Export Business Opportunity and Ideas

Question: I need your help in starting an Export business on a small scale in India. Could you please help me out with the below questions
1) How can I get an order from another country?
2) Which are the countries with which doing business is safe and secure?
3) What are the types of items which are good moving (produced in India) in foreign markets?
4) How would I do sourcing?
5) Can I get any help in finance from Government?

Answer: First of all you need to select the country from where you want to get the order? Or you have to select it depending upon your products.

If your products are tentative then you have to think a bit that which country have a mass demand or which country is best for me for business?

Ideas and Opportunity in Export Business

  • Once you are selected with the country, then you need to analyze the market of that country and need to get a through idea.
  • As far as the security and safety is concerned, you will be able to judge the country only after checking past records, economical condition, political condition etc. If you are sure about the country the question of the security of the consignee comes up.
  • For that also, so many ways are there to get assurance about the overseas parties.
    You can ask for the Letter of Credit, Advance Payment terms, Document against Payment system etc.
  • You can also get pre shipment and post shipment insurance coverage from the EPCG of India. For knowing the help from governments help you have to visit the office or branch of EPC and EX-IM bank of India.

25 thoughts on “Export Business Opportunity and Ideas

  1. uddanti Reply

    sir,iam very much intrested to start a herble raw metirials exports to verious countrys.i abtain herbles and full plegedknowledge.but nillknowledge of expots,and olso iam intrested to expots to uk,please give me a good idea.

    • Scott Wilson Post authorReply

      Ms. Udanti,
      You have a very good idea and need to be executed carefully. You need to register your firm as an export oriented firm. Then you need to get the IE no. which is Import-Export no. This no. has to be obtained from the indian export department.
      After availing this no. only you can export or import the goods.
      Then you need to register your self in EPC which stands for Export Promotion Council. This council will help you about how to go further and how to chose the market. If you have any other query, you can surely ask your questions.
      Thank you.

      • Rwituja Reply

        Hi Scott,
        I would like to export Indian Sarees to New Zealand and US. Kindly guide me how to move ahead.

  2. Anson Reply

    Dear Sir,

    I need your help in starting an Export business on a small scale. Could you please help me out with the below questions

    1) How can I get an order from another country?
    2) Which are the countries with whom doing business is safe and secure?
    3) What are the types of items which are good moving (produced in India) in foreign markets?
    4) How would I do sourcing?
    5) Can I get any help in finance from Government?

    Thank you

    • Scott Wilson Post authorReply

      Mr. Anson,
      There is a special post on the same topic because this is the question of many people. So visit the page of export business ideas and opportunities. There you can enough ideas about your question.
      Thank you.

  3. Leo Reply

    Hi Scott, I am based in New Zealand for the last decade. Have over 25 years of marketing experience. If anyone is interested to export to New Zealand or Australia – happy to assist! Depends on the product and the local conditions of course.


    • T G Reply

      Hi Leo, I have an export business in India, and the products include, home furnishing, wooden frames, carved wooden chests, white metal trays, bowls, decorative items, kitchen ware. I have friends in Australia and we were planning to open office there but they do not have any export knowledge, will appreciate if you could pitch in. if yes we can take it on from there.

    • A D Reply

      Hi Leo, I am interested in starting an export business from India. These will include all handicrafts. If you are interested in taking this further then kindly let me know. You can reach me on by replying this comment.

    • A J Reply

      Hi Leo, I am AJ, I want to start Silk garments export to Australia or NZ Land, I need your support to start my export business. Please let me know more with details. What is current market of Silk garments in Australia? We also deal with Pearl, Tea, Rice, Seeds. If you are really interested please contact me on by replying this comment.

      I am ready to open one company there also, If you are willing to work with me for a long time, you can be the partner also, Thanking you Leo.. I am waiting to hear to reply from you.

    • Siva Kumar C.P. Reply

      Dear Mr. Leo,
      Thank you for your post, we are Lotus Exports, Exporting Fresh Coconuts & related products from South India, If you shown Interest to move forward, kindly let me know though our id:md.lotusexports@gmail.com

      With Best regards.
      Siva Kumar C.P.

    • Rwituja Reply

      Hi Leo,
      I have done certain research on the demand for Indian Sarees in New Zealand. I have spoken to some retailers also. But I would further want to know your opinion on market and demand of the same .
      Thanks.. Awaiting your response.

  4. Anil yadav Reply

    Hi L,
    I belongs to India and would like to know that what are the things which I can be export to New Zealand? And what are the things needed in newzeland have a huge demand in current economy?

  5. V K Reply

    I need your help in starting export business.

    Please tel me about .How I can start export business?
    1. what documents required?
    2. what certificates required?
    3. what license required ?

  6. K N Reply

    Hello, I got IE code. I planned to export spices to other countries. How to start export business with little investment? Can you suggest me what is the minimum amount required to start my business? I want to start it on a part time basis first. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  7. K N Reply

    I am a homemaker staying in AL. I am in need of a job. Currently I am not working but the confidence to do any job. I had worked with a software firm with around 2 years. I am a post graduate in computer applications and bachelor in mathematics from reputed universities. I am planning to start export business of computer and mobile accessories. What will be the minimum amount needed to start my business?

  8. Sachin Reply

    Hai Any one Could you please tell me about Cardamom wxport from India?
    Where it is more valuable? As a Small Scale How much i would be suppose to invets?
    I need clear cut data. Any one Please suggest me and guide me.

  9. DR Reply

    I would like to export herbals and their products to foreign countries. Our optional country is Singapore. My product is suitable for their country or not.please anybody guide me and then what is the basic amount to be invest?

  10. AB Reply

    I want to start export business. What are the approx procedure charges for registration etc.?
    How to make sure that foreign party will/can not make any fraud? What precautions should i take for healthy business?
    Thank you.

  11. KN Reply

    Hello sir, I am Kamlesh Narola from India. Right now I am doing my MBA in AEC business school (university of wales, new port, UK), Singapore. After finishing my MBA I am looking forward to start my own export business. So I am interested to export some quality snack product from India to Singapore. So I would like to distribute my product in Singapore. For that I want product distributor who can distribute my product in Singapore market. So how can I get distributor in Singapore please help me.
    Thank you.

  12. MOhammed Ali B. Reply

    I would like to start an export business from India. I can supply spices and nuts like, cardamom, cashew nut,beetle nut, almond, dry ginger, cinnamon, pepper, coca ,pistachio etc… If any one is interested to market these items in countries like Middle east, Europe etc. can contact me for further dealings.

  13. N.Rama subramanian Reply

    Hi all,

    I have started doing my export business in ecomosaic tile from india.If anyone s interested in getting dealership of ecomosaic tile(coconut tile)in middle east countries.pls let me know thro mail.

    which is the perfect product to export from india to other countries.could anyone pls guide me in tis???


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