Small Business

To promote Small Businesses in India, the government has come up with a wide variety of schemes and incentives. Youths can now look forward to make the most of these initiatives and become self employed.

Small Businesses in India aim to make youths self employed. Small businesses in India have contributed a lot to the growth of India.

It has helped bring about the transition from agriculture based occupation to industrialization.

Because of its self employing and self supporting ability small business in India is becoming popular among rural, semi rural masses and with unemployed urban youths. More and more youths are choosing to venture into small business.

The government of India has taken many a steps to help people start small businesses. Some such steps taken are:

  • Industrial extension services
  • Providing credit facilities
  • Promoting sites for construction of sheds
  • Providing extensive training facilities
  • Supply of machinery on hire-purchase terms
  • Adequate help for domestic marketing as well as exports
  • Special incentives for setting up enterprises in backward areas
  • Technical consultancy
  • Financial assistance for up-gradation

Small businesses in rural sectors also aim at making woman self sustaining.

With the help of government loans woman can start businesses of their liking. Some important businesses which one can start in the rural market is grocery shops, chemists store, food outlet, textile shops, fodder shops, cycle repairing shops and lots more.

Small businesses in India can help youth dream big. With little efforts they can turn their dreams into reality.

If you have any queries, questions and doubts in regards to how to start a small business in India, or which small business to start in India, please ask us.

103 thoughts on “Small Business

  1. J.Franklin

    I have Finished M.Sc and i want to do a small business. What are the Help that government would do to start a small business. Did provide loans for starting a small business. Can u tell me about this…

  2. Irfan


    my Self Irfan From Belgaum , Looking for start my Own Business ,
    some help me for start my Business , which type better for Business
    I can Invest 50,000-1,50,000 only

    please tell me

    give me ideas

    mail me :-

    thanking you

    Mahammadirfan I Jamadar
    9980048046, 9844163550

  3. keyoor

    Hi, I am Keyoor Patel from Vapi (Gujarat) I am Looking to start my Own Business in here, I need some help, so kindly guide me to start my Business , which type is better for Business, I can Invest Rs.50,000 – 1,50,000 only, can you please tell me give me ideas.

    Yours thankful,

    • Scott Wilson Post author

      Thanks for your question, I am glad you are interested in starting your own business, I can surely guide you but you need to give me some ideas on your interests and skills, because any business will not run without proper interests and skills.

      Please update me, and try to give as much information as you can.

    • KS

      Hello Sir,
      Can u suggest any small scale business plan/idea with a minimum investment of 20000-30000. I am very keen to start something of my own but don’t where to start from. If you can help me it would be great.
      Thank you.

      • Scott Wilson

        I would suggest you to be clear about your interest areas. Then read all the comments which are answered. You will get most of your answers. Then also if you have any doubts, please ask your questions again.
        Thank you.

  4. sahithi

    I am a M.A qualified. i want to start a own business. Which will make employment to few people and give my contribution to my country being economical strong, can anyone share their Ideas, I want to start a business that has good opportunities for people around me.

  5. srinivas

    i am studying (M.B.A) and I am a railway employee, i have a will to become my wife a employer. and now i want to start a businees which would run by my wife who is sitting idle with qualification . . . . . I can give her moral and immoral support. So give me few ideas to take a step to new….

  6. ganesh

    Hi, I am planning to launch a financial service company. So, will the government provide any kind of funding to me? Also, please let me know what are the formalities involved in starting up a new business.

  7. praveen

    I have got lotz of information of business ideas but i want to know abt how to hire labors and workers ….. may i let it know because in these days it is really tough to get workers and labours ? can you guide me how can person hire or get workers for the factory or office.

    • murugan

      hi i can help you to find the worker for monthly basic so can u tell me wat kind of pepole u want and wich location if u like same businese v can starte as a partner in my place were worker is available please send me ur details

  8. Lakkhi

    Hello, I have come across a natural product “wheatgrass” and I find it good for niche market. I want to start with manufacturing or trading of this product. So how do I go about it. I need some inputs. If you could help me by giving suggestion regarding the start up, I would be so grateful to you. Awaiting your response.


    Hello Sir,

    My name is Santosh Swarn Singh I live in mumbai i am well settled and work for oilfield for MNC as i do 5 weeks on and 5 weeks off i want to start my own business which can grow in to big business as i am very ambitious person but i will not be able to look after the business as i can invest around 20,000 lakh please can you gide me what business i can do thanks

    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Santosh, if you want to start your business, there are end no. of ideas. But you need to trll me about interest. According to that i can suggest you something. And you have to look after your business in initial stage. New business is very dinamic in nature. You provide me further details and i will provide hundred ideas. But be precise.

  10. Mayur

    hi all
    I am in ahmedabad i want to start small business in ahmedabad or kheda. i have farm near kheda. i wamt to start cyber cafe in kheda or any small business in ahmedabd. please sujest me.
    thank you

  11. Harsh

    Dear Sir, I would like to start small business related to agriculture. I am from Hyderabad and specially interested in agriculture. Can you suggest me the small business which related to agriculture. I can’t invest much.Please give me ideas. Thanking You

    • Scott Wilson

      If you are aware about the e-trading then that is the best. And if you are not then search about it. You can start e-trading of agricultural commodities, or you can start mandi level agency too. If you are able to manage some more capital, there is a great opportunity in rural warehousing. Big companies will come to you.

  12. sanjoy rahut

    Myself sanjoy rahut from west Bengal owner of goodwill traders / goodwill India, I am going through a business that trading also manufacturing of water purifier ( internationally equipped ) there are so many models … if you are interested in this … you can go with the business in your local business area with low investment . Whatever if you want detail.. Feel free. . .mail me

    Sanjoy rahut

  13. I need help to start my own business

    Hello Sir,
    Before I read, IT HAPPENED IN INIDA, I was planning to start my own business of Marketing Research and named the company as MRSC (Market Research and Survey Corporation). After reading i feel dedicatedly to start my own business also i have some experience in marketing research, although i covered of huge repulsive opposition from my family and friend. But finally i decided to start my own business.
    Now i can’t go back, i have to start the company that too on my own expanses and i am extremely dedicated to start and maintenance of the company in any of the circumstances.
    I need suggestion from your side that how find the contacts of clients related to marketing research. I found many contacts and send them mails to tell them about my company but i am not getting any responce, also i visited many companies but another no show. Also i need some financial support.
    In nutshell, it will be great help of yours if you provide some information regarding how to clients related to Marketing Research and what all are firms which can provide financial support for starting a new company which can provide financial aid

    Jagdish Chaturvedi

    • Scott Wilson

      Without showing fruits of future no bank or financial institution will help you. So first thing is you should develop a very well descriptive project of your business. And prepare SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities, threats) analysis and SLEPT (social, legal, economical, political, technical) analysis. Then prepare a presentation. After scrutinizing your project, banks will help you. And try to approach co-operative banks. These banks really help people like you. Ad after that, you know marketing very well. So all the best.

  14. satya krishna

    i am satya krishna prusing final year, just i want to start business on my self can u suggest some ideas and how ever i did kaju business(supplying kaju to reasturants) but due to some reasons it stopped. i am having gud realtion with reasturant owners

    • Scott Wilson

      Don’t worry, that was not your last chance. Just follow these steps.
      T – Think (brain storming, thinking of different ideas and your interests)
      C – Concept developments (then chose your idea and develop that as a concept)
      P – Plan (now to implement this concept decide a plan)
      E – Execute (now the stage comes of executing)
      E – Evaluate (now evaluate these concepts, and try to improve)
      Be smart; don’t waste time because “you have a will so there will be a way.”

  15. Ankur

    Hello Sir,

    I am interested in opening a food outlet in Bangalore(small one with limited but quality items). Since I am a newbie to this business world, please can you give me some guidance like – how I should proceed or what should be the steps that I should follow in opening an outlet?

    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Ankur,
      You should follow the steps mentioned bellow.
      – Read the environment the area where you want to start your business.
      – Now you will keep an eye on your competitors. Because you are going to enter in very developed field and there are so many competitors.
      – You are not an illiterate and you should not go blindly.
      – Then which are the items those they don’t provide?
      – Which items are in demand?
      – Then look about your capital capacity.
      – Then visit all of those outlet and observe the service and level of sophistication.
      – All these thins are according to modern management system and very important.

  16. Prasanna

    Hi,I am Prasanna. I would like to start the textile support industry,in tamilnadu at Coimbatore. Let me know is this belongs to state goverment or central goverment? what are the legal formalities involved in initial setups.thanks.

  17. Scott Wilson

    Mr. Prasanna,
    If you don’t know, i tell you that: During last financial year Tamilnadu was the state which had highest exports in textile industry. And government has declared 300 crore package to Tamilnadu state government from this union budget. So there is right time and right opportunity. For legal formalities, you have to register your self as exporter and your business as an export trading unit. Then you will have to apply for IEC no. that export import number. Then you will register your business as RCMC. After that you can start your exports but it will be better if you become a member of EPCG scheme that is export credit guarantee scheme.
    Thank you.

  18. Kuntal Roy

    I have an experience of 8 years in Sales & Marketing of Software Solutions in Eastern Part of India based out of Kolkata. My wife have done MSc & PG in Nutrition & Dietetics and have experiences in Healthcare as Dietitian & in Education as Teacher.
    Both of us want to start our own business. Kindly guide us with your valuable advice & suggestion.

    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Roy,
      As I told you earlier, you should go for some business where you can compound both the skills. Your and your wife’s efforts can be put togather and can enhance some better returns.
      Thank you.

    • JD


      Myself Jyotirdeep a Mechanical Engineer and having 7 years of experience in the field of Machine tool industries and I have a enough Customer data base in my region. My wife is a LLB & MBA and having 4 years of experience in the field of Food processing industries. we want to start Trading business of indigenious / foreign Industrial Products.

      Thank you.



    my Self SUMEET GUPTA From HIMACHAL PRADESH , Looking for start my Own Business ,
    some help me for start my Business , which type better for Business
    I can Invest 50,000-1,50,000 only.

    please tell me,give me ideas

    mail me :-GUPTA_SUMEET205@YAHOO.COM

    thanking you

  20. Scott Wilson

    Miss. Bhavani
    Good spirit. Here are some nice ideas for you.
    1. If you cannot invest more,
    2. Milk production on medium scale
    3. Agricultural business which can gain more.
    4. Cotton production.
    5. Rural warehousing
    6. Farming agency- new concept.
    7. Small fast moving consumer goods manufacturing.
    8. School specially talent school and performing art.
    9. Ready made cloths manufacturing with help of Rural area’s ladies.
    10. Some thing which you think that is needed and not there.
    11. Privet tuition classes.
    12. Vegetable production.
    13. Carrying and forwarding agency.
    14. Rural transportation on small scale.
    15. Self employment plan for rural ladies. It may be commercial also and government help you can take.
    And remember Rural Market is the Largest market.

  21. Manish

    Mrs. Sam

    I have a couple of plans in mind and I would not mind a partner. The most recent plan that I have is a Quick Service Restuarant (QSR). If you have any other idea on the same, let me know and we try and work on something.

    my email is:

    Give me some of your ideas as well.


    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Manish,
      Just take care that your plan doesn’t become the common. I mean to say that, start some thing which is not available in your area and which can impress the public. And be very loyal to your service and your products. That is my experience that, “The result will reach you only when you are loyal to your job. Job may be any thing.”
      So think on this. And if you need any more guidance, please ask question.
      Thank you.

  22. Madhu


    I am an instrumentation & control engineer having 1 and a half year experience in automation field but currently i am unemployed. i want to start my business. i thought of starting an automation firm providing automation solutions bt then scrapped the idea as i didnt have enough expertise in that field. Could u plz suggest me some business options. I can invest upto 1 lac.I liked your paper bags idea, plz provide me some insights on that business also.

  23. suryabhan patel

    i am a management graduate and want to start my own business related agriculture or food processing in SATNA (Madhya pradesh).Satna is a district place and has a huge market for Agraicultural commodities like soyabean, gram, lentile,and wheat as well. I myself belong to farming back ground.
    can you please suggest any good business related to agriculture or any food processing. i can invest any thing between 10 to 15 lacks if plan is good. also tell me how to start making a good business plan .

    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Suryabhan Patel,
      What you are talking about is processed agricultural comodities and that needs the machineries and experience as well.
      So the first step should be to go and visit the market well, get idea about the market forces, consumer behavour, business opportunities, future prospective etc.
      Then the next step should be the SWOT analysis and your interest analysis.
      Thus follow these two steps and your work will be more than easier.
      Thank You.

  24. Vikram Singh


    I am Vikram and I want to start my own business in paper carry bag manufacturing and I have Rs60000 with me and I have proper production space in Delhi so, kindly tell me about the machine price,raw material price ,profit margin and how to get customers and how much more investment is required.
    Please send these details at my and very soon I am waiting for your response.

    Thank You

    • Scott Wilson

      Mr. Vikram singh,
      The business which you have chosen is a great option. If you have your place for manufacturing, it is a plus point.
      machine price defers with many aspects. So you have to inquire for that personally from the machinery dealer and get the estimated initial investment.
      For customer, I would advise you to appoint marketing executive because in this business you have to roam around the market and get the customers.
      The shop keeper will not come to your place to purchase these bags. You have to go to their place and get the order because there are many competitors in this field and they do the sane thing.
      I hope this answers your question.
      Thank you.

  25. shivani sabbbarwal

    Hi,i m eager to start home made foods business,but how to actually go about it,we r staying at navi mumbai,can some one suggest how to start the business,what r the govt. rules for ensuring the quality of products,where & how to market the products.

    • Scott Wilson

      Ms. Shivani,
      There is no government procedures if you want to start it at small level. If you want to start it in a shop, you can set up a plan and prepare the goods and sell the foods. But take care that your products are unique and Higgins.
      Thank you.

  26. sidhu

    sir i am planning to start a manufacturing business of FMCG’s
    please suggest me what will be good things to capital is about 15-20 lacs
    I also read in one of your replies tat u have readymade projects for rural and urban business.i have a farm and im intrested in farm based business too .specially in cattle so if u help me with ur project it will be great.

  27. S T

    Dear Sir, I would like to start small business from home. I am from Mumbai. Can you suggest me how can I proceed with the idea as I have limited capital to invest? I have few options however I have no idea which one will be the best for me.
    1. Catering (Tiffin service)
    2. Recruitment (work from home)
    3. Tuitions
    4. LIC Agent.
    Please suggest me what should do so that I can contribute my bit to the family.

  28. S H

    I am interested in setting up a plant for industrial gases like nitrogen, oxygen, acetylene, liquid nitrogen etc in the state of UP. I am not sure about the market prospect of this project, like who will be my main buyer. I read that Bihar have big potential for ethanol manufacturing unit, but not sure about the use of these gases. Please comment, Thanx

  29. K S G

    Dear Scott, Impressed with all the above discussions and thought that you can surely help me in starting my business. I’m into Polymer field since last 6-7 yrs with well understanding of manufacturing processes in chemical plants. Would like to start something in this field or may be related to this field?

  30. S J

    I want to invest 10-15 Lacs and start a business. I am interested in restaurant business. I prefer to do a Punjabi restaurant. Can someone help me to steps to start it in Bangalore? I think food business in India has really nice scope, as this industry rarely suffer from recession or any economic down time.

  31. V V R

    Sir, I am a self employed metal treatment chemicals company owner with annual turnover 10 lacs from manufacturing chemicals since 7 years. Please let me have the marketing and financial tips for increasing the volume of business. Thanking and anticipating your supportive reply,

  32. M J

    I want to start a business in a small level. Can you give me some ideas about what business to start and help me in getting loan for that business from our government as I am not able to invest any money in that business.

  33. H N

    I would like to open an engineering service company. I am planning to hire and start with 20-25 engineers. This would be foreign investment. How can I get help to register and establish this venture? Can I retain somebody to help me in this process? What are the costs associated with it?

  34. Paddy


    I have a industrial shed or 2000SFT and open space of 1500SFT in happening location, and I am looking for to start a lucrative small business in BO. Not sure which one would go for a long run, because market dynamics keeps changing.

    And I have less amount of capital to invest in.

    Advice related to this will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you.

  35. dhanraj


    i want to know the procedure to start the call center 10 sets and how can i get the governament help like funds to start and whats the procedure please hlep with the above information

    thanks & regards

  36. Vivek

    Dear Sir,
    I am living at village area, I am planning to do some fast food buisness in my village, The beautiful sea beach is near from my house and so many tourist coming there for weekends, I want some information about fast food shop, how can I start it? and tell me also any other ideas about small buisness which i can start near to sea beach, i have less investment but i have will power to do something big and also i have passions. Please guide me sir, i am waiting for your reply.

    Thank You.

  37. hjr

    i have industrial unit. i want to start somekind of manufacturing activities in that.
    i am also interested in doing third party manufacturing. if any one can guide me how i can procced.

    thanking you

  38. Mr. S

    Hi Mr. Wilson,

    I’m a civil engineer going to start my own construction firm in a small town. I would like to know the legal procedure and the concern departments name. Please suggest the steps to be taken one bye one, like first I’ve need to have trade license.where should I apply for that. How to register my company.

    Thanking you.

    Mr. S

  39. SJ

    I am SJ from Wai Satara Maharashtra India I am Looking to start my Own Business in here, I need some help, so kindly guide me to start my Business , which type is better for Business, I can Invest Rs.50,000 – 1,00,000 only,what Types Shop making in Wai can you please tell me give me ideas.I can surely guide you but you need to give me some ideas. My interests and skills All Any one.

    Yours thankful,

  40. V R

    Hi Mr. Wilson,

    I am paper technologist (done post graduate diploma in pulp & paper technology after Msc) & having 13 years experience(6 years in experience in paper production/R&D & 7 years in marketing of equipments used for paper manufacturing). Please suggest can i start Technical consultancy part time as i am working in an MNC (5 days a week).

    Best Regards

    V R

  41. DR

    I want to start a new small level export business. I heard from one of my friends, export business is the very good earning business. Can u suggest about that business? how to start, how much money to be invested, what type of product to be exported, how to get the license?
    Thank you.

  42. PR

    Hello Mr.Scott.

    I am graduate mechanical engineer and in job for last 7 years. i along with my friend had taken up Ice cream franchise in GOA and its not doing that good as we had expected. We still continue our job as well as business. I want to start something of my own now. I want to set up a Tiny Industry ( may be very small production house)with small investments. Can you suggest me some unique ideas. my interests are
    1) something in daily salable items
    2) Cement Concrete paver blocks.
    3) something related to Tourism.

    kindly help me in setting up path for my future.

  43. ME

    Hello Sir,
    I want to start a T-shirt manufacturing business, I have many designs and prints which are not even launched. I want to start but not having enough funds, can you please guide me about the financial aids provided by government?
    Thank you.

  44. SM

    Hello sir,
    I wanted to start agriculture based product, like soya oil. I can invest Rs 1 crore. I have already land and raw material so what is the demand of this product in India and can i export it? then how?
    Thank you.

  45. PK

    I would like to start a business in which i have interest in Textile industry specific to Threads, Silk threads which is useful for manufacturing of garments.
    so please advice me how to further and how much capital required, can i get any government help in this regard.
    If any company’s or agencies are giving any kind of training on this line.

  46. A M

    Hello, I have done, MBA. Now I want to be self employed. I have interest in selling of goods.
    What sort of business I should start and how much will be the investment required. I cannot afford to invest more. What are the norms of obtaining loans and other facilities provided the government to start a business.

  47. SH

    Hello Sir,

    I Completed MBA(Finance)in 2010 looking for some unique idea to start our own business with $10,000 capital. It seems you have good market knowledge . Can you Please suggest me which business is suitable for me?


  48. MU


    I am Bcom graduate, I am more interested in distribution business like transporting, grocery to stores. Home space is available for a godown for the business purpose. And what are the business opportunity I can get to start the business with minimum capital.

  49. RS

    I have a plot near palghar about 8 kms from National Express Highway. I propose to start a warehouse there. I am already in the process of doing a research to understand the warehousing needs of the area. existingw arehouses and what better can be given.

    I need some advice in what are the legal formalities needed to start a warehouse, What aid can I get from the govt., what are the current trends in starting a warehouse.

    Thank you.


  50. MD

    I am an MBA in Finance & marketing with an experience of 2 year. I am interested in opening up my own business. I am basically thinking of starting up a laundry cum tailoring shop or a beauty salon but I do not have any idea of the expenditure which will be incurred in the two. I want to start in with a minimal amount , say $5,000 and as the business grows i’ll expand. There are two things which I would like to know. First is an estimated amount to start the business and 2nd – the business plan i.e how to prepare the business plan and what are the things in which I have to concentrate while preparing it. Also I would like to do a market survey for the businesses mentioned and know what are the things which people want but are not getting so that I can concentrate on them. Can you also suggest in what ways I can conduct a market survey? Please guide me as I need your help.
    Thank you.


  51. NV

    Hello sir,
    I want to start my new business. I am interested in industry line but with lesser Capital. Please guide me which business I should start? I can invest $8,000 to $10,000. Waiting for your suggestions.
    Thank you.

  52. SP

    I am looking for a part time work from which I can earn 30k to 45k min in a month. Without PC work would be great. Like document work(data work). Please do inform me if there is such work available. Which I can do without investing or registration. I am wishing to do asap. So please revert, awaiting for your reply.
    Thank you.

  53. RK

    I have sound knowledge of computer, so I want data entry, data conversion, word process project. I have 14 computers. Is it good business for me? can you give me link/address to get that type of projects.
    Thanks Regards.

  54. KK

    I am having more interest on textile business. So how do start small business. Who will give financial assistance. I am more loving in that business please give some ideas and arrange some loan also. Now doing MBA.
    Thank you.

  55. BK

    I want to start copperwire manufacuring. I want to know about the machinery cost,space reqirement, require investment, and manufacturing process, and also want to know scope in Indian market as well as abroad. I am very passionate about this business. Can you tell sources for buy the machine.Please reply

    Thank you.

  56. LC

    Hello sir,
    I want to start my own business. Please give some ideas to start the business. Which areas are the best and easy to enter? and Who will give financial assistance.will the government provide any kind of funding to me? Please provide me the related information. Awaiting for your reply.
    Thank you.

  57. BK

    I want to start copperwire manufacuring. I want to know about the machinery cost,space reqirement, require investment, and manufacturing process, and also want to know scope in Indian market as well as abroad. I am very passionate about this business. Can you tell sources for buy the machine.Please reply via email.

    Thank you.

  58. SR

    Hello Sir,

    I am BE graduate and working in IT industry. My self and my friend would like to start wind mill (power generation) business. We came to know that we can get 75 – 80 % of money from bank with help of govt. remaining 20% we have to invest by own. We would like to know that entering into wind mill business is right option? Also want know about profit in this business and O&M cost/year. Initially we would like start 800KW. What is the exact investment need for 800KW power plant? Is there any drawbacks in this business? Looking forward for your valuable points.


  59. AN

    Dear sir,
    I am interested in doing small scale business. Kindly advise me regarding, how to start small scale business, list of small scale business that can be done with capital specified and where to start. I am having 200k to 300k USD to Invest, but I need solid business plan and it has to show solid growth. Please give me nice small scale business ideas.

  60. MB

    Dear Sir,

    I have interest to start a drinking water treatment plant. My idea small budget, I need some details with following few question, please clear me with your experience with detail.

    Please send the following details (Either text or image file)
    1. Land area required minimum
    2. Machinery cost very cheap and good company recommended
    3. Man power required for above project purification work
    4. Monthly money return and details
    5. Investment money range (Except land)
    6. Approval procedure and health certificate if any
    7. Area to choose for plant
    8. Maintenance
    Thank you.

    • Scott Wilson

      For a water treatment plant, area you need depends upon the scale on which you are going to carry on your business.
      You can search every detail easily from various sources and start up your business.
      Thank you.

  61. BK

    Hello sir,
    I want to start bare copper wire business in small scale, I need the source from where I bought machine. I would like to know what is the cost of the machine. And also future of this industries. Which kind of copper wire is in demand? Please mail me or reply my query.
    Thank you.

    • Scott Wilson

      For the machinery, you should contact the local infoline service or yellow pages service provider. They will be having many contacts of such machinery delivers. Future of this business in never ending because with the increasing need of power supply, need of copper wires also increases.
      Thank you.

  62. AR

    I am studying M.C.A in corresponding university, I want to start some business, give some ideas, what type of business to start, government help & offers support to start business.
    Thank you.

  63. MA

    Hello sir,
    I am an engineering graduate and had experience in IT field. Now me and my friend have a plan of starting a small business. We have plan of opening a coaching center. But we are financially week. Is there any possibility of getting loan with my degree certificate. If not any small loan offers from government? Please guide.
    Thank you.

    • Scott Wilson

      It is easily possible to get a financial aid from banks, especially from the co-operative banks. Government also can help you financially. For the detailed knowledge, you need to go to banks and ask them about the procedure and criteria.
      Thank you.

  64. M

    Hi Scott,
    Im planning to start a business- an IT consultant firm where I can deliver customized products to my clients. Just wanted a quick take about how do I go about it. what are the measures I have to take? And the pre-requisites?
    Please let me know!

    • Scott Wilson

      Great to know that you are going to start an IT consultancy firm. You first need to design the plan of your actions. What products and service you are going to provide? Who can be your prospective clients? Accordingly decide a database. Then u need to develop a sales team to aid you in marketing and sales.
      That’s all you need in the starting phase. Database is very important.
      Thank you.

  65. GN

    Hello Sir,
    I am from Dubai now , I want to start a small business in kerala like facial tissue paper making business. Just give me details about that or give me any other good business ideas.
    Thank you.

  66. KT

    Dear scott,
    I had completed my (M.B.A)in current year now am eager to start small scale business I am interested in agricultural product like coconut, probably I have coconut in 15-acres. I can invest around 3-lakhs to 5-lakhs. So please suggest me about what are the small scale business we can start in the product of coconut .
    Best regards,

    • Scott Wilson

      If you are interested in coconut related business and you have knowledge about it then it is a bingo for you. You can start business of dry coconut, coconut oil etc. There is a huge opportunity available in this business. Since you have the knowledge about it, you can capitalize on your knowledge and hit the market. You can start coconut oil business in whole sellers, as a raw material provider or you can start your own brand also.The investment capacity you have is enough for it.
      Thank you.

  67. VD


    My sister like to start a small business of home made eatables in Mumbai. She is very good in cooking. I want to know what are the steps and from where does She start this business. Does she need license, if she has to start this businees near industrial area like bank, offices?

    Waiting for your response.

    Thank you,

    • Scott Wilson

      Those days are gone when you used to acquire a license to start a home based business. You can start your business anytime, anywhere you want if it is just a proprietary entity. You can start your business without any worries.
      Thank you.

  68. GS

    I have completed B.Tech in agriculture. But due to limited scope I am not finding the jobs so god. So, thinking of starting a business in agriculture sector. Will it be ok and how to start?
    Thank you.

  69. SK

    Hello Sir,
    I am SK and I am a graduate in computer science, working for an MNC. I would like to start a business. Please guide me that what kind of business suits me and how to start that with the help of bank loan.
    Thank you.

  70. AS

    I want to start my Own Business in here, I need some help, so kindly guide me to start my Business, which type is better for Business, I can Invest Rs.50,000 – 1,50,000 only, can you please tell me give me ideas.

    Yours thankful

  71. KK

    Hello sir,
    I am an unemployed. I want to start business trading of packed Pulses, cereals, sugar, etc. Sir, please guide me, how to start the business what are the legal formalities I have to undergo, from where I will procure raw materials, investment in business, etc.
    Please email me in detail.

  72. YK

    Hello sir,
    I’ve done my MBA with finance and marketing I need your suggestion. Which business is suitable for my field and iam interested to start management related company. Please inform what are business available for us?
    Thank you sir.

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