Real Estate Business in 2010 in India: Ideas and Plan to Start a Business

Question: What are the aspects of the real estate business in India and what are the opportunities are there in India to start this business?

Plan and Ideas to Start a Real Estate Business in India

Answer: Current booming market of real estate has given a tremendous offers to  real estate agents who want to deal in real estate, flats, banglows etc.

I feel this is the field where investment requirement is less as compared to other category of businesses; all you have to contribute is you endless efforts because this whole business depends upon the strong contacts and market conditions. Knowledge about buyer and seller is the key ingredients in this particular type of business.

The estate agent requires an office where he can be recognized to the buyer and seller. It depends upon you how you want to develop your self in this particular business. Estate agent can do the business without the place of business also. But in such case he would have to associate him self with other individual agents so that customer can be gathered.

Other wise without the premise to handle the business would create the problem of recognition to customer.

Generally the association of real estate agents determines the commission or brokerages to be charged to customers so for that you will have to follow that rules. Even you can follow discounting policy to attract customer initially.

Keep the contacts of the area in which you deal , what are new projects to be started, who are the developers and what is the customer’s demand all these points are quite important to look into.

Start giving advertise in news paper , it will also help in gathering customers.

6 thoughts on “Real Estate Business in 2010 in India: Ideas and Plan to Start a Business

  1. V K Reply

    Hello, I am working with a consultancy firm…Now I want to start a Real Estate consultancy business… Need your suggestions to implement this idea. You please take down my no.
    so dat I can get in touch with you and have some knowledge from you!

  2. S G Reply

    I want to start construction work of villa on my property(small plot) this is my idea to start business. Give me a good and favorable reply. Is it a good business to start or what is the profit margin in this field, or give me other solution to start business in construction..


  3. S O Reply

    Hello sir,
    I have completed my graduation in commerce and also I have completed with my certified financial planner(fpsb) and also done with all the certificate courses of nse & bse. I want to start a real estate business. Can you help me with some ideas?

  4. SB Reply

    Hello sir,
    I have done MBA(Finance) in 2010 year, currently working in some IT company. Sir my parents want me to start our own business, but the problem is, I am unable to find out good idea of Business. Sir It seems you are expert in this field. You might have good knowledge of market condition. Can you please suggest us which business is suitable for me?
    hopefully waiting for your replay.

    Thanks & Regards

  5. MH Reply

    Hello sir,
    this is mikat and I am in BBA 3rd year and hence after completing my graduation I would like to start my own real estate business. I am having my own land but don’t have strong contacts, should I work under real estate agent or simply start my business.
    Thank you.

  6. ADS Reply

    That’s so nice of you to guide towards starting up of a new business and settle it down. But it would be kind enough of you if kindly send the details of how to form a new real estate company and its terms and condition.
    Thank you.

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