How to Start VoIP Business: Ideas, Opportunity, Plan for VoIP Business

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) enables one to establish voice communication with the help of internet. It is one of the most powerful services enabled by internet. VoIP works as the providers of the service are known to convert the analog audio signals emitted from the microphone of the transmitter into digital form.

The digital form of signals is then delivered to the speaker of the recipient. VoIP market is dominated globally by major providers of the service such as Skype, AOL and Vonage.

Follow the tips given below to set up your VoIP business in a successful way.

Ideas to Start a VoIP Business

  • As you plan to enter the VoIP business, your prime concern should be to determine the kind of service which you are going to choose. Generally, VoIP service providers offer their services in three ways. These include: direct service provided to corporations and large businesses, acting as VoIP wholesale carriers and acting as VoIP reseller. Based on your choice of service, you can further take decision about the part of VoIP market that you wish to serve.
    Your choices, here, include prepaid cards, PBX sales and service, VoIP consulting, call center solutions and independent sales.
  • Next, you should obtain finances to cope up with various types of expenses. These include overhead expenses, equipment expenses meant for transport and communication and the expenses of hiring highly skilled professionals. While you plan to obtain capital for your VoIP business, you should avoid venture capital process. You can rest your borrowing options with personal savings accounts and commercial banks.
  • Get your VoIP business registered with competent government authority. Registration of your VoIP is mandatory. While applying for registration, make sure to include your technical specifications such as website bandwidth and 911 service standard prescribed by FCC (Federal Communications Commission).
  • Make a recruitment drive to absorb IT professionals to supervise software testing, website development and customer tutorials. In case all your technical support is handled by the VoIP wholesaler, hire only help desk professionals as well as developers on temporary basis.

VoIP Business Opportunity

VoIP business opportunity has lots of appeal for people who want to enter into large scale business. Establishment of VoIP business requires one to garner various resources simultaneously. But, most importantly, anyone who wants to take up the business must be well-versed in technology.

VoIP Business Plan

VoIP business plan plays vital role in the successful establishment of VoIP business. It is always recommended to get business plan written by industry professionals. Make sure that your VoIP business plan includes features such as balance-sheet of costs and expenses. The business plan should also include sketches and outlines to be utilized for marketing campaigns.

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  1. Mritunjay Kumar Reply

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for providing this nice description over VoIP. I belongs to a rural area of up, India, where lots of talented minds are wasting time due to lack of opportunities that is due to unemployment. I specially want to establish a business which can provide employment to lakhs of the people from my district.
    So, I request to tell me in brief that how it will it be helpful to bring my dreams true.


  2. harsh kumar Reply

    Hello Sir,
    I have heard that BPO business is very profitable today. I wish to open my own BPO. Please tell me

    1. In which sector it is profitable to start a BPO business
    2. Also let me know what is the minimum investment I need to start BPO
    3.How to apply to the companies for getting the projects.
    4.Government of KA also provides financial facility to open BPO sector in rural areas. How to apply for that?
    5.There aim is to create employment in country side for development.
    How to apply to the companies for getting the projects.

    Thank you.

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