How to Start Travel and Tourism Business

If you set up a travel agency you can look forward to do some brisk business. It offers you good money and a secure future. With an increasingly well-off middle class, the country is witnessing a sudden spurt in tourism activities. As the saying goes, you need to make hay when the sun shines; the time is ripe for you to venture into this business in India.

However to do travel business in India, you need to know the ropes well. Setting up and running a profitable – travel agency has become more challenging and competitive. You need to be very good at marketing.  Initially success is hard to come by, but you should bide for your time. A good business plan can help you overcome one obstacle after the other.

How to Start Your Travel Business?
Though not mandatory, it will stand you good if you have a diploma in travel and tourism management. Many institutions offer travel classes to this effect. These courses teach you some basic requirements like:

  • Computer skills
  • Basic accounting
  • Basic management
  • Custom regulations
  • Passport and visa knowledge
  • Currency exchange procedures
  • Flight and railway ticket booking
  • Communication skills
  • Manners and etiquettes of other cultures
  • Foreign Language

Once you acquire knowledge on these fronts you are qualified enough to start your own travel business.

You can become a recognized travel agent all over the world only if are a member IATA. As a member you have more access to inside information. The card also guarantees you more credibility with vendors. This can provides you with more access and benefits when you travel as a travel professional.

However you can still gain being a non- IATA travel agent. With advent of low cost airlines and their decision not to be part of any GDS, agents can now register with them directly. All they need to do is deposit small cash amount of Rs. 25,000 directly. After you create good customer base you can become a GDS. This will help you negotiate good pricing structure with low cost airlines.

How to Start Online Travel Business?
If you start online travel business, you need to fill up business licenses as required by the government. You must have your own site where people can book flights, cruise trips and even hotels. Unless you promote your site aggressively it may not catch the attention of people. Always specialize in a particular category of travel. This will assure you niche customers. Some such categories include business and corporate travel, honeymoon travel or start adventure travel business only.

Investment you need to Start your Own Travel Business
Like any other business ventures, you will need finance to start your business. An accountant can help you draw a business plan to help you get a loan. You need to approach banks with a credible business plan. You may need the help of a realtor if you tend to lease office space for your venture.

What is a Host Travel Agency? How to become an Independent Travel Agent?
You also have the option to work independently, but for one of the big agencies. The agency for which you work is known as a ‘host agency’. Here you put in efforts for yourself, but use their facilities like office space, copier machines and fax. You also use their client lists. You would need to pay them ‘rent’ or a commission for every sale you make on your own. This kind of travel business entails less risk.

Most importantly offer competitive pricing but not rock bottom pricing. Emphasize on the quality of services. Vacationers can be your best source for referrals. Their recommendation can help you flourish.

Good luck for your travel agency business.

112 thoughts on “How to Start Travel and Tourism Business

  1. Dilip

    Apart from incorporating a partnership or limited liability company and getting GDS, API etc., what else is needed to start a purely internet based travel business? Is it mandatory to obtain are any licences or industry body memberships? Is there a minimum paid up capital and business insurance requirement? Thanks

    • rangarajan

      Hi, I am planning to start Travel &amp and Tourism business in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. Please let me know how to set up my own travel agency and what are the requirements to start successful travel and tourism business in India.

      • Scott Wilson

        Mr. ranga rajan,
        you have come up with a good idea. To start tours and travelers business in India is not so tough.
        You just have to register your entity with registrar of your zonal office.
        For tours and travelers, there is requirement of capital.
        And risk is also there. So get information of different routs, compute estimated cost and income etc.

  2. tamil

    We are a travel company in Chennai travels, we give service of booking train, bus, cinemas, and we deliver tickets door delivery. Now what we are looking is to start all these travel related service online on internet, we are also planning to buy our own domain. So can you please help us, like what are the steps of starting online travel business in India?

    • G Y

      Hi I am, I would like to start a travels business with 2 buses, I would to get information on high demand routes like Bangalore to hyd. I am planning to buy 35 Seater bus. Will this route be profitable?

  3. suyash

    Dear sir,
    I have done diploma in aviation, hospitality, tours and travels management. I am really planning to start travel and tourism business.
    • Even I stay nearby area where proposed international airport is going to be constructed soon.
    • I want to know, how to get finance for business?
    • Is that necessary to work in Travel Company to start business?
    • And how should i get more knowledge about this business?
    • How to get API from respective company?

  4. salam

    I want start my own travel website, Can you tell me the steps of how to start a travel website, I want to start online booking of Bus tickets, train tickets, Airlines Tickets also i want to start booking of car and bus rentals.

  5. salam

    I want my own website like or I do not know whom to contact who can give me good service, can you please give me some contacts of website design companies who can develop a travel website for me at reasonable rates.

  6. shahzad

    Respected Sir, I along with my friend would like to start a car rental company. We would like to know the basics of starting it. The capital and investment that is required, and want to know The rules and regulations etc


  7. Manoj83

    Hello Sir, I want to start my own travel and tourism business in Konkan. I am staying in Nashik. Please provide me proper guide on how should I start this business? what do I require to start my travel agency? Is it profitable to start online travel business? Please Help.

  8. rajesh ranjan

    Hello sir, I am planning to start a tour and travel business. I have so many queries, so if u do not have any problem please give me your cell number, so that I can speak to u directly or give me your email id… please do reply m much serious about this biz.

    • Scott Wilson

      Rajesh, i would rather suggest you to be specific about the specialty in this business.
      • On line tickets agent,
      • Cars and vans on rent,
      • Air tickets,
      • Organizing tours domestic as well as international,
      • Modern field is also to transfer money business,
      • Courier and packaging services,
      These are some categories in tours and travel. So select which you are able to do. And then any queries, Please ask. We are here to guide.

  9. Shravan

    Thanks For Your Suggestions !!!!!!!!!!

    We are a travel company in Jaipur Neme Utsav Holidays, we give service of booking Air,train, Taxi,Hotel Booking, Holiday packages(Inbound & outbound),Money exchange etc.We want our Travel Company registered in Indian Tourism Department& Rajasthan Tourism Department.

    • Scott Wilson

      Great, Mr. Shravan.
      You guys are going on a right track. So it will be definitely beneficial for your company to register. It will give you further opportunity
      So, now do you want to mail the procedure of registering a company?
      If you do, I will definitely mail it.
      Thank you.

  10. Suthir

    Dear Sir,

    I am planning to start a travel & tourism business (inbound & domestic) and taxi service in Palakkad, Kerala. Please let me know the how to start my own travel agency and what are the requirements to start successful travel and tourism business in India. Also planning online ticket booking.



    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Sudhir,
      • To start tours and travelers business in India is not a tough job. But you need some contacts for the route selection. You need some experience in the same field.

      You need trustworthy drivers. And your loyalty with customers and courage for facing the route operator can take you higher in this business.
      • And online rail ticket booking and air ticket booking is also very good option.
      • You just need to publicize your self in intelligent way in initial stage and later on maintain the same to build strong customer group.
      • You can also organize some tour events during the time of holidays or some religious function.•
      There is a great scope in this business, you just follow these guidelines and ask questions if necessary, i am always ready to guide you.
      Thank you.

      • J S

        Hi Mr.Scott, it seems you have very good knowledge of travel business. I am planning to start travel business on partnership basis .what formalities I should do in the beginning to avoid any problem in future. Please help

    • Sanjib

      if you want to start a travel business plz give your cell no. and e-mail id. i have just started the business and doing great in this field. i have sold air-tickets worth 70 thousand within 20 days of starting the business.


  11. Gaurav


    I want to open a travel agency providing packaged holidays in India. I have already got a company set up. Are there any legal issues or affiliations that I need in order to start selling these packages. I already have package deals from various hotels and resorts from all over india on which i will get comission.


    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Gaurav,
      If you have already company set up, then you don’t have to wait any more. Your can start your business if you are registered. Otherwise, first get your company registered and then start the tourism business.

  12. Sam J Dass


    I wish to start a Tour and Travels Business, where I wish to connect with Foreigners to show them INDIA.

    1. Can I book train tickets through IRCTC for Foreigners?
    2. What is the commission received from IRCT for each ticket booked/ each passenger booked?
    3. Do I need to have a setup or can this be a also a Home Business Model and deal online?
    4. Under which section of the Indian law do I register this business?

    Lok to hearing from you. Meanwhile I will gather more questions.

    Sam J

  13. Scott Wilson

    Mr. Sam,
    It is good to start tours and travels business. It will also help you in getting finance because of new amendments in budget 2010.
    I can not specifically tell you about the commission and other packages, because it keeps deferring.
    And you should register it under small scale industries.
    Since it is related to foreign exchange, it is better to register it.
    According to me, you need proper set up, because this is sensetive business and people may not trust you. SO it is better to have a propper set up.

    • Sam J Dass

      Hello Scott,

      I Intend to start this is 2 phases.
      Phase I : Tours (sightseeing, adventure trips, picnics etc)
      Phase II : Travels (Includes ticketing, Taxi, Hotels)

      Is this completely necessary to register with Small scale industry or even with any body. It was mentioned in your site that I will have to register with the Govt for Online Travel Business… So how do I do it and where do I do it. I am located in Dehra Dun, Uttranchal. Thanks

      How can I get the Finance to start this business?

      Look to hear from you and guidance.

      Sam J

  14. Scott Wilson

    If you want to start as an individual: Register under zonal office of municipality.
    If you want to start it as partnership firm, register under registrar of partner ship as partnership act 1956,
    If you want to start as privet limited, you have to register under register of companies as companies act.

  15. Raj

    Dear sir,

    I have 6 acres of land and a house on the banks of a river in a village. I am planning to start a home stay bussiness in kerala what are the procedures to start. And what are the the things keep in mind for the smooth running of it.

    And also plan to start a car rental bussiness with this.
    Please give me advise.

  16. Scott Wilson

    Mr. Sam,
    It is not compulsory to register as a company if you are doing it individual or with partnership. But it would be advisable to register since his business is sensitive in nature. It does not take much time or money you just need to go to any advocate near by your area and you can get your work done.
    Thank you.

  17. Scott Wilson

    Mr. Raj,
    You have a good amount of land and at very productive area. So you should think of following things before starting any thing on that land.
    These topics should be taken care of.
    Risk involved with respect to investment,
    Demand of that product or service,
    Competitors, etc.
    So take care and about your plan of car rental business, i think there is nothing to think on hat because it is easy if you have some experience.
    Thank you.

  18. Gajendra singh Rathore

    Sir,I am having My Farm House on the bank side of Rana Pratap sagar Dam,Rawatbhata(Rajasthan), Surrounded by aravalli Hills from all the side with dense forest.Another Feature of teh Palce is taht it is having good wild life including Deer, Leopard,Tigers,hyenas,wild Boar etc n at the mostthe Dam is having a large no of Crocodiles and Alligators.But the Remedy for the place is that it is not at all explored.Now i m Planning to explore it n wanna start tourism over here which will include jungle Safari,Crocodile Safari etc.The Place is also Having Some Ancient Temples in Jungle with a waterfall Also.Do please let me know how to start tourism there n whom to contact for getting the customers.Do i need to launch a website to start tourism over there.

    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Rathore,
      The place you mentioned is the perfect place for starting a safari. You can start your own firm and you can also collaborate with other such entities. The difficulties which you may have to face with are permittion from forest department. Otherwise, once you start the business, getting customers is not a tough job. If you have any further questions, please ask. We are here to guide you. All The best.
      Thank you.

      • Gajendra Singh Rathore

        Thanx a lot for ur reply.Sir i want to knoe how to start a firm and whom to contact regarding this.Do feed me with the information of such other firms whom with i can collaborate in this context along with their telephonic contact details if possible.Once again thax a lot fur ur valuable suggestion.

        • Scott Wilson

          Mr. Gajendra,
          If you want to start a firm, it is as simple as you start a shop. If you want to register, you can register your firm with your area’s concerned jurisdictional authority. As far as collaboration is concerned, you need to develop a network. You need to call these firms and you should go with a proposal. You can call and decide an appointee with those firms. You have an excellent place and you can prepare a strong proposal report. etc.
          Thank you.

        • Scott Wilson

          Mr. Gajendra,
          It would be better to establish your firm and then collaborate with other firm because there is a risk of idea.
          So first you start your firm it may be small as well. You get your firm registered in the registrar of your zonal jurisdictional department.
          You register your routes which you told me earlier. Then you will be on safe side to collaborate with other firms.
          Thank you.

  19. Nitin Batra

    I have my own website. I have taken affiliation from Yatra.Com and using its booking engine. My website is

    What Kind of licence I need to run my website only? I am not opening any travel agency.

    And Can I open my travel agency without any license?

  20. Alok Kumar

    I am already running a travel firm from my own house. Though I have the digital certificate from IRCTC to issue E-tickets,I want to know whether you should also have TIN No or VAT NO. to get some authenticity to book other travel services such as Hoel booking or car rental services?
    Also, I found that there are other travel firms/companies in the name of Tour Planners. I’ve also named my firm as Tour Planners.Is this a matter of concern?

    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Alok,
      As you mentioned, if you register your firm and get the VAT no. and TIN no., it will help you a lot. If you want to expand your business in future, these formalities will have to be completed. So why not earlier? If you want to register, it is not a big and tedious deal.
      And about the name, be happy no worries. If you want any further assistance, ask questions. We are here to guide you.

      • Alok Kumar

        Mr. Scott,

        Thanks for the advice. Do you guys also help to get the firm registered? How much it costs to get a firm registered? Will the Municipal office (I suppose the firm will be registered only over there)provide the VAT and TIN no. or are they being provided by some other departments.

        Also, if somebody is already using a name, how can it not become the matter of copyright in future if I want to convert my firm into a pvt. ltd company?

        Awaiting your reply at the earliest.

        • Scott Wilson

          Mr. Alok,
          I can answer as many questions as you ask. As far as the registration is concerned, you go to the office and fill the registration form. These forms are very well designed and you will understand your self every detail.
          For the VAT no., you have to go to your state government jurisdictional sales tax office. There are some 5-6 forms to be filled up for the VAT no. Those forms will provide enough information. So don’t worry about that.
          As far as name is concerned, you will get the idea when you go for the registration. If there is any firm with the same name, then you should check is it tours and travel firm or not? If it is not then put tourism and travels after your name. You will not face any problem. Otherwise you should search for some new name as you are going on to the big scale. If you have any further difficulties, don’t hesitate and ask questions. We are here to guide you.
          Thank you.

      • sourav

        i need to start a website for complete travel ticket…bus, train, hotels and air (domestic & international). I am happy using inventory of other major companies on comission but dont want their name to reflect anywhere. how to do it. help me if u can

  21. Govindarajulu

    Dear Sir

    Very Good Afternoon

    I have been working more than sixteen years in air travel agencies. And i love to do business on my own .Could you tell me is air travel agency is good business to do . If yes , request you to let me know
    what would be the minimum investment. I have experience in domestic and international ticketing as well as documentation , hotel and train tickets . Is these areas are sufficient to do business .

    Please advise .

    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Govindarajulu,
      The business you are talking bout is great. Because as you know everyone doesn’t know the process, documentation etc. And that is way the air travel agency business is doing well. So as you have experience also, you can do well. All the best.
      Thank you.

  22. Aniee


    We are planing to start the online ticketing work. Can your provide the brief idea about the investment and how we can start the work? We are located in South Delhi.

    Will be glad if you could help for the same and revert us back on mail Id.

    Thanks in advance.


    • Scott Wilson

      Dear Aniee,
      There are only two aspects where you need to invest much. Those areas are office, advertisement. If you starting it as a small ticket booking firm, there is not much capital required. You need to have credit for online ticket booking. Better to visit some such firms and get the overall idea. You can go as a customer and get information as well.
      Thank you.

  23. Sanjay

    Hi there,
    I am running a small scale tour and travel business which is home-based only. Now I am planning to grow and want to take advantage of internet. In simple, i would like to form my website so that visitors can book their (air, bus, and car rental etc) tickets and other services like courier, pan card application, etc online. Is there anyone who can help me in telling which way should i proceed? Also i would like to know how the transaction will be made if a visitor/user books a ticket or pays for other service(s), and what the transaction and/or service charges would be for each and every online transaction via debit/credit/netbanking transfer?
    Your early reply with great detail is highly appreciated.

    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Snajay,
      It is not as difficult as you think. You just need to purchase a domain name and develop your website. That work you can outsource to some web development firm. Even we provide this service. If you want, you can take our help as well to develop your website and payment system by pay pal and other net banking facilities. So take it easy and if you want us to do it for you, we can have a deal.
      Thank you.

  24. deepa

    I am at Cochin. I would like to start a tours and travels where we can provide package tours also. i want to know whether i have to register the firm before starting it or can i do it after wards.VAT or any other tax is applicable for the firm in initial stage? please reply

    • Scott Wilson

      Ms. Deepa,
      If you want to start and to be stable soon, you should register your firm. As far as VAT and other service tax are concerned, you have to register because without registering, you can not collect these taxes.
      Thank you.

  25. james


    i am having a small guesthouse near alibaug which has 8 ac does well despite of zero question is how do i advertise?
    i already have a website.

    secondly,i am having my own office space in mumbai and have been toyin with the idea of starting a tourism business with a focus on any one niche segment.

    please suggest some where there will be good enough entry barriers for competition and the related financial and marketing issues.

    awaiting your reply.


    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. James,
      If your house at alibaug is doing well and if it serves at its 100% capacity, then I don’t think that you need to advertise.
      As far as the segmentation and entry barriers issue is concerned, don’t worry at all. No one can stop you doing your honest work.
      There is very good compitition and there are many posetive points of competition as well. Just take care thet your segmentation, target and marketing efforts should be very well synchronized.
      Thank you.

  26. abhishek

    Hi Sir,

    Nice to hear that you provide suggestions to budding entrepreneur.Please guide me in starting my new travel firm and what all types of registration is required for travel agency with holiday package business.

    How can i register it with tourism department of India.


    • Scott Wilson

      I would suggest you to register your firm and it is not difficult. You should register your firm in Indian tourism department. You should visit the website of Indian small scale industries development and tourism department.
      Make sure that you visit the website having the domain of .gov.
      Thank you.

      • abhishek

        Hi ,

        Thanks a lot for your genuine concern, i have 1 more question pertaining to this,please tell me how can i get into cargo shipping consignments projects. How can i be the part of tenders and to send the big assignments.

        Please guide me with your valuable ideas .

  27. Zaheer Ahmed

    Dear Sir,

    How to get IATA recognition for a Travel Agency. What are the minimum requirements. Subsequently, who issues the license to operate a tourism and travel agency in Mysore city in Karnataka.

    Many thanks,

    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Zaheer,
      To register your firm at IATA, you can visit the official website of IATA organization. They have mentioned every thing there and you can easily register and become the member of that organization.
      There are agents to help you to issue the license. You can get your work done through them or you can do it your self. All the best.
      Thank you.

  28. Navin

    Dear Sir

    We are starting our small travel agency with two offices in delhi & varanasi. Do i need to register both the offices. How can i register the agency in department of tourism? N also under small businesses?? Do i need to register it under Shops & establishment act also. Is it compulsary to get VAT & TIN no. & Service tax registration?

    N regarding online bookings–If i take Yatra’s Affiliation, wont my customer will be directed to Yatra’s Portal? Will that be useful for my business??


    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Navin,
      You have so many questions and that’s whay you are confused.
      You will have to consult an advocate and then the proces of registration will go ahead. It is compulsory to get VAT & Service tax registration.
      It will be better if you place your own website and then take the affiliation of yatra.
      Thank you.

  29. Rubu Rajen

    Hi Scott.

    I am planning to restart my Brother-in-Law’s Travel agent, where He was handing Inbound tourism mainly from outside India. It was more of regional business concentrating in NorthEast of India.

    But due to certain circumstance the bussiness was not operated for two years, now i am planning to relaunch it and take a step further.

    Could you please suggest me the necessary things that I should do to start it again.


    Rubu Rajen

    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Rabu,
      You did this business before so you must be aware about all the aspects of this business. You may be aware about the mistakes which happened before. So take care that those mistakes don’t take place again.
      Any business is difficult to relaunch after a break. So please take care that you don’t stop or give a break to your tours and travels business again.
      Thank you.

  30. jalandhar

    Dear sir,
    I am planning to start Travel Agency in karimnagar dist where 50000 populated town. right now i am working as an accountant in malaysia.I visited singapore,thailand&u.a.e i think i have sufficient knowledge in ticketing & visit visas please give me advice how to start and run travel agency business.please comeback to me As soon as possible.
    Thanking in advance

    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Jalandhar,
      It is great that you have sufficient knowledge about this field. To start a travels business, you just need to register your firm with the concerned authority and you need to have your office. Then you can advertise in news papers and get the clients.
      Thank you.

  31. Don Mathew

    I would like to start a travel and tourism business in India especially in southern part of India.Why I am in to this business because I had been In Australia and got some valuable contacts and network there, though I left Australia.I think Travel and tourism is a right choice for me to utlise my experience and contacts.I have a brother,who is working as a bird watcher in a travel and tourist company in Keral.He is ready to help me.Could you please tell me what are the things I need to know or how can start a small enterprise??

    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Mathew,
      That’s great!
      If you have experience and contacts as well, you have the edge over the others.
      You just need to establish the tours & travels firm and start getting the tourists.
      You can have a great success. You just need to know about the legal procedure and it is not that tough.
      Thank you.

  32. raj meledath

    SIR, I wish to start a rent a car business.already i have 2 alto,2 i10, and a many vehicle i have to buy to start this business leagelly, and could you please tell me what are the terms and conditions. i’m residing and going to start the business in cochin,tell me what are the risk factors,

  33. Zaheer Ahmed

    I live in Saudi Arabia which a destination for millions of tourists for Haj and Umra (religious tours) all the year round. I know agencies who operate this locally, but would like to use the local contacts to start this nich tourism business from India. In fact I want to start a tourism agency catering to this nich business soully. What are the legal necessaties to enter into this type of business in India?


  34. J G

    I have been aspiring to start up with my own tourism business. I do know that there is a lot of competition in the market and for this you have to have a niche segment to cater to.

    The segment I wish to cater to is, inbound international tourism. My idea of starting up with a business is to get foreign tourists and personally assist them in their tours. This i think would make me sure that the best of service is delivered to them and then it will spread the word of mouth ahead in future with other customers as well.

    Sir i want to know that is the idea i have been thinking is viable to start with and what are the legal and monetary formalities i need to fulfill to start with this venture.

    Your reply is awaited.

    Thanks and Regards

  35. S M

    Dear Sir,
    Myself SM working for a travel and tourism agency in Saudi Arabia for 4 years , now I have plan to start a travel agency in Ernakulum {India ,Kerala state} my budget is 200,000 rupees already have a own website too I am looking for tourism business like hotel booking, tour packages, house boating and car and bus rents.

    I don’t give more importance’s to international air ticking it better give importance’s domestic flights because this is the first stage of my business even I don’t have visa so I like to contract the small budget airlines direct and sale the passenger door to door.

    So may I know how can I register the agency in department of tourism? and how much deposit for the airlines issuing authoring by internet as a sub agent (not asking for GDS Galileo or Amadeus) and want know all the license requirements to start a travel agency in India expect IATA please guide me with your valuable ideas.

  36. Mr. B

    I belong to H.P.and is planning to start a business related to tourism. Please let me know how to start the business in tourism? If possible, give me information about the start up program and how should I go about it?
    Waiting for your reply,
    Thank you.

  37. Mr. V


    I am planning to start the Travels(only for car rental) in Tamilnadu. I need the procedure and registration process.I am creating the website for that for online booking and phone booking.Can anyone share your idea here.Thanks in Advance.

  38. Mr. R

    Dear Sir

    I am from Hyderabad. I have interest to start a small scale venture and narrowed it to tourism. My knowledge in this field is virtually nil. I would like to cater to tourist solely for Kerala.

    Should I tie up with any big companies as franchisee? If so who is the most reliable?

    Is it worth going independently. How do I do a tie up with the local Kerala vendors?

    Please guide me in detail.

    Thank you

  39. DS

    Dear sir
    Myself DS, I am from Dehradun. Sir i want to start my own Car spares parts business. Sir i have not much idea about this business but this business is my dream. So please give me brief knowledge about this business.

    Awaiting for your reply.

  40. FR

    Hi Scott

    I have a small Rent A Car business. currently I am having 05 budget cars and 01 deluxe (innova G4) with me. Its moving very well for me. Now I want to open another office. Please let me know how can I get commercial license for Rent a Car business. I heard somebody saying more than 25 cars required to run a Rent A Car business.
    please help me
    Thanks a lot.

  41. DG

    hi sir,
    I want to start my own web-base travel agency. Please tell me,
    1- what are the legal requirement for this.
    2- what i have to do to start air/rail/bus booking on my website.
    3- how can i get API from website like yatra or make my trip. and how much i have to pay them to get API.
    4- After getting API is it possible to book ticket on my web site.

  42. NY

    Dear Scott,

    I am currently based out of Ahmedabad and working with a Insurance Co. I am very keen in starting a tourism business starting from my home town Assam. I have already booked my domain. I want to know if it is necessary for me to get registered in Assam or it can be done from Mumbai or Ahmedabad. My plan is to design my own products and collaborate with other players for ticketing and etc. Kindly guide.

    Thanks and regards,

    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. NY,
      If you are going to carry out your business operations from Assam, then you should register it there. If you want to keep it as an online tourism agency, then you can do it from Mumbai/Ahmedabad also.
      Thank you.

  43. NC

    Dear sir,
    I am planning to start travel and tourism business. I have space for the office and initial set up invetment also. Can you please guide me about basic initial requirements for setting up inbound tourism business?


  44. VK

    I have decided to start my own travel and tourism business, I want to know How to get first set of tourists (customers) while starting the business? And Sir my target is backpackers. Its my interest to go in this business. Not thinking about the profit. So sir please tell me what should I do step by step.
    Thank you.

  45. SH

    Greetings of the day!

    I would like to start a Home Based Travel agency in Faridabad, Haryana,India. Which would provide Airline tickets (domestic/intl)/hotels(domestic/intl)/tour packages(domestic/intl)/car rentals (which would not be a Online booking engine). I have done my MBA/IATA foundation level and Travel and tourism managment and have been working with the back office for 5 yrs as a team leader.

    I have thought of a name and would be registering my website soon.

    Request if you could provide me the following details.

    1.How much investment required.
    2.Any other formalities to be a Home based travel agent.
    3.How to get the best deals from the different suppliers.
    4.Is there any license or id mandatory for a home based travel agent.

    In addition to the above, request if you could provide the full information on how to go about it.

    Looking forward for your soonest response.


    • Scott Wilson

      The investment would depend upon what scale you want to work. About formalities, registration of your business entity under SME’s registration is necessary. For the best deal, you need to develop attractive marketing strategies.
      Thank you.

      • SH

        Hello Sir,

        Thank you.
        How would SME registration be helpful. Is it mandatory? I know people who have just registered their website and have started their travel agency. Is it worth opening a home based travel agency?

        Looking forward for your help.


        • Scott Wilson

          SME registration will give your business a recognition as an entity. If you can get clients through home based travel agency, it is perfect. Otherwise I would suggest you to have a proper office set up.
          Thank you.

  46. SH

    Thank you so much sir for your response. Can you also please suggest some good consolidators to contatct for Airline tickets, tour packages, hotels and car rentals to start of the business?
    Thank you.

  47. KM

    I want to open a website based hotel, airticket, rail, bus online booking business.

    1)How do I get API from reputated site.
    2)How much approx. Money they charge for it?
    3)Whether my visitors can see their logos etc or not?
    4)Can you show any website who are using these API? Plz refer any website.
    Thank you.

  48. AK

    Dear sir,
    I want to know how to start a training institute for travel & tourism training airport ground handling please guide me how to start. I have my own travel agency last fifteen years, knowledge of domestic & international ticketing,passport,visa endorsement,travel insurance,foreign exchange
    Please guide me.
    Thank you.

  49. LB

    I want to start a travelling agency dealing with only foreign clients! the agency will be helping tourists to explore India! Kindly lemme know all the info. and knowledge required, so that I can see to any loopholes! I will appreciate if will contact me through my e-mail asap. Also if u can bit more enlighten about air and railway ticket booking buisness it will be very kind of you.

    hoping to listen from your side asap!


    • Scott Wilson

      Since you want to go internationally, you need to have a website containing all the details of your offers and information. You need to prepare a professional proposal for the foreign tours agencies so that they can provide you clients. You need to market your business online very aggressively. and air ticket booking is very easy task once you start getting clients. Just keep contact with some ticket agents and your problem will be sorted out.
      Thank you.

  50. SJ

    Hi Scott,

    I have gone through your site, found it very encouraging. Great to see you helping out so many ‘want to entrepreneurs’. I am also one. I am an electronics engineer and working in the IT industry for last 6 years but wish to do something dynamic work then just sitting in one place all day long and looking at the computer monitor. I am living in Goa and to be honest really interested in sports and all other things that keep me physically active. Recently I have produced 1 episode for a TV interview show for sports persons and currently looking for financial assistance or sponsorship to produce more. Do you suggest any other things I can do. I know tourism related business is one of the obvious choices, but please suggest me some specific business.


  51. KH

    Hello Sir,

    I am interested in starting tourism business. I need some clarifications.

    1) Do I need to register? Is it compulsory? Tell the highlights of procedure
    2) There is any registration fee or license fee?
    3) How much working capital need? There is any rule regarding this.
    4) Please tell rules for running this business
    5) Do I need qualified person for running this buiness? or knowledge is enough?

    help me I have confidence just I need procedure and how much money I need to start. I am having only confidence, what all I need to start business.

  52. SL

    Dear sir,
    I live in mumbai and want to start a travel tourism business, also a basic website based business I have a vat no and a registered company name in which I do business can I use the same name and what are the steps to be taken to be registered with air, road, rail authorities.
    Thank you.

  53. SJ

    Dear sir,
    I’m living in a town and want to start my travel and tourism business. I am pursuing aviation course from avalon academy. I have no govt. business licence but I know about travel and tourism. Can I start my business.
    Thank you.

  54. PR

    I have launched a travel website. We specialist in cheap Europe travel with self exploration & trip customization. No guided tour.
    Now my questions are.
    1. Do I need any kind of registration before I start selling my trips?
    2. I am planning to get affiliated with international hostel booking websites. Will it be a good idea? Do I need to do something before I send them a affiliate request?
    3. How do I do flight bookings & visa’s for my travellers? Should I get an agent on commission? Or is there a better way?

    Your help is much appreciated.
    Awaiting reply,


  55. SR

    We are the representative of overseas tour operator in India. We have not set up any company here. We are into BtoB. Please can you suggest some ideas. How we can start here. As it’s new to India.
    Thank you.

  56. PB

    I want to start my tourism and travel company. I want to know what is the procedure to register a company and how much it will cost to start a business? Please guide me regarding this.
    Thank you.

  57. RJ

    Dear Scott,

    Your patience and desire to help people is highly appreciated. I am into a start up of corporate travel agency. Kindly let me know the web designing fee charged to design/add a online booking engine. I also need to talk to yatra/make my trip for API.


  58. AR

    Hello sir,
    I want to know about who can help me to get iata accreditation or can a new travel agency become a iata accredited agency or can one become a member of tafi, taai and approved by ministry of tourism without become a iata accreditation agency.
    Thank you.

  59. RJ

    I am working in gulf last 12 years,now I would like start a tourism business. I can speak English, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, Arabic, and I can arrange in Kochi a office space and a few vehicles for tourists. So please let me how I can start this buisiness and what is the priorities,formalities and risk factors?and how can I make web page for publish about my firm.


  60. TA

    Dear Sir,
    I am Managing Director of a Limited Company situated in West Bengal, I want to start Tours & Travels business. Please let me know the guideline to Register my Company for the same.


  61. NR

    Hi Scott,

    I was looking for small business oppurtunity and i found this site very useful for finding me a small business opportunity. I am currently working in IT sector for the past 6 years and i don’t find comfortable working as job security is always not there. I had small business opportunity such as franchise for online travel agency from “Multilink” where they charge somewhere around 1 lakhs for web design,
    1. My question here is how do we check whether the offer is genuine or not?
    2. I am looking for some part time opportunity,along with my job and if find comfortable, i will quit my job and improve my business?
    3. I have complete knowlegdge of stainless steel utensils, i need to find overseas buyers for the same?how do find overseas buyers for the same.
    4. Any other business oppurtunity, which you feel would be suitable for me.

    Kindly help me/assist me with the above queries.

    Thanks in advance for guiding me with the above queires.

    Hats off to you for superb service provided for small business finder like me.


  62. SH

    Hello Sir,
    I would like to start one travel agency (only for hospitality Industry). Is there any need of affiliation from government.where I want to register? From where I will get license? I hope your reply.
    Thank you.

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