New Business Ideas in India

There can be nothing like having your own business. You can become your master and gain all the financial independence you have always wanted. Your business can be your stepping stone to a successful entrepreneur career. You may be bubbling with new business ideas but are quite unsure of how to kick start it.

So To Start With, Lets Learn How To Start A Business?

Starting a business is quite similar to starting any other small business. You need to come out with your business plan and work hard slowly to lay the groundwork. The task of marketing your business, having a good
record keeping system, and paying bills and taxes will rest entirely on you.

Your success will depend hugely on what it is that you are looking for. You will have to make up your mind whether it is going to be a party business or network marketing opportunities or an automated online business? You cannot hit a target unless you see it.

Research can help you immensely in locating the right target.

You can follow links in the Google or get in touch with an experienced person to discuss your plans. After elaborate research, make a list of the features and benefits your  business will have.

New Business Ideas in India

Boiled Water Business: Well the 1st idea would be to start a business of selling boiled water, you already know that there are many companies in India selling mineral water, but if you see there are no companies which sell boiled water. You can start this business with very small investment.

Share / Stock Trading: If you are a college or university student, I would recommend you to start concentrating in Share and stock market, this is indeed big ground to try your luck, you will need to dedicate 2-3 years of time, studying market trend, but once you become master, you will rock

Education and Career Consoling: this is also really good business, if you are interested you can start this

Online Selling of Electronic Products: there have been really good demand in electronics and communication related products like mobile phones, computers etc. many people buy them online, specially IT people. You can try selling them on sites like naptol, eBay, rediff shopping, IndiaTimes shopping etc.

Start A Web Design and Development Business

  • You can easily get yourself established with your own web design business. All you need to have is some good web design skills and a little bit of experience. Once you decide to have your own unit you can do the following:
  • For a web design business apply for a business licenses in your city. If you do it alone you won’t require it but if you involve others and plan to set up a company, it is mandatory.
  • Have a market plan to gain new clients and retain existing ones.
  • Create an impressive and eye-catching website for web design business.
  • Create a portfolio of your previous work to help clients have idea of your web design skills.
  • Your own business can give you great financial as well as personal independence. All it takes to start one is a mall idea and lots of perseverance.

Evaluate the Following Questions While Working On Your Business Plans

  • What do you have to offer? Will consumers be benefited by and large? Does the product have a market?
  • What makes you an expert?
  • Are you capable enough both education and skills wise, to compete successfully in the marketplace?
  • When the economy is weak, how will your business be affected? Assess this correctly?
  • Will you enjoy doing this business?
  • Is the business seasonal?

Few Tips on How to Become Successful In Any Business

  • Be true to yourself.
  • Find a need and fill it.
  • Go for services or products that cost you less but can be sold at higher price
  • Have realistic estimates of your expenses
  • Be honest to your customers
  • Learn how to market effectively.
  • Embrace the web.
  • Do not look for miracles.

9 thoughts on “New Business Ideas in India

  1. afroz ahmed Reply

    I want to start minerals trading and later manufacturing business. I have been living in Udaipur that is rich in minerals. There are lots of opportunity in minerals here and i want to take advantage from it.
    But i have no knowledge about minerals. Sir where can i get knowledge and help about minerals, is there any training institute that provides crash course about minerals. Please reply i m waiting.

    • Scott Wilson Reply

      Mr. Afroz,
      Your idea of this business is excelent. Minerals are really in demand these days and you can cover a huge market.
      I would advise you to spend some time on research.
      You can do job in some related company, read the research report of these companies, read the annual reports of these companies.
      Slowly and gradualy you will gain some idea about this business and you will be at a better position to start your own venture.
      There are many books for the same. You can visit the business libraries and get the related books. You can do a hard research on internet and you can get very good ideas.
      Thank you.

  2. Garry Reply

    Hello, I need some idea to start a business in India (Delhi). I am based in Australia and looking to start a business in India. I am looking for an export and import line in India. Would you please able to help me with some sort of idea as what is good and profitable business prospect in India for export and imports? I have a good idea about export but don’t have a great knowledge about India market. Can you please reply me on my email address given above?


    • P K Reply

      Hi Garry,
      • I am a 25, and I am about to start my own export business.
      • I am thinking of exporting Pattachitra (Indian Silk Paintings), Filligree, silver ornaments and many other products.
      • I have heard it has a great market in Australia.
      • Why don’t you just have a thought on it?
      If you are interested please contact me on my e-mail address.

  3. R J Reply

    I have good idea but can be executed in Delhi /NCR, I want to start export/import business but do not have idea. Scott can you help me with that, I do have solid business plan. Let’s get in touch. People I have solid business plan but no investment, project will require around USD 20k

  4. M D Reply

    Hello friends, I am Madhav, I finished my mechanical engineering. Now I want to start small business related to mechanical field so please give information that which type of business is good for current market scenario?

  5. AM Reply

    Hello Mr. Scott Wilson

    I have completed my MBA (Master of Business Administrative)in Marketing and Finance specialization(Both are Major) in July 2011. I have a very small family business in which we manufacture a cycle part and side by side we act as dealer of heavy industrial machinery in India. But unfortunately both businesses are doing very bad. So I wants to start my own business but i am confused whether to get into current business or start a new one ? Please suggest me some new business ideas ASAP ?

    Thank You in advance and Regards

  6. debraj paul Reply

    I have a coaching center for JEE, ALEEE, GATE but due to lack of finance I am not able to advertise. I try deal with 3 to 4 other coaching teacher. But no of students in my coaching still 0. How can I improve my coaching, and tell me some idea how I improve no of students. I am eagerly waiting for your response.

    • JC White Reply

      Hi Debraj Paul,
      Nice to see your passion for your business. Coming to your question directly, “how to market your business with low investment”.

      To start any business you need at least some amount of basic investment, thus you need to keep in mind without money you CANNOT advertise / market.

      Few ideas and strategies you can definitely try… which requires very minimal investment.

      1. You can try printing 1000 Black & While leaflets (will cost you maximum Rs.500 – Rs.700) and stick 200 out of them to walls area near to your classes.
      2. Then you can insert same leaflets in local newspapers. (You can talk with local newspaper distributors) to help you.

      Try this method of 2 months and see if you get any response. All the best.

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