Tax Free Business in India: Business with Tax Exemption in India

Question: I would like to know what are the businesses in India which has income tax Exemption?

Answer: The business related to agricultural product and products attracting rural welfare and environment, because these businesses are helped by governments as well as international organizations.

Now the other aspects of the type of business we discussed above are that whole profit derived from the above business is 100% exempt from taxation.

Even you can carry forward the loss incurred during the year to the following years infinitely, there is no limit as to how many years you can carry forward your loss.

So that is good on one part that if during the initial year you business do not earn much or incur loss then you can set off the loss and carry forward the loss to subsequent assessment year.

Second benefit that government has given is a venture can consider the entire capital expenditure incurred as revenue expenditure and claim in his profit & loss account for income tax purpose, which is nice thing actually thereby you can save tax amount on your profit to the extent of such capital expenditure.

The above kind of business are too less and there is so much opportunities and scope for new ventures like you. The above benefits will definitely gain your business to grow and expand in future, initially you may face some difficulties in getting returns but in long run it will really prove to be beneficial.

If you have any questions regarding to this, you can ask your questions here.

12 thoughts on “Tax Free Business in India: Business with Tax Exemption in India

  1. SF Reply

    I would like to suggest one more business that is tax free in India is business of agriculture and its related products. What I am looking for is, if want to start an agricultural product business, what is the process of registration and what kind of products come under agriculture related products.

  2. vijayakumar Reply

    Dear Sir,
    myself and my friend planning to start a small scale business in Tamilnadu ( Chennai or Trichy ). i like to know more details about the current market situation, which product is in high demand, which industry we can survive. i need your guidance and advice

  3. P R Reply

    I would like to know how to start the agriculture business. We have 200 bigha lands. We are producing some crops but are not making full use of the land. What more we can produce and what help we can take from government. I mean how to make best utilization of the land. What can be done and who will train us?

    We want to grow a lot of things in our land but how to proceed ahead. We do not have agricultural knowledge but are interested in growing our Ancestral land.

  4. F R Reply

    HI, I first thanks to the maker of this website, it is indeed great. I am also wanted to start my own small business base on agriculture, I also have 10 acre agricultural land, and so can anyone guide me in this regard.

  5. A R Reply

    Hello, I have a business plan to open a tyre recycling product making venture… I want some clarifications
    1. Is carbon credit is possible for tyre refcycling units?
    2. Is any tax benefit for tyre recycling units?
    3. Is any international organisations guiding tyre recycling units?

  6. SK Reply

    I completed my graduation and doing a job in telecom for 5yrs. I have 2 to 3lacs in my hand and want to start a small business. I do no not have special interest on any but i will put my complete focus on opportunity provided. Pls suggest/mail me all the possible opportunities so that i can choose. Request you to mention the rist and steps to follow for start the same.
    Thank you.

  7. nitesh Reply

    I am searching a new bisneuss which would be tax excemted bisneuss.
    My budget is 50lakhs to 1crore please sugest me a new bisneuss which is tax free as early as possible.


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