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Hi sir, I had recently completed my Masters in Food Science and technology from Australia. I came back to India a month ago, to start a business in the area of food processing.

I have absolutely no idea of what to do and where to start. I was searching in the internet and i got to read your site.

I am really impressed by the article and the answers you have given to other people’s questions.

I would be grateful to you if you could give me some business idea in this field. I have my own land and i am ready to invest 100,000 USD in my business. I am a resident of Hyderabad.


Start Food Processing Business in India

You have your own land and good amount for investing, that’s brilliant. You have done a course about the same as well. So I would suggest you to start your venture in your state first. You can carryout your business in various areas for ex.

  • Fruit juice,
  • Ready to cook packets,
  • Breads, cakes,
  • Spices,
  • Namkeen snacks, etc.

And you have a handsome amount to invest with your self. If you put this money 1,00,000 USD as margin, you can get another loan of 4,00,000 USD and with this much money, you can start your business with a blast. So the plan I have suggested is god enough for you. You can start from your state and later on you can go on with more than one state and the same way ahead. Your business may have national recognition after couple of years.

If you want to know more any thing or any queries, you can surely ask questions.

Thank you.

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  1. samudi Reply

    I would like to start canning food preservation
    I hade good experince in texas in USA
    and also bakery field.

    plz tell me about any small business

    Thank s you

    • Scott Wilson Reply

      Great, Samudi. Can you just tell me what kind of food processing business you want to start and where?
      If you provide me these information, then I will be in better position to analyze your plan and guide you. Please provide details of your experience as well.
      Thank you.

    • S V Reply

      Hello, I am working in Mc donalds as a asst manager. I have done hotel management. Also I have worked for 3 yrs in US as a restaurant supervisor in a multi cuisene restaurant. Right now I am in MI and want to know how can I set my busness. I am willing to start food processing business. Need advice on how to set up small sauce manufacturing plant with marketing..

  2. koti Reply

    hi sir,
    i am an mba graduate. want to start my own business. i am interested to start sweet and hot(namkeen snacks)or bakery, and my investment is 10 laks, and i am belongs to vizag(vishapatnam) in the same place i want to start my business. i dont where to start and how to start this business because this kind of business are exits in our place, even if i opened it what type of marketing strategy i have to use get successes in my business and what plans or strategy i have make to attract the customer. please suggest me answer for me…..and please mail to this ids ( or
    thanking you

    • Scott Wilson Reply

      Mr. Koti,
      Competition will be everywhere and in every field. You should not think that woill my idea work or not? You have to make it work.
      The marketing strategies should be as follows:
      1. Packaging should be attractive,
      2. Complete gurantee for the hygene,
      3. Aggressive promotion in innitial days of stating,
      4. Offers,
      5. Offers according to the seasons and festivals,
      6. News paper advertisements,
      7. Competitive prices etc.
      You just follow these steps and you will see the emarging demand.
      If you need any further assistance, you can ask as many questions as you want.
      Thank you.

    • V R Reply

      Dear Koti, Recently analysis says that vizag is the best destination for starting a food processing Industry. In fact a recent MNC has plans to set up a food processing Industry in this city with an investment of 200 cr. Such is the demand for this sector. Further details can be known by mailing us.

    • S D Reply

      Hello, I am working as a scientist. I also have idea to start same business as my two friend are in this business. I would also like to start food processing business and like to join with you for this if you agree means, please contact me.

  3. shagun garg Reply

    Dear Sir,

    My name is shagun garg.i live in panipat haryana (india).We are manufacturer of wollen blankets ,fabric.blankets business is seasonal
    business and its depend on winter if winter is good than sale will be high otherwise no sale.I want start a new business not seasonsal we have land ,investment,power so please advise me which future business should i go.

    We look forward to hearing from you.


    Shagun garg

  4. pooja Reply


    I want to start some business about Eco-friendly and creative products but without much or no investment from home. I am masters in biotechnology and i want to do something in my field only without taking any type of loan. Kindly guide me how to start something related to my interest and the procedure to co-ordinate.
    Kindly reply me ASAP, i will be pleasured.


    • Scott Wilson Reply

      Ms. Pooja,
      There is a special column in this website about the Eco-friendly products. You just read that column and read the question-answers, you will get enough ideas.
      As far as the investment is concerned, you can start this business with low investment but not with no investment.
      If you have have your own place, machinery and all the backward integrations, you can start it without loan. Otherwise you have to invest money from loan or from other sources.
      Thank you.

  5. Ajay Pal Singh Reply

    Dear Sir,

    i want to start a business in Nano Technology , as of now i have no idea where to pick up the Tecnology/ Business proposal from.

    Would be very kind of you for any help in the matter could be provided.


    Ajay Pal

  6. Sandy Reply

    This is Sandy, I am residing in HP, and I want to start Potato Chips business in my area, but I can’t invest more than 2L, can you help me to providing guidance – how can I start and can I get loan from government organizations as well. Because I want to start and then think about how can i earn from that.

  7. R A Reply

    Hello Sir, I found your website very good and helpful. I just completed my MBA & wanted to expand my Family Business of Retail (FMCG) but due to family problem I had to join job. Now I am working in education sector in Punjab area. I want to start business that I can do with my job and later on with its success i could quit my job. I have ideas to start related to Food Processing. I heard that Govt. is providing lot of subsidies in Food Processing. As I do not have much funds, so I would be depending on loans. So can you please tell me in detail about the loan, formalities and challenges in this Business.

  8. C B Reply

    I am planning to start a business of dehydrated fruits nd vegetables, and would like to know a few things as mentioned below.

    1. The government is offering some subsidy for processed food in India, however am not able to find the extract information wrt the amount/ conditions for the same. If you could help me with that.

    2. What are the permissions/ regulatory approvals that one needs to take prior to starting a business in this sector?

    3. I am open to the location of the plant, and so far am planning to put the plant in Gujarat/ Maharashtra, which according to you is an ideal location for the same, and is there ny other location that you suggest?

    4. Could you also share the step by step process of how I should be going about starting the business?

    Thanks in advance.

  9. R S Reply


    We are looking at starting a unit into Food Processing and would like to be advised on the following (stating that we have an investor)

    1) What are the viable options?
    2) What are the friendly states in India to setup the plant?
    3) How do we source the equipments and what are the brands available and the cost?
    4) How do we source the raw materials?
    5) What are the mediums of marketing?
    6) Need a Business Plan for the same?
    7) What are the Govt Agencies that we have to liaison with and what are the methods are their to liaison with them?
    Thank you.

    • S L Reply

      Hello, we are having food processing industry in MA. We are marketing tomato sauce, chilli sauce, non fruit vinegar in the brand name. We have lot of tomato sauce and chill sauce orders but we are unable supply these orders due lack of capital. I want to take loan to expand my business. How should I go about? Guide me in a proper way. Thank you.

  10. J R Reply

    Hi, I am a mother & I am PG in MBA. I want to start garlic/onion peeling business. Please guide me how to go about the same. I understand there is good scope for food processing industry.
    Thank you.

  11. AC Reply

    Hello Sir.

    I am interested in food processing of ready to cook food items including spices to begin with. I would like to start that in TamilNadu and can invest Rs.30,00,000. I have relocated from the US to India for good. I have 10 years of continuous improvement work experience.

    Please suggest how do I go about doing this?


  12. J S Reply

    Hello, I am MBA graduate.
    I am really very interested to start food processing business.
    Can you provide me the info with your valuable sessions

    1.How much capital I need to invest initially in (medium scale)
    2.Can I hire any experienced enough person who ll handle all the business and also make me sure of good returns.
    3.IS there is any future in this for long term?
    4.Among all the process which one is the most best and profitable as well.

    Your reply will be so valuable for me to take any further decision. I ll be waiting for your response plz reply a.s.a.p
    Thank you.

  13. A G Reply

    Good evening,
    I am staying and working in Malaysia.
    I am interested in canned food (curry based) processing industry in Malaysia. I do not know how to start my business. Please guide me to achieve my dream.
    Thank you

  14. S S Reply

    Hello, I have complected MCA. Your website very good and helpful for business peoples. I want to start a business in my area. Now I choose food processing business. Please tell me my decision is right or wrong. Also suggest any one good business for me. I have no idea to how to start the business and get loan from government. I heard that Govt. is providing lot of subsidies in Food Processing. As I do not have much funds, so I would be depending on loans.

    Thank you…

  15. M J Reply


    I am from DL and want to start a business in food processing. I have some capital to invest. I heard that the government is offering some subsidy for processed food , however am not able to find the exact information of the amount/ conditions for the same. I would be very thankful to you, if you could help me with that.

    Thank You

  16. MT Reply

    I am planning to set up a small food processing unit of Pickle, juice and squash. I already have machineries and place but I need some other details regarding these unit, they are –
    1. How much min. working capital require ?
    2. What is the avg. selling margin of these product?
    3. What are the permission required for this unit?
    4. Is it required to have ISI ? if yes, what is the fees?
    5. What are the most and required things to do before set up the unit ?

  17. fazil Reply

    i would like to start bakery industry in southern part of tamilnadu . can u tell me how much land ll be required for small scale production of bread , cakes and other bakery products . i have done food process engineering

  18. A Ma Reply

    Dear Sir,

    Iwant to start Mango Pulp processing and packing. I have hans on experience in sales and marketing but lack knowledge in production. So wnt your guidance from source of Machenary procurement to establishment. Also want guidelines on cost. I dont have any licence also.

    A M

  19. SRG Reply

    I am an agriculture engineer. I want to start my own food processing business but i am confused what to do. Either i should do my PG in food technology or do an MBA in agribusiness or both? please guide me!!

  20. VJ Reply

    We are going to buy one previous food company which ready to eat process company. But now they are closed. So we are going to buy that company. So please explain what certificates are we want to check before we buy.
    Thanks with regard.

  21. SK Reply

    Dear sir,
    I am a mechanical engineers having 2 years experience in industrial maintenance. I want to start my own service business in amint activity. Please guide me how to start my business?
    Thank you.

  22. VT Reply

    Hello Sir,
    Our college has gave us a project about Food Processing and I am unable to describe some topics like for eg:How the Enterpreneur has got an idea to establish his own business? So please guide me how to write?
    Thank you.

  23. NS Reply

    I am a Management Graduate with 12 years experience in International Trade & Logistics. Currently, I stay in Mumbai and I am planning to relocate to Gujarat or Rajasthan to start a food processing business with maximum capital investment of

    Kindly guide for a suitable business.

    Thanks & Regards

    • Scott Wilson Reply

      It is a lovely idea that you are planning to start up in B-towns. There is immense potential in such towns. You can first visit those areas and get the pulse of the market. Which food items are more popular in those towns etc. Then you can shortlist the business plan.
      Thank you.

  24. JA Reply

    Dear Sir,
    I recently graduated from college and have done my bachelors degree in biotechnology, I am interested to start a food processing plant and would like to export my products to major nations like US, UK, Aus, etc. If i want to export ready to eat food, what should I do. I can invest up to Rs.20 lakhs. Please reply on my mailing address.
    Thank you.

  25. NL Reply

    Hi sir,
    I am planing to start a business in making a ginger and garlic paste so kindly help me out on point below this.
    1. how much capital do i need
    2. what all permission need to take
    3. what kind of preservative to be use
    4. is tere any company that wil help me out to start business?

    Thank you.

  26. DM Reply

    Hi sir,
    I am doing business. I want to start a a new business in the area of food processing. I have absolutely no idea of what to do and where to start. I was searching in the internet and i got to read your site. I am really impressed by the article and the answers you have given to other people’s questions. I would be grateful to you if you could give me some business idea in this field. I have my own land and i am ready to invest 10,00,000 rs. in my business.
    Thank you.

  27. SR Reply

    Dear Sir,
    I am 29yrs old. I want to start a small scale business in my area. Please provide me some details regarding different types of small businesses which can be start with less investment and capital. I would be very thankful to you if you give me an innovative and profitable idea to start my own business. Kindly reply.
    Thank you.

  28. FZ Reply

    I would like to start a food processing based industry in my home town. Here there is no major industries. And I don’t think that my state is an industrial friendly state. As it is in the southern region. Actually I did b-tech in computer science, so I don’t have any prior knowledge in the relevant field. So is it manageable by myself ? What are the different phases in food technology? Please let me know what u know.
    Thank you.

  29. BPN Reply

    Is it possible to create sugar cane product processing unit? e.g. By product of jaggary or sugercane juice powder etc.

  30. BJ Reply

    Hello sir,

    I wist to start a business in manufacturing of sauces, spreads , dips, salsa, Hummus etc. What should I start manufacturing first? I want to set up my plant where I have my own land and my investment would be around 3 Cr. Who Could be the best suppliers of machine related to these products?

  31. lakshmi Reply

    Hi Sir,
    I have completed my B.Tech. I want to start a business and i am very much interested in food processing. Can you guide me what type of food processing unit is best suited for rural area as I belong to rural area. I also want to provide employment for women in my area lease give me better idea.

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