Medical Tourism Business Opportunities In India: What All You Need?


Kerala is the land of Ayurveda and has good prospects in medical tourism business. If we provide good and efficient services to tourists coming to India, we can reap really develop this business, this can indeed bring good ROI.

But the key to win is an “effective marketing” of these services, it is very important that you market this strategically.

One thing is proven that Ayurvedic remedies can be manufactured in India, with lesser costs and high profit margin, but at the same time quality and efficiency is to be ensured.

I have a very good business plan to get this started and I am looking for someone who is reliable and capable to invest in this venture. I am fine with Citizens of UK, USA, Russia and India.

  • I also need to know how to market this business effectively? What is the approx cost for this?
  • What is that x-factor, which will keep customers coming time n again?
  • Can you give us name of some businesses who are already in this space? So, I can study them and take a note of good points.


Good that you shared this idea on Professionz, we have very good audience base, who are either already businessman or looking to become an entrepreneur. I would like to share some points from my-side on this.

Medical tourism is a good business, but as you said marketing is the Key. But I would say more than a marketing its customer experience you provide, because this is something that will always develop on word of mouth.

When you are looking for foreign customer, you need to take utmost care of cleanness, traveling and stay.

There are many health centers in South who are really doing well, one of them is ARYA VAIDYA SALA based out of Kottakkal.

Anyways, the post is live now, whoever is interested in starting this venture, are most welcome to post their comments below.

One thought on “Medical Tourism Business Opportunities In India: What All You Need?

  1. Sanjeev S Reply

    Hi I am Canadian would love to venture with someone who has some experience in this field. Waiting for reply, I can also invest if the business is lucrative.

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