How to Start a Garment Business

Garment business has become a very profitable business in India. With each passing day the business is growing by leaps and bounds. So if you are looking for a footing in this business you are in a field which assures you great prospects.

People have become more style conscious nowadays.  This has provided a lot of scope for garment business in India.  With increase in competition you need to put in lot of efforts to come out with latest design and style.

The better your designs are, the newer your concepts are the brighter are your chances to flourish.

How to Start a Garment or Apparel Business?
When you are venturing into clothing business you need to have a reasonable capital for meeting your expenses. Your first step is to deal with manufacturers or wholesalers or distributors. Your capital is your buying power. It helps you become a capable dealer in order to commit yourself to business transactions. Your capital can help you hire sales representatives.

How to Start a Dress Business?
You can opt for selling quality wholesale garments to begin with. It is always very profitable.

Malls, large markets and selected flea markets are the best places to market your wholesale garments. The kinds of customers you get here usually buy in bulk. These customers have enough buying power to dent your inventory. They will then become the retailers and sell individually to end consumers.

If you plan to start your garment business by becoming one of these customers, it does make lot of sense.  Buy as much garment as your capital permits and then sell them to customers individually. However to sell them to customers you need a shop or an outlet.

Garments which are in demand in India are jeans, jackets, tops, skirts, underwear, shirts, trousers, shorts, vests,  scarves, handkerchiefs, sarees, salwar, etc

How to Start a Shirt Business?
When you wish to do wholesale business in shirts you need to keep in mind the following:

  • Target Audience: Decide the certain age group, style, occupation, general public, etc for which you want to market. This will help you plan out your goals and identify your market.
  • Quality: Always lay emphasis on quality. This is vital to bring customers back. Ensure that people get back their moneys worth.
  • Research: Do research to find out on the type of designs and styles you wish to introduce. Be up to date with your subject regularly. This will help you retain customers.

How to do Marketing and Promotion of Your Business?
Promotion helps you reach out to the nook and corner of the market. Always go for the kind of promotion which is cost effective. You can spend more only after your business grows or when prospects are on the rise.

No matter what garments you deal with, you need to choose the right target customers and come out with the right marketing plans to succeed.

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115 thoughts on “How to Start a Garment Business

  1. KSan

    Hi Sam,
    I can surely help you, can you please be more specific what type of information you want exactly??? Please give me as much information as you can, from your side, so I can guide you in proper manner.

    I know you want to start kid’s garment business, but give me detailed information, like where you are based? What is the age group of children you are targetting etc…

    Waiting for your reply,

    • Sam

      Hi KS,

      Thanks for your response!

      I am based out of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. I am planning to setup a Kids retail store, which includes Garments, toys & accessories etc., Garments being the primary part of it. I have passion to set up the store with innovative ideas, however, no knowledge about the business.

      Below is the information I am looking at:

      1. Is there any course which educates me about the retail/garment business in Hyderabad?
      2. What is the investment I should be looking at, to start the store?
      3. How do I procure goods and dispose unsold ones?
      4. How do I manage the infrastructure (personnel, IT, Transport, Advertisment etc.,)
      5. What are precautions I should take, to make it a success?

  2. gayathri b r

    hello Sir

    I am interested in starting up a small garments with less investments

    i don’t know about garments.Please guide me and support me in respect of begining garments.My no 9964310893.waiting for ur responce.U can send it on my personal mail.

    Gayathri B R

    • Tejas

      Respected Sir/Madam, This is Tejas here. I read your article and I m also planning to start my garment business with less capital. I have ability to explore market with good response. So please guide me and suggest me some ideas about how to start the business and the things that i need to take into consideration. Waiting for your reply.

  3. himanshu

    hello sir,

    M interested in setting up garments(T-shirts) business, i have new ideas n thinking to start where people find it hard to get n need to go to big cities for dier ort of stuffs. plzzzz call m on 9891540110, 9785192167 n guide m n i need ur help.

    thanking u,

    himanshu bhardwaj

  4. ashwini

    Dear Sir,
    myself is a graduate in fashion designing. i have two years work experience from garment industry related to hotel uniforms.and most of knowledge of garment field but not of business.
    i have a plain to start a garment business or a retail shop which should be more profitable and less ricks business. please guide me or give some idea of starting a new business.

    • Baljeet singh

      Hello, I am interested to start my own garment business. I am planning to open a retail store of new and imported ladies tops and amp. in my area. Please send me details how to promote and expand garment business in India.

    • santosh

      Hi Santosh,

      Friend, I want to start shirt garment business within 3 months for a young person means college students style shirts and after this when increase my business then i take a 2nd action means jeans, T shirts, skirts, girls T-shirts, 1/3rd pant in style like this. so, pls, u guide me i waiting for u. pls call me on this no. 9920967761. i waiting for u. pls, send me your mobile no. as soon as possible i wait.

  5. Dhakshnamurthy.R.

    hello Sir

    I am interested in starting up a small garments with less investments

    i don’t know about garments.Please guide me and support me in respect of begining garments.My no 9964310893.waiting for ur responce.U can send it on my personal mail.


  6. karthi



    • Scott Wilson

      Thanks for the feedback. We are here to guide you personally. The article is the general idea. This is the way we provide the information of particular industry.
      We believe in personalized services. Ask a Question and we will give answer special for you. That is our belief.
      We give answers particular related the question so that can guide you in that way.
      In the articles, we give over all idea and potential of that industry.
      Then everyone have their questions. And We feel happy to guide them personally.

  7. Manoj

    Dear Sirs,

    I’m interested in establishing a small Garments business with less investment. I have some previous experience in readymade garments retail business.

    Now I would like to have your expert advise about the distribution business of undergarments with own brand name. My plan is to have a contract with one manufacturing unit for the supply of the product under our specifications and our effort will be in Marketing and distributing the branded product.

    Thanks & Regards,


    • Scott Wilson

      To market your products with your own brand is also not tough job. Just take care of following points while managing your brand.
      Essentials of a good Brand :
      Selection of Brand name is a very critical issue for new products, more so far global brands. Right brand name gets you through more than one-fourth work required for management of a successful brand.
      1. A Brand can suggest something about a product’s benefits, like its use, quality, purpose or performance of product etc.
      2. The name should be short, simple, easy to pronounce & remember & easy to identify & explain. E.g Lux, Dove, Sunsilk etc.
      3. The name needs to be one that is not registered by any other company. It must be protected legally under the legislation.
      4. It must have a long life.
      5. It should be unique, attractive & distinctive. E.g Maggi, Nokia, hippo etc.
      6. It should create pleasant associations.

      • vijay

        Hello Mr.Scott

        I am planning to start my small scale industries in Bangalore now am doing job work business here,i want to improve my self and my company also,please can u update me what i can do for the won concern and loan possibility also


  8. vijay

    Hi Sir, I am looking to start Jeans outlet and I am looking for Bank loan to start this business loan. I am very good in marketing. Can u please give me the details how to approach banks and inverters. and help me how to write business plan? Waiting for your positive reply.

  9. Scott Wilson

    There are so many ways to start small business.
    In which field you want to start and on what scale you want to start?
    I will provide step by step information if you be more descriptive in your question.
    Thank you.

  10. Mohammed Miftah Sami


    Im planning to start small Garment Business.Product which i thought is T.Shirt. So for me this industires is quite new. In this case i had a place to startup. But i dont have any idea how to move forward, in terms of budget or etc…. Kindly please suggest me.


  11. KK

    I want to start printing T-shirt business. I want to supply them to the international clients. Basically I need contacts. I am not sure how easy or difficult it is. Can you guide me in this regard. Please do mail me. Thanks. KK

    • Anjali

      Dear Friend,

      Start advertising on Free B2B portals, Put photographs and details on these sites and you will see you get enquiries. Post Selling offers on these portals every week if you are a free member. If you like their service then you can become a paid member and get unlimited contacts & enquiries.

      Thanks & all the best.

  12. Scott Wilson

    Mr. KK,
    It is easy as well as difficult. Always remember if you have plan and sources, it is not difficult. First of all on what scale you are working right now? You can get contacts easily on info lines and yellow pages etc.
    So don’t worry, first try to get information you will find it easy.
    Thank you.

    • nitin

      hello sir,
      sir i want to start up a garment store but do not have enough resources to begin it. i know about the bank loans but those are also not safe enough because the business would be on entire risk as we have to give emi’s so if there are not enough returns then there would be a problem so please guide me some other source of availing enough resources.

  13. sayori

    I am looking forward to start my own business at a small scale and wish to expand the business in course of time…… areas of interest are Music,Glass Painting,Designing,Cooking……..Please help me with a suitable business idea along with the budget


  14. Birender Singh

    Hello Sir,

    I am planning to start a retail small Garment Shop in Asansol (West Bengal)Products are ladies ready made suits & artificial jewelery with other items. I want to invest one Lac for starting new business. Is it possible in low investment. I have no ideas for opening a business. please help me what should I do. Step by Step

    Thank you.

  15. Scott Wilson

    Mr. Birendra sing,
    I would like to suggest you that you should hire shop on rent and start with the products you mentioned. Because in one lakh, you will not be able yo get your own shop and the rental shop will be the best option for you. Remember every thing starts with small version so don’t worry and all the best.
    Thank you.

  16. Vijayarama


    I am planning to start a garment manufacturing for women’s wear. Please give me some ideas regarding the capital,personnel,infrastructure and marketing.
    I am planning to start with a less investment initially.Then to expand that.Is it necessary that manufacturing should be situated in the City?What are the benefits of starting it in a Town?. You can send mail for the response.


    • Scott Wilson


      I would advice you to start trading first before you start manufacturing women wear. Start with just one product which will not cost you much & try selling the same. This will give you an idea how to sell and are you able to sell. If you are able to market & sell the very first product then gradually start manufacturing in your home town itself. It is not necessary that your manufacturing unit should be situated in the City. Manufacturing woman’s wear will need sewing machines, skilled & trained man power, salaries would be fixed cost.

      Hope this help you.

      Thank you.

  17. Birender Singh

    Hello Sir,

    Thanks for your suggestion. please tell me important steps & documents for opening a new shop. Also suggest me wholesale market for ladies suits & fashion accesories- artificial jewellery, purses, & other.

    waiting for your reply.

  18. Scott Wilson

    Mr. Singh,
    It seems that you have finally decided to start your business with enthusiasm. I am very happy for that.for the registration you need to go to the respective jurisdictional zonal office and get your firm registered over there. You will receive registration certificate. All the best.
    For wholesale market for ladies suits & fashion accessories- artificial jewelery, purses, & other, you need to visit the textile market of your area. please take care of your business relationship with those people because that matters a lot in this business.
    If you want any further guidance ask question.
    Thank you.:)

  19. Scott Wilson

    Mr. Vijaayrama,
    For your manufacturing plan i would suggest you that it does not make any difference weather you start in town or out of town. So better start manufacturing unit out of town where you can get enough place at reasonable price and lower investment.
    You can start your out let in your city because for market ling, you need to have scope to meet to different merchants.
    For machinery, you provide me info. about what kind of suits and clothes you want to start, eg. Embroidered, destined, with jasdori etc.
    Then i will give info from where you can get machinery and at what investment etc. All the best.

  20. Scott Wilson

    Mr. Govind,
    You can find your business related information from local media houses. As far as your question is concerned, i would suggest you to follow links in your business only. Because these are transactions which take place Business to Business. No such firm advertise them selves. So by personal links you can find raw material provider. It is not so tough that requires a little effort. So as i mentioned try to find more as you want to start that business, you should have minimum knowledge. At least five to six supplier you should get so you don’t remain dependent on anyone.

  21. mrs. surya

    I am a housewife wishing to get into the world of garments.I am thinking to start it in a small scale.My plan is to begin a boutique where i will have some garments bought from outside and some from my own self creation.My problem is i am not getting a clear picture about all this.If you can guide me in this regard pls advice.

  22. hitesh


    I am based in mumbai and I want to start a small garment business
    I am planning to start a garment manufacturing for men’s wear. Please give me some ideas regarding the capital,personnel,infrastructure and marketing.
    I am planning to start with a less investment initially.Then to expand that.Is it necessary that manufacturing should be situated in the City?What are the benefits of starting it in a Town?. You can send mail for the response

    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Hitesh,
      It is not necessary to have manufacturing plant in city. It will be better for you if you start manufacturing outside the city or in industrial zones. So it will be beneficial in terms of money and other incentives as well.
      You need healthy amount of capital to start it and don’t worry about the personnel. You can get employees easily. Once you start it, you will get marketing ideas slowly and still you have questions, you can ask.
      Thank you.

    • Anjali

      Dear Hitesh,

      I totally agree with Mr. Scott. For Advertising your product use the Internet because nearly 80% people are using Internet every day. Try advertising on B2B portals who give free advertising. Promote your products & you will get enquiries.

      Thanks & All the Best,

      Suppliers of silk fabrics & Cotton Kurtis

  23. Gourab sd

    Respected Sir/Madam
    I like to start garment shop(retail) where i like to keep men’s jeans( brand and non brand both)and T shirt. Please tell me where from shall I get cheapest wholesale cloth in mumbai and if possible mention wholesale average price.My id is and my no is8080488255

    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Gourab,
      For the business you are talking about, there can be end number of options for getting cheapest clothes. For that you have to visit different market places and you have to do some field work as well. See, you are going to start something on your own and with risk. So for that you have to go to each market and select the best one. Because somewhere price may be very lower but the quality may be worthless. Somewhere price may not be so less but you get some god quality materials. So think on these points and if you need any further assistance, please ask questions. All the best.
      Thank you.

  24. sanya

    hello sir i wanna start my own garment business of girls wear like kurties ,suits n designer dresses n i want to do production of these garments also. financially m not very strong so wanna start in small scale. i wanna start this in delhi but i dont have any idea from where ta start so i really want ur advice

    • Scott Wilson

      Miss. Sanya,
      If you want to be manufacturing trader then you should develop your manufacturing unit in non town area. That will help you to save various costs. The work division theory could be used in your case. As far as money and capital is concerned, if you have proper plan then bank will also help you to carry out business. For that you have to do some field work and prepare a project report showing future prospective and profitability. So work for that and if you need further assistance, please ask questions. We are always here to guide you. All the best.
      Thank you.

  25. sanya

    is it possible that first i start my business from a boutique or from an outlet than i expand my work through well sources and also start production according to their availability i want to know how to start this and which people can help me in this ?how can i increase my market value and how people come to know about my work m really very confused

    • Scott Wilson

      Miss. Sanya,
      From your question itself I can understand that you are very confused. But don’t worry, think sharply with peaceful mind. You are on the right track. Because backward integration becomes very important part of your enterprise once you get enough customers.
      What you are talking about is called backward integration. That means you slowly start production of those things which you require for your production.
      If you have further confusion or question, you can ask me questions. We are here to guide you.
      Thank you.

  26. bmsalian


    am started a casual shirts manufacturing in bangalore .now i want to know in detail with fabric , so is there any course through which i can get through knowledge of fabric particularly with the quality type of fabrics and all and b a expert in fabric selection .

    If possibly provide me some designer no.

    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Bmsalian
      This is such a field where you get knowledge with experience only. As you come across the field, you get the experience. Acording to me there is no point in doing any course now. Concentrate on your business.
      Thank you.

  27. Anl rawat

    i want to start a bussiness……… i am a resident of chandigarh. and would like to start bussiness of cloths… and my target are youngstes, students and professionals. as a newcomer in dis bussiness. hou much investment is required…. can anybody help me…. and from where i can get quality products ( all type of garments)can anybdy suggest me the name of manufacturers distributors dealers etc,.

    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Rawat,
      What are you planning? I mean that are you planning to start a manufacturing unit or you are interested in trade only?.
      It is a good idea to target youngsters. Just take care that what you bring, should not be common and should not be such a product whose saturation level has come up.
      Try to start it in collegian areas and malls which are most visited by these people.
      For good quality of materials, it depend on the place where you are situated. You can have visits of different markets and merchants and get all the information.
      Thank you.

  28. nina


    I would like to start a retail store in kids clothing in Bangalore. I am looking at the 0-12 age group at the moment covering accessories as well. I am stuck at this point and don’t really know what to look for or how to plan. I have no idea about the suppliers, profit margins, inventory, etc. I do not have any experience in this industry as well. I would appreciate if you could help me as to where I should begin and how to take the plan forward.
    Thank You.

    • Scott Wilson

      Ms. Nina,
      You can easily start this business without much worry.
      First of all select a proper area, where you can get a big and suitable market. Then decide to buy a shop or to hire a shop if available there. For that you need to search and ask people of that area about that.
      Then get your first lot of fresh stock of T-shirts, jeans, cargo-pants etc. This is how you can start and go further.
      If you need more assistance, you can ask questions.
      Thank you.

  29. Germy


    Am currently working in a BPO sector in Chennai. I have a great passion to open a garment shop exclusive for girls (stylish salwars, tops, kurtis and skirts)in a smaller scale initially and expand it in course of time. I have no clear idea on this. Would like to have a detailed info on starting this business. What are the procedures??What is the minimum capital required for starting this business??
    Where could i procure the stuff which am looking for in India??
    The criteria is:
    The garments quoted above should be procured in somewhat cheaper price.
    The materials should be good and lasting
    Should be stylish to meet the demands of youngsters.
    Please provide me a detailed info of the Pros n Cons of the same.

    Thank you

    • Scott Wilson

      Dear Germy,
      For getting information of all the things you mentioned above can be procured only after going on the field. You can get good materials as others are getting. So don’t need to worry about that. First you visit some wholesale markets and then only you can get information about varieties, materials, quality, prices etc.
      Thank you.

  30. Djay

    Hello Sir,
    I am resident of Andhra Pradesh, Kadapa District
    I would like to start Full Computerized Embroidery Industry to make embroidering on plane sarees, shirts, Dress materials. I am able to invest maximum 20 lac on it.

    please tell me how much cost that machine and what the process to start that industry. and also I have one site in Industrial park at kadapa is this helpfull for me.

    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Djay,
      20 laks (40,000 USD) are enough for the busines you are taking about. I think the machine will cost you around 5-6 laks (12,500 USD) and the place will cost you around 10-15 laks (25,000 USD). So over all, you can start the venture. The designers and workers are other costs which we can not consider as start-up cost.
      So I think that there shouldn’t be any problem in this much amount. All the best.
      Thank you.

  31. mrinmoy

    dear sir,
    Am a fashion designer from kolkata, i have a work experience of more than 3 years and now am planning to start a garment business, starting with ladies kurti and tunics for young generations. But i have limitations in money so please suggest some ways to invest less and have more profit and what r the correct ways to invest money in a business and also please suggest me how to approach market so that i can sell my products.

  32. Rahul

    Dear Sir,

    Hello Sir, I’m Rahul jain live Surat (Gujarat), India…My ambition is to start a garment wholesale business like shirts, jeans, t-shirts of sum valuable brands……..And i have 2 invest 50-60 lakhs max…So plz give me some suggestion what to do n how to do….And where the best place to start this business…

  33. Scott Wilson

    Mr. Rahul,
    As you want to start wholesale business, place doesn’t matter a lot. The amount you have mentioned is enough and adequate for this business.
    If you have contacts with the suppliers and retailers, you can have a big success. If you dont have these contacts, still there is no need to worry, you can build contacts.
    First do the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats, Political, Cultural, Economical, Technical analysis of this business and then take the major step.
    Thank you.

  34. nilesh

    hello mr. scott wilson i am nilesh vadnere from mumbai i am planning to start with jeans manufacturing business in mumbai itself actually i want to start up with a small setup so would like to what investment will it require and all the procedure to run a small setup for manufacturing of jeans.

    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Nilesh,
      I can not describe the entire process for this business. Just take care that you have experience of the field and if not then be very careful and alway take rational decision. The innitial investment for this may be 10 lakhs.
      Thank you.

  35. nilesh

    Thanks for your reply and suggestion scott i’ll definately take rational decisions always but jeans once made i.e whole lot of jeans how i can bring them into market or any suggestion how my product can directly reach to public and should i register my brand and i am planning to empasis more on marketing like ads near railway stations or pamlets or small hoardings something like that and from where can i get good denim fabric and how much 1 piece of jeans will cost me.

  36. pankaj pancholi

    Hello Sir,I’m Pankaj pancholi live Ahmedabad (Gujarat). My ambition is to start a garment wholesale business like children jeans. I have 2 years experience. how to collect jeans size to perfect fitting to children. do u know what I want to say u? for example world best company denim jeans. their is perfect fit to How can I collect their size rasio {pharma}.

  37. yogesh

    i am yogesh from punjab dist . hoshiarpur .I want to open my readymade garmenta .I have my two own shops in middle of town .I havw money about 2 lakhs to put in my buss.Can i start my readymade bussn. in this money .Please tell me variaties in this bussn. Like caps footwears perfumes belts Please tell me more varites in this field

    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Yogesh,
      If I analyze your question, I would say that you have an extreme opportunity to go ahead with this. 2 laks are enough to start with as you have your shops in the moddle of the town.
      There are many products which you can go with. Caps, All accesories, Personal care, Belts, Shoes etc.
      All the best.
      Thank you.

  38. Lavanya

    Dear sir,

    I am planning to start a textile industry. My main ambition is to give employment to people and provide good quality products in reasonable prices. I have zeal but I don’t know how to start? My plans are to get different varieties of clothes (cotton, silk, polyester, etc.) from mills, whole-sellers and designing the variety dresses with very good embroidery and works and distributing to big malls and many shops. This is how I want to start my business and my location will be Hyderabad or near to it. I want to do all types of garments mainly t-shirts, salwar kamiz, sarees, chudidars, kid’s dresses and our own designs. I want to start initially with ladies dresses. my strategy is good quality with reasonable prices which is sold by the prices we decide and we want give commission to the shop keepers.

    Main problem is I don’t know how to start and I don’t know where to get cloth from? I don’t know how much capital I need to invest to start it with 10,000 dresses with 100 varieties initially. I decided the company name but I don’t know how to register it and where to register? What are the formalities that I need to finish before I start? what kinds of Government issues and risks involved in it. Do I get any loans from banks if I don’t have sufficient capital? I want to go for sole proprietary company. How much manpower I need to start it?

    Please reply me to start my business.

    Thanking you


    • Scott Wilson

      Ms. Lavanya,
      First of all, relax. Your question shows that you are in hurry. Please take this thing easily and your answer is here.
      You should register your firm as an individual propritory firm. There you don’t need to fulfill the legal formalities and other tedious process.
      As far as loan is concerned, banks will provide you loans only if you present a powerful project report.
      Manpower also depends on the scale on which you are going to start. If your business will be a big, then you need more people and vice-versa.
      All the best.
      Thank you.

  39. nilesh

    i want to start up with wholsale garment business say ladies dresses kurtas and also want to start up with small set up of jeans manufacturing i am totally a fresher and dont have any working capital so can u just let me know the whole procedure for bank loan i.e personal loan orbusiness loan.

    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Nilesh,
      To know the entire procedure of bank loan, you can visit the home page of this website and go to the “our services, project reports”.
      There you will get entire information.
      Thank you.

  40. nilesh

    hello sir i want to start up with wholesale garment business from home we are two of us one of us will do ladies garments and another one will do gents we want to take garments directly from the manufacturers and want want to sell them in local markets i.e retailers in mumbai so please reply me how much investment will we require in the beginning and i dont have any contacts so also please tell me how can i build contacts and also suggest me any plan from your side and correct me if my plan is somewhere wrong please reply….

  41. Dheeraj

    Hello Wilson,

    I am from Coimbatore (near to tirupur)was woking as a software engineer presently a homemaker…
    I have always been interested in the textile industry…
    I am planning on starting my own brand for kids wear… I want to produce unique designs and
    quality fabrics that is available in abroad countries
    Am interested in the businees line of kids clothing as i have a lot of ideas on that..
    Initially i want ot start up with infants wear… …
    i want to know about the business before taking a big step and going on a bigger investment…
    Can i start my own garments manufacturing unit or should i start like a wholesaler learn the business
    then start my own custom made clothes…what would be the right move inititally.
    Is it ok to focus only on children clothing? what are the risks if my focus is restricted to kids apparel?
    .As is see many manufacturers in tiruppur produce not only kids clothing but various products as well.
    Is it ok start up with focus just on kids clothing as my vision after 5 to 10 years is to start a retail
    chain throughout india for kids clothing.And i want to target the upper middle class customers in india
    with affordable prices for unique and quality wear…
    To start up i have investment of 10 lakhs.What would be the setup cost.
    i would like to know the process of the textile industry and how it works.
    please send me some details or study on the pocess and chain of flow from raw materials to end customer.

    Looking forward for your reply…
    Thank you…

    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Dheeraj,
      As you mentioned that you have one more option to learn the business first and then start manufacturing.
      This option sounds good for you as you are new t5o this industry and it is always advisable to learn the business first and then start.
      10 laks are not enough to start a retail chain in all over India. So better to start from your place and focus on your interested segment. You can use this money for infrastructure and showroom decoration and the most importantly for advertisements.
      Thank you.

  42. suji

    hi I am opening a boutique for woman’s wear in bangalore. Please give me some ideas regarding infrastructure and marketing and how to buy clothes from outside india,like korean,japan and chinese fashion for my boutique,searching for a suppliers who can supply latest trends etc. please help me out. thanking you.

    • Scott Wilson

      Ms. Suji,
      You have selected nice option and if it goes as your plans, it may fetch you a lot of money. The infrastructure should be too creative and attractive. It should be bright and smashing.
      Your marketing style should be sophisticated. Your advertising should increase value of your boutique.
      Once you get in to this field, you will meet people and you will get ideas about the import of clothes.
      There are many suppliers in this field.
      Thank you.

  43. abhay

    hi scott

    i m abhay from india. i started garment manufacturing unit in mumbai. i want to export my designs n garments to overseas so plz help wid dat.

    i want genuine persons from oversea. plz tell me how i can export my garments


    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Abhay,
      There is a related post in this website. There are two posts related to the Export-Import and there you will get enough strong idea about the garments and design exports.
      Just read those pages and read the questions and answers given on that page. I think that it will definitely help you to get the exact answer of your questions.
      Thank you.

  44. umesh maske

    pls send me all details means project report of garment bussiness with
    cost and profit i have near about 5,00,000 invesment capacity and also a place for shop i belongs to beed city in maharastra india my contact details are 09370340660

    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Umesh,
      Project reports are not ready made. They are to be prepared as per your order. You can provide us the data about the location, market place, market size, capacity, target etc.
      Then we will be able to prepare a project report pertaining to your profile.
      Thank you.

  45. Rajiv


    I am planning to open a retails outlet in Bangalore,
    I am planning to open it in a good location.

    Garments like jeans,t-shirts,ladies outfit and fashionable
    clothes will be my display. Youth is my target market.

    Can you help me with the business plan, loan details and the ways to ensure success in this feild.



    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Rajive,
      As you are targeting the youth, you need to be very careful with the trends.
      You need to update your stock with every new trend. Try to establish it in a college area. You should visit the area before you start and you should visit other shops to get some ideas about the competition and the trend.
      Try to launch something which is new there and try to be first to launch. About the loan and other things you have asked, there is a column on the home page named “our services”. Just visit it and read the entire procedure.
      Thank you.

  46. Shraddha

    Dear Scott,

    Thank you for your article and patience to give response to all the comments 🙂 – I really liked your approach and thankful for making things clear for my vision. I was analyzing and having many questions as I am about to start a garment export business in next one month time but your approach has made things clear for me.

    Also, now I am feeling more comfortable/confident doing things at my own because your article is helpful for me to gain the clear vision (in many aspects as it provides me base information as well as confidence in some aspects) but rest of the efforts would be needed at my own end now 🙂 so lets do it!

    Thank you!

  47. gungun

    I want to open some garment business either in exports or in domestic market Indian market, I am having vast experience of garment manufacturing as presenting working in garment export house from last 8yrs.

    Do not have much finance and right guide how, what and when to do although have good knowledge of garment manufacturing, started a garment fabrication unit along with working few years back but have to close some due to labor, place and finance problems.

  48. Mona

    Dear Sir,
    I am in Egypt and would like to start a project on garments and textiles, can you link me with factories or outlets that I can even travel and make deals with.

    Also please note that I am so much familiar with India and Kashmir. I travelled there a lot for business (not related to textiles). This project will be a private one. Can you help me? My email address is


  49. E.Ramakrishnan

    Hello Sir,
    I am Ram, I want to start garments business (only Shirts), I am a small kid to the business community, so please help and boost up me.

    I need more information to that business. I want Starting to end point information (purchase ability, machineries, production methods, process flow, packing standards (local and export), how to communicate the customers, marketing approaches.) I could see your guide very helpful.

  50. Anil

    Hi sir,
    I am a Textile Graduate,started my own buisness before one year in Promotional wears ( T Shirts).I am facing raw material problem like I need export surplus fabric,can you help me to sort out this.

  51. Ravi Kumar

    Hello Sir,

    This is really very informative especially for a person like me who is interested in starting a Garment business but has a little knowledge about the same.

    I am planning to start up with a Kids showroom and then expand to men’s & Women’s wear.

    Kindly advice me in this regard from scratch of starting this business. I would be glad to receive a feedback from you.


    Ravi Kumar

  52. Ankur


    We’r presently the distributors of men’s shirts.But the problem in this business is that the retailers don make the payment on time.Also i want to take my business to another level,how can i get distributorships of well known Co. like mufti,levis,etc.I also want o start distributing clothes with my own btrand name.The major question is how should i search the market,how should i know whats the demand of people.Tell me steps to analyse market..



    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Ankur,
      Your question shows that the situation is quite difficult.
      To get the distributorship of the mentioned companies, you should prepare a proposal and write an application to the head offices. If you want to launch your own brand, you should register your brand name and then promote it.
      Thank you.

  53. Madhu


    This is Madhu, planning to establish Garment Manufacturing (T-Shirts) production unit in Hyderabad. i would like to know the Machinery (brand name) and raw material suppliers details..
    Plz send ur reply ASAP.


  54. ARUN

    iam from mumbai(kandivli-west).wanted to know the permissions,licenses etc required from BMC OR OTHER AUTHORITIES to start a readymade garments business in our shop which is ownedby me.also since its a new venture for me,who can i approach for guidance to set up a new retail garment no is 9222414218.thanks.

  55. sonal raja

    i am sonal raja i want to start a garment business…(starting to end point)and my target group is teen agers…(girls and boys)….bt only tops,shirts and t-shirts…

    I need more information to that business. I want Starting to end point information (purchase ability, machineries, production methods, process flow, packing standards (local and export), how to communicate the customers, marketing approaches.) I could see your guide very helpful.

  56. TR

    Hi, I am BMS (Bachelor of Management) graduate and I want to set up a business of garments. I just want to know ideas of selling the garments to the retailers as I have wholesale dealer with me. So I just want the idea to how to start the business. First of all I want to trading of the garments.

  57. neeraj

    Hi friends,
    Here we all wants to starts business of Garments fabric etc. and we all want to be a successful business man/Woman. In actual im working from last 10 years only with textiles. I have some of the great ideas which we can do miracles. But I need some of the friend who can work with me if any one from u is interested the plz call on 9915663088 and if any one needed any sort of help to start his or her business the plz also feel free to call.

  58. C H

    Hi, I wish to start a Garment business in Pune. I want to put in initial investment of Rs 5 Lacs. Also, I do not own any shop and would be hiring one. Please let me know if 5 Lacs is a good investment. I am also not able to decide if I should cater to only Women clothing or General clothing for all. Please advice.

  59. B B

    Dear, I want open garments showroom in USA, Chicago. on a large scale. I have investment and funds, but I don’t have knowledge. But I am interested and I have good exp of 18 years in direct dealing with consumer.
    1. I am capable for and investment of 100,000USD.
    2. I have good space for showroom.
    3. I want help of some good person in this business who have good have knowledge.

    • MD2

      Respected sir I have good knowledge about good quality readymade garments in India but there is a problem with that , I have no worth to start a readymade garment business, if you are interested in starting a business with me then your most welcome.. I hope your worth and my knowledge creates magic

  60. JD

    Dear sir,
    I have started manufacturing shirts & Jackets. I want to know how can I contact to buyers as I am new in garments. Is there any kind of association or database available to contact them.
    Thank you.

  61. PR

    Hi all,
    I am into apparel & jewelery since 8yrs & have worked with Top retailers. I am a graduate from NIFT,currently working as a Fashion consultant based. I also supply garments (ladies) & accessories on regular basis. All those people who need any supplies or have any queries, please reply me.

    It would be great to grow together!

  62. HJ


    I want to start export of punjabi dress materials & suiting-shirtings from bombay to punjabi’s outside India who does their buisiness from home, as we are in these buisiness in bombay for more then 25 years but don’t have any knowledge of export.
    So please help me out in these case.

  63. HS

    Hi sir,
    I want to start a womens dress, tops business. Please help and advise cost and to whom I should contact.
    I am working in a garment indsutry as a production merchandiser. i really want to start a business.
    Thank you.

  64. N T

    Hi, I am graduate student, and I want to set up a business of garments. I just want to know ideas of selling the garments to the retailers as I have wholesale dealer with me. So I just want the idea to how to start the business. First of all I want to start trading of the garments.

  65. S L

    I want to start a small garment manufacturing business in USA, I am planning to manufacture readymade clothes for kids and for men like shirts, T shirts, etc, I need some help on setting up garments business in USA, please guide me how to start?

  66. MP

    I am interested in starting up small garments business with less investment

    I had worked on garments (10 years back )know I want start about garments .Please guide me and support me in respect of beginning garments. I am Waiting for your reply. You can send the same on my personal email

  67. NV

    Hello Mr. Scott,

    Self have gone thru your article and comments you have for everyone. We like to contact you for some ideas / guideline to start our small garment shop with my friends in CHENNAI. We have planned to sell the following items in our shops.

    T-Shirts (Round Neck, Collared, V-Neck, High Neck)
    Shorts (1/2 and3/4)
    Skirts (Full and3/4)
    Casual Shirts
    Fancy items (Neck ware, Studs, Bands, Rings etc.)

    Like this we have planned to start and shop. But we are totally blank, how to start and where to start. We need your support on this for the following.

    1. How much space require to start small shop (Minimum)
    2. What kind for Interior we have to do?
    3. What is the investment we should need to start the stop?
    4. If we open a shop with garment / fancy item together, will workable?
    6. Where can we buy the garment / fancy items cheaper and more fashionable?
    5. How can we buy a garment from dealer (Means, we don’t know the market price. How can bargain to buy the garment from dealer)
    6. Even if we brought the material, how should we fix the price to sell (Rate should be competitive)
    7. How do I manage the infrastructure (personnel, IT, Transport, Advertising etc.,)

    Need your reply to help us on the above queries.

    Thanks. NV

  68. D M

    Hi I done my B.Com and pg in insurance now I am doing job in accounts but I want to start my own business because I don’t want to do job under another person so please give me an idea about the small scale business. I know it is beginning but please tell the ideas on my above email id.

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