

If you looking for a career that is both rewarding and satisfying, then it’s time you opt for disability advocacy as a career. This job involves assisting disabled people in getting their benefits as guaranteed by the state. Though there is a system in place for the disabled, more often than not, most disabled end up being denied their benefits.

This is because, not everyone filing for benefits know how to go about.

Hiring an attorney can assure of procuring benefits, but it involves huge expenses. Doing it themselves is an available alternative for many, but not many are aware of the law and how the system works. This is where you can step in as representative of the disabled person and with your knowledge of the disability program, help the disabled get benefits he is entitled to.

How To Become A Disability Advocate?

To become a disability advocate, you need to go through intensive training program in order to familiarize yourself with the disability law. There are several organizations that provide certified training along with ongoing support. Once you get certified, you can start take up the profession as a small business and thereafter specialize in this field with time.

Chances of growing in this business is very high, because of peoples reluctance to shell out huge attorney fees which, in any case, may or may not bring them the benefits.

Different study programs pertaining to disability advocacy are available in the market. The basic program provides helps you learn everything about the subject. This program is affordable and is good enough to help you start your business from home. Advanced certificate programs help established DAs improve their efficiency..

To become a DA, you need to meet certain requirements. All of this is outlined in details in the Social Security Administration’s publication Your Right to Representation. It is always advisable to specialize in a niche field of disability. So, opting for a specialty in social security benefits can be extremely helpful. One such field of specialty is when an employee is not in a position to discharge his duties due to either a physical or mental disability.

Another way to become a disability advocate is to join an organization that supports the disabled. All it takes is ring up the organization or sign up on their website. This is a good way to start off a career in this field because disability advocates often have to work as volunteers to raise awareness in the society. Once you gain experience as a volunteer, your career can take a perfect take off.

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