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Starting a school business is a onetime investment. You can reap the benefits for the rest of your life. Unless you how to go about in setting up a school, you may face many insurmountable hurdles. But with the right knowledge you can make the going a lot easier.

What is the Scope of Setting up a School Business in India?

Business school offers very good prospects in India.

Education in any stream is incomplete without a degree from a business school. As it stands today, one can expect a job in the market only if he or she is armed with a business school degree. The degree specialize you in a particular stream with huge demand in the market.

How to Start a School Business in India?

Following are some important steps you need to follow before you start a school in India.

  • Identify Your Niche
    First have a clear idea of what kind of business school you wish to start. Find out if your idea tallies with the needs of the local market needs.
    To narrow down your search you can hire a marketing company to carry out a survey. It will be worth it.
  • Form a Committee
    Form a small committee of experienced people to help you devise and roll out your plans. Include people with legal, financial, management, academic and building experience and appoint them as your board of directors. Get a commitment of time from each member. This stage of planning requires plenty of time and energy. You may need to hire additional talent to help you overcome other stumbling blocks.
  • Incorporation
    With this you try to register your initiative with local authorities. The lawyer can guide you through all such requirements. This is a critical step as it would legalize all your moves.
  • Develop a Business Plan
    Like any other business there must be a proper business plan to build your business school. It would serve as a blue print of how you plan to run the school for first five years. Be practical in your projections.
  • Develop a Budget
    Have a budget ready for coming 5 years. The budget should be developed by a financial person. This again will be a blue print of the income and expenses. You must have an operating budget and a capital budget for your school.
  • Tax Exempt Status
    Apply for tax exempt status. Again, your lawyer can handle this application. The earlier you submit, it the sooner you gain from tax deductible contributions. As a tax exempt organization you can get lots of credibility.
  • Choose Key Staff Members
    After a wide search find a suitable head of school and a business manager. Formulate the best kind of job descriptions for all your staff and faculty positions. You will be looking for self-starters who enjoy building something from scratch.
  • Identify Your Faculty Requirements
    Your school must have skilled faculty. So induct the best. Paying them competitive compensation can always bring you the best. You should not leave this important job to the last minute. If required hire an agency to vet teachers for you.
  • Spread the Word
    Design a Web site and set up a mailing list to keep interested parents and donors in touch with your progress. Advertise in newspapers and journals. Only consistent and effective marketing can help you spread the word around as well as drive the point home.
  • Train Your Faculty
    Once you have the faculty in place hold endless meetings and planning sessions for the academic staff with senior experienced members, specially hired for the purpose. Planning curricula, ordering instructional materials, and formulating a master timetable are the tasks your faculty needs to sit and decide. Have this done at 4 months prior to the opening of the business school.
  • Open for Business
    Open school office and begin admissions interviews and tours of your facilities at least 4 months before the the scheduled opening date. January before a fall opening is the latest you can do this.

19 thoughts on “Start a School in India

  1. F M Reply

    Hi, where can I find technical / vocational / trade schools that are for sale? Or looking for partner in funding?

    I have following questions please answer it
    • Requirements and procedure to start a school in India?
    • List of few top business school in India?


  2. T N Reply

    I am absolutely a novice to start up my own school. Only thing is, I have a strong desire to educate children especially those who are being deprived from this valuable necessity.

    I want to know how to get affiliation for ICSE School. From Nursery to class XII, Looking forward to your mails…

  3. K S Reply

    Hello, I left my three months back and I worked as senior sales manager in life insurance company. My educational qualifications are P.G in Library and information Science and also I am M.B.A post graduate in HRM and I am having experience in library related work. I want to start a school. I have a friend who is ready to invest and I will manage the school functioning. But need some more information and guidelines to start this project.

  4. SE Reply


    We are a group of education enthusiasts with corporate backgrounds who have entered the field of education. Having worked as teachers, then as coordinators and curriculum developers, we now offer consultancy on turnkey basis for those desirous of starting schools (CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE,IB).

    • PP Reply

      I am also in the corporate world seeking avenues and likeminded people with regards to educating young children and/or setting up a school. Would be grateful if you could get in touch for guidance.


    • SR Reply

      Will u guys provide me the project report needed to open a school. That must include project report to take loan and a blue print for the whole project. I have 2 acres of land. Now please tell me in which manner u guys can help me.
      Thank you.

      • SE Reply

        Hi SR,

        Yes, we can prepare a project report for purposes of bank requirement and other things. We can also help you with a complete turnkey solution to your school – from architecture, to curriculum to branding and HR policies, to recruitment of teachers etc.

        Thank you.

  5. SC Reply

    Dear All,
    I want to start a CBSE boarding school. I have 10 acres of land for this purpose. I want to know about the legal proceedings involved in opening up the boarding schools and also the paper work required to be done for the same. Seeking for the quick response.
    Thanks and regards.

    • Scott Wilson Reply

      I think for the legalities, you should approach a lawyer. And make sure that you consult some specialist or some knowledgeable lawyer. You can also partner with big schools and have a franchisee.
      Thank you.

  6. AS Reply

    Hello Sir,
    As many of my friends here I am in deep desire of opening/ starting a school project in India. I have a land close to major city. I want to know:
    The process for getting approval.
    Basic requirements to run the quality education system.

    Your response is really valuable to me.
    Thank you.

  7. DS Reply

    Hi Sir,
    I am a post graduate in marketing and Finance. I want to open a primary school with my two close friends. Can you please assist me with the finance requirement ( I mean the cost required) if we have our building with us and need to just renovate it along with all set up of a school.
    What is the total amount required to start a primary English medium school if we have our land and building already.
    Thank you.

    • SANJEEV Reply

      I feel glad to send this to you. I have a one project to start the school chain India with some special feature, with that feature, we can help every child to get maximum percentage in their results and we can give the financial freedom to parents from their children education expenses. Anyone who is interested in this can contact me.

  8. Naveed Reply

    Hi I am interested to start a school at HYDERABAD I am ready to invest(NRI) please let me know if anyone want to join me Also let me know if any school is for disposal or lease I am ready to buy. Thanks

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