Restaurant Franchise Opportunity in India

The Indian food and beverage business is nearly 2billion USD business and it’s growing at its fastest speed, you can jump in to this business if you are really interested.

Franchise opportunity to start a restaurant in India is indeed good business, you must have noticed, many international food brands have entered in Indian market, as this is the biggest place for them to do business.

You will be glad to know that food and beverage business is the “business” where recession or any economic downtime will hardly have an effect on, this means people are not going to stop spending on foods, as this is their primary need.

Starting a Restaurant Franchise

Well if you are interested in starting a franchise restaurant of well known food brands like McDonald, Subway Sandwiches, Kailash Parbhat, Pizza Hut etc. the first step you have to do is contact the main or head office of the restaurant, you can find address and contact number from their respective websites. Few of the popular restaurant website I have mentioned below.

After you find the contact details of the head office, you have to contact a person who is managing business alliances or business development officer; he will be the right and perfect person for you to give you all information for taking franchise of that restaurant.

Popular List of restaurant in India, I’ll be keep on updating this…

  • – Pizza Hut India
  • – Sub way Restaurants India Franchise Opportunities
  • – Kailash Parbat Franchise Info
  • – McDonald’s India Franchise Info
  • – Dominos Pizza India

If you don’t find the name you are looking for just search Google with brand name, and you will get the website name.

One thought on “Restaurant Franchise Opportunity in India

  1. Rakesh Reply

    I am rakesh From Kota Rajasrthan and currently running a restaurant in kota which is one of the premium most in the city. Some is intrested to take franchise of us in anorther city of rajastha, i am not very much clear on the formalities and nusicances of tne franchise model particular in F&B industry. can you please guide me on the same.

    best regards

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