Medical Jobs in Bangalore

Medical Jobs in Bangalore arguably offers the best job opportunities in the country. This field has huge market demand, and offers a great scope. You can make headway into different fields in the medical sector.

Students who are goods in studies and have set their eyes on a career in the medical field can strive to become physicians.

This is in fact the most prestigious of medical jobs. It not only helps you earn money but also earn huge respect. The jobs available in the field of medical treatment are Doctors, Resident Doctors, Surgeons, and Physicians. All kinds of physicians have huge demand in hospitals, nursing homes and health care centers throughout the length and breadth of the country.

Medical Job Opportunities in Bangalore (India)
Medical jobs in Bangalore also include Pharmacy Jobs. In Pharmacy you can have excellent career opportunities by way of jobs as well as in setting up your own business. Once you become a pharmacist you can get employed in a variety of sectors. The pharmaceutical industry is the main sector which offers high paying jobs to a pharmacist.

As a pharmacist you can also get jobs in government departments, teaching hospitals, universities, investigation and research institute etc. Marketing sector of the pharmaceutical companies offer excellent job prospects.

Types of Medical Jobs

  • Medical Assistant Jobs in Bangalore
    Medical field in Bangalore offers vast job opportunities even to assistants, nurses and attendants. Assistants in fact assist the doctor to carry out important treatments. They are more qualified than nurses. A regular medical practitioner is a certificate awarded by the government to those who know the basics of treatment. They usually assist doctors in Hospitals. They are also empowered to work on their own in health centers in rural areas. Nurses in fact command a very good pay scale in hospitals and nursing homes. Nursing job in government hospitals is a full time job. They work and shifts and heavily relied upon by physicians. In private nursing homes nurses work either on full time or part time basis. Both these places take nurses who are certified. Attendants take care of the every minute requirement of patients. They are mostly employed in nursing homes. In government hospitals they work on a part time basis.

Other jobs related to medical field are physical therapy jobs and dental jobs like dentists, dental assistants etc.

Hospitals and nursing homes in Bangalore also open up various subsidiary jobs. This includes jobs of caretakers, sweepers, cleaners, cooks, drivers, security, morgue attendants etc. In government hospitals these are mostly permanent jobs. Many other fields are heavily dependent on the medical sector. This includes suppliers of equipments, food materials, etc.

  • Medical Director Jobs
    Medical director is responsible to provide guidance, direction, supervision and quality assurance to the various types of organizations such as hospitals, blood banks etc. In many cases a program director or manager and medical staff, are under the direction and control of the medical director.
  • Medical Transcription Jobs
    Medical Transcription job is an important IT enabled service provided by Bangalore. You have to document recorded transcripts and send it back to the source country. These jobs are available in all major cities of Bangalore.

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    Hello sir, I am a B.Pharm, MBA (HRM), I had working in a pharmaceutical manufacturing unit for a very short time about 5 month, then I took up medical transcription, then I met with a small accident and got my hand fracture and underwent a surgery so I was able type comfortably, so I quit the job.

    Now I am in Bangalore and would like to do some small business, my husband encourage me a lot, can u give me some suggestion, I had even though of doing some data conversion jobs do u recommend this. Please do guide me.

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