Requirements to Start Supply Chain Management Business In India


Hi, this question is regarding starting my own supply chain firm in India.

Myself Gopinath, I am basically a civil engineering with MBA graduate.

I always wanted to start my own business and was never been much interested to Job, So I decided to get basic knowledge about business and I migrated to Dubai.

It is been 3 years, I’m working in a trading and manufacturing company. Basically it’s a group of company, there are around 10 companies under this group.

Here I got a chance to work in 3 of its companies, in different roles as sales, purchase, logistics, administrative coordinator.

I learnt basics about sales and supplier relationship, sales and purchase techniques and now I have good knowledge about logistics.

I have an idea of starting a distribution and supply chain company in India, I am already having some suppliers in hands for few products and buyers as well.

It is about consumer products. I have a plan to expand the same after studying Indian market condition and requirement.

Also, there are few friends of mine who are residing in foreign countries and they are also ready to join hands to expand this supply chain business.

Now need your advice to getting a license and other procedure to start a small level distribution (supply chain company). Please provide information to start the other procedure.


To start supply chain company in India you require following things.

1. Company Registration: You will have to register a company like other businesses do. there are multiple ways for registration..

— Sole Proprietorship: Not much formalities are require for this, all you have to go to local municipal office and ask them for registration formalities.

1 thing to keep in mind here, if you think business turnover will exceed 10 Lacs per/annum, you will need to register for a TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number).

— Partnership: Here all partners in company need to sign partnership deed. You can consult any CA (chartered accountant) in your area, he will guide you through the procedure of registering partnership firm.

— Private Limited: This is recommended option because I think in Supply Chain business turnover is going to in lacks, registration of Pvt limited is lengthy than any other registration. There is a special requirement for auditing and accounting.

Here too, any CA in your area can help with Pvt LTD registration. Keep in mind that cost of registration can be anywhere between 30k – 50k INR.

What I think, you should start with sole proprietorship, as and when your business expands, you can think of going for Private limited.

3 thoughts on “Requirements to Start Supply Chain Management Business In India

  1. s.k.singh Reply

    I m working as a manager purchase in a mini steel plant. Now I want to start my own business. I am 35 years old and can invest Rs.500,000 ($10,000). Please advise me about requirement to start iron ore supply business?

  2. M.philip Reply

    I wish to start my own business related to supply of foundry raw materials like scrap minerals refractories..etc

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