Start An Educational Consultancy Business in India: How to Go Ahead?

Question: I am planning to start an educational consultancy business. I have chosen this because most students don’t have an idea about which career path to choose after school or high-school. Having helped many students in my family choose the right career, I believe I can help every student embark on the right career course.

Can you please tell me how to start this business? Also I would like to know what you think about my decision.


Education in India is growing at a phenomenal rate. With students bursting at the seams competition is getting fiercer. Despite the availability of innumerable professional fields not all of them are being tapped because of lack of knowledge amongst students about the prospects in those fields.  More often than not students come to this field on the rebound. At secondary and senior secondary stage students and parents are keen to know more about different fields but are in no position to make informed decision. They badly need the services of an education consultant and this is where education consultants can step in to make hay while the sun shines.

A career as an education consultant can be lucrative in many respects. Firstly, this is a sinecure job. Secondly, this business requires meager investments.  Thirdly, one serves as one’s own master and gets all the freedom to engage oneself in a second profession of choice.

How to become a education consultant?

To become an education consultant, the first requirement is wide knowledge about the prospects in different fields of education as well rudimentary knowledge of the subject. One can acquire this by carrying out extensive research. Completing a course in psychology can be extremely beneficial. It would help one understand the mindset of students as well as their parents and hence would find it easier to change preconceived notions. It is also important for a consultant to be in touch with ground realities in the job market. This would help them provide fact based guidance.

To become a good education consultant you need to be a good salesman. In other words you need to be an articulate person and must master the art of convincing people. You also need to be a voracious reader and must possess good analytical skills to analyze and interpret developments in various education fields. Besides you also need to have strong networking skills.

Knowing the field and your competitors is also very important. Get in touch with other consultants to study how they function. Yes, you need to go in disguise, as a relation of some student. Stepping in as an assistant of a consultant can be the best way out of learning the tricks of the trade.

Setting up an office isn’t much difficult. However, you need to have an office set up that conveys a professional feel. PCs, books, fax machines, Xerox machines, printer, desks, cabinets, book shelves etc are a must. It is equally important to keep professional marketing materials ready. This includes business cards, writing pad with logos, brochures to market your expertise. You must also have a professionally built website. Having social media presence is must for leveraging online modes of advertising.

To market yourself you need to arrange for seminars preferably at good places like hotels and halls. Get yourself invited to colleges and coaching centers to illuminate students on chances in other fields. You can book stalls in education fairs and book fairs to further your chances.

Though it doesn’t cost much to become an education consultant, but to create a niche in the market you need to strive hard.

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