Film Industry Jobs

Film industry is a big industry in the country. What makes the size larger is the multi language and cultured strata of India society. Each language has its own audience and so movies are exclusively made for the target audience. The masses have an enormous appetite for movies. So, all movies are received with enthusiasm.

Regional languages apart India has Hindi as its national language. Most of the technologically advanced movies are made in this language. Unlike the limitation of regional cinema, these movies are lapped up by the entire nation.

All this explain why India produces the most number of movies every year. So the scope for film industry jobs in India is simply enormous.

In India the film industry can be divided into five sectors:

  • Development – This includes writing, packaging and financing of film ideas and scripts.
  • Production – This is the entire process of setting up and shooting every scene in a film.
  • Post Production – This involves assembling the shots, treating and mixing them into a finished product.
  • Distribution – This is the process of selling the finished product to audiences. It is done through retailers, rental firms and cinemas.
  • Exhibition – This final process involves screening the film for general public.

All these different stages have created hundreds of different jobs in the Indian film industry. Most of these jobs demand a unique combination of extraordinary skills. The production crews in the entire industry are divided into standard departmental hierarchies. Each department has a specific task and well defined objectives at particular stages of production. All these departments have openings. Your choice of the department depends essentially on your skills.

No matter what job you specialize in, you always have great scope to climb up the ladder in the Indian film industry.

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