How to Start a Business without Money

The very title of this topic may startle you! You must be thinking whether it makes sense at all. The answer is an emphatic yes. You can well start a business without any money? In fact this is the best way to so, given that you wouldn’t have creditors running after you or mounting interest to deal with.

Two Important Ways to Start a New Business without Incurring Expenditure

  • Have a Home Based Business: A home based business can help you with your ideas of starting business without investing.  This will reduce or even eliminate all overhead costs. The savings which you can make include no lease payments towards office rent and complete elimination of costs for commuting to work.
  • Involve your Family in your Business: Try to give joint ownership to your family members. This will save you expenses by way of paying monthly salary. In them you can find partners who can be entrusted with anything.

Find Business Ideas Which Require Little or No Money to Start
This can be the most challenging aspect of the job.

Coming out with the right ideas are where the key to your success lies. For this you need to consider skills which can be properly canalized to start a business without any expenditure.  Some business ideas are listed below:

  • Home Based Tuition: This is a very good business which can be started without any investment at all. All you need to have is good teaching skills. If you specialize in teaching a particular subject you can become a teacher specializing in a particular subject. Once you make a name for yourself you can get your business going strong.
  • Start Money Lending Business: This again is a business which you can start if you have money in hand. All you have to do is lend money to those who need it and charge interest from them. You lend your money against a security. In the true sense this is a business with very good returns but no investment.
  • Start Money Exchange Business: This is a secure business with zero investment. You just exchange the currency of foreign countries and get a cut for it.  For this you need to be in a place frequented by foreigners.
  • Start Money Broker Business: This again is a very good no investment business. You just have to play the role of a middle man and earn commission for what you do. It can be anything- from helping one find a home to helping one sell a car.

How to go About with Your No Investment Business?

  • Give importance to your creativity. Implement creative concept and ideas. Do not run after money. Increase sales activity aggressively
  • Build your ability to convince. When nothing works, negotiate. It is here that the difference between a full time employee of a Company and an entrepreneur lie.
  • Offer better value for money than competitors
  • Substitute the absence of money with hard work
  • Always have a balanced approach. Live life within balance especially, when you are starting a business without a cent in the bank.
  • Avoid long term contracts, like fixed employment, leases, contracts for employees etc.
  • Always have unflinching determination

If you wish to turn your dreams of starting a no investment business a reality, you can achieve it with quite ease

33 thoughts on “How to Start a Business without Money

  1. Joseph V.V Reply

    I would like to start an online business for selling processed organic products grown in our own fields. This we plan as HOME BASED BUSINESS. Shall we obtain a licence to do this business? If so, where shall we approach?We also may get chance to export our products to South Korea. Where shall we approach to get an export import licence and what are the formalities?
    Would you kindly give the guidelines?

    • Mack Reply

      There is no license needed for starting e-commerce business, all you need is a web portal where you would like to list down your products. Yes, you also need to tie-up with logistic companies to deliver goods. Good Luck!

    • Bhasker Reply

      Dear Joseph,
      You could start home based business for online, you need to build a proper e-commerce website with your products, Payment gateway and Logistic things. I could support you on ecommerce website for your online store. You can mail me for further details.


  2. rathiesh nair Reply

    I would like to start an online business for data entry This we plan as HOME BASED BUSINESS. Shall we obtain a licence to do this business? If so, where shall we approach? Would you kindly give the guidelines?

  3. sanjoy rahut Reply

    This is also my question that what is the business can be started at home without investing money or low investment. I have got an idea, carrier counseling at home, marketing for other company product (not reputed) through sales boy / sales girls, you have to little bit for it ..

    If you have any idea please suggest me.

    • Scott Wilson Reply

      That is very good idea. For these profession, you don’t need large amount of money.
      If you are very sure and informative in career counseling, then only start that service. Because it is the future of some one.
      you can do it with so much care.
      About mmarketing idea, it is good and feasible as well. I would again say: think, plan, decide, act, and evaluate your plan. All the best.

  4. Yeshwant Reply

    I want to start my own business. Online personalized retail selling, gift articles, etc. Can you please guide me on this? Also do I need to register a company? Can i create a website and start a company? Do i need to register it? What is the process? I need to understand all the legal formalities? where can i get help for this?

    • Scott Wilson Reply

      Mr. Yashwant,
      To start something like this, you don’t need to register your self as a company. You should register as a firm only. You can surely create your website and you can start this on E-bay as well.
      There are no big and complicated formalities or lengthy process. You just need to register your website on some web host and you have to have an internet money transfer account.
      Thats it. You can start your business smoothly.
      Thank you.

      • Yeshwant Reply

        Thanks much for your reply Scott. Any advice that you would like to give me before i approach a web hosting company. I also intend to outsource design and development of my website. Any recommendations?

        • Scott Wilson Reply

          Mr. Yashwant,
          You should be very selective about your website’s name. And about the web design and site development, our enterprise has a department of webdesign and development. You can approach me as well and you can give us the order of your website.
          Thank you.

  5. Pankaj Reply

    Hello sir,

    I am planning to open a Pool Parlour business in Navi Mumbai, i have also took out the business license for it. My questions are will i reuire any license or NOC from local Police and is there any entertainment Tax charged for such business, if yes how much will it be and which governing body is going to take take of this tax ?

    Thank you

  6. ashish Reply

    I would like to start an online business for data entry This we plan as HOME BASED BUSINESS. Shall we obtain a licence to do this business? If so, where shall we approach? Would you kindly give the guidelines?

    • Scott Wilson Reply

      Mr. Ashish,
      You may register your firm and have license of service exports. It will help you a lot in future to take your business on a larger level. To register and for licensing, you can consult an advocate who providers the service of registration assistance.
      Thank you.

  7. Pankaj Reply

    Dear Scott Wilson,

    Hope you are doing well.
    I am sure you remember our conversation about Pool Parlour.
    It is ben started on 9th June, respose is good. and i am planning to open a Hookah Lounge at the same place. I wanted to know several things like will it require license, is it allowed by constitution if yes how should i go about it.

    Thank You.

    • Scott Wilson Reply

      Hey Pankaj,
      Great to hear from you that the parlor is doing well. For the hookah parlor, you have to take the license and for that you should consult an advocate who can guide you and do work on behalf of you.
      Thank you.

  8. hi scott Reply

    Hi, I am monika sharma from Chandigarh and I am looking for some business. I am planning for boxes business I mean boxes that is used in tv, refrigerator covering and everywhere in everyday life how can I start that production business and how much capital I needed please help me.. Hope u understand

  9. P B Reply

    Put in simplest terms, to do any business, you have to sell. To sell, you need profitable product(s), a way to reach out your customers and collect payments.

    In real life, this is not as easy. Not certainly to invest your own money and do.
    If you want to start out doing the above without spending money, you have to use a reliable system that gives you the above “readymade”. You just have to focus on business building.

    One of the most practical and result oriented system is SFI. They have been around for 11 years on internet and active in 175+ countries of the world. It’s no obligation FREE to start without any forced purchases.

    There are many good ones out there, but SFI has been most trusted and rock solid.

  10. N T Reply

    Hey, I need some good investor who can fund for a business idea that I have, I would like to start my business, and can any good investor help me? I have idea but not have capital to invest, anyone please try to help me in whatever way you can

  11. V S Reply

    Hi, Presently, I am a B.Tech(CSE) and working in IT company. But I am not happy with my job. My Parents has small shop(General) in my native town, not in main market. Frankly speaking, I don’t have any capital to invest. But I want to start my business. Please Guide what business or some IT(software) related business(preferably) can be started in small towns, I can apply for bank loan (if require).

  12. M K Reply

    Hello Sir,
    I am a student.
    But I wanna start Computer sales and service, I had started my institute named Knowledge Center where I am teaching Languages like c,cpp,vb, and also A+,N+,MCSA,LINUX TECH.
    need some idea about starting my new business.

  13. NV Reply

    I want to open a sports organizing company in small districts with a franchisee system. I have even framed a model for that can I start my company which will organize the cricket tournaments . There will be no sponsorship system money will be given by franchisee owners and my company. My idea is looking good o papers but, I am not sure as I don’t know he rules and obligations about this can u help me ,with some suggestions.
    Thank you.

  14. DP Reply

    Hello sir,
    I would like to open money exchange business, so from where I get license of it & is it possible to exchange the money just like a bank does purchase the foreign exchange from an expoorter & sell it to an importer what license to be taken from which govt institution to obtain such kind of license to open an an money please specify in detail.
    Thank you.

  15. DC Reply

    This is DC from mumbai i am working as marketing exectative for last five years in different sector now i complete my graduation and diploma in web design now i want to establish a shop (office) of it as sole proprietorship and i want to give customer service in very cheap price i think that i can get more customer through telecalling i have source of data of telecalling now my question is i am selling my product through telecalling will it comes in regulation of call centre ? If yes, then can i register my call centre on sole proprietorship ? What Is the future of this business (web design)
    Thanking you

  16. ND Reply

    Dear Sir.

    I want to start up my own business in cement sector but i don’t have any money to start up this business. So I request you to please guide me. I have done job for 6 yrs and I don’t have any job right now. I am interested to start up my own business.
    Thank you.

  17. SC Reply

    Hello sir,
    I would like to open money exchange business, so from where I get license of it & is it possible to exchange the money just like a bank does purchase the foreign exchange from an exporter & sell it to an importer what license to be taken from which govt institution to obtain such kind of license to open an an money please specify in detail.
    Thank you.

  18. MZ Reply

    Hello Sir ,

    I am planning to start a small business related to web development ( a small IT company). I have a masters degree in Computer Science. I am a fresher and I don’t know from where to start. I have my friends who are willing to be my partners. Do I need a special licence to start this business? Can you say me some traditional ways by which i can find clients.

    Thank You 🙂

    Your advice and tips will be highly appreciated.

  19. HS Reply

    Hi Scott,
    I am already in to education business of handwriting improvement for children (100% result and money back guarantee on this program), kindly advice some good marketing tips and advices to target my audiences i.e students. Also advice on how to approach school for workshop and convince them to start this activity.

    • Scott Wilson Reply

      I would suggest you to include more skills in to your portfolio. Because only for hand writing only, schools will not be ready to give you some workshop. So include more in that and then offer a package. This will help you. In this case, word of mouth will work great.

  20. Prem Reply

    I want to start my own business. I have following problems. Please help.

    1) I don’t have any finance to start a business.
    2) I don’t have any idea which type of business should i start.

    I would like to give some information about me :

    I stay in mumbai and would like to start business here itself. I have a PC with internet connection at my home. I cannot afford any type of investment as my financial condition is very bad.
    Request you to mail me…

  21. neha Reply

    Hello, I am Neha from Salem Tamilnadu. I am interested in starting garment retail shop. I want to know from where I can buy ladies wears at cheap price with good quality. I am new into this business. Please help me. Also let me know what other details I should know before enter into this field. Can you explain this too? thanks

  22. rajesh Reply


    I like to start a property business around and near by areas.. I have only 2.5lac of money available for investment… one of my friend is also interested in it as a partner.. Guide me
    1. How about property business and from where do i start ground level and what are measures should i take? scope? plus and minus etc?
    2. Partner at early stage? as, some how I like to be independent..

    Do guide me in detail and also point out any thing which i miss.

    Also suggest any other low investment business?

    Reply soon and only on my id,


  23. Deepak Goyal Reply

    You have done great job Mr. Scott. I am highly impressed with your recommendations and appreciate your work. Keep it up!

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